Pregnant Man Carries His Twin For 36 Years!!!!!

36 years of pregnancy?

This is definitely creepy! An Indian man named Sanju Bhagath, 36 years of age carried his twin brother or a parasite fetus in his belly for 36 years!!!

Sanju was always concerned about his big stomach but went on with life assuming that's the way it is for him. He always had discomfort and pain, people would notice him every where he went because of his big, bloated stomach.He realised something is wrong when his stomach started growing bigger. One night when he felt excruciating pain and was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, the Doctors diagonised a tumor and prepared for an operation, they were all in for a big shock! Basically the tumor was so big that it was pressing on his diaphragm and that made Sanju very breathless. Dr.Ajay Mehta of Tata Memorial hospital in Mumbai who operated upon Sanju said ''because of the sheer size of the tumor, it makes it difficult to operate. We anticipated a lot of problems'' He also said that he can usually spot a tumor just after he begins operation but while operating on Sanju Bhagat, Dr Mehta saw something he had never expected. As he cut open Sanju's stomach to remove the tumor a lot of fluid spilled out ....and then something very weird happened..

Dr Mehta said' ''To my surprise and horror, I could shake hands with somebody inside, It was a bit shocking for me''.

One of the Doctor involved in this operation said '' I just put my hand inside and felt there are lot of bones, first one limb came out, then some part of genitalia, then some part of hair, some limbs, jaws and hair''

Dr Mehta said '' The team of Doctors and I was confused, horrified and amazed. It looked as if Sanju Bhagat have given birth, what was removed from his stomach was actually the mutated body of his twin brother. Sanju had suffered the most strange medical condition fetus in fetu.

Fetus in fetu--: It may be a parasitic twin fetus growing within its twin host. Very early in a pregnancy, in which both fetuses share a common placenta, one fetus wraps around and envelopes the other. The enveloped twin becomes a parasite. Its survival depends on the survival of its twin host by drawing on the host twin's body supply.

The normal twin has to feed the enveloped twin from the nutrients received over a single umbical cord, it usually dies before birth but in Sanju Bhagat's case it survived!

Fetus in fetu can survive as a parasite after birth in rare cases until it starts growing and pose a great threat to the life of the host twin on whom its own life depends.

Sanju Bhagat said he was very much relieved after the operation as his pain, discomfort and inability to breathe had completely disappeared. He did not want to know or see what the Doctor had removed from his stomach as it looked ghastly!

All his life he was teased that he looked pregnant and due to his abnormal belly he suffered much shame and misery.

Today Sanju Bhagat leads a normal life in good health but still people tease him saying, he went for an operation and had a baby!

A Rare Medical Condition

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Comments 24 comments profile image 7 years ago

It survived? So where is it today?

crayonbrains profile image

crayonbrains 7 years ago from The World Is Mine ! Author

Thanks for visiting my hub! well the parasitic twin usually dies before birth but in this particular case it managed to survive for 36 years inside this poor man's stomach! Doctors had to intervene and remove it as it had grown bigger and posed a threat to this person's life! The parasitic twin feeds nutrients from its host so naturally when its removed from its host's body, it cannot survive!

june688 profile image

june688 7 years ago

How did this happen? It's very interesting.

crayonbrains profile image

crayonbrains 7 years ago from The World Is Mine ! Author

Thanks june688! This is a rare medical condition called Fetus in fetu. It happens very early in a pregnancy when both fetus share a common placenta and the 'twin' becomes a parisitic twin!

chipotle64 7 years ago

Why did it take so long to develop?? And where exactly was it that it got nutrients?

crayonbrains profile image

crayonbrains 6 years ago from The World Is Mine ! Author

Thanks for stopping by chipotle64! well in rare cases it survives and this was one of those rare cases! It got its nutrients from its host.Normally the parasite twin attaches itself to an artery but rarely does it actually form a face or brain. It does however, in some cases, form legs, arms, teeth and hair.The growth rate is usually very slow!

anna 6 years ago

is this true how can one person contains his brother and never diagnos him

crayonbrains profile image

crayonbrains 6 years ago from The World Is Mine ! Author

Hello Anna :)Yes this is absolutely true ! The 'brother' in this case was a slow growing parasite which rarely forms face, hands, limbs ! sometimes it does go unnoticed as the growth rate of the parasite is slow !!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting :)

Amy 6 years ago

That is so weird, so this man, was carrying his brother inside him? is that even possible?

Rae-Rae610 6 years ago

This is really strange, never heard of somethng like this before. If it happens sometimes, even though its rare, why don't doctors routinely check for it when the moher gives birth to avoid the suffering of the normal twin later? or even later in life when the normal twin starts to develop a big stomach like that?

Pipstasista 6 years ago

It's really interesting how that could happen. So is the twin alive now or was it found dead inside him?

Nay 6 years ago

Wait so, Did this fetus form a brain or anything? Was it a living thing for all 36 years?

And also, This makes me extremely curious as to why he didn't see anyone about the abnormally large stomach earlier in life? Why did it take him 36 years to have anything done about it?

And, If he had've had an operation as a child, would the fetus have lived and formed properly?

Shila the Jesus freak 6 years ago

I feel bad for him. But it's good that they got it out

anonymys 6 years ago

what did the do with the fetus after the took it out?

Salu 5 years ago

Some people are asking why didn't he go for a routine check up, well things are a bit different in India. Bhagat was from a poor slum, where most people cannot afford a single visit to a doctor. There is no concept of regular checkups.

dave 4 years ago

weird question.. The mutated brother didn't survive, did he?

crayonbrains profile image

crayonbrains 4 years ago from The World Is Mine ! Author

Thank You Salu for stopping by and commenting :) Sad but true !

crayonbrains profile image

crayonbrains 4 years ago from The World Is Mine ! Author

No Dave it didn't survive. It was not a fully developed foetus . Thank you for stopping by :)

suresh 4 years ago

what's man birth the child? if yes .why

Thiyaga 4 years ago

Why is the growth of the parasite twin is slow?

singam 4 years ago

my gudness its a really a weird case...a twin fetus mutuated in its co twin's body.!!! nyways happy dat da man is safe nd the thing is out of him

mody 4 years ago

ooh, this was something, so was this parasite twin in tha git or just in the peritoneum

PilotX94 3 years ago

What happened to the thing?

jake 20 months ago

omg omg omg omg omg

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