Potatoes - Why you should eat them?

These contain complex carbohydrates which are good for you and provide loads of energy.

Potatoes are a wonderful nutritional package containing B vitamins, minerals and vitamin C. They account for 50 percent of the average daily consumption of this essential vitamin. They are not fattening and I despair of diets which exclude them and all other carbohydrates-containing foods.

If you only eat them fried, smothered in butter or as a myonnaise-oozing potato salad, then it's a different story, but boiled, baked or roasted in a little olive oil, they are nutritious and delicious.

Use olive oil and herbs instead of butter and cream to make mashed potatoes and buy organic so you can eat the nutrient-rich skin when they're boiled or baked. Potato juice mixed with apple, carrot and a little honey is an excellent traditional remedy for stomach ulcers and tea made from raw potato peel is rich in potassium and helps reduce high blood pressure.

Sweet potatoes have many of the same values but additionally are a rich source of beta-carotene and the other cancer-protective carotenoids. Eat lots if you're a smoker.

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