How to Identify Medication Pills. Drug Identifier

There are thousands of pharmaceutical drugs on the market...

...and more drugs are being made by various manufacturers on a regular basis and each company has their own brand. This makes it hard to even recognise your usual looking pills. These new branded drugs can have a different colour, shape and even imprint on them - This can be very confusing so be extremely careful when administering your own drugs.

Pharmacology Drug Classification

Drug Fact's: Did you know...

  • Baghdad was the first county to open a Pharmacy back in 755.
  • The word pharmaceutical comes from the Greek word pharmakeia which translates to the word pharmacia.
  • The first drugs were made of plants herbs, vines, fungi and roots until the 1850/s when the first synthetic drug, chloral hydrate was made. This was a sedative and hypnotic drug.
  • The top 5 pharmaceutical companies 5th place, the UK company 'GlaxoSmithKline'. 4th. The German company 'Bayer'. 3rd. The American company 'Merck & Co'. 2nd. The Swiss company 'Novartis' and in 1st place is the American company 'Pfizer'.
  • 2014 drug usage statistics. The drugs mostly sold (used is another thing!) are for... 'lowering cholesterol' - 'Antacid drugs' - 'Anemia' - Oral asthma' - 'Blood thinning drugs' - 'Antibiotics' - 'Anti-psychotic drugs' - 'Asthma'. and 'Diabetics'.
  • The UK NHS alone wastes over £300 million pounds every year because of unused prescriptions.

Pill Identifier Tools & Information

  • Here are some excellent websites and also some valuable information to help you identify the (pills/tablets/capsules) you have found which were lying around either at home, work, school or even in someone else's pocket. It is understandable you may want to find out more information about the pill and the possible long term effects especially if someone you know could be taking them without you knowledge.

Please read first - Warning. Many young and elderly people die, or become seriously injured each year due to medication errors. It happens when the wrong pills are administered or taking the incorrect dose, so be very careful what medication you're taking.

A tablet / pill / capsule you found could be 1, a pharmaceutical drug, 2, Over the counter medication. (Some vitamin supplements, and over the counter medicines can look very much like pharmaceutical drugs) 3, A vitamin pill. 4, An Illegal drug. 5. Sweets/mints. 6. Drugs to treat animals. 7. It could even be a drug you are familiar with, BUT it's a fake / counterfeit drug which could be potentially dangerous and harmful to use.

  • I found a pill and I still don't know what to do!. When you find a pill, check any bottles or blister packs that it could have come from. Don't be afraid to ask who it could belong to. There could be a much simpler explanation and it would save you all the unnecessary worry. Someone you know may have dropped or lost it but doesn't want to advertise the fact they're on a that type of medication.
  • What some people do when they find a pill? Smell n taste, (disclaimer & not recommended because giving it a taste could harm you. If it tastes very bitter it could be ecstasy because this drug is not coated unlike medicinal drugs and is unprofessionally made and very fragile (can easily break apart). Note; rinse your mouth and spit immediately afterwards if you do decide to taste a pill. There have also been cases where sweets/candy/mints have been found and are mistaken for pills, that's when smelling as well as tasting has helped. If it smells of mint or strawberry for example, you'll know straight away what it is.
  • If you're still having problems, with the help of me, and the drug identifiers, you can search for drugs with a specific colour or shape and any marking on the pills can also be checked. You can then select which closely resemble the pill you are trying to identify.

  • Why not just ask whoever lives or works with you if they know what it is. This could save you a lot of unnecessary time and worry. NOTE: In certain situations at schools and colleges etc, someone may claims it's their pill, don't take their word for it, ask them to describe it before just handing it over because some people will just say it's theirs thinking might could be the illegal drug Ecstasy!
  • There are many types of home drug testing kits which you can purchase on-line that will tell you of a drugs contents however, they are unable to give you a 100% detailed information of the pill contents) but it will identify drugs such as MDMA (ecstasy) and other ingredients the drug is made of which will help you identify exactly what the pill is and what It's used for.
  • How to find out what pills they are and what they're for. Just fill in the description of the pill in the comments section below such as it's exact colour, shape, dimensions, all markings, numbers and writing on the pill and (hopefully) I'll give you the answer.
  • Finally, there are many drug companies making pills and capsules so it's possible to find a pill which has a different colour and shape you're used to, but it will have exactly the same ingredients in it.

Due to circumstances and other commitments, I am not always available to help with the answer for you, but please leave your questions below, and myself or someone may know the answer. Leave as much details as you can of it's colour. imprint, size (diameter) and shape and any name, numbers or letters it has on each side.

Disclaimer. I'm not a pharmacist or doctor. The answers that I, or anyone else here (mainly ,me) provides should be taken as friendly advice based on general research and experience. Tony - compu-smart.

  • Pill identifier website 1.
  • Pill identifier website 2.
  • Pill identifier website 3.
  • Pill Identifier App for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch available from

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compu-smart profile image

compu-smart 2 months ago from London UK Author

It possibly could be a drug used to treat thyroid disorders. Side effects may include: nausea, dizziness, weight changes and drowsiness.

maryvee 2 months ago

I am taking a small oblong yellow pill with the letter M on one side an a 1 B on the other is this my thyroid pill 100mcg it makes me nauseated and I sweat a lot is this ok

Constance 5 months ago

Circular peach colored pill that's very smooth

S on one side with an arrow point down under it and a 100 on the other side

Aminu 6 months ago

Small round white pill with letter C on one site and BA on the other (separated by a line).

Amanda 6 months ago

I have found a oval white tablet with 82 on one side and a letter a on the other

Julie 7 months ago

Found a round pill no markings not scored measuring approx 8cm and after cutting in half it has a harf dark (almost looks like dirt) color

Dcon 7 months ago

Round pink white red layered pill with aquarebwith cursive w or m stamped in it what is this? Thank

Sally 9 months ago

white round pill LFT on one side scored on the other approx 6mm

Hightower 10 months ago

I have a round, white pill with a "M" on one side and a 01 and o3 on the other side

Pauline 10 months ago

Green/white capsule 20 BL

compu-smart profile image

compu-smart 12 months ago from London UK Author

Kate and Joan. I have been unable to locate the identity of these tablets.

Just to let you know of the numerous amounts of pills on the market, this site has 88 pages with about 250 results of various pills (per page) but none of the ones you both described. Sorry,

Kate 12 months ago

white round pill scored in middle with LFT on it? what is it

Joan 12 months ago

Oblong pill white from with SM on it and blue back with layered oval shapes

compu-smart profile image

compu-smart 12 months ago from London UK Author

Rose, Take a look at this page which will/may help you.

Rose 12 months ago

Found long thin white pill with three scores and thats it theres no marks or imprints i was thinking xanax but it dosnt have any imprints to indicat but it looks like it from what i looked up my self but im at a lose please help

compu-smart profile image

compu-smart 13 months ago from London UK Author

Kellie, what shape is this pill because they're various pills with those imprints on them.

Kellie 13 months ago

Small white tablet, score down middle ,letters a,p,o on one side the other says " to 10" with score down center.

compu-smart profile image

compu-smart 13 months ago from London UK Author

From the research I did, they are from the manufacturer British Dragon's who style their drugs in this same same pink square shape and are possibly steroids.

Jordon 13 months ago

Found a square pink pill from canada with N on one side 10 on the other

unknown 13 months ago

Small white pill that's been broken on oneside its empty and the other side only show two numbers it either 09 or 06

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