Pregnancy Over 40-What Are The Pregnancy Risks If Your Over 40?

Over 40? Trying To Get Pregnant?

Generally, the risks with trying for a pregnancy over 40 is greatly overstated. In point of fact, if you are in average health, your risks of delaying your pregnancy are minimal. In reality, the most important factor is your health prior to trying to get pregnant. This is good news since it's something you can be in control of.

If your deliberating whether you should have a baby or not if your over 40, you should meet with your doctor or midwife for an examination. A elaborate medical and family history of both parents can uncover any circumstances that could affect the well-being of mother and baby.

Pregnancy over 40...What are your risks?

1) More risk for those with certain Medical conditions...Older women are at a greater danger to acquire certain health disorders during the gestation period, such as diabetes, hypertension, As these health risks could have adverse effects during your gestation, they require closer supervising and could place limitations on your diet.

2) A higher risk for defects in your child...Another problem is that the odds of having a baby with a genetic disease increase as you get older. For example, the chance of Down's syndrome gets higher. You should look into genetic testing because the risk of inheritable troubles increases significantly.

3) Probability of miscarriage increases...Your risks of delivering a stillbirth go up and the need of delivering by caesarean increase as well.

The biggest obstacle in Pregnancy Over 40 that you're going to face is conceiving. A woman achieves peak fertility between 20 and 24. Women who are 35 to 39, have a fertility rate that is 25% less. And in women aged 40 to 45, the chances of conceiving are 95 % less than a woman in her twenties.

A lot of women who have waited till later on in their life are getting pregnant and are still having healthy babies. The real problem faced is being able to get pregnant. Have you been trying to get pregnant with no results? Are you doing things right now that are preventing you from conceiving?



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