Post-Pregnancy Comeback: Weight Loss

Tips For Losing Those Baby Weight

After the arrival of your new baby, there are many things mother are concern about. Caring for their child, coping with hormonal shifts and loosing those baby weight. Doctors say, most mothers return to their pre-pregnancy weight by six months after delivery and much of the weight loss are attributed to breastfeeding and a boost of metabolism during postpartum. However, a mother's weight eventually steady's out and those extra pounds are not going away without some effort on the mother's part.

Here are some effective tips on how to lose weight and get back your post-pregnancy body.


Don't diet. The stress of depriving yourself of good foods and cravings can actually cause you to gain more weight. Most mothers find they can shed off pounds naturally by eating healthy and eating to satisfy their hunger. Doctors recommend eating at least up to 1,800 calories a day of five to six small portions to give your body the energy and boost of metabolism you need to lose weight. Load up on foods that are highly nutritious and low in fat. Super foods such as fish that contains omega-3 fatty acid are not only beneficial for a mother's health but also for the health of the baby's brain and nervous systems. Calcium and iron deficiency are common affects during postpartum in mothers and foods such as milk and yogurt can help with building strong bones. Foods high in protein and fiber are also good for your health and weight loss as they keep you full a lot longer than any other types of food groups.


It may seem ironic that you can lose weight while breastfeeding, when breastfeeding require mothers to eat more in order to produce those breast milk. Studies have shown that breastfeeding helps mothers body burn calories (as much as 300-500 calories a day) as it requires energy to convert those food consumed into milk. However, you cannot rely solely on breastfeeding to get you back to your pre-pregnancy body, other factors that we list below must be considered in your overall pregnancy weight loss plan.

Drink Water

Studies have shown that drinking plenty of water helps give your body an extra boost of metabolism as well as energize your muscles so that you can to shed off those pounds a lot faster. Additionally, water prevents you from getting dehydrated and fill you up so that you don't eat so much. Aside from these weight loss properties, drinking water are also beneficial for your skin, hair, kidney, brain and balancing out your bodily fluids.


Incorporating some form of exercises after pregnancy helps you to burn calories and fat while keep your muscle and bones active and strong. Exercises can also help with reducing the risk of post-partum depression, sleep apnea as well as act as a stress relief as raising a newborn can be quite stressful. Doctors recommend at least 150 minutes a week of active aerobic and strength training exercises.


It is recommended to get at least eight hours of sleep to restore your energy needed to lose the weight. Raising a baby who needs constant care at any hours of the day, the likelihood of getting a complete eight hours of sleep can be challenging. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation can causes the body to release cortisol and other stress hormones that promote weight gain. Doctors encourage mothers to try to get as much rest throughout the day and at least seven hours of sleep without interruption.

Pregnancy Belly Band

For thousands of years, mothers have practiced wrapping their belly after child birth to reduce and rid of their belly bump. To get back to your girlish figure, wrap the baby belly bands around your waistline and were it for a couple of weeks. The belly bands create pressure to shrink, enhance and tone you waist into a flat and forming figure. Belly wraps can be used for natural birth, C-section and even postpartum abdominal surgeries. Aside from shrinking and toning your waistline, belly band provide a number of benefits including improve your posture, circulation, stamina and fasten the healing process.

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