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Courtesy of Bianca de Blok:
Courtesy of Bianca de Blok:

The Benefits of IVF

IVF treatment is a major step for many couples struggling with fertility problems, offering them a chance for to raise a family. Infertility affects over 6 million women in the US between the ages of 15 and 44, and is a major problem for many couples, especially those who decided to wait until later in life to try to have children.  For other women, cancer treatments can cause infertility, so treatment offers them the chance to freeze their eggs and undergo IVF treatment. This ensures that they can concentrate upon fighting the disease, without the added stress of enforced sterility and childlessness.

The time, expense and emotional drain make any treatment an exhausting experience and the repercussions are long lasting. With this in mind, couples seeking IVF treatment want to be sure that they have the best treatment, with the greatest chance of success. Patients realize that there is a good chance of failure, but picking the center with the best chances can save a lot of money and mental anguish.

This has fuelled a rise in the number of clinics and fertility centers offering treatments, and it can be difficult to select the best center, especially when the statistics produced are often dressed up and made to show the individual center in a good light. For most potential mothers, picking through the misleading statistics can be a difficult task, although the CDC is attempting to clarify the figures and make the process much more transparent.

BostonIVF – The IVF Success Rates

Boston IVF has been at the forefront of this drive for change, attempting to level the playing field and ensure fair treatment for all. All that potential patients wish for is a simple answer to the question of “What are my chances of the therapy resulting in a healthy baby?” Traditionally, many centers hid behind figures stating the success rates as number of pregnancies, whereas patients want to know the chances of a live and viable birth.

Boston IVF, during its long history, has consistently shown itself to be one of the most successful IVF clinics in North America, with rates well above average. Couples from all over the US travel here to increase their chances of achieving full term, and making a successful addition to their family. Boston IVF clinic has brought 30 000 babies into the world, since 1986, and has always been at the forefront of IVF research, constantly refining and improving techniques. It has performed more cycles than any other US provider, and it is at the forefront of international research into assisted reproductive technology.

According to the CDC figures, BostonIVF does not have great IVF success rates, either compared to the national average or to similar clinics in the same area. This would automatically make a prospective IVF candidate assume that the other clinics provide a better level of service with more chance of success. However, these figures highlighting the success rates for live births do not tell the full story, and the reality is built upon a wider array of factors.

For the US, in 2006, the success rate was 38.7% per cycle for women under 35,  30.4% for the 35 – 37 year old age group, 20.6% for the 38 – 40 age group and 10.8% for the over forties. For Boston IVF, the figures are 37.1%, 29.2%, 20.3%, and 10.9% respectively. This would seem to suggest that Boston is a below average clinic, but an analysis of some of the other factors highlights one important difference. 28% of the treatments undertaken at BostonIVF are for couples with ‘unknown’ infertility problems, as opposed to 11% nationally. 26% of the cases are for ‘other’ reasons than the most common factors behind infertility. Boston specializes in difficult cases, rather than sticking to the tried and tested in the quest to boost league table rankings.

When you consider that Boston IVF specializes in difficult cases, shunned by other centers, with a negative net effect upon the success rates, the figure is remarkable. Part of this success is due to the refined processes used by the specialists to select the strongest embryos with the best chance of reaching full term. Many other clinics in the Boston area proudly proclaim that they have better success rates, but they are highly selective in their pre-screening, and only take younger patients. Most such clinics also routinely reject women with a slightly higher than desirable BMI or certain medical conditions. This accusation cannot be leveled at BostonIVF, and they adopt an inclusive ideal, trying to ensure that as many women as possible have access to assisted reproductive technology.

A paper by Alper et al, in Human Reproduction, Vol. 17, No. 1, 8-10, January 2002,  warns against making decisions based purely upon the rates, arguing that certifications of quality, and the qualifications of the staff, are much more important than looking at the league tables produced by the CDC. It is too easy for institutions to hide behind selection procedures, or indulge in borderline practices. These include over-stimulating the ovaries, leading to multiple birth issues, and recommending IVF to patients where a course of less complex procedures would suffice.  The paper concludes that the ISO certification is a much more relevant measure of success, and BostonIVF is ahead of the field in this respect. Boston IVF was the first fertility center in the US to receive the coveted ISO: 9001 – 2000 certification, a measure of quality.

The CDC report itself also cautions against using the success rates as the only solid guide to making a decision about the best clinic to use. Boston IVF undertakes many experimental clinical trials, at no cost to the patient, but these still appear in the final figures. Boston IVF leads the competition in many areas, including patient care and the research and application of new technologies and techniques.

BostonIVF – New Technology and the Holistic Approach

Boston IVF is one of the few fertility centers in the USA to take a holistic approach to healthcare, understanding that a strong and healthy mother, in mind and body, is far more likely to bring the baby to full term. The center offers complimentary medicines, such as acupuncture, alongside standard procedures. Boston IVF believes that the chances of getting pregnant are improved by having a positive attitude, and that anxiety or depression can adversely decrease the chances of success. The center offers counseling, as well as working with psychiatrists and yoga practitioners to help patients maintain a positive mentality throughout the pregnancy.

Boston IVF was the first center in the North East of the US to offer the Repromedix Plan ahead test, a way for women trying to juggle a career with wanting to start a family to take a blood test. This measures the amount of hormones in the woman’s body and will give her a guide to what age she should be starting a family. Women’s biological clocks move at different rates, and a woman leaving pregnancy too late may have no eggs left by the time that she plans a family, and may have to undergo expensive fertility treatments or use donor eggs, with less chance of success. Repromedix has helped thousands of women plan their family.

BostonIVF was the first center in Massachusetts to have a pregnancy from a frozen egg, and is one of the world leaders in this particular field. Egg freezing is another useful fertility treatment for those who wish to become pregnant later in life, and also for those about to undergo chemotherapy, with the risk of resulting sterility. Human eggs are notoriously difficult to freeze without damage, and this trick procedure replaces the water in the egg with molecules that are more conducive to freezing. This process is delicate and in its early stages, but offers the chance for young women with cancer to have the same chance of starting a family that most other couples do.

Boston IVF – The Pregnancy Success Stories

The Alper paper also makes one other recommendation, that the feedback from patients is a better guide to the standard of treatment than a simple league table. This allows a thorough analysis of the entire institution, including patient care, expertise and professionalism. The internet is filled with pregnancy success stories from women who were delighted with the treatment that they received.,

Boston IVF is also very open to artificial fertilization for gay couples, with one satisfied customer stating that, whilst the center is not the cheapest, the extra attention given to patient care, and the high rates of success, via the hi-tech approach make the little extra cost worthwhile. The facility is not as quick as some other centers, but this is due to the care and methodological nature of the pre-testing, essential for ensuring excellent success rates.

Another satisfied patient praised the staff at Boston IVF, and was delighted by the level of care and the customer-centered approach. She appreciated the way that the staff treated her as an individual and tried to understand her specific situation, rather than a statistic.

These reviews are typical for Boston IVF, and praise the institution for its professionalism and willingness to put the needs of the patient first. Boston IVF offers innovative IVF treatment, with a good rate of success and willingness to take on the tricky cases, often ignored by similar clinics in the area.

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IVF seems to be a popular trend. The success rates are increasing with advancements in modern science.

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