Best Postnatal Care Methods For Moms

Taking Care After The Child Birth

During the period of pregnancy and child birth, the body of a mother undergoes several changes, which takes time to get back to the pre- pregnancy stage. After a child birth it is essential for the mother to take care of herself so that she can enjoy with her new baby and rest of the family. Taking care of the baby and feeding the baby is very tiring and requires energy. So the post natal care of the mom is very important.

Having a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is essential for the moms to recover from pregnancy and child birth. This is also essential to take care of the baby, especially while breast feeding.

The diet of the mom should mainly include bread, cereals and potatoes. They should also include fresh fruits, vegetables, milk, dairy products, fish, meat, eggs, dry fruits and nuts. Use fats and sugars sparingly. Eat five meal portions in a day and in moderate amounts.

Yoga to regain your shape
Yoga to regain your shape

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Taking Rest

Rest is very important for the mom to cope up with the changes brought about by pregnancy and child birth. The may also feel exhausted feeding and changing the baby, especially through the night. So the moms should take good amount of rest to gather the energy required to take care of their baby and try to sleep when the baby sleeps. Avoid the temptation to complete the chores while the baby sleeps.

Exercising to Regain Your Body Shape

Exercising helps the mom to regain her original shape within a few months. Even though you may lose some of the weight within a few weeks of delivery, some work from your part is required to come back to your real shape. Swimming, walking and following exercise videos may be helpful. Try to follow the post natal exercises suggested to you by your doctor. Doing some pelvic exercise will help to tighten the pelvic muscles. Never try to lose weight through dieting, since you may feel exhausted after taking care and feeding your baby.

Breast Feeding Your Baby

Breast feeding your baby beyond six months will help the mothers to lose their weight naturally. This is because feeding helps to use up the stored fat in the mothers body. Feeding mothers may also feel thirsty more frequently. Try to drink more water, milk or fruit juices rather than coffee or tea. Your baby gets whatever you eat through the breast milk. So, take care not to eat food that upset the baby. They should avoid drinking alcohol and smoking as much as possible.

Coping With Changes

The mother undergoes several changes after the child birth. The joints of the body relax to facilitate growth of the child and for the birth. Mother who undergo caesarean should especially take care. Try not to take heavy weights, climb stairs or drive for a few weeks after delivery. The relaxed abdominal muscles tighten with exercise. Some may notice loss of hair around three months, which ends within a couple of months. The stretch marks also start to fade within a few months.

Dealing With Your Emotions

It is often natural to feel slightly depressed and emotional around the first five days of child birth, which is referred to as ‘baby blues’. It may not always be possible to finish any work you have started after you have a baby. Try to learn to compromise and calm your self in such situations. Try to talk to someone about your feelings or write it down in a paper and feel relaxed. If you continue to feel depressed over a period of week, seek the help of your doctor.

  Dealing effectively with the post partum changes and taking care of yourself during this time, brings back all the energy and joy to your life. The positive energy attained through this gets automatically transferred to the new member of your family- your ‘sweet’ baby.

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randaaraiza 5 years ago

I completely agree that a new mom should make it a high priority to get back in shape after giving birth. Boosting your weight loss goals with a thermogenic (fat burning) product is a good idea, but if you're nursing you have to avoid caffeine, since it can be passed through the breast milk. Supplements that contain ingredients like white kidney beans, marshmallow extract, green tea, glucomannan and fenugreek can safely boost your metabolism without Green Tea, and have the added benefit of enhancing lactation.

Jennifer 5 years ago

Great stuff on post natal care! What I would like to add here is about post natal supplements. They are quite useful if taken under care of health care professional. Post natal supplements that have ingredients like white kidney beans,marshmallow extract, green tea, glucomannan and fenugreek are rich in iron and vitamins and help in boosting your metabolism without the use of caffeine.

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Kevin Peter 3 years ago from Global Citizen Author

Hi randaaraiza,

Thanks for the good and useful information included in your comment.

Hi jennifer,

Thanks for your informative comment.

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