Potential of Wellness Industry and Why You Should Grab This Business Opportunity

Online Health and Wellness Business

Great Opportunity

If you want to start an online business, selling health and wellness products may be for you. This is due to the large support that it gets from huge companies, the media, and many medical practitioners, especially those who promote wellness and wholeness.

Everybody wants to be healthy, live longer, and feel younger. This implies that they will feel better as they age, and this basically means that sickness is prevented.

Therefore, the health and wellness industry comes in, as it caters to the need and desire of people to stay in shape and live up to the old adage which says prevention is better than cure.

New Focus: Prevention

The focus of the health and wellness industry is contrary to what seems to have been the heart of the health industry in the past, one that focuses on only taking an interest on health when a person is sick.

With rapid growth in the interest of wellness, the growth potential of health and wellness industry is indeed very high. One only needs to look at the industries’ recent sales and growth projections to confirm this.

Growing Trends

Five years ago, the health and wellness industry is worth $200 billion dollars in sales. Recently, this wellness business has grown to over $500 billion in sales, and it is projected to continue growing and reach $1 trillion for the next five years.

This trend quickly increases in momentum as more and more people are looking for commodities which would preserve their devotion to wellness.

Internet sales have also been very promising as well. Statistics show that during 2007, internet sales for wellness products amount to $138 billion dollars, and is projected to surpass $300 billion in five years’ time. Even with the recession in the United States, health and wellness products sales increased by 10%.

Importance of Heatlh and Wellness

Indeed, health and wellness is already considered by many as an unavoidable necessity and top priority. What started off as a trend is now becoming that important to many people, and when they get older, buying health and wellness products become an investment.

It gets a well-deserved support from medical and scientific studies, and the media is also doing its part. Nutrition and exercise are already integrated well into our mainstream culture, and still, it is growing rapidly and will continue to do so in the future.

Thus, people are supporting the wellness industry. With the cost of health care, people may complain about the price of wellness products, but in the end, they realize that they are much cheaper compared to the cost of drugs and medical expenses for treating diseases.

Other Advantages

The Health and Wellness Industry has several other advantages. One is that health products are consumable. This apparently means that if you can treat your customers well, they will habitually re-order from you every month. Another is that an increase in wellness product sales always leads to an increase in customers and likely distributors.

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Lauri 6 years ago

I'm wondering where the source is of the size of the health and wellness industry.

Thank you

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