Getting Pregnant With PCOS

If you've been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, the odds of getting pregnant drop drastically. However, there may be hope. But it's not easy and chances of miscarriage are high.

First, what is polycystic ovarian syndrom, or PCOS? PCOS leaves cysts in the ovaries. It affects reproductive abilities, hormones, regular cycle and fertility of women. It is the leading cause of infertility in women. About one in 10 women have PCOS. Most between the ages of 20 and 40, but there have been cases of girls as young as 11 who have been diagnosed with PCOS. Unfortunately, there is no known cause. Don't let that discourage you. As stated before, there is hope.

There are many different treatment options available that allow a somewhat normal ovulation cycle to continue. Fertility treatments to help regulate the menstruation cycle allow a woman to ovulate, one thing that PCOS affects. Your doctor will be able to tell you whether or not fertility treatments will be the only thing you need to get pregnant.

While that may sound promising, another problem preventing pregnancy may be elevated hormone, insulin and glucose levels. These things can prevent implantation as well as interfere with the development of the embryo. Abnormal insulin levels have also been attributed to poor egg quality and makes conception harder. Controlling hormone, insulin, and/or glucose levels will increase your chances of conception. Of course, following a proper exercise routine and eating a healthy diet will improve your chances of conceiving.

As it said above, miscarriage is very likely if you have PCOS, but chances of conception increase the second time around. About 45% of women with PCOS miscarry and there are no conclusive statistics on women who have conceived with PCOS.

If you're planning on trying to get pregnant before talking to a health physician, it is best to consult with them first. Some medications used to help PCOS may need to be stopped in order for conception to occur. It's always best to talk to a doctor before you stop or start any medications.

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trying to get pregnant 6 years ago

Its great that you didnt sugarcoat things. Even though it can be ahrd to get pregnant with PCOS, it is still possible. Great article.

tectonic profile image

tectonic 5 years ago from Singapore

Handy hubpage you’ve got.

Will check out your other hubs

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