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In a world where people live for much longer, and want the youthful appearance to match their youthful attitude, Botox treatment is a useful addition to the fight against the effects of aging. The Botox process is much simpler and carries much less risk than traditional facelift surgery, whilst conferring exactly the same benefits.

Botox is much cheaper than surgery, with few side effects and a very short recovery time. Unsurprisingly, an increasing number of Americans seek this treatment every year, keen to tap into the expertise of US Botox practitioners. Portland, Oregon Botox practitioners are at the forefront, attracting patients from all over the US and Canada.

What is Botox?

Botox treatment is a process where botulinum toxin, derived from bacteria, is injected into specific areas on the face and neck. Small doses of this toxin impede nerve impulses to the muscles, paralyzing the muscles. This smoothes out the wrinkles and gives a natural and youthful glow and appearance.

People are often concerned when the term ‘toxin’ is used, but this treatment was originally approved by the FDA for a range of muscle related ailments. Botox treatment, in the hands of a skilled practitioner, has been proved safe and effective; it does not cause any long-term or permanent damage.

Some of the non-cosmetic ailments treated with Botox include muscle spasms and tics; backache stemming from muscle problems; lazy eye and squints; and excessive sweating. These ailments have been treated with Botox for years, and medical staff are extremely proficient at performing the Botox procedure.

Cosmetic surgeons soon realized the potential of this treatment, and it is now used for treating crow’s feet, laughter lines, frown lines and banding on the neck, basically any wrinkling caused by underlying muscles. Botox treatment is of little use for treating wrinkles caused by sun damage of smoking. It is rarely used around the mouth because the muscles there are important for talking, eating and smiling.

The Botox Procedure

The actual Botox procedure is very simple and practically painless, taking only a few minutes. The practitioner uses a fine needle to inject the affected area with small doses of the toxin, a process that requires no anesthetic. The treatment takes up to a week to bring about noticeable effects, but soon the muscles in the target area tighten, smoothing the skin and removing wrinkles.

Medical experts stress that you should avoid alcohol for a week before and after treatment, and that you should avoid anti-inflammatories, such as aspirin and ibuprofen for at least two weeks after the treatment. These drugs can promote excessive bruising and also reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. You should also avoid rubbing the area excessively, because this can cause the Botox to leach into adjacent areas.

The Side effects of Botox

Bruising is the only visible side effect, but this is not particularly severe or long lived, and lasts for a few days, at most. Some patients may suffer mild headaches for a couple of days, but these will gradually subside and disappear. In addition, for a small minority of patients, the Botox can leach out of the desired area and affect adjacent muscles. This may lead to, for example, eyelid drooping for a couple of weeks, but is a temporary and uncommon side effect.

Botox treatment lasts for between four and six months before the wrinkles start to reappear, as the effects of the toxin wear off. Repeat treatments will reverse this and, as the muscles become accustomed to relaxing, the wrinkles will become less pronounced and severe.

Finding a Specialist in Portland, Oregon for Botox Procedures

The effectiveness of Botox depends upon the severity of the wrinkling and the location, so book a consultation with your local Portland, Oregon Botox specialist, to establish what Botox can do for you. Once you have seen the benefits of a single course of treatment, you will happily return for more.

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