Pregnant or Breastfeeding? Buprenorphine, Suboxone, Subutex or Methadone - Safe for Baby and Mom During Pregnancy?

Is Suboxone safe for use during pregnancy? Will Suboxone cause NAS (infant withdrawal symptoms)? Is Suboxone better than methadone for use during pregnancy?

If you are pregnant and addicted to opiates, you have 3 choices:

  1. Keep abusing your drug of choice
  2. Try to quit using and suffer through withdrawal and detox
  3. Get into an opiate substitution program and use methadone or Suboxone

The first 2 choices are not advised. Continuing to abuse drugs subjects the fetus to a lot of environmental risks, disease and to a reduced likelihood that the mother is going to take good care of herself during the pregnancy.

Trying to quit cold turkey and going through a hard withdrawal is also very risky. Opiate withdrawal is tough on the body, and the risk of miscarriage during a period of withdrawal is also very high.

This leaves getting on methadone or Suboxone as the only alternative remaining.

Is Buprenorphine Safe During Pregnancy?

At present, Buprenorphine is listed as a category C drug for use during pregnancy. This, in the case of Suboxone, means that although scientists think it's probably OK – enough study has not yet been done proving that this is so (the manufacturer does not recommend that it be used during pregnancy).

Methadone has been studied very extensively for use during pregnancy and has been proven safe for both the mother and fetus – and thus the accepted protocol is to recommend that pregnant women take methadone instead of Buprenorphine.

Pregnant women who cannot or will not take methadone may be advised to take buprenorphine instead. Although doctors cannot say with absolute certainty that buprenorphine is safe, the available evidence indicates that it is not harmful to the mother or fetus, and if the mother cannot or will not take methadone, buprenorphine is likely preferable to no treatment or a cold turkey detox.

Suboxone is a medication that contains buprenorphine and Naloxone. The naloxone is added to the buprenorphine to lessen the odds that a user will abuse the medication. Because Naloxone can sometimes cause symptoms of opiate withdrawal, pregnant women wanting to take buprenorphine are normally advised to take Subutex instead. Subutex is exactly the same as Suboxone, but it contains no Naloxone, only buprenorphine.

If a women becomes unexpectedly pregnant while taking Suboxone – her doctor will probably recommend that she switch to Subutex, but not switch to methadone or any other form of treatment. Switching after she is already pregnant carries an unacceptable risk of stress on the fetus. If a woman plans on becoming pregnant, her doctor will likely advise that she first switch to methadone or naltrexone before getting pregnant.

Does Subutex Cause NAS (Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome)

If you take Subutex while pregnant, your baby will be born addicted to buprenorphine, and will likely go through some degree of NAS.

Studies indicate that over half of babies born to Subutex using mothers will suffer this infant withdrawal period to some degree. Many infants with NAS need only a few days of additional cuddling, attention and quiet – some infants will need treatment, such as with an opiate tincture.

The likelihood or severity of NAS in babies born to methadone using women does not seem to be influenced by the dosage that she was on. Therefore, with methadone at least, women are not recommended to attempt to reduce their dosage drastically in an attempt to spare their baby NAS. Quick reductions in dosage are associated with miscarriage inducing withdrawal and a higher risk of relapse back to a drug of abuse.

Is Methadone better than Subutex During Pregnancy?

Methadone has been very well studied for a long period of time, and it is known to be safe for both the mother and unborn child.

Preliminary studies of buprenorphine indicate that it is also safe, but there is not yet sufficient clinical evidence to allow for a recommendation of use.

Several studies that have compared methadone and buprenorphine use during pregnancy indicate that the NAS symptoms are worse and felt for longer with methadone.

Can a Mother Breastfeed on Subutex?

Buprenorphine is passed through the milk to the infant, and the manufacturer of Subutex does not recommend that it be used by nursing mothers.

SAMHSA has looked at the issue and has said that since buprenorphine is not well absorbed in the stomach, babies getting it through breast milk seem minimally affected by it, and that Subutex using women can breastfeed.


Unfortunately, there are no guarantees about the use of buprenorphine while pregnant, and a woman and her doctor will have to make a decision based on individual evidence about what medication is best for any particular situation.

The initial evidence indicates that Subutex offers a safe means for a pregnant women to stay off opiates of abuse, and that babies born to Subutex using mothers suffer fewer and less severe withdrawal symptoms than do babies born to methadone using moms.

On the other side – methadone has been studied and used for a very long time, and it is known to be a very safe medication for use during pregnancy.

Using either Subutex or methadone is preferable to cold turkey style detox or the continuing abuse of opiates.

Because Suboxone contains Naloxone and Naloxone can cause symptoms of withdrawal, pregnant women are advised to switch to Subutex.

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BSecret 8 years ago

I have been perscribed to subutex throughout my pregnancy, and my doctor has been extra cautious and we have been doing weekly ultrasounds, checking on weight and growth, and everything is just fine baby is healthy and big, I am due in about two weeks so I haven't experienced what the withdrawal symptoms will be like for my baby, and I am not looking forward to it. But I have had a consultation with the neonatal nursery, and the doctors said only 50% of the babies with experience any withdrawals symptoms and the babies that do only experiece mild withdrawal symptoms. Once my baby is born I will be happy to report on how everything went.

recovering addict profile image

recovering addict 8 years ago Author

Hi BSecret,

Thanks for your comment and I am so happy to hear how well your pregnancy has been going! Best of luck for the big day, and please let us know how everything goes.

kit cat 8 years ago

I am almost 13 weeks along and I just started getting really bad morning sickness. I had my first child on methadone and she went through some withdrawls, I said I would not do it again. I finally got off Methadone about a year ago. But I am on Subutex now. I was just about to drop to 1 miligram and then jump off and I found out I was pregnant. I am married and have been in recovery for 7 years now, straight as an arrow. I worry now about my unborn child because of the morning sickness, It started about 2 weeks ago. I was good for the first 10 weeks, then all of a sudden I started feelings so sick and aware of every little scent in the world, parranoid of eating rotton food. It is funny. I definatly feel a lot more alive and alert on Suboxone/subutex now that I am pregnant. I have always stayed pretty low on it. I am at 4 miligrams now.

elyse 8 years ago

please help.... i am 11 weeks pregnant and i am on subutex and my doctor wants me to try methadone? i am very scared what this will do to my unborn baby. if you have anything that can help please let me know.

thank you

CRogers 8 years ago

I'am 7 and a 1/2 months pregnant and my baby is due 12-2-08. I have been on suboxen the entire time and I'am really scared that my baby will be affected by it. But I was taking 20 to 30 lorcets a day and now i dissolve 2 tablets a day. I do believe that is a better approach, but im scared it is not enough. My fiancé does not know that I'am treating my self with suboxen. so i don't know what to say to him if something goes wrong and I don't know how to get off of them. I had to go with out them about 2 months ago and took a few pain pills. So i know that im not cured. Is there ever gonna be a day that i can feel normal with out having to take a pill? What should I do. I don't want my baby to be sick and I don't think its safe at this point to go cold turkey. I wonder if I reduce my dose to just a 1/2 of a tablet only when I star feeling withdrawl symptoms if I can slowly wing myself of them. Is there hope for my child to have no NAS or not. I pray and I have faith. So I'm hoping that will help. Good luck to anyone im my situation or a similar one. God Bless. P.S. I'm also looking for name suggestions for my baby boy. Feel free to comment. Thank you

kimber 8 years ago

I am no doctor but my doctor did tell me that you SHOULD NEVER FEEL the feelings of w/d...hence the need for the subutex. I wouldn't recommend "white knuckling" it so to fact my need for the meds has INCREASED in this pregnancy something that I was told may happen. I am worried about the w/d of my infant (due Oct. 30th) and cannot seem to get any definitive answers on what to expect. I know (as we all do) what hell detox is and really don't look forward to seeing my baby boy suffer like that. Does anyone know what I have ahead of me?

Kristi 8 years ago

I am 23 weeks and I am on subutex. I worry everyday what will happen when i have my baby. I am very scared but I know that I am not ready to get off. I wish I could talk to people that have been throught the whole proccess to see if there babies had wd. I heard that it is a 50/50 chance and its not as bad a babies on methadone. If anyone has any answers i would love to hear. Also i am carring very very low? Will i go into labor early??

janet 8 years ago

My son and wife just had a baby. Both were on subxone. It there anyone out there that was on subxone while they were pregnant whose child is a few years old. My grandchild seems to be healthy. she weighed 9#but is jaundice. Any comments or information would be greatly appreciated.

kit cat 8 years ago

to the person who is afraid of being on Subutex while pregnant. I have had a baby on methadone and she did have withdrawl but the doctors where so careful with her, they treated her like she was there own. Doctors love chidren and don't want to see any of them suffer. Also PLEASE do not go down on your meds while you are pregnant, that could cause a misscarage and for your baby to be very uncomfortable in the womb, how you feel could be how she/he feels, OK, always talk to doctors and nurses about anything you take or stop taking, Very serious for your babies health, try not to stress out and DRINK tons of liquids to keep the fliud around the baby as fresh and clean as possible. I hope I have helped you. I have read about other babies born on subutex going home the next day, I would breast feed to help comfort the baby, they say very little goes into the breast milk and does not absorb well through the stomach. Pray to God and have faith that he is watching over your child. but we must do our part, and EAT VERY healthy and sleep when we need to.

God bless all of you that are scared, we will be OK, I am almost 5 months, I am on 6 miligrams a day of Subutex, I was at 2 in the beginning but started to feel withdrawls and went up alittle at a time, I think this is holding me fine. I hope this helped. Also talk to the nurses at the hospitol that your baby will be born at, maybe they have some real live experience that they can help us with. Write back anyone that has had a baby and tell us your experience PLEASE.

maddy 8 years ago

Hi all, I am a drug worker, but also a drug user....I am on a script myself and off the record my husband and I are having a baby. I'm on subutex (6mg) but thinking such is life as I have met many mothers through my career that carry very healthy babies full term and their chilldren suffer very little at birth.(I'm not being casual about this though) Subutex is licensed for use on pregnant women, as is methadone, although siboxone isn't at present as it's still relatively new and not very well tested. (Although don't panic if you're on suboxone) The advice is for women on suboxone to tranfer to subutex if pregnant...or methadone. Yes, there is a possibilty that your child will suffer some withdrawals, but you should be assigned a specialist midwife who is experienced in dealing with substance use, illicit and otherwise, who should be able to give you advice and support. The biggest barrier to overcome is people's judgement of you. All the babies that I have known born to prescribed mothers (which is many) have grown to be healthy and fit. Some have withdrawn more than others but none for more than a couple of weeks and many of the recorded symptoms are subjective. Your baby will be monitored on a scale, again which is subjective in many ways. (does your baby cry more than others, twitch maybe, sleep less??....alll baies are different so the scale has a slightly limited use) Yes, if you feel able to reduce in your 2nd trimester of pregancy (mid term) then do as long as you do it under very close supervision and VERY gradually. Do not alter your dose in the first 3 or last 3 months as it is very dangerous. ditressing as it is, please accept it is better to have child that needs a little clincial help in the first 2 weeks or so than to lose your child during the pregnancy, especially late on due to ill advised reduction of medications. The guilt may be there, I understand that, I really do, but your child will be happy long after that has subsided, if you alter your own dose too radically the child may never be there at all..... take care ladies......

P.s. I work for a peer led organisation where all advice workers are in treatment ourselves. For non pregnancy specific info about drug treatment...although we all have experience of drug treament during pregancy as well feel free to go to and go the forum to get involved in debate and have questions answered as best as possible.

Hope that this helps someone and that you all have beautiful bouncing babies now....sure you have.....

Alisha Bowen 8 years ago

Hi, everyone I was reading over all of your comments about pregnacy and breastfeeding with the suboxone, it was so nice to hear some of your experiances of a drug that saved my life, with the help of the members of NA group in my home town. I was on suboxone the whole time I was pregnant taking 24mg a day, I gave birth to beatiful baby boy. He was born at 36wks, but my other to children where born early as well and I took nothing with them except vitamins. I did have a lot of problems with the nursing staff at the hospital because they were uneducated about the medication, and they made what should have been a joyus time a time to say what a bad mother I am to have taken such a medication that is so harmful to unborn babies. My babys lungs were inmature due to his gestational age, and the specialist that came in reasured me that this was due to him being born early, but those nurses had there own oppionon, and you know what they say about oppionon there like a-holes everyones got one!

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boosgurl 8 years ago

I am also looking for info on babies born on suboxone.

I was on methadone years ago and gave birth to a very healthy (but premature baby, born at 34wks) she had no withdrawl and was able to go home the next day. The hospital called child protective services, and i had to have my husband at the time sign my daughter out of the hospital and i wasn't allowed to be alone with her until they continued their investigation for 2 months and made sure i was following the clinic's rules etc.

this time I'm on 16mg of Suboxone and I'm hearing conflicting stories. My boyfriend has no idea of the stigma that surrounds suboxone. and i'm SO afraid of the baby having withdrawl and the whole thing of being involved with child protective services again. it's so humiliating and degrading. i've even thought about trying to ween myself off of it in the next couple weeks so i don't have to go thru this again.

has anyone attempted detoxing from suboxone during pregnancy? and how did you baby turn out after birth?

kk 8 years ago

To all pregos on suboxen I wanted to share my story, but it has to be quick bc i have to go to work. I got pregnant w my 3rd baby while I was on Methadone pills not liquid. Pills I bought off the street bc cheaper than perks. N E way took 20-40mg a day. Unexpected pregnancy, have two other kids,but wasn't on N e thing w them. My husband didn't know so I had two reasons that I had to get clean. My friend took me to sub dr, bc i was on a low dose on meth he started me on 2mg once a day of sub, had to wait for wd symptoms to start. After 5 days went to 1mg and then off. I have to say the first 5 weren't great but NOTHING like cold turkey. Really just anxiety about the unknown and waiting for sickness to kick in but never did. Once I was off completely tired but who isn't tired prego,2 kids and working. My daughter was born in MAY and was and is PERFECT.By the way I was 18 weeks pregnant when I started suboxen. She is 6 months now crawling, laughing and is a BEAUTY!!!!!!! NOT one withdrawl symptom. Don't stay on sub longer than 14 days. Start and wean quickly. All the people I have asked and all research shows the quicker the better-for those who need to get off and not do a maintence. Maintence is different. Hope this helps.... GOOD LUCK MOMS. You can do N E thing if you put your mind to it.

worriedMom2be 8 years ago

everyones story has helped and i want to says thanx first.

right now im 7 months pregnant with my 1st child and on methadone for almost a month. i REALLY do not want to be on anything when the baby is born but my clinic doesn't want me to go down too far and will not switch me to suboxone. im strongly thinking of going to a private doc to get on subutex. im so scared and feel very lost. is it possiable to only be on suboxone/subutex for a week or so? i have so many questions that anyones help will be greatly appreciated. if you have any information of any kind, ecspecially dealing with switching from methadone to suboxone/subutex, your insite will assist me in ways i could only imagine! THANX

profile image

patriciasmith403 8 years ago

My daughter is due to have her first baby in 3 wks. Has been on subutex weaning off to now being on nothing for two days and she is having trouble sleeping, etc. Any suggestions to calm her before the baby is born.

ellie 8 years ago

i was on methadone and now have swtched to suboxone. As soon as i made the switch well about three wks later i found out i was pregnant. i cannot seem to find any info on the internet about suboxone during pregnancy i am not planning to wean myself off while im pregnant. but do want to know if it is safe to take? i do not want do have a baby with any withdraws b/c i know how much i don't like them. i take two 8mg tablets a day one in the morning and one at night. if anybody has and info it would be great thanks a lot. ellie

Saide 8 years ago

My husband has been struggling with pain killers for about three years, then after a spinal fusion I got addicted. I was up to 20 Norco's a day after only a year of being on them. I found out I was pregnant and decided to ween off but I simply couldn't. I developed restless leg syndrome from the surgery and if I didn't take something I literally would go seven + days without sleep. In my fifth month of pregnancy I decided to start taking my husband's suboxone. I only take about 1 milligram a day but I do not want to have any issues with child protective services. I'm in texas so they r probably strict I am thinking of weening off the suboxone since I only have 6 weeks left of the pregnancy. Do you guys think this is safe? I have not told my OB about my issues. In fact she prescribed me some pain killers when I told her about the RLS. I basically directly lied to her by not telling her about my problem. I need some advice to build up the courage and talk to someone or (if its safe) ween off so I don't have to deal. Help!

Ashley 8 years ago

I used heroin for two years and was devastated when I discovered I was pregnant. The heroin messed up my menstrual cycle so I continued using without knowing I was 3 months pregnant. Once I found out I was pregnant I didn't know what to do, my family wasn't aware of my addiction and I worried about the baby's health. I was so ashamed of myself I couldn't build up the courage to tell my doctor. I tried several times to quit on my own and the withdrawal was unbearable. I continued to use until I was 5 months pregnant. Every time I would use, the guilt I felt was unexplainable. I finally broke down and told my mom. I wanted to be sober for my son and myself. I called around to different detox centers and got information on different recovery methods. I knew people who were on methadone and wanted to find an alternative. I was admitted into detox and was put on subutex. I'm now 36 weeks pregnant and still taking the subutex. My doctors tell me my baby boy is healthy but I can't help but worry that my past may effect him. I don't know how I will handle the guilt if something is wrong. My selfish ways of dealing with issues has always been solved by using. I want to continue to be sober and be a good mother to my child. I pray every day for my son's health and for the strength to stay sober. I feel for any and everyone dealing with addiction. Your comments are encouraging and appreciated. God Bless.

amanda 8 years ago

i'm 7 1/2 months pregnant and take 40mg of subutex a day and so far my baby girl is great, she's growing fine, no problems. i just wanted to say that it is very very very dangerous to try and wean yourself off of the subutex/suboxone while you are pregnant! i seen a doctor that specializes in pregnant addicts/recovering addicts on methadone and subutex/suboxone and he said that reducing your dosage can seriously harm the baby. also please ladies, make sure your doctor knows that you are taking the subutex, it changes a lot of things!

ashla 8 years ago

i am also on subutex and am seventeen weeks pregnant, my nerves are completely shot, they want to put me on prozac as well but i am scared to, i had cold turkeyed benzos when i found out about my pregnancy , it wasn't the best thing to do but i did it baby is fine but mommy isn't my depression and anxiety are bad, i am prescribed 24 mgs of subutex but only try to take twelve a day, , i am also concerned about child services they got involved with my son and me when i gave birth to him while on methadone, unfortunately i wasn't ready at the time to stop using this was about eight yrs ago, i gave my two children up to there grandparents , i had actually gotten clean for two yrs then because of a disability got sent to pain clinic, i opted for subutex because i felt like that was the best way to go for me, to keep me clean of heroin and other drugs, methadone never helped me i used cocaine on it and also heroin, while being on subutex i never relapsed , i was prescribed .5 mgs of xanax but took as prescribed, i didn't think i could get pregnant, i am 38 had bad thyroid problems and never got my period , i was alone for two yrs and had sex twice in two days and bamm , now i am terrified, my son never went through serious withdrawal on the methadone, but i don't know anything about subutex any women who want to support each other through this email me at

chesapeake bch mom 8 years ago

iam 8 months and i have been on suboxone for the last year no one in my family knows not even my doctor and what happpens to me when i go into labor and there is something wrong im so worried to tell any of my family what i have been doing and what about social serivces do they get involved when i have my son and what happen then ??????? can someone please help me im going crazy i have been drug free for the last year just been taking 2mg a day the sono of the baby looks fine but they really haven't said anything at all really i guess that's my fault cause im so chicken to say anything to anyone im afraid to loose my family over this p[lease help me

jen 7 years ago

I want to thank everyone for their comments. It has been very informative. I have a few questions myself......... To start, I have been on subutex for a little over 2 yrs. I started out taking 8mg (1 tablet) and over the years slowly took less and less. I am 14 weeks pregnant and for the last 6-8 months I have been breaking off a tiny flake (literally). It definitely has to be under 1 mg/day. I know it is usually recommended not to get off during your pregnancy-especially in my situation because I have been using it for years before I got pregnant. My girlfriend just had a baby and she was using atleast 8 mg a day and used a few times while being pregnant. Her son is 15 months and is doing great! However, when he was born, he had to stay in the hospital for about 3 weeks to detox. He was not just detoxing from subutex but also the small amount of heroine that she used. The two things that really worry me are: CPS and breastfeeding while still on subutex. I haven't used drugs in 2 years so Im not worried about being drug tested but just the thought of CPS involved gives me cringes. I don't want them to think I'm a bad mother being on subutex. Has anyone dealt with CPS that was only on Subutex (no other drugs used)? What is the process? Can they take your baby for having even trace amounts of Subutex in your system? And finally, i have always heard that you cant breastfeed while using subutex. My doctor is investigating so i don't know his option just yet. But i just read that the SAMHSA has stated, "...buprenorphine is not well absorbed in the stomach, babies getting it through breast milk seem to be minimally affected by it and that Subutex using women can breast feed". Has anyone else heard that or has breastfed while taking subutex?

lacey bryant 7 years ago

I am 4 mnths 2 weeks pregnant, and I take about a half of suboxen a day but I have not told my dr because I am scared, I have also used off and on my whole pregnancy... Does anyoen have any comments on this one , can anyone tell me what to do at this time ?? I go back to the dr on the 23rd to find out if its a boy or girl im excited about that.. I just don't want the state to get involved and take my kid away that would kill me :0(

tami 7 years ago

Hi all,

I found this site looking for information on infant suboxone withdrawl. My daughter just delivered her lil girl on weds. she has been on suboxone the whole pregnancy and is monitored by addiction specialist. she asked the dr if she should switch to subetox and he said no because he was worried about her not having the opiate blocker that suboxone has. the baby weighed 6 lbs 5 oz but she is in withdrawls. she was just transported to childrens hospital. she seems to be shaky and sneezing a lot and them are symptoms of withdrawl. she has fluctuated between 5 and 10 on the finnegan scale for withdrawls. the sad part of this is the pediatrician and the nurses at the hospital had no knowledge of this medication none. So they called the childrens hospital and geuss what they didn't either. they are treating her like other babies in detox and I know she is where she needs to be while she goes through this. But to me this is ridicoulous that no one knows anything about this medicine. And to top that off my daughter who has been clean from opiates for 18 months was treated horribly. They even called social services. Something that we have been looking forward to for 9 months and they (the staff) out of ignorance has turned it in to something to be ashamed of. I am proud of my daughter that she is no longer using herion or oxys and that this is safer and keeping her alive and well. The medical community needs to acknowledge addiction as a disease and educate themselves on treatments and treat patients with the respect they deserve for wanting to be well.

That is my 2 cents on it. I wish you all very well and my advice to you all is to try your best to educate your dr.s and nurses. If they don't want to listen make them.

Good luck to all

ashla 7 years ago

to tami and all the moms, i am sorry your daughter is going through this, i suggest you get as much info on subutex for the doctors where your grandbaby is being dtoxed, and have your doctors sub doctor get involved, this is sickening, i was clean of of heroin when i got pregnant with my son, was on subutex and i make sure that the obgyn and my sub doctor have regular contact with each other, supposedly subutex is supposed to have less withdrawals than methadone, and my nine yr old son was born on methadone and i had same obgyn, they kept my son in hospital for two days only and i was able to give hime phenobarbitol myself, but there is one thing i want all the mothers to mention to there doctors before you give birth, NO NARCON, this is so terribly important, they can give it safely to babies on methadone i think but not subutex, narcon is a drug they use if the baby don't breathe right away, they need to use something else, or the baby will go through horrible horrible problems, i cant stress this fact enough, also mothers to be i suggest going down a little on your dose before baby is born, so that the pain meds they may use might help more, the epidural wont affect the subutex and i have been reading that tramadol can be used with no problem, also for the girls afraid to tell the doctors, YOU MUST TELL THEM SO THEY DON'T USE NARCON ON THE BABY, AND THAT THEY KNOW WHAT TO USE WHEN IT COMES TO PAIN MGT FOR YOU, they will find out anyway , and do not feel ashamed, subutex and methadone are licensed for pregnant moms.. if you don't tell it will only hurt you and your child goodluck all ashla

BoutToPOP 7 years ago

I am 8 months prego and wondering if it is safe to get an epidural while on Suboxone?

Amanda 7 years ago

Hey all mommies & mommies 2 be! I hope all is doing great this can be a scary time on it's own let alone when you have the addiction problems on top of it the way we do! I have been fighting opiate addiction for about 7 years now and still at time feel that this will be the death of me. I was on pain pills with my last pregnancy and during my 7th month I was addmitted on the labor & delivery floor for 2 weeks and they put me on methadone, they wanted me on it during delivery and I told them NO, that was the whole reason I wanted to be clean so my son would not have to go through that!! So I took my last pill and my son was born EXACTLY 30 days later at 35 weeks and was PERFECT!! Stayed clean for a while, then relapsed went on methadone for 2 years switched to Suboxone been on that since February and I am now 7 weeks pregnant and my doctor is taking me off of it eventhough my ob says to go SLOW, I have gone from 3 pills (24mil) to 1 sometimes 2 a day now yesterday my dr gave me 10 pills and told me to taper myself!! IS HE CRAZY??? he said he can't be responsible if something is wrong with my baby, but I think it is MORE dangerous to do it this way! IS THIS SAFE OR SHOULD I BE GOING SLOWER??

angie 7 years ago

i just found out i am pregnant i currently am perscribed subutex i was on methadone for 3 yrs and just made the switch 2 weeks ago the plan was to take subutex for 2 weeks then suboxen now my doctor will not perscribe either. i have read a lot that pregnant women have taken subutex during pregnancy i don't want to stop cold turkey i live in pa and cannot find a doctor to help any ideas?

linc's mommy 7 years ago

my friend and I both just had babies born while we were on subutex. neither baby had any simptons of withdraws. In fact, there was nothing in their urine when they aere born. subutex is the safer choice. Just be sure you are not on suboxone!!!!!!!!!!

sarah 7 years ago

My son was taken to the Cleveland Clinic Main Campus NICU due to withdraw from subutex here is our story:

I took 8 mlg of subutex per day during my pregnancy and I just had my son 11 days ago. I was told by my subutex doctor that he would absolutely go through Neo Natal Abstinence Syndrome 48 hrs post birth. I spoke with my OBGYN every single appt about what the plan was following his birth. She never gave me a direct answer. After giving birth last Saturday at a hospital with a NICU I questioned the resident pedicatricians, his pediatrician, any nurse who would listen , my doctor and all of them said he had low NAS "scores" we are discharging you. We were sent home 36 hrs post birth (on monday) and at 48 hrs he was in full blown withdraw. I called the pediatrician who said he is just fussy. A routine home nurse post pardum visit was scheduled for Wednesday. On Wed she noticed my son was struggling. He weighed 9 lbs 6.5 oz at birth and he lost nearly 2 lbs , anything above 10% is too much. He was only taking .5 oz of formula every 4 hrs and a baby that size should take 2.5-3 oz every 4hrs. His jaundice reading was high. His resting respirations were double what they should have been. He was rubbing his fists against his mouth, yawning, flaring his nostrils and having lose stool every 30 minutes. All of the above are things they "score" the baby on. Scores should be below 8. When he was admitted he scored a 22! The home nurse called the pediatrician who gave her a run around, she said all babies are fussy and that's when the nurse demanded that she get him admitted to Cleveland Clinic NICU. Needless to say when he was admitted the team was amazed he was ever released from the hospital in that condition. It turns out the Cleveland Clinic Satelite Hospital that I delivered at had never experienced this type of issue before but no one was humble enough to admitt that they did not have the proper experience to deal with him. Its been a week today that he was admitted. He was put on an IV for liquids and methadone. The clinic does major surgery on babies every day sometimes the babies are on pain meds for weeks or months and the way they are weened from the meds is no different than the way my son is being weened. They put him at .004 miligrams of methadone every 4 hrs for 4 days. On day 5 the methadone was given every 8 hrs, then every 12 and today he is on 1 dose every 24 hrs. He will remain on this dose until Saturday and then he will spend two weeks on a dose every 3 days. We are so luck to be in such an outstanding hospital. Every day we meet with the neo natal team that is assigned to him; a neo natal pharmacist who specializes in weening babies from opiates- she has done over 160 weens, two doctors that monitor him, a nurse practitioner/case manager and a nurse that is assigned to take care of my son and one other infant.They say he may come this Saturday and continue the process at home. The advice I wish I had been given is this: be persistent, deliver at a hospital with a NICU, while you are at the hospital demand to speak to a nicu doctor, find a pediatrician early and before "hiring" them to take on your child's case ask them if they are familiar with weening an infant and if they are not ask them to refer you to someone who is, ask your subutex doctor to help you find an OBGYN and a Pediatrician familiar with this process. If your baby is extremely fussy and you have been told they are not going through withdraw do not listen and immediately go to an ER with a NICU. Inner city ER's will be more familiar with this type of issue as opposed to a suberb hospital. Look up the Finnegans NAS Score this will help you know if your baby is experiencing withdraw. Whatever you do if you think your baby is withdrawing take them to the hospital your child needs medical assistance. Jaundice left untreated can lead to brain damage! Infants who are withdrawing are at a higher risk for SIDS!

We have been told by experts that he will not have trouble in the future that he will be healthy and happy when this is over.The visiting nurse who came to our home was an angel sent here to save my sons life.

Aja 7 years ago

I am almost 36 weeks and have been on subutex for almost 2-3 years. I have been on it for so long its been almost impossible to think about getting off. The time period i was thinking about going off though i found out i was pregnant. I take about 2-3 milligrams a day.. depending on how i feel. I am not worried about the safety of my child at birth because i know people who have had babies safely. What i want to do is breastfeed. I have read yes and no so many times i don't know what to do. All i want to hear is that more than one person has and there child has been safe. I would never want to harm my child nor ever get her sick. I am on such a low dose and it would be such a small amount absorbed. My heart is telling me yes.. I guess i just want someone to back me up a bit. Please if anyone has any informational FACTS on someone who has breasted please contact me Thank you So much everyone.

azande 7 years ago

Hi, I had a baby boy four years ago on 2 mg. I did not tell my doctors, midwives or hospital, as i felt baby would be fine. I was certainly ready to tell if i saw any withdrawals. I saw none. and i had had 2 previous babies not on subutex, so i knew what to expect. He was and still is fine. He was taking steps at 8 months so he was also fine developmentally. I breast fed for two years, and had no probs with that either. This time, i fell pregnant very accidentally in the middle of using shitloads, daily. I used until i moved to a small towm and am now on 16mg, subutex. This time i am worried because my dose is so high, i am really going to try to cut down but i have only been on subbies for two weeks, so i am only beginning to get over my other addiction. I am 20 weeks preg. this time i have told my preg doctor and had to spell, several times, subutex. So i am hoping the hospital know more. Anyone been on a high dose? I am worried about withdrawals. Love to everyone, and best of luck!

ashla 7 years ago

hi all i wanted to be able to share about my pregnancy and subutex experience, i was on sixteen mgs and i just gave birth seven days ago, my son was born very healthy, very little withdrawal and did not need medication or did not have to stay in hospital more than one extra day, he was a bit fussy first few days but nothing we couldn't cuddle him through, he is now through withdrawal and very relaxed alert and strong, any woman who would like to talk about this with me feel free to email me

Desi 7 years ago


Desi 7 years ago

Hi ashla, I sent you an email I hope I have the address right. Is it supposed to be In case it isn't I was wondering if you breastfeed? I also take subutex and am 35 weeks pregnant. I keep getting a lot of conflicting information about if I am able to breastfeed. I was hoping to quit taking them before the baby comes. I tapered down to 1 mg. a day, but am having a very hard time quitting completely, even from that small of an amount. I am so happy to hear that your son is healthy and happy. I am constantly worried about the health of my baby. My midwife doesn't know much about subutex and often makes me feel even more guilty than I already do. It's nice to hear about someone who has been through it, and everything is ok. Thanks

Desi 7 years ago

Hi ashla, I sent you an email I hope I have the address right. Is it supposed to be In case it isn't I was wondering if you breastfeed? I also take subutex and am 35 weeks pregnant. I keep getting a lot of conflicting information about if I am able to breastfeed. I was hoping to quit taking them before the baby comes. I tapered down to 1 mg. a day, but am having a very hard time quitting completely, even from that small of an amount. I am so happy to hear that your son is healthy and happy. I am constantly worried about the health of my baby. My midwife doesn't know much about subutex and often makes me feel even more guilty than I already do. It's nice to hear about someone who has been through it, and everything is ok. Thanks

Jessica 7 years ago

I am 5 months pregnant and my husband has been on Suboxone for a few years now, I have never taken it but I was wondering if it would harm the baby in anyway. (?)

Claire 7 years ago

I was very pleased to see this post on the net. I want to say to all the Mummies to be out there who are on Subutex - please do not worry. i had my son 4.5 years ago while I was on 10mg of Subutex throughout my whole pregnency. I gave birth to a beautiful healthy little boy who suffered nearly no withdrawal symptoms. The, perhaps, few that he did have were completely manageable with extra cuddles and feeds. My biggest reccommendation is DO NOT let the doctors talk you into putting your baby straight into special care BEFORE the onset of any withdrawal symptoms. I was told that they would be taking my son directly into special care before symptoms even occurred, this made me so upset as i felt that i was completely confident at knowing what my baby needed and that i was right there at the hospital anyway so why the need to take him away. So, i went and saw the head doctor at the hospital to let him know my feelings on the subject. Thankfully they let my baby boy stay with me, this was the best decision i have ever made. I feel that if my son had been taken away from me then the likeihood of withdrawal would have increased because being right there with me i was always able to comfort and feed him. I had to stay in hospital for 7 days but on the 7th day i was released to go home with my perfectly happy and healthy little baby boy. My son is now 4.5years old and is a bright, smart and energetic little boy. I am soooo happy that i chose to have him.

I am now 10 weeks pregnant with my second baby and i am on Suboxone. I must admit that i am very worried as last tuime i was on Subutex and have heard that it is possibly safer that Suboxone. Any information regarding this would be massively appreciated.

I would really like to wish everyone the best of luck with your babies.

My sister had a little girl one month earlier than i did while she was on Methadone. She was also using at the time and her little one needed Morphine after birth and was in hospital for 3 weeks. In saying this her girl is now also 4.5 and she really is a very bright, smart and truly beautiful little girl.

Claire 7 years ago

Also meant to add above also that yes i breastfed. I fed my boy for 2 years. It was the best experience ever and i certainly recommend it to everyone if that is what they want to do. It is an amazing bonding experience and I believe it definitely helps with limiting the withdrawal process as they are close and it is very comforting for them.

Good luck all. Please say if you would like my email address and I will get it to you :)

sarah 7 years ago

To Claire: Subutex is preferred over Suboxone because it does not contain Naloxone more commonly known as Narcan.

To Desi: I was told not to breastfeed by my obgyn who could not even spell subutex because she never heard of it.When my son was admitted to the cleveland clinic doctors said had I breastfed my son his withdraw symptoms would have been much less acute. I never could get him to latch on so I pumped for a while and when he consumed my breast milk he felt much better

To Azande: I had a dr who was not familiar with subutex Run the other way. Ask your subutex dr to help you find an OBGYN and if that is not possible ask your sub. dr to consult with your obgyn. I made the mistake of trusting that my dr would do her "homework" and although I could tell she did not like me due to my drug addict history I thought she would do her job-she didn't! They released us from the hospital as a normal baby would be after two days and he went into acute withdraw soon after. From what I learned it is a mystery why some babies withdraw and some do not and the severity is different and it does not always have to do with the mgs the mother was taking. I was taking 8mg

What was recommended to me after we were admitted to a hospital with experience was this: breastfeed, keep the mother and child together, luckily the nicu he wound up in had rooms for babies that were more stable and I could do skin to skin contact while cuddling to calm the baby down. In our case he was having serious complications because of the withdraw. His resting respirations were 107 when they should have been 60! His heart was beating out of his chest, he lost a lot of weight and was really dehydrated to the point he needed IV fluids for a few days, his jaundice level was rising

Jaundice left untreated causes brain damage so its really important to find drs that know what they are doing. I regret not delivering at an inner city hospital because they have way more experience

My son was sent home with Methadone to continue a slow wean. Every five days his dose was lowered. It started out at every 3 but he could not handle it. Today was his last day. He seems happy and more importantly he seems like a normal baby

sarah 7 years ago

To Claire: Subutex is preferred over Suboxone because it does not contain Naloxone more commonly known as Narcan.

To Desi: I was told not to breastfeed by my obgyn who could not even spell subutex because she never heard of it.When my son was admitted to the cleveland clinic doctors said had I breastfed my son his withdraw symptoms would have been much less acute. I never could get him to latch on so I pumped for a while and when he consumed my breast milk he felt much better

To Azande: I had a dr who was not familiar with subutex Run the other way. Ask your subutex dr to help you find an OBGYN and if that is not possible ask your sub. dr to consult with your obgyn. I made the mistake of trusting that my dr would do her "homework" and although I could tell she did not like me due to my drug addict history I thought she would do her job-she didn't! They released us from the hospital as a normal baby would be after two days and he went into acute withdraw soon after. From what I learned it is a mystery why some babies withdraw and some do not and the severity is different and it does not always have to do with the mgs the mother was taking. I was taking 8mg

What was recommended to me after we were admitted to a hospital with experience was this: breastfeed, keep the mother and child together, luckily the nicu he wound up in had rooms for babies that were more stable and I could do skin to skin contact while cuddling to calm the baby down. In our case he was having serious complications because of the withdraw. His resting respirations were 107 when they should have been 60! His heart was beating out of his chest, he lost a lot of weight and was really dehydrated to the point he needed IV fluids for a few days, his jaundice level was rising

Jaundice left untreated causes brain damage so its really important to find drs that know what they are doing. I regret not delivering at an inner city hospital because they have way more experience

My son was sent home with Methadone to continue a slow wean. Every five days his dose was lowered. It started out at every 3 but he could not handle it. Today was his last day. He seems happy and more importantly he seems like a normal baby

Stacie 7 years ago

Thank God for this post....

I was on Suboxone and switched to Subutex as soon as i found out i was pregnant. (I was four weeks along when i found out.) I am only taking 1 mg. per day. 1/2 mg every 12 hours. I also want to stop completely, but it is hard. I am now 10 weeks pregnant. Is it dangerous to stop completely, since I am not taking a high dose anyway? I'm scared to death!

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sweets4441 7 years ago

I am 10 weeks pregnant. I have been on suboxone for almost a year. because of it being so expensive,my husband goes to the doctor and we both take his, one-half a day. When i found out i was pregnant, i did some research on-line and found it was safer to take subutex. I told my husband to tell the doctor to switch him, which he did. I went to my first OB appt. Monday and told them i was on subutex. now that i have read all these comments i'm scared that i will get in trouble for not having a prescription. What am i going to do now?

Stacie 7 years ago


i am am the same boat as you.... i am 11 weeks and 1 day... i am terrified of stopping the subutex, and i owe my doctor so much money that he will not prescribe me any more.... i have 5 2mg tablets left that i am breaking into little flakes... i guess i am taking about .25 mg twice a day...

how many mg are you taking a day?

we are going throug the same exact thing! you can email me if you want at

DAria 7 years ago

There really is no comforting answer to wheather subutex is safe or not during pregnancy. I was told various things by different doctors throughout the 9 months. I worried everyday that my son would suffer from NAS. I was anywhere from 4-8Mg a day. Not very much. He is currently still in special care due to NAS. This is day 10 now. This is by far the hardest thing ever. I begged the doctors to ween me off at the beginning of my pregnacy but was constantly advised against it.

My suggestion is if you think you are strong enough to ween yourself in the beginning do it!! It gets dangerous after the first couple of months. Even then it can be risky. I wish I had. I went half way cold turkey and turned back. If you can't it's ok. Your baby will most likely be healthy other than the obvious and he or she will make it through withdrawals. You have to do what's right, safe and healthy for you too.

My son is very healthy otherwise and I have not spent a night away from the hospital. It can take anywhere from 1 week to 2 months for the entire process. It breaks my heart. Every time I step foot in the hospital, I see another mother who delivered normaly (I also had a very bad birth experience)hapily taking home there new baby after 48 hours or less and it sinks my heart every time. i just tell myself I did the best I could and what I thought was right and I will be taking my beautiful son home soon. It will make that time all the more special.

MommaAngie 7 years ago

I never used at all during my pregnancy. I had already been on 4 mgs a suboxone, a tiny amount. By the time my baby was born I was only on 2 mgs. I do not smoke, I do not drink coffee. My daughter had to be treated for withdrawal symptoms. It was the worse week of my life. I thought because I was on such a low dose she wouldn't have to be treated, but she did. Because of the half life of Subutex being so long >72 hours, it took four days before the intense withdrawals showed their face. She didn't have seizures, or convulsions, but she cried a lot, and couldn't settle easy, she had skin moddeling, and an increased moro reflex. If you want some information about how it will be when you go to the hospital (every place is different) look up the "Finnegan scoring system" because this is what they use to treat the babies. They come in and "score" your baby every three hours. They even wake them up. It really sucks, but you get through it. My daughter went on Phenabaritol and was off it in 5 weeks.

keystan 7 years ago

hi, i had both of my babies on suboxone and i can honestly say that you cant ever really know how your baby is going to be able to handle it. my daughter was born march 23 2008 and i was taking 16 mg of suboxone in that pregnancy. when she was born she did not suffer severe withdrawal at all, in fact they only kept her 3 days just to make sure she wasn't going to go into severe withdrawal and then they released her. she never had to be weaned or medicated at all. and the highest her nas scores ever got was a 4 which is very low and her symptoms was only sneezing yawning and a slightly bit of fussiness but nothing we couldn't cuddle her through. now on the other hand, i just delivered my baby boy on september the 8 and i am just stunned by how badly he is suffering through withdrawal. he is in nationwide childrens hospital in the NICU and has been there since he was born and he just turned a month old yesterday. his nas scores have got as high as a 16. they are weaning him with methadone and it has been a yo yo of a time. now in my pregnancy with my son i was on a much higher dose of 24-36 mgs a day. this probably plays a big part in why he is having it so hard and the doctors said his body weight could be part of it since he was 8lbs and 4oz at birth and my daughter was only 7lbs and 1oz that he has more body weight to have stored the suboxone. they also said that they do not know why but that boys always seem to have worse problems with withdrawal than girls the docs noticed. so girls please remember that the higher dose you are on the more trouble your baby will probably have. i would highly recommend that if you can make it on a low dose than do so because i regret not lowering myself from such the high dose that i was on in my sons pregnancy. i was not smart enough to stop and think about it or even read up on it. i just assumed that hey since my daughter did so well then my sons gonna be born on suboxone as she was and do just as well as she. no more than 8 mgs a day i recommend if you want a better chance for a withdrawal free baby, but remember though every baby is different, the docs told me they have had women on 36 mgs a day have a baby and the baby be fine and they have had women be on 2 mgs a day and have a baby with withdrawals. atleast if you have your baby and it does suffer withdrawal and needs medicated or tapered just remember that atleast you were on the suboxone and not the street drugs and your baby didn't have to be exposed to the street drugs. either way if your on suboxone atleast your trying to change your life and your trying to do what's best for your baby, obviously no drug is GOOD for your baby but its better than the alternative

Tracy 7 years ago

My Brothers girlfriend gave birth three days ago and was taking under 1mg of Subutex, she has ben clean for over a year hence the small dose. The clinic advised her it was safer to stay on the sub rather than come off while pregnant, as it could potentially cause more damage to the feotus, but the baby would probably need to stay in a special unit for a couple of days.

Now he has been born, a very healthy baby, but is being weaned off the drug, he suffered a little jaundice and slight irritation, but cuddling helps. Every baby is different, depends on the weight and how much of the drug was being used. Research before you think of getting pregnant if you can, there is so much conflicting information.

The stigma attached to taking any drugs is ridiculus, both my brother and his partner have been clean for well over a year, a lovely couple and proud parents, but still have to go through the protocal of seeing councilors, social workers and all other types of officials to make sure they are suitable parents!. The baby may need to stay in for anything up to four weeks, all dependant on how quickly the drug comes out of his system, so bare this in mind, especially if your on a higher dose.

Also they have been told it is absolutly fine to breast feed, in fact smoking and alcohol does more harm when breast feeding.

Hope everything goes well, and keep yourself in the know, there are many options.

ashley 7 years ago

hey ladies... i am having a baby on tuesday...that's in 5 days...i also am taking 12mgs of subutex daily, and am petrified of my babe going thru withdraw. it seems that in my case, the docs really are clueless on this drug. even the anesthesiologist, whom i met today, had never even heard of the drug. and she administers pain meds!! so i will def. come back n let you all know what happened with baby. most of my fam. also has no idea bout the fact that im on subutex, but all of my docs do. and suprisingly they all give me props for doin the rite thing n not usin dope. im just so scared to tell my loved ones the truth if the baby goes into the nicu. but the neonatologist has said it is maybe a 70/30 chance baby will not go. so odds are ok. i have done so much research on this topic, and i believe i am doin the best i can. i also am planning to breastfeed, basically to keep me constantly knowing that i have to feed baby n shouldn't get high. so listen, i will keep yous posted, and subutex has saved my n my childs life, so ladies stop beating yourselves up about this! also if anyone else who has recently had a baby while on subutex let me know... i love all the info i can get. xoxoxoxo

Amanda 7 years ago


I really felt the need to post here with all of u. I used viccodin, and any other pain pill I could get my hands on for 6 years, when I finally decided it was time to seek treatment, in sept it was a year ago that I went on suboxone, well I found out a few weeks ago that I am pregnant, I thought 5 weeks, turns out I'm 9 weeks, apparently I had a regular cycle then though I was pregnant... anyway I tried to quit cold turkey as soon as I found out and thought I was going to die! My sub doc switched me to subutex when I told him and I am taking 1 mg a day now and feeling awesome, but I'm very concerned for my unborn child.. I plan on weaning down to 1/2 mg this week and would love to be completely off b4 I give birth but I'm not sure if I am strong enough to get thru the withdrawals this time.... my bf has no idea I'm on the subutex and I am not planning on telling him (he does know I had a drug addiction problem b4 we met... anyway, I have not told my obgyn because I do not want my bf to find out.. but I am most concerned with my baby having withdrawals at birth.. i'd also like to breastfeed for a while and keep hearing conflicting stories on whether its safe or not.... i'd love to talk to other mothers who have or who are going thru this as well, my personal email is please, please email me if you would like to talk/share experiences, I could use some support right now.

Thank you for your time!

amanda 7 years ago

i posted in here when i was 7 1/2 months pregnant with my daughter, i was taking 40mg of subutex a day and i just wanted anyone reading this with questions about taking subutex while pregnant that my baby turned out PERFECT! she was a week late, 6lbs 13 oz 19 1/2 in, she had NO withdrawl symptoms! she is now 6 1/2 months old and is developing very normally, she's actually done everything (smiling, talking, crawling, etc) very early! good luck ladies!

dont stop 7 years ago

i just read all your posts, and i have to tell all u women who are pregnant and taking subutex, DO NOT STOP OR DRASTICALLY LOWER YOUR MEDICATION!!! about a year ago i was on 8mg a day, i found out i was pregnant, and through guilt immedietly started DRASTICALLY cutting my dose. i went from 8 mg to 2mg is less then a week. I lost the baby the following week... my husband and i are currently thinking about trying again, and i want to get off them completely (easier said then done) i just cant go through that again, nor do i want my child to be subject to withdrawls. i just had to post to NOT lower ur dose... its not worth it. a baby goin thru withdrawls is better then no baby... :o(

J.B. 7 years ago

I just read all these comments and some eased my mind some didn't. I just found out i was pregnant about a week ago w/ my 2nd child. I carried and delivered my 1st child completely normally. And it was an amazing experience, and i want this one to be equally as amazing. My son is 2 1/2 years old now and completely healthy and that is what i am hoping for with this one. Except the only difference is that i was on suboxone not knowing and now on subutex. I am not exactly sure how far along i am due to an irregular period but ruffly around 5-8 weeks. I didn't start using Oxys until after my son was born and i have been using them on and off for just about 2 years now. Its gotten pretty bad at times and caused many problems w/ myself and my recovering addict boyfriend/father of my child. I started using suboxone by buying off the streets to pretty much use whne i wasn't or couldn't get high. I found that it helped me tremendously it made me feel like a kid again i had so much enery but i always call it my fake happy because it is. But at this point w having one child and another on the way, im happy as long as im not using. When i found out i was pregnant i told my Suboxone Dr. and he immediately switched me to Subutex informing me that it was the safer choice. Giving me the same info as all you ladies have recived as well. Now of course my 1st instinct was to get off of it completley but once he told me that lowering my dosage or getting off of it could be dangerous i decided that my best bet was to stay on it. Now the thing is that he has me on 12mg a day but i actully only that 2-3mg a day i am afraid to tell him that i am using less because i don't and have never felt that i need that much and the extra pills i usually give to a friend w the same problem because i feel bad. I got to see my OBGYN in two weeks and really want to be upfront about the whole situation because i know it is the safest way. Im freaked out about many things about telling my OBGYN that i am on less than i am perscribed and then her and my Sub Dr. communicating therefor causing an issue i am also worried about my child possibly withdrawing even though i am on a low dose and have been for a while and i am also worried about being treated differently in the hospital where i was treated wonderful last time for having a "normal" delivery. One benefit is that my area and the hospital i will be deleviering in is pretty well educated on this type of thing. So i am hoping it wont be a problem. I just thought i would write to get this off my chest. It is nice to see that many women are struggling w the same issue as myself and that i am not in this alone. I don't know maybe my Dr. Can give me some answers. But to anyone who has the obvious ?'s of should i stay on it i think it is common sense absolutly because if you withdraw your baby withdraws and think about what that does to us nevermind an unborn child. Everything will all work out in the end for all of us and everything happens for a reason. Just pray everyday that god takes care of children. Good luck to all and try not to stress, stress is one of the worst things for the baby especially early on. : )

Amanda 7 years ago

Hi i have been on suboxone for a little over two years. I was taking 32mgs a day when i had my little girl. I had my daughter May 20th 2009 and she had very little withdrawal symptoms she scored a one on the test.She was released from the hospital with me at two days old. When my daughter was born i was treated like crap by the hospital staff and i had children services called on me. CYS came out to my house made me take a drug test which i passed and they closed my case and left me alone. My daughter at 7 months old is very active. She is crawling , rolling , and pretty much where she should be. I have heard from DRS that Methadone babies do worse after birth than suboxone babies. Caitlin is my third child BUT my first on Suboxone she was born weighing 6lbs 3 oz and was one day early. I took vicodin with my other two pregnancies which i am not proud of but my first child was born weighing 9lbs 6oz and with NO WITHDRAWALS and my second child was born weighing 6lbs 1 oz . First child was a boy next two were girls. First and third child were born healthy. Middle child was born and SENT home healthy but later found out she had SEVERE heart problems. The drs say it is genetics but i blame the vicodin and soma i took with her. I am not perfect and YES i do regret the choices i made so ignortantly but i can't go back i can only move on. I will never forgive my self for my choices and everyday i look at my middle child it's a constant reminder of how i fucked up. My middle child is now almost three ( Feb 15th ) and has an underdeveloped heart , has a repaired large VSD and has a pacemaker. I can only hope god spares me. Anyone who wants to talk more can email me at its my fiances email account.

Lindsey 7 years ago

I have never commented on any site before, but I really want to in this case. I am the mother of a beautiful 7 week old baby boy. I have been on subutex for about 2 years now. I was tapering off of it and almost totally off of it, taking 1 to 2 mg/day, when i found out i was pregnant! We decided it would be best to stay on it thru the pregnancy so that I wouldn't miscarry. The pregnancy was great, no complications, I stayed on the dose of 2mg a day and actually sometimes up to 4mg a day. I was induced and had was in labor for 6 hours and got an epidural right before it was time to push. My son is as healthy as can be, scored 9 on both apgars. My subutex doctor and I discussed whether or not I could breastfeed while taking it, and he said, absolutely, yes. He said in fact it could help alleviate any withdrawal that the baby may have, if any. My son showed signs of withdrawal by the way. The biggest and most hurtful problem was the staff at the hospital. I delivered at Scottsdale Healthcare Shea Campus, in Scottsdale, AZ, supposedly one of the nicest hospitals to deliver at. Well, first of all, my doctor, Tami Dairiki acted as if it was a waste of her time to come deliver the baby. They made me WAIT to push, while I was having the most intense contractions, and that baby was ready to come OUT! They made me hold him in! While we waited for my doctor to arrive! Then, when she finally arrived, the contractions stopped and she was irritated that nothing was happening and had me push with NO contractions! So, I pushed my son out with no help from contractions! Then, to add insult to injury, right after the exhausting and emotional experience of just giving birth, then my doctor and the nurses all come at me saying I cannot breastfeed because of the subutex, saying they could not condone it! Even going to the lengths of saying very rudely, do you want us to print the information on it??? and you bet they did, and gave it to me. Come to find out the information they printed actually validated my choice, that the problem with breastfeeding lied in taking large doses of subutex while breastfeeding. I take a very small dose. Fortunately my mother was with me, and she told me to breastfeed and that it was not their decision and they couldn't do anything about it. So, I did. They treated me like crap and were very rude. They gave me bottles of formula and would not help me to breastfeed. They said they didn't want to "get in trouble", they were "just following the rules". Finally, my pediatrician came and ok'd the breastfeeding and they were a bit nicer to me. Not a great experience I hate to say. My son is incredibly bright and alert. He has literally been smiling since the day he was born, and it's definitely a social smile, not gas, lol. So, I want to reassure any women who are pregnant and taking subutex and worrying about what will happen. I worried so much during my pregnancy about what would happen, my biggest concern is and will always be the well being of my son. I actually had to say that to the nurses who told me not to breastfeed. I said my doctor and I decided it was safe, I said I would never do anything to harm my child! It was ridiculous, I should not have had to defend myself moments after giving birth! unreal. But please, just take care of yourselves ladies, trust God and yourself, and you and your child will be just fine. Oh, and if you're wondering, the reason i take subutex in the first place is because I was addicted to oxycontin for two years. Another problem was that the staff at the hospital had never heard of subutex, so a lot of doctors and nurses don't even know what it is. Anyway. God Bless! Take care and just know that there are success stories, I'm happy and blessed to be one of them! No, we don't know the long term affects unfortunately, but I pray and trust that there won't be any harmful ones. and research is showing more and more that there won't be any. :)

Lindsey 7 years ago

PLEASE READ! This is Lindsey, I just wrote the post above, and was just rereading it. It says my son had withdrawal, but I meant to say, he had NO WITHDRAWAL. NONE. Also, to J.B. I told my obgyn everything, and she never once contacted my subutex doctor, so I don't really think that you need to worry about that at all. And I actually did the same exact thing, was prescribed more than I really took. I now question whether or not I should have even told my ob that i took it and avoided being treated so horribly at the hospital, but I don't know. I have always believed that it's best to tell the truth... and if there was an emergency, they would need to know that you were taking subutex... it's tough. even though we have all made the decision to get help for our addicitons, the stigma of being an addict stays with us. It's really unfair and sad. but we are survivors and we are strong, we can't let people who have never been in our shoes and who just don't understand let us feel bad. ok, so to clarify one more time, i took subutex thru my whole pregnancy and still take it and i am breastfeeding and my son is completely and perfectly healthy and happy. even with all my worrying thru the pregnancy that he wouldn't be ;) so i really want to reassure any pregnant woman who is struggling with this and looking for any input online as i did constantly, that there are success stories out there! Good luck and God Bless!

Hellanon 7 years ago


I really don't know where to start with this, but because I was too scared to say anything to anyone, I took suboxone supplied by a friend, now my child was born with withdrawal symptoms and I just keep denying evrything, I am sooo scared they are going to take him away I am a nervous wreck, please someone HELP ME!!!!!!!!

If I tell, they will take him wont they?

-Hellanon, scared, feeling so low cant even describe.

I thought by taking suboxone it would be better, but I was just kidding myself.

snicole 7 years ago


I am very sorry to hear what you are going through!!

How old is your child? congratulations on the baby...

I understand how doctors can be very rude and discriminate against mothers who are taking suboxone/methadone to treat their addiction while pregnant, but you have to know in your heart that it was the right thing to do.

The baby may be experiencing some minor withdrawal (NAS) but it should only last a few days. I am sure if you prove to your doctor that you are no longer using and are willing to go into a treatment program that they will not take your precious child away. How much suboxone were you taking?

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Charlott24 7 years ago


Im sort of having a similar problem. I am 33 weeks pregnant and I took some suboxone over the weekend so that I wouldn't use. Then I read somewhere that any medications or drugs you take in the last trimester will usually stay in the babys system. And since the doctor knows I was a user before I found out I was pregnant, Im worried that she will test my baby and see that I took it. Im also worried that he will go through withdrawl. Can anyone please answer any of these questions? Good luck Hellanon.

kbaby 7 years ago

i just wanted to comment on this to give some of you some hope. I have been on subutex for 3 years. I started subutex because i got pregnant and i was addicted to vicodin and i didn't have many choices at that point, but to take something so i didn't miscarry.Anyway i was on 8 milligrams of subutex throughout my pregnancy and my son came out 100% healthy and i haven't had any problems with him. He was big, alert and healthy and had no symptoms of withdrawl.He is so smart too. Everyone is always telling me how beautiful he is,and how he should be a model.. and they are also always saying how smart he is for a 2 year old. i am not trying to brag, just trying to give you all an understanding on how subutex can really bring something special into the world , without worrying. Thank you and i wish you all the best of luck. God Bless

Worried 7 years ago

I took Soboxen while I was pregnant with my daughter till I was 3 months pregnant and stopped without ant problems and she is almost 4 now and smarter than most 5 year olds she is very healthy and was born only 3 weeks early but scored a 10 when born! I relapsed about 9 months ago and started Soboxen once again about 7 months ago and I am now 15 weeks pregnant! I cant get into my doctor anymore due to $ and I have winged down from 8mg to about 2mg and I only have about 2mg left and scared to death because I tried to go cold turkey as soon as I was 3 months and it was so hard and I am scared to death and don't know what to do now or how to get through! I have had 2 miscarriages in the past so that is scary too! I have a heart monitor for the baby here at home so I can listen to the babys heart which helps a little bit please help me get threw this with any tips or motivation!!!

lil' momma 7 years ago

i am on subutex. not for addiction, for pain. i had to take a lot of painkillers evryday for almost a year. the day i found out i was pregnant i didn't wean off of painkillers. i just stopped taking them. i had done this a few times during my treatment with no side effects or withdrawal, but when my pain got so bad, i was scared. i didn't want to take any pain killers while i was pregnant. using opiates during pregnancy can cause a baby to feel pain when there wasn't any pain there. i opted for subutex as a pain management treatment after 6 weeks of such excruciating pain that i had lost 6 pounds due to vomiting. plus there was no way i could drive an hour each way once a day to get methadone. i had read up on everything i could find, and although it was a little nerve wracking, i felt susbutex WAS the best choice, and i haven't worried about it since. as far as withdrawal in a newborn-what's a few days of extra snuggling and comfort? nothing-because you do that already with your new baby anyway! that's the way it's supposed to be! i have kept a very positive attitude. and i have not worried a day since. my baby in my belly is healthy as can be. in fact during my ultrasound the tech saw things she had not seen a baby do in 20 years. she said it was going to be a super baby! it was doing the downward dog yoga pose, moving its mouth like it was talking, crawling coordinately and it even had little muscles! i don't mean to say "it", but my husband and are not finding out the sex. we want to be surprised! i feel great- i am healthy- the baby is developing just fine and life couldn't be better. although there is a possibility that i may have to be on subutex for a lifetime for pain managemnet, i am okay with that. 1 pill a day is better than 11 painkillers. so please remember to keep a positive outlook on things, and just take care of your self-making a little extra "me" time before the baby comes and don't worry. everything will be the way it's supposed to be in the end!

krissy 7 years ago

I have a 17month old son & I took 40mgs of methadone a day when I was pregnant with him. I was very worried, & I did a lot of research on it. I was going to get off it when I was preg. but the Dr. told me I could loss the baby(and I couldn't loss him I was already hight risk & lost 2 babys before) if I did that because if he did go through withdrawl they could not moniter him so I stayed on it. They wanted me to increase my dose because the baby took what he needed every day, but I said I would only go up on my dose if I was getting sick(i figured if I wasn't going throw withdrawl ether was he)So when I had my son he was perfect. Born the day after his due date, 7lbs 7ozs 21 1/2 inches. And he had NO withdrawl at all, so thank God for that. And the Dr. told me that my son is smarter then he should be at his age. I read somewhere that one of the studys they did on pregnant women on methadone more then half the kids were smarter then average so that's a good thing :)Well I hope this helps someone. And don't let anyone make you feel like crap because your on methadone while your pregnant,(I also heard that methadone is safer for the baby then vicadins, norco, or anyother opiate) remember just do the best that you can & take it one minute at a time. But if you are on something else just make sure you really research it, because there are a lot of things that can really hurt the baby, so if you're on meds that might hurt the baby try to see if you can eather get off it or switch to something safe.

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samantha0520 7 years ago

hi im about 6 1/2 months pregnant with my second child and on subutex. this will be my second baby born while on subutex. i was reading some of the things people have posted and thought since ive been through all the worries and guestions about having a baby while on subutex that i would post for the people that are worried or whatever. ive been clean for going on 3 years now but when i was pregnant the first time i had just started to get clean. i was taking saboxone for two wks then when i found out i was pregnant my dr switched me to subutex. i had no problems at all with taking the subutex. as i got further along in my pregnacy i did have to increase my dosage a little bit and again with this pregnacy. i was taking 12 mgs a day when i had my first child. he was born as healthy as can be with NO withdrawls. i felt that subutex was a lot better than methadone. especially because there wasn't any withdrawls and my baby was able to come home with me when i was discharged. i wanted to breastfeed to so my doctor actually contacted the people that make subutex and they said that there hadn't been any studies done on it and that in the paper u get with ur prescription doesn't recommend it only because of there not being any studies done on it but that it should be fine because the baby had already been exposed to the drug while in the whomb and if there would be any of it the milk being that the baby would swallow it and it go to his stomach it wouldn't do anything to the baby anyways. because subutex only works if desolved under the toung. my dr did say that if after brestfeeding for the first week if my baby started acting real fussy and irritable to quit brestfeeding. so i did brestfeed and everything went fine. my son was healthy and the pediatric drs had no concerns. i hope somebody fines this info to be helpful.

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mamajenn27 7 years ago

Hi ladies...

I tried to read through most of your comments...very informative...

So, as most of you can guess, I'm also a pregnant mom taking subutex. I currently have 3 lil children and I was on percs for about a year, became addicted, need to go to a sub dr. to get off..While on Suboxone, I became unexpectedly pregnant, and found out that my baby would most likely be fine by using this or switching over to subutex...which my sub dr. did. But now here's my dilemma...

I am currently 14 weeks pregnant. My Sub Dr. only has experience with treating 6 women taking Subutex while pregnant. He's getting most of his advice from the Subutex website on how to handle the meds throughout the pregnancy. Which he thinks I NEED to stay on the entire time NO MATTER what. That's what he did with his 6 other preggo patients and maybe only 1 or 2 had babies with mild wd's. Now, my OB who has experience with about 20 Subutex patients, says he wants me to come off in my 2nd trimester, which is now and for about the next 3 months. I don't know if any of my OB patients have ever came off the drug in their 2nd trimester, but he is VERY CONFIDENT, if I slowly come off, everything will be fine. He even said if my Sub Dr. is uncomfortable with getting me off now, we meaning me and my OB will do it ourselves.. I am only taking 8mgs /day...half in the am and the other half in the pm. So, from what I have been reading here, many of you stayed on the meds and had healthy babies with either little or no wd's. And I read some stories saying DON'T come off...or is it just how and when I come off that makes the difference?

Please help anyone who may have some advice on coming off the subutex in my 2nd trimester! : ) I really trust my OB...he delivers at one of the best hospitals in the nation and is a very hard doctor to get. I beleive he is ranked extremely high in NJ as well. And I do want to come off. I am not worried about a relapse. And Im wondering if that's why my Sub Dr. wants to keep me on so bad, thinking maybe it would be worse if I came off and then got back on the percs while pregnant.

Any help is much appreciated.. Thanks and good luck to all the woman having babies now, and Congrats to those who've had them.

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mamajenn27 7 years ago

Oh and here's for the ladies that have to hide this from your significant others...

I too, was planning on hiding it at first...i thought WOW! I can never tell him about this, but I realized it would be A LOT WORSE if I had waited til the end, and GOD forbid my baby needed some type of special here's how i did it, and if I could do it all of you can!...he didn't even want this baby, and still mad at me for keeping it, and hes a control freak..and hes over that, never even made an issue out of here's what I said...

(when he was in a good mood and we were just shooting the $#@&...I said oh hey yeah I wanted to tell you..remember when I was having all that back pain? Well my docs had me taking percs and after awhile your body becomes physically addicted to this..However, I didn't know that until my body was already dependent on it...So when i realized it was becoming a problem, I told my doc and I was taken off the percs and put on an opiate blocker. (that simple) Then I explained how the meds have shown safe to take during pregnancy, very few babies may need a little treatment while still in the hospital. So I basically said ALL i NEEDED to. Hopefully the baby wont need any extra help, but in case he/she does, the father is aware and that's all he really needs to be. When i told him, it wasn't even planned, it just came out and he never made an issue out of it except..he once said"oh you could remember to take your percs but you couldn't take a bc pill huh?"

Hope this helps inspire any pregnant ladies out there keeping this a secret. I was also so afraid that a nurse or doctor would bring it up in the hospital, unaware of the fact that the father didn't know.

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Pasqualina1 6 years ago

I just wanted to post that if anyone pregnant and on subutex or suboxone wants to talk to someone in the same boat, feel free to contact anytime. I am shocked at the amount of hospitals and doctors that remain clueless about something so many pregnant woman are going through. Fortunately I am very lucky to have wonderful doctors who are all on the same page. I have been on medication and a lot of it for a very long time so i know a good bit through personal experience. To all of the woman on here that think they dont have to tell their doctor, THAT IS INSANE. They cant treat you properly (more importantly, your baby) if they don't know. There is nothing in the world to be ashamed about. regardless of the amount of people that want you to think there is. addiction is a disease and frankly a lot of people out there end up in a horrible position because they trusted their doctor. It is so hard to want or to get help in the first place I have a lot of respect for people that are using something to help themselves. Drugs like suboxone and subutex can be a very wonderful and helpful tool for recovering addicts if used properly. I am not a doctor but I do know for a fact that once you are pregnant and using subutex or suboxone it is best to get on a steady dose and be honest with all your doctors. I understand that all people are different but I cannot believe the OBGYN that wants his pregnant patient to just stop. every specialist and doctor I have spoke to has advised against it. Also through personal experiene it is not something I would do again. I just think that second and sometimes even more medical opinions are a good thing. Of course if you are pregnant and on this medication you are worried. I am very lucky to have a supporting husband and a grerat group of doctors so anyone who just needs some support or wants to share experiences, like i said, feel free to email. Good luck to everyone expecting, you are in my prayers and congratulations to all the new mothers, I am pregnant with baby number 3 and can honestly say that being pregnant and being a mom is the most amazing thing I have ever experienced.

lost 6 years ago

I just stumbled across this site today because I am in a panic. I am 9 days away from my due date. I have had a problem with percocet throughout this entire pregnancy. I finally got myself tapered off percocet about 2 weeks ago, then had a slip up last Wednesday and took some. A friend gave me an 8mg suboxene pill on Friday. Since last Friday I have taken 1 mg everyday. My dr doesn't know I've been taking suboxone. With 9 days left, I am wondering if my baby will withdrawal from the suboxone?

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concernedmomma 6 years ago

PLEASE ANYONE OUT THERE... I would like to talk with anyone that has or is going through what I am going through???

I am 30 weeks pregnant and I am taking subutex..

vtoric11 6 years ago

I have read every single post on here, & most of them actually give me hope. I am 36 weeks pregnant, & have been taking about 2 mgs of suboxone every OTHER day. It took me a while to get to this, being as i didn't know i was pregnant until almost 3 months. Of course when i found out, Oxys/Roxis we're out of the question, but that doesn't change the fact i was on them prior to knowing about My Baby. Basically i'm wanting to know- if at 36 weeks- if it would be ok to take tylenol here on out- that way the suboxone will be OUT of his AND my system before birth?! My withdrawals suck- but i'm a tough girl and think/know it can be bearable. Any advice would GREATLY be appreciated.

OH And everyone has been telling me how small i am, and how small they think my babys going to be- so i went to the dr. and demanded an Ultra sound to make sure my looks weren't deceiving, sure enough my baby boy weighed 5 lbs 3 ounces at 34 weeks. But i've heard ultra sounds are inaccurate, and can they really tell if ur babys developing properly by an US??

Pasqualina 6 years ago


I really do believe at this point in your pregnancy that you should not change yourr routine with the suboxone at all. There is no way of knowing how it will affect the baby. When the baby is born, as long as you were honest about what you take, they will be prepared to treat the baby. I am 7 months. I have been on suboxone for 2 years. I took suboxone the first 4 months of my pregnancy and then switched to subutex because they say it is better for the baby however with either of them the withdrawal is the same for the baby. So I have been told and I have seen several specialists because I was worried sick about all of the meds I was taking when I became pregnant. I am not a doctor but for me the best decision was being completely honest with all of my doctors and the one thing they all had in common was telling me that once your baby is exposed to such medications, it is a bad idea to stop taking them. I wish you the best of luck Its unfortunate that such an amazing time has to be filled with so much worry. You and every other mother or soon to be mother on here is in my prayers!

Counselor/addict 6 years ago

As my username implies, I have experiences from both sides

I had 3 miscarriages while being clean for years.

I relapsed, got on Suboxone that I bought from

someone (I originally used Suboxone years ago to

initially get clean) then found out I was pregnant.

I knew withdrawal is NOT recommended while

pregnant, so I stayed on and reduced my dose as

long as I felt comfortable. I went to 1mg fairly

easily. Some Dr.'s say that 1mg is a very low dose

and easy to come off of. This is not my experience.

In my experience, I have tapered for a LONG time,

down to tiny crumbs (like1/4 mg) to come off comfortably.

So for this pregnancy, I dropped a little here and there as

long as I didn't feel the WD's. I was on approx. 1/4 mg by

the time my son was born and haven't taken any since.

Neither of us had any signs of WD's and he is a

perfectly happy and healthy baby and has been since birth.

This is what was right for ME, everyone is different. Listen

to your Dr. and your body (mostly your body, your Dr. Should

listen to that too!) just so everyone knows, the detox

where I worked used Suboxone as the protocol for

pg women. We don't have a meth clinic around us. And the

Dr. Always shot for 4mg doseage by delivery and we never

saw a baby in WD on that or lower maternal dose.

jenny22 6 years ago

Wow that is very reassuring thank you counselor/addict. I am currently 27 weeks pregnant and taking about 2 mgs a day. I am going to wean off completely in the next 7 days so I will post you on how that goes.

Lovemyboys1985 6 years ago

i'm so great-ful for the subuxex/suboxone program because of it i have a happy and healthy lil boy. During the begining of my pregnancy i started out taking 8mg a day, then my doc gradually got me down to between 2 and 4mg a day. Depending on how i felt that day. My obgyn was not happy at all about me on the meds but she just didn't understand, like most people don't. I gained about 27lbs un-like my fisrt pregnancy when i was clean i gained 45lbs. While in labor my obgyn decided she didn't want to deal with any complications during delivery so she made me have a c-sections. My son Tyler was born 8.8oz 21inch long. My first son Anthony weighed the exact same 8.8oz. Tyler had no with-drawel and was healthy as can be. He is now 12 weeks old 17 lbs and a very smart little man. He already learned how to roll over too. God only knows what would have happened if i wasn't on the subutex. Just make sure u have a obgyn that understands your situation, it will make it so much easier! Everyone is going to have something negative to say about taking sub while pregnant, don't let it get to you. Your the only one that knows your body so listen to it. Well i wish everyone a happy and healthy baby. Good Luck and Congrads!!

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Pasqualina1 6 years ago

I would greatly appreciate anyone out there that could give me some advice at the moment. I have plenty of experience with the meds and the pregnancy but I have just found myself in a horrible and very unfamiliar situation and I really don't know what to do. I know that pregnancy and withdrawal are a bad combination. I am 30 weeks pregnant, and up until this point i have been on a steady dose of subutex everyday and everything has been fine. I have not gone one day in atleast 7 or 8 years without pills. I don't even know how to open my eyes in the morning unless Im rolling over to take that pill so I can get out of bed. It is not something i am proud of but none the less it is what it is. However, my problem is for the first time in all these years I don't have my medication to take. I am missing 2 weeks worth of my medication and there isn't the smallest chance that my doctor can or would even want to help me. I saw several specialists when i became pregnant and the one thing they all had in common was to not go without no matter what when you are pregnant. So now Im scared. What i want to know is if anyone on here has any experience with being pregnant and not having meds. I know we are all different but I think I may be able to calm down just a little if I knew of someone that went off it during pregnancy and still had a healthy baby. Please email me

tsah australia 6 years ago

hi ive just stared the subutex progam and have found out im preg don't know how far yet but i really want to know more about this drug and being pregnat i also was addicted to oxtcontin befor i was put on the program and need to knoe info if i go ahead with pregnancie im really worried but also happy i am with my 5 child my first to babies were a anphetamine-speed and they were ok but this time im well say scared you could say please help if u can my email is

guest 6 years ago

Hello, I'm sharing my story to help someone! My son was born on june 3 2010..... I was on suboxne my entire pregnancy....8 mg my first tri,and then towards my third tri I was on 16mg.....for me I broke mine into halfes. And took them hrs apart....I could type for hrs...ladies u must tel ur docs everything! I had a wonderful doctor!! I was completely upfront wth him... for me. I prayed a lot..... my son had no. Nas at all....but I had excellent pre natal care......he weighed 8lbs....healthly and my son is 6 days old we went hme on day advice is to pray,an d tell ur doc do not let fear get in ur way.....I wish u all luck.....for me I was truly blessed by god!!! I knw this.....16mg is a lot.....bewteen god and medical help my case we were ok.....good luck.....remember tell ur doc for thbest medical care possible....

jojo 6 years ago

hi to all u pregnant girls/woman out there who share my concerns and worries. it is my due date today 24/6/2010 and im bored waiting for any signs. i was on 8 mgs of subutex a day when i found out i was pregnant. I wanted to take subutex originally purely for the stigma attached to methodone, i was advised i could switch to meth. but i declined as id heard 2 other girls in my care unit were taking subutex and had healthy babies/birth. I have had a lot of care and my monthly meetings changed to weekly meetings at CDAT. Even though i hear advice saying u shouldn't reduce ure dosage. i was told the worse time to do that was in ure 3rd trimester. So i decided to try and reduce my dosage for the sake of my baby as quickly and as safely as poss. I came down initially 2 mg a month and towards the middle to end of 2nd tri. i was going down .4 every two weeks. Anyway i am now on 2.4mg and have not felt any withdrawels at all. I have had meetings with Children schools and families (social) and they were happy that i was happy and although i didn't get offered weekly scans, i have had regular tests which have all been clear of course. However, i wasn't happy to find out that my baby may withdraw only a couple of weeks ago, after being told im on such a low dosage it should be fine. However the pediatrician says it would be a max of 1 weeks care depending on how the baby reacts. Best case scenario would be baby could go home within a couple of days. my partner is aware of the situ but my family arent, so having to tell them wot the meds are for i don't really want to get into. My first born is now 12 and i hadn't taken any drugs then so everything was normal. Im praying that the rumours are true that theres a chance im worrying for nothing. who knows, everyone is different. I have GBS also which means i have to be fed antibiotics intravensly(cant spell!)thoughtout my labour. i was told that as im on such a low dose the precentage of withdrawel for the baby decreases. I just didn't have enough time to come off completely. good luck girls and you can only do the best you can with the advice care and help you are given, don't be afraid to ask questions! xx

Cris, Ky 6 years ago

I have been a drug addict since I was a teenager. I have been addicted to shooting up heroin and oxycontin. A couple years ago, I tried the methadone clinic, and I stayed in it for about a year and went to rehab where I stayed for six months. I stayed clean for a while, and then my dad died and I relapsed, so a friend suggested suboxone. I was on suboxone about eight months when I found out I was pregnant. About half way through my pregnancy, my doctor switched me to subutex. I had my baby five days ago, and I was prepared for her to stay in the neonatal ICU in the hospital, but we are both now home and she seems to be doing o.k. However, she does get agitated and jittery and cries a lot, but it hasn't been as bad as I expected. I feel guilty because I know that I am the cause of her discomfort, and I know first hand how it feels to be in withdrawal, but the doctors recommended that I didn't detox during my pregnancy. My new daughter weighed 6lbs, 1oz at birth. She is a little small, but otherwise healthy. I am having to take her to the pediatrician once a week so they can keep a close watch on her until she is through the withdrawal entirely. So for now, I just wanted to share that she seems to be doing well, but that she is having some withdrawal symptoms from the subutex. I am just having to give her some extra attention and have patience with her. I feel like things could be much worse, but I tried to stay on as low of dose as possible for the sake of her, and I recommend the same for anyone else out there who is pregnant and dosing subutex. Also try to keep in mind that people are very judgemental about a drug addict, especially a pregnant one. But I have been down both roads, and I would much rather have myself in ligitament treatment that is legal, than using street drugs. Just because your a drug addict, doesn't mean your a bad person. And addiction knows no age, sex, race, or class of people. It can happen to anybody. I am now twenty five, married, college educated, and I own my own home. You wouldn't know I was an addict by looking at me, but I am. Although it isn't always fair, be prepared for criticism. And have extra patience with your baby too. I hope what I wrote is helpful to another young, scared, pregnant girl out there. God bless you ladies. Cris, from Ky

Melanie 6 years ago

I understand that Suboxone/Methadone seem to be the only available "safe" options for pregnant mothers, but what about safely weaning down off of the medication? There is little to no research available out there - only these scary posting explaining that if you quit cold turkey, your baby will die. I don't agree with this.

I was snorting anywhere from 40 mgs to 120 mgs a day of oxycontin. When I found out I was pregnant, I weaned starting at 60 mgs. It took me about 3-4 months to get completely off of them as I would do the same dose for anywhere from 4-8 days cutting down by 5 mgs when I felt I could. I'm 12 days clean now and have no withdrawal symptoms anymore, with the exception of the sweats (but hey - it is summer time!) and the odd bout of chills if I think about taking something. According to my doctor, my baby is perfectly fine - healthy and moving around all of the time with a strong heartbeat and all of her vital organs in the right places!

My reasoning for quitting this way is that I didn't want to have to put my child into a situation where she was going to have to be monitored for fetal distress because of my drug usage. I know that maybe it doesn't seem right what I did, but I also didn't want to have Child and Family Services at our doorstep the minute that the child was out. I'm also a pretty prominent citizen with a job that puts me in the spotlight here in town, and didn't want to be known as "an addict".

I guess I'm only posting because I wanted people to know that if you are able to have someone else meter out your dosages for a long period of time (2-3 months is suggested) And don't think that it's super easy. I suffered withdrawals almost every day of those 2-3 months, but they weren't severe like if I'd quit cold turkey.

Part of the reason that I'd never ever been successful at quitting in the past, is because I'd never tried weaning my dosage down properly. A fried of mine who quit cold turkey about a month ago (down from 120 mg a day) literally still feels like shit some days. It's incredible how myself at day 4 and him at day 4 were so different.

So just to all of you mothers out there - I'm not suggesting that you do it this way, nor am I suggesting that it's safe or better, but if you do want to try getting off of opiates by weaning, it can be done. I'm living proof.

jennifer 6 years ago

I am 36 weeks preg. I have not told my doctor that I have takin suboxen up to 16mg daily the whole time. I am not sure whether or not to say anything at this point< I also have been involved with social services 2 different occasions, I did not know the baby could have problems what do i do now????

lizzy 6 years ago

I had my now 2year old on subutex.i took 2-4mgs twice a day and tried to quit numbers of times but would become to son was born7lbs and no withdrawal s I breast fed for6weeks at same dose and he never got sick.he was a needy baby and had tummy problem s when i switched him to formula he he now is talking and running the house.from what i have read is sub does not metabulis into breast milk and plecenta filters it out.take as little as u can and prey every day that someone will figure out how to get us all off sub painlessly and fast and mpt cost a bundle

ashla 6 years ago

Hey I wanted to post I have not in a long time My son takes a lot of my time.

I had a great experience with sub and pregnancy, I was terrified and worried because so little is known about this but I have to say I had a child born on methadone and now tristan on subutex, My first had a lot of withdrawal and needed meds Tristan had a bit of withdrawal and no meds just needed a little extra love.

He was only in hospital once xtra day I even breastfed a little.

He is more developmentally developed than my first was Stefan (methadone ) is fine now but needed more attention

My delivery was easy I had an epidural Doc did give me shot of morphine first but of course that didn't touch me

I made sure that doctors known not to give narcan if not completely necessary

I did have some issues with nurses not knowing enough and treated him like methadone baby and the child care worker did call children and youth but she told them i was gonna be a good mom and I did not loose him . I do have a case open with them but they are helpful now I stay clean and have no problems with them.

I did contact the child services when i was five mths pregnant

I decided to come back here I got an email yesterday from a pregnant woman on sub and was glad to show her pics and information

Anyone needs help or just someone to talk to please email me with any questions. Unless you are against sub during pregnancy I want to only help women who need my experience on subutex not arguments from people who are closed minded.

ebm1277 6 years ago

i just want to say thank you so much to everyone for all the info you have given me. i am currently 15 weeks pregnant and on 8 mg of subutex. this site has given me hope and peace of mind. it really saddens me that there isn't more info out on subutex and pregnancy. subutex has been around for 30 yrs!!!!! you all have given me hope that i can have a happpy and health baby and that i shouldn't feel guilty for taking the subutex. this wasn't by far a planned pregnancy, i was on the depo shot for 6 months prior. don't know what happen with it, but now i am pregnant. i have spent hours, days,weeks researching subutex and this site is the only one that truly speaks the truth!!! thank you again!!!! i do have some other web sites that are worth taking a look at. if you want them please e-mail me @ and i will respond.

gigalicious 6 years ago

im 34 wks and i have about 2mg of suboxen a day without my doctors knowledge...i pray she is fine...she is growing nolrmal actually bigger by a cpl wks..i'd never forgive myself if somthn happened to her..thank u all for ur stories

steph 6 years ago

I have been on sub. since Feb., and I am now two months pregnant. I haven't been to an ob/gyn yet because I'm afraid. I haven't told my sub dr. either. When I had my son (2006) I was put on methadone at 6 mos. pregnant. When I went into labor, they gave me stadol, which was a big mistake. They even knew I was on methadone. It caused my son and I to suffer horribly through the delivery. Imagine being thrown into acute narcotic withdrawal while delivering a baby. I'd never had a baby before, and at the time didn't know they shouldn't have given me the Stadol-that there would be an interaction. Anyway, the nurses were so rude. They called me a crybaby and told me to be quiet because I was overreacting. It was awful. I guess they didn't know what had been done to me. I doubt if the hospital had've known, they would've admitted it.

All of this is why I'm putting off going to the dr. But ladies, learn from my experience. Never and I repeat never, allow an ER or OB/GYN (during delivery)give you a dose of Stadol or Nubain. I'm not sure of the technicalities but these types of drugs will displace your methadone or suboxone and throws you into acute narcotic withdrawal. Trust me it is not like the slow onset withdrawal that you get from quitting taking an opiate.

VeryWorriedMummy2Be 6 years ago

Hi All,

I don't really know how to start or why I am hoping this might help! I am 19, 34 weeks pregnant and have been on and off Subutex and Heroin all the way through my pregnancy. I am not on a script and have just been having to share what my partner can save from dissolving under his tounge.

The thing is, nobody except my partner is aware of this fact so I have been unable to seek any advice from anywhere else, the doctors have already told me that they are likely to induce me at 37-38weeks as the amniotic fluid is reducing around the baby. I am just terrified of my family, the hospital and my friends finding out the mess I am in, and even more than that my poor litlle baby boy being ill.

I know that I can go cold turkey and I have been toying with the idea for the last few weeks but I am just too scared of the thought my baby could be stillborn if I do it at this point! If anybody has any advice on the reasons FOR me going cold turkey at this stage in pregnacy please help me! My withdrawal symtoms aren't too bad and I know I can handle them, it usually takes me 3-4days max to get over the worst, and if it gets too much I will just hav 2 take tiny bits of the subby to take off the edge.

I just need help on whether I am risking my babies life doing this?? I know I have been selfish but I want my baby to have the best start possible! and I could only have 3-4weeks until they want to bring him out here!


worriedtoo 6 years ago

to very worried mommy to be, don't go cold turkey now--too dangerous for baby

anonomous 6 years ago


I am a chemical dependency counselor, an addict, and a mommy. Do not quit cold turkey!!! Keep your baby safe and comfortable until he arrives. The doctors can help him if he starts having WD's when he is out, but he can't be helped when he is still inside. More importantly don't stress! Get yourself some support and find a recovery plan that works for you. BTW I had one baby completely clean and one baby on Suboxone, they are both perfect children and perfect pregnancies.

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cj12 6 years ago

Hi...I am 37 weeks pregnant and have been on subutex through my entire pregnancy. only 2mg a day. I have a daughter already who is 6 yrs old and I was on nothing while pregnant with her so I have done nothing but worry this entire pregnancy...and the closer I get to my due date the more afraid I get. This site as eased my mind soooooo much! My son is due on the 25th of this month...October and I am counting down the seconds. I am so excited to finally have him here and not be terrified that he will be in horrible w/d. There were a couple scary stories on here but for the most part everyone seems to be happy with their decision to stay on subutex while they were pregnant. I just want to say thank you!!!! Thank you for all of your posts...i have been so stressed and scared...but because of all of you who shared your experiences, those of us who are still expecting can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Knowing that even if your baby does go through some withdraw that he/she will be ok is so nice to know. I will be sure to get back to you with how my baby does when he is born...only 3 weeks left! God Bless and I will be praying for everyone!

John 6 years ago

My wife has been on subutex for almost 4 years. We just had a child, and our previous child were both born while she was still on the medicine. Niether child seemed to sufer any withdraw. I have heard some horror stories about methadone, and childeren actually having to give them very small doses for there withdraw, for months while they remain in the hospital without mom. This is very sad for both child, and mom, so if you need to be on any thing methodone is not the way to go. I do want to be perfectly clear on one thing, and that is I do not atribute my healthy childeren to this drug. Only by GODS grace, and GODS grace alone! So regaurless of what you must do, pray, and have others pray for you , and more importantly, have them pray with you. God Bless

fedup 6 years ago

I work in a women's and children's unit. Everyone that abuses drugs needs to be on birth control. Birth control is easy to get and you are giving a wonderful gift to all the drug-addicted, unwanted babies and children. Mothers who abuse drugs are setting their children up for life-long learning disabilities and behavior problems. Please follow your doctor's advice during your pregnancy, then get birth control! Go back to school and make a better life for yourself and your children. Your children need all the help and love that you can give them!

babyno2 6 years ago

First off, in response to fedup - you are very ignorant to assume that everyone on subutex is a drug abuser. I am a highly educated person who happened to have problems getting off of Oxycontin. I am not a drug abuser and for you to assume this just goes to show how little you know about subutex and why some people are on it. The fact that you work in a women's and children's unit and have this opinion is why people don't want to always tell the truth. It is people like you that are judging people without even knowing the whole story. I hope that you don't treat your patients badly just because of a drug that they are on without knowing their full story. If so, maybe you should go back to school and consider a new career for yourself.

As for me, I am about 7 weeks pregnant and on subutex. It is the same old story, I was put on Oxycontin, actually while pregnant with my first child, due to severe pain. My first child did have slight withdrawals when he was born, but he did not have to stay in the hospital any longer or anything. I then had problems trying to get off the Oxycontin, and just couldn't do it and continued to have pain. So I elected to do the subutex route. It did help, but now I am pregnant again, and I plan on getting off the subutex before the beginning of my 3rd trimester. I take very little,less than 2 mg a day, so I think it will be very doable to gradually reduce down to nothing over the course of the next 4 months without having any effects on the baby. Of course, I will speak with my OBGYN about it. I know my addict dr. who prescribes the subutex will not agree with me going off so I probably won't mention it to him just yet. I haven't seen my doctor yet since I am still so early but have an appt. in a couple of weeks. I will let you guys know how it goes.

Soontobemomof2 6 years ago

I'm 36 weeks preagant with my 2nd child and have been on suboxone for the whole time and almost a year before, if I knew before I would have started and weened off in a few months bc I have learned that the best thing. But I didn't , and am now am worrieng everyday that get closer to my due date what will happen to my son! My husband and I were addicted to pain pills for years before I stared suboxone, and when we wanted to stop pain pills, could and can only afford for him to go to the doctor, so I take one of his pills daily, they have helped more than I can express and I feel we are on the right path, I have gone down alittle at a time but now fear what will happen when my babys born! Will he go thru ithdraws, will him and our wonderful little girl be taken from me bc I don't have a scpirt! Please, anyone help! What do I do? My family does not know, about the suboxone, and my my ob does but said he can't help bc I don't have a rx for it, he said he will not tell the hospital unless something is wrong bc he doesn't want cps invodle!!! What can I do! Will my baby be sick, will my childern be taken!! HELP, please! Any info will help! If you would like to email, contact me and I will give it to you!

fedupwithfedup 6 years ago

first of all fed up. you are a very unintelligent, ignorant bitch! what are you even doing on this site? just looking for people to put down, or my guess is that someone very close to you is in the same situation and you were curious just like us. im pretty sure that's it. and for heavens sake i pray for the children you take care of being as heartless and judgmental as you are. your old ass would probably let a baby die just to prove everybody wrong and that's scary. do the world a favor and take that advice up there and get a new career before you let your opinions get the best of you and you do something you regret......UGH that felt good. i would not want that witch taking care of my children. anyways i just had a baby oct. 4th on subutex and she is normal, healthy and beautiful. 9Lbs. 10oz. thankyou very much. and as for soontobemomof2 e-mail me at we need to chat.

fedupwithfedup 6 years ago

sorry that was not meant for soontobemommyof2 my e-mail was for apologies.

heartohelp15 6 years ago

I just want to let anyone know who reads this and who is concerned with using subutex while pregnant. I was in a program before i found out that i was pregnant and continued to use it throughout my pregnancy and when my baby boy was born he was perfectly healthy and thankfully didn't go through any withdrawl symptoms. i was using only two milligrams when i had him. hope this makes somebody feel better. they did watch him for an extra day at the hospital but everything was fine.

moreinfo 6 years ago

i had my son on july 30th 2010. i took 12 mgs of subutex throughout my pregnancy and he came out 100% healthy with no withdrawl symptoms. i know that there is not a lot of info out there for pregnant women that are on subutex or suboxone.just wanted to say that my experience was good. my son was 8lb 7oz and never had any problems due to the medication. the dr told me that there was only a 5% chance of withdrawl occurring but my prayers were answered and none did. i am so glad i refused to go on methadone which is so much worse for the baby.

KristyD 6 years ago

I just wanted to add a post to maybe ease some of your minds. I had a baby boy 3 years ago while i was on 12 mg of subutex and he came out alert , happy, no crying, healthy and had no signs of any withdrawls. He came home on time with me and he is now a smart, healthy growing 3 year old preschooler who is exceptionally smart and speaks so well like a 5 year old. Not to brag, just want you to all know it is a great possiblilty that your child will be fine just like my bundle of joy. I am now pregnant with my 2nd baby and hoping for the same blessings. I am only on 1 mg now since i weaned a lot in the past 3 years. Really want to get off this stuff after the babys born. Hope i can=) Good luck to everyone !!

Jc 6 years ago

For all of you who are out there taking suboxone while you are pregnant YOU BETTER BE WARE. I just lost my grandchild to SIDS at only 12 days old. The baby had the tremors and was taken to the doctor at 7 days old and the doctor said no problem. Doctors are not educated on Suboxone at all some do not even know what NAS is. You can all believe what you want but every thing you put in your mouth while pregnant goes into that unborn fetus. You are gambling if you think this can't happen to you. No it doesn't happen to everyone but it can and it is horrible. If you want to have a baby maybe you should consider being chemical free for at least a year why take this gamble. An innocent child dies because of your addiction.

Stephanie 6 years ago

Ladies you must ween yourself down pretty low. This is not to say that 100% of babies will be okay but if you are on 1-2 milligrams of Subutex or less its extremely likely that your child wont suffer through NAS. That way neither you nor your baby will have to suffer.

sasha 6 years ago

do not come off subutex while pregnant it dosent matter how far along you are you can always loose the baby its call still birth and lots of other things i don't care how good your doctor is he is obviously a quack if he would risk you looseing your baby! don't do it 97% of women their babies don't have witdraws the other 3% are very mild cases and can easily be winged off it trust me a baby in your arms sAFE and healthy is better than none at all.

AJ 6 years ago

I read through all of these comments while I was pregnant searching for information about how my baby would be when she was born. I found some of these posts very helpful so I just wanted to share my story about my pregnancy and breastfeeding experience while on subutex.

First of all when I found out I was pregnant, I was taking massive amounts of pain pills. I wanted so badly to stop but I couldn't. When I got pregnant I told my OB about my addiction and that's when my life changed. He got me in with my subutex doctor and I feel so much better now. I had been on 2-4 mg of subutex a day through the pregnancy. This is my 3rd baby and my water broke at 34 weeks (6 weeks early). She was born the next day and had problems breathing so she went to the NICU. All of the dr.'s and nurses knew I was on subutex and monitored my baby VERY closely looking for any little thing that would indicate NAS. They did all kinds of drug tests on her. They sampled her cord blood and meconium and urine for every drug possible. All of the tests came back negative, even for subutex. Everyones body's metabolizes drugs differently and for me, my daughter must not have been exposed to enough to show up. Just to let you know...these meconium tests show even the smallest amounts of ANYTHING you have taken since the 10th week of your pregnancy! So be honest with the Dr. because if they test your baby they WILL find out(this is when CPS gets involved). Well, in the meantime before the tests results were back some of the nurses were super nice and others looked at me like I was the worst mom in the world. I was educated on so much while my daughter was in the NICU. To be honest, I planned on breastfeeding immediately after she was born thinking that it would alleviate any withdraw symptoms she might experience but since she was born 6 weeks early and was not even fed until she was about 5 days old I was so scared that she would show WD signs. She never showed any signs of withdrawal even though some mean nurses would give her high scores on the withdrawal sheet. And, yes there is a sheet that they rate EVERYTHING your baby does and if the score gets to 7 or 8 for a few hours in a row then they will start morphine. I was terrified when one of the nurses mentioned it. We prayed and prayed that this would not happen because once they start the morphine and find a steady dose...your baby will be there for the long haul (like 4-6 weeks depending on the level of WD). We were lucky and God answered our prayers and she did not suffer any. Her only problems had to do with her being premature. She was on an oxygen hood for a few days until she could absorb enough oxygen on her own then when she could do that they started tube feeding her. She did extremely well with her feedings and we started bottle feeding. They would not let me breastfeed because I was still on subutex. (which I disagree with)Well, by day 9 she was ready to go home. The minute I got home with her we started breastfeeding. I will add that the whole time she was in the hospital I pumped every 3 hours and by the time she got home I had more frozen milk than my freezer could :) She is now 2 1/2 months old and is absolutely perfect! She has no problems so far. I breastfeed her every 2-3 hours and the subutex doesn't effect her because it is absorbed under the tounge and my milk rapidly passes her mouth into her throat so she is only exposed to the tiniest amount. Too small to even measure. So...... for all of you moms out there who are on subutex or suboxone and are scared like I was, it WILL be okay. Just take your medicine like you are prescribed and take ONLY what you are prescribed.


The babies that surrounded my daughter in the NICU that were in withdrawal were all in there for methadone use. It is so bad for those babies. They cried all the time and were constantly vomiting and having diarrhea. The nurse told me that most of the babies in there that are in WD are in there for methadone. She said they have very few babies from subutex WD and when it is from subutex it is a higher dose and they also find out (from the drug tests) that the mother has been on other drugs as well. Please if you are on methadone asked to be switched to subutex or suboxone. In the long run you will be so glad you did. Believe me, you do not want your baby to suffer like those babies I saw!!! Im telling you "IT WAS A NIGHTMARE!!" If you are on methadone and they have to start your baby on morphine then expect your baby to be there for many weeks. My little girl went home before all of the methadone babies around her (and she was 6 weeks early!). There were 5 and 6 week old babies still there that were being weaned down.

I really, really hope this helps some of you out there. Let me know if you have any other questions, I would be happy to help in any way I can!! :)

c.waters 6 years ago

Okay im 28 weeks ive been taking suboxone for the first four months but the thing is i haven't told my doctor about my addicts anyways i have been taking lortabs anyways i don't want to quick COLD TURKEY OH LORD KNOWS I TRIED AN WOW . but someone help me on what to do?

Mommy 6 years ago

Thank you so much it is so hard when u r trying to stay clean. I am in my 14th week n also on suboxne n my obgyn is switching me to subtext! Do not let people judge u. Pray to god and hope for the best. We all know it beats taking real drugs. I love all the moms that care enough to stop n switch to sub. I was told "DO NOT PLAY DOCTOR AND LOWER YOUR DOSE N IF U DON'T HAVE AN OBGYN THAT KNOWS ABOUT THESE DRUGS FIND ONE THAT DOES ". God bless n my best wishes to all of you!!

Not Happy 6 years ago

Thanks to the granny that lost her grand kid due to SIDS, my girlfriend has now decided to have an abortion instead of risking the baby still dying. So, thanks for helping her make the decision of killing my baby.. It seems you and your grand daughter have a habit of assisted child murder. Please abort yourself as you are a waste of skin.

Sue 6 years ago

My husband has been taking suboxone for 5 years. Now I want to get pregnant. Could somebody tell me what can happen with my unborn child if i get pregnant?

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sl1975 6 years ago

I just found out that I am approximately 19wks pregnant. I was shocked to find this out due to having taken a pregnancy test and gotten a negative back in October. I stopped abusing oxys/roxys/opanas etc on Oct 10th, went through nasty withdrawals for 24hrs and then went to the doctor to get on Suboxone on Oct 11th. I was prescribed 24mg of Suboxone/day, but weened myself down to 12mg/day over the last couple months. When I found out I was pregnant last week, I called my sub doc and got switched to Subutex, so now I am taking 12mg of Subutex/day and have just started weening myself down approximately 1mg every 2-3 days (by using a pill cutter and cutting it in little pieces) so that I can be on either a small dose or off it before my 3rd trimester when it is more dangerous to try going down or off. Being as though I went through full blown opiate withdrawals back at the beginning of my pregnancy and weened myself down to 12mg/day from 24mg/day before I even knew I was pregnant, I think what I am doing is safe. I am terrified of telling the doctor I am on this medication due to the stigma related to the drug and past drug abuse. I do not want CPS involved in my life and feel this is the best plan in the small town in which I will give birth. I, for one, feel it is rediculous that I have to fear telling a doctor I am on this medication. I have my masters degree, work two jobs and this is my first child.. it should be a happy time, but due to uneducated medical professionals, I have to keep this secret and possibly put my baby at risk! Good luck to all of you and thank you for posting here! I will post again once I deliver in June 2010... :)

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Minx1982 6 years ago

I have been reading everyone's stories about there experiences on Suboxone/Subutex during pregnancy and I would like to share mine. I am 37 weeks pregnant with my fourth child, going in for a C-Section on Feb.15, 2011. I have been on Suboxone for almost two years, and I switched to Subutex during this pregnancy. I started my pregnancy on 24mg per day and my doctor talked me into weening down to 16mg. Needless to say, bad idea. It is much harder to succesfully reduce your dose when you are pregnant because your body is going through too many changes. He raised my dose back up to 20mg recently, and that has helped a bit, but Im still experiencing "flu" symptoms--like mild withdrawl. I know people want to be on the lowest dose possible for the health of their baby, but it is also important that the drug works for you, because staying clean and healthy is the BEST thing you can do for baby. We mom's need to support one another in this, because very few people on the outside understand what it is like, this double edge sword. Also, I was advised by my doc not to breastfeed, but after talking with a lactation consultant, I found out that it is safe, so I am going to go for it. As far as withdrawl symptoms for the baby, I think nursing is probably the best way to reduce them, if that occurs. They say it's a 50/50 chance. I plan on posting again to let everyone know how things go with my new baby, and how he responds post-pardom. Best of luck to all of you and god bless! Your not alone in this, and your doing the best you can!

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BEYOUTEFUL 6 years ago

OK so i found out that i was pregnant about a month ago. actually let me take you back a few years ago.....i was with someone i've known and loved since i was 13 and now i was 24 i got pregnant with my 3rd son skylar! i didn't know i was pregnant because for some reason as a heroine addict i stopped having my periods i forget even how i found out i was pregnant so i did what was medically recommended i went to sweedish medical hospital in seattle they specialize in pregnant woman and methadone so which was a place my ob told me to go so i ended up on 40 mgs of methadone liquid daily. mean while my ex husband kind of took my daughter away but then i realized how much happier she was when she was with my oldest son again so i just let her stay and continued to do what i needed to do to keep skylar safe.... poor little duder was born 7 pounds 11 ounces around 630 am. i kept my hopes up that i was on a low enough dose that he wouldn't suffer when he was born i don't wishh that on any baby he was ok for the first day second day god he would not stop crying he wouldn't open his eyes becaseu he was so light sensitive and if i touched his back he cringed...they kept him for observation...andyea he was there for a month before i could bring him home. i got kicked out of the clinic cause i didn't show up one day i mean i took a ciity bus 2 hours away everyday to dose and then 2 hours back. i was so tired from opting to stay there with him he was so fussy and irritable right before he would get more morphine. cps got involved i went to treatment and relapsed 3 months later, and daddy was an alcoholic and on probation. there was a point i honestly just gave up i thought he would be better off. cps took him away and i haven't seen him since. that was in washington state. i moved to tucson a year and a half ago to get clean. i did really good up until 2 months ago when i relapsed and started using only half g of h a day prob damn near everyday for the last two months. i found out i was 16 weeks pregnant 2 weeks ago and im like oh my god please not again. so i just started suboxone 4 days ago. doc. prescribed 21 mgs. suboxone a day...but i dont think i need that much i mean i have only been eating 8mgs a day so far and it hasnt been bad at all. i'm going to call my doctor tomorrow and ask to switch to subutex but see my doctor said everyone was different he prescribed me that much in case i needed it he said pretty much i can make my own plan as far as my treatment with how much i dose at daily as long as my body feels ok, he said if im not in withdrawls then the baby shouldnt be either so... im praying i can go from 8 to nothing in the next 15 weeks it sounds like everyonewho has posted on here has delivered at least a month early now im starting to think maybe thats whats going to happen to me. meanwhile i am on pins and needles the only reason i am going through all thiss is for my baby i didnt get an abortion 1)i dont really believe in t but thats my personal choice everyone has their own opinion. 2)i kept my baby because i want to actuLLY raise one of my kids ive been so depreessed since they took my son away shorty after his first birthday. iam so scared that they will take this one away too! :( does anyone know or think that they will? i think each child is a different case so anyone with informatin on this im too scared to tell any one that i am dealling with down here for the baby that i was involved with cps and they took my last son away so any info ladies would be nice, ihate living in fear so mom that posted before me i totally am understand. i dont think im gooing to tell my ob either....... and just hope i will not be on anything when the baby is born

An 6 years ago

Is anyone in New Hampshire and had a baby while on suboxone? Do they call cps for this in New Hampshire?

jami 6 years ago

just got my baby home from almost 3 weeks in nicu due to NAS. subutex will cause your infant to suffer withdraw regardless of what your physician tells you. i wish i could go back and erase all the needless suffering i caused her.

SCARED4BABY 6 years ago


Lainie 5 years ago

Hello, I'm very worried and hope someone can help me, I have read many posts but still don't seem to find an answer anywhere... I am 10 weeks pregnant and was switched from suboxone to subutex last week, it has been much more helpful then the suboxone was for me (couldn't stand the taste) and cannot get the film thru my insurance... but when I was using, my drug of choice was oxycontin, and I always sniffed them, I have tried sniffing the subutex and I love it, I take half of my dose under my tongue and sniff the other half throughout the day... I want to know if sniffing them is any different then orally taking them, either way they are being absorbed into ur body, just one way seems quicker... I don't know how to find out the answers I need, and I'm afraid to ask the doctors because since I was smoking pot at the beginning of my pregnancy they are already concerned and have threatened me with dss, so I quit EVERYTHING I'm only on my scripts, but does it make a difference? Will it harm my baby? Please, if anyone can help me please email me right away, I'm very stressed over this but just can't really stop, if I know it can harm the baby I will stop like I stopped everything else, but I see it as it is getting into ur system either way .. if anyone can help PLEASE, respond.. thank u

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deenatarr 5 years ago

hi i am 32 and am 12 weeks preg found out at 8 and ahalf weeks had a tubal but it didnt hold .anyway i was takeing 24 mg of suboxone a day and my docter switched me to the subutex which is safer . my concern is the health of my baby. i cut myself down to 1 mg a day to like 4, trying to get off completly but i noticed when i take the one mg a day that im just sick all day long im tired cant get nothing done like everyday things that should be easy, when i take like 2 or 3 mg a day i feel alot better.i want to be off before the baby comes all my docs know had a bad first vist at the baby docs and i let them know about it.. alot of you guys are right they dont have alot of knowledge on this med.. which is awful. my biggest fear is not comming home with my baby..please if anyone has any for sure knowledge, or exp. feel free to email me at any advice would be greatly app... hope everyone in here the best for you and your babies....

Kim 5 years ago

I had a beautiful baby girl on mon march 28th and i took subutex from the 5th month on i didnt find out i was pregnant untill i was 4 months pregnant..i was addicted to herion ....subutex does cause withdraw to your baby i know because my little girl is in the nicu because of the poor choices i made..she is suffering from withdraw from the subutex..yes it was alot safer than the drug i was using but it still breaks my heart to see her go through not a doctor and i dont know much more about subutex than you guys...but i listened to the doctors and this is where it got me...the only thing i can do is pray that my baby is ok

Annie 5 years ago

I feel for all of the women posting here who are on Subutex and pregnant. I am not a doctor but I can share what has been told to me by professionals in the field of addiction. I am now 36 weeks pregnant, due on April 30th and expecting a baby boy. I take 12 mgs of Subutex every day, 4 mgs every 8 hours. For all of you ladies who are thinking of weaning yourself off anything you are taking cold turkey PLEASE DON'T. The withdrawl you go through can cause a miscarriage. Subutex is easier on infants than methadone because less of it crosses the placental barrier but even taking methadone is better than abusing any kind of opiates while you are pregnant. Both my OB and my midwife know that I am on Subutex and assure me that my baby is very healthy and right on track. If anything he is even a little big for his gestational age. While babies born on Subutex can go through withdrawl not all of them do and it is far less severe than the withdrawl from Methadone or painkillers. I also urge pregnant women to be honest with their doctors about what they are taking, it is always better in the long run and can help to avoid any complications. I will have to deal with DSS when my son is born but because I have remained clean throughout my entire pregnancy and have been following the program guidelines at the office where I get my prescription they should not be involved in my life for long. I have a very supportive counselor who is helping me with this. Honesty is always the best policy even though for us addicts it can be very scary. When your baby is born the hospital will do a mandatory drug screen anyway. they do not need your consent for this, so if you are using anything they will find out anyways, it is much better to tell them ahead of time instead of looking like you were trying to hide your drug use. At times like this you have to put your baby first and not yourself even if it means coming to terms with your addiction. In addition when you do go into labor the doctors will need to know you are on Subutex because you will have a tolerance for opiates and may need more meds. Your baby may need meds to help him or her through withdrawl and it is much better for your doctors to know this ahead of time. Above all do not be ashamed to tell your doctor or midwife that you are taking Subutex or Methadone, you are doing the right thing for your baby by quitting drugs and making sure that he or she has the healthiest start to life. Good luck and God Bless.

Sarah 5 years ago


Please do not wean yourself while you are pregnant. Its also not a good idea to go through any major changes in your meds following the birth of your child. You will need to feel your best while taking care of your new infant. I struggled with the same questions two years ago. We know that when you wean , you withdraw, your baby withdraws resulting in either miscarriage or preterm labor. It is much healthier to have a baby born full term than premature. What we do not really know is what happens (if the baby survives) when the mother makes changes, even small changes in her opiate intake. What may feel like mild withdraw to an adult may be severe to a baby, what effects us mildly , effects them much more. Yes, its uncomfortable and unnatural to think about the fact we caused our newborn baby to suffer withdraw. We have to face our guilt and do the best we can with the situation we have at hand. That can be overwhelming, its a lot.

A NICU dr told me to consider this; many babies in the NICU were there for several months following surgery or surgeries. Some of them were on pain meds for months and became physically addicted to the meds. Those babies would have to experience weaning and withdraw. They have normal healthy lives. That Dr suggested a great book "The happiest baby on the block" this book gives tips on colic however the symptoms of withdraw are a lot like colic. Its a quick easy read with real tips that helped me. Good luck

Sarah 5 years ago

If the only advice I give is this, read "The Happiest Baby on The Block" Its a great book for moms caring for babies weaning and withdrawing

A quick easy read. The book gives tips on caring for babies with colic. Withdraw symptoms mimic colic. This book gave me real ideas that worked.

When our son was in the NICU I didnt get a whole of advice or tips on what to do but this book was recommended and I don't know what I would have done without it.

Melanie 5 years ago

I came across these postings when trying to find any new information on studies being done on pregnancy and suboxone.

I felt like I had to post my own personal experience for some of you seeking any sort of support. I was in your shoes almost 3 yrs ago and could never find anything about the medicine. I would have done anything to just talk to someone else going through what I was going through. My situation luckily ended up okay.

I suffered severe neck pain when 2 of my discs herniated and I was given oxycodone to help me even function.If I would have only known the impact those stupid pills would have on my life I would have gladly taken back the neck pain even as unbearable as it was. Long story short I became very addicted to them and that is where the suboxone comes in. I started taking the suboxone to get off of the oxycodone and about a year later ended up pregnant with my first child. Suboxone was fairly new at the time and I was told that I shouldn't get pregnant while taking it. Well that wasn't the plan, but it happened. I called the doctor that had been prescribing me the suboxone and told him that I wanted off of them immediately. I had just recently weaned myself down from 16mg to 12mg when I found out I was pregnant. The doctor said he understood but that the stress it would put on the baby if I were to withdrawal could easily cause a miscarriage. Basically it was better for my babies health to stay on the medicine than have it go through any kind of withdrawal. He said one of the reasons being was that with the baby inside of me its obviously harder to monitor and treat if this happened. His advice was to slowly try cutting back but that if I felt any more than just very minor withdrawals to continue taking the dose I was at. I started cutting back about 1-2mg a week. There were times I felt fine doing this and there were times I ended up having to stay at that dose for awhile.

Like most of you I was humiliated to have to tell my OB and to be honest. Which pretty much boiled down to the fact that I was putting my pride before my own baby. If you too are putting off telling them the same goes for you. Even if your looking at legal action or whatever you are still putting yourself before that baby. Its not a matter of an opinion, it's a fact. No matter which way you put it, that babies health deserves to be monitored by a doctor who knows a 100% accurate history. I was worried about them not giving me any pain medicine after the baby was born and thought that if I said anything they would treat me like an addict and I would just have to deal with it. However after battling myself for a good month I realized that I was being selfish in not saying anything and wanted to make sure they would be prepared if something were to go wrong now or during delivery. They only look for certain abnormalities if your history gives them a reason to and this way I way I would know they were aware of my babies circumstances. When I did tell my OB she had me see a doctor who specializes in the area of pregnancies and narcotic use.

When I met with him it was just in the ultrasound room and he just asked questions while doing the ultrasound. He also explained to me the risks and told me things he was looking for in the ultrasound. I was so uncomfortable in all of this because of the stigma that comes with drug use and felt like everyone thought I was a horrible person and mother. At least I didn't have to wonder if something was going to be missed and could have a little bit of comfort knowing they were monitoring him.

I quit caring what anybody thought of me and tried to focus on the fact that it didn't matter what they thought and that I was trying my hardest to do everything possible to make sure my baby got a fair a chance as possible at leading a normal life.

It feels horrible to think about your child suffering in any sort of way and possibly for the rest of its life because of the bad decisions you made, but there isn't any going back so you can only do anything and everything it takes from this point on to increase any chance your baby has on being healthier.

Throughout my pregnancy I was able to slowly wean myself down to about 3/4 mg. with no other withdrawal symptoms other than being extremely tired but that is also normal in a pregnancy.

I was very lucky to have a healthy baby boy with no health problems but to this day I still worry about if it may still effect his life in any way. I am constantly wondering if anything with him would be different had I not ever been on the medicine. Such as temperament, stomach issues, etc. Basically I will always feel guilty for the choices that led me to a pregnancy on suboxone.

After he was born they never said anything about him having symptoms of withdrawal but there were certain times I would wonder. I myself do not remember having any withdrawal symptoms. I'm sure I did and may have noticed more had it not been for the pure exhaustion a newborn brings anyway.

If any of you who have questions or just need the support of someone who knows what your dealing with. Feel free to email me anytime I would be glad to help you in any way if I can. Email me at

Newborn nurse 5 years ago

I am a registered nurse in a newborn Nursery. I can tell you 100% that most of the information on this site is Garbage. I am in NO way judgemental of an addict. Most go to the clinics because they are led to believe that this is better for their babies. They soon are in shock and dismay to see how HORRIBLY their babies withdrawal. They simply don't understand how this could happen because that was the whole point of going to the clinic. I tell you beyond a doubt that ur baby WILL withdrawal from subutex and you can expect it to stay in the hospital for around a month. Not telling the doctors or nurses about the subutex is the worst thing you can do. Babies withdrawal so terribly from subutex that we can actually look at them and have good reason to suspect that is what they are withdrawing from. Please tell your OB as early in pregnancy as possible if you have any addiction and tell them you want help. They can help you find the right kind of help for you and your baby.

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Artist-For-Hire 5 years ago from Western Australia

Bang on the buck, Newborn Nurse...

2 x Subutex (8mg x 9mths and 12mg x 9mths)... both of whom required 0.4mg morphine x 4daily to detox over a month (most of which they did at home). They've started school and look/behave exactly like every other child.

I also know 1 x Methadone(maybe 15mg??)...also required...geez...was it "phenabarbatone", Newborn nurse?...they dont use it anymore anyway, it's not relevent.

Point is, EVERY baby will endure withdrawal and if you're too selfish to tell your doc then you are living up to the stereotype and yes, you are a horrible mother to let your baby suffer in "silence"...suck it up, trust your instinct and look after this precious child the way he/she deserves.

And good luck xxxx

SubutexBaby 5 years ago

I came on here to try to get some more informtion on breastfeeding while taking subutex, and I feel like I have to say a few things after reading the two posts before mine. Saying that your baby will have withdrawals after being born on subutex is BS. I was taking 12 mg's a day before I found out i was pregnant with my first. I got myself down to 4 mg's a day when i had my daughter. She was born perfectly normal with NO withdrawals whatsoever!! Saying that your babies with 'horribly withdrawal' is crap. Don't let these posts make you so afraid that you stop taking something that is so helpful to so many.

The clinic I go to for my subutex is the doctor at my daughters pediatrician's office so he knows how subutex works with newborns. I know everyone is different, but from personal experience trust me when i say taking subutex is better than not.

I have also been breastfeeding my daughter for a month now and still taking the subutex. She is a perfectly happy and healthy baby. In fact she is better than most of my friends children in that she sleeps better, eats better, and is less fussy

Good luck to all of you out there!!!

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Artist-For-Hire 5 years ago from Western Australia

You are absolutely right....not all of them do withdrawal. That's why subutex is preffered over methadone these days.

All right everyone these are the stat's =

Opiate babies (up to)94% suffer NAS - not all will require treatment. (methadone is still an opiate)

In Subutex babies 64% from memory suffer NAS

That's 36% of babies who suffer NO WITHDRAWAL AT ALL - it's brilliant.

Of those that do show signs of NAS about half will score high enough to require medication and hospitalization. Those one's do suffer terribly. (I have hubs on NAS and med's during pregnancy if you want to cross reference)

NEVER EVER EVER stop taking your methadone subutex or suboxone with a very LONG discussion with YOUR doctor.


SubutexBaby - didn't mean to offend..I too know several subutex babies who have made it safely into the world without any problem and I am so happy to hear of another success story - yours. We have done a few B/M studies in Australia and they are yet to find evidence to stop feeding her...warning may find your milk starts to dwindle after the initial first weeks (lab teats in rats!) in which case, go to your Dr and discuss med's like MOTILLIUM (example only - get the one that's right for you) which will increase your milk production - you may NOT need to, don't go all paranoid about your milk or you'll bring it on yourself.

Best of luck, congratulations, she'll be the light of your life, she'll be at school before you know and it nobody will EVER guess...enjoy every precious minute


Babycamethrufine 5 years ago

I just had to respond to the previous posts for a couple of reasons. I started my pregnancy at 18mgs of suboxone..took it for 4 months before I could get switched to subutex. But dropped down SLOWLY all the way...I got down to 4 mgs of Subutex and delivered a healthy baby boy. They watched him like a hawk swearing that every little sneeze might be withdrawl but turned out, he had reflux!! Still does to this day (6 months old). My Angel had NO withdrawls and the dr's were very happy in the end.

Now, the hospital tried very hard to get me to breastfeed. I didnt want to put it back in his system and possibly cause withdrawls so I refused. When I got back to my sub dr..They said absolutely no breastfeeding cause another one of their patients did and lost their baby at 2 months old. Now I am having a hard time believing it but according to them, the lady had an autopsy and they were suppose to have told her that it was the subutex. Like I said already, Take that with a grain of salt because I've done research on it and can't find anything else but I also can't see my dr telling me this if it wasnt true or at least, what they had been told. So my advice to everyone is just be cautious and get down to the lowest possible dose before delivery but do it VERY slowly..breaking them to pieces if you need to. Just do not allow yourself to go into withdrawl during pregnancy.

Just my opinion.

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Artist-For-Hire 5 years ago from Western Australia

Right, I've been following this hub quite carefully since joining the hubpages family and I would like to get in touch with some of it's visitors.

This post above mine is very inspiring and just what I'm looking for.

Would those who wish to be part of a support network for mothers by mothers please get in touch with me at

I would also like the (part time) support of any neonatal nurse or Paed's who would be happy to answer the odd email.

I have opened a free email account (that one from gmail) so I can answer queries and suggest that any professional who wishes to join me do the same.

This is a very sensitive topic with serious implications and I feel it's Vital that mother's get the most accurate and current facts as well as having the sympathetic help from a support network that has lived it or works with it. Go on...get in touch now before you forget =)

alisha 5 years ago

First of all id like to say it seems to me like most if the negative comments here are made by people who have not gone through what us mothers who have . Nurses and grandmothers really shouldn't sat anything until u understand the pain we suffer tryin to have a healthy baby and make these important decisions. I took my prescribed amount of subutext my entire pregnancy and like everyone else here feared for my baby. She is 5 days old now and perfect except a little fussy but nothin a mothers cuddle can't cure. Please don't let anyone make u feel like a bad person unless u are using illegal drugs.

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worried4ella 5 years ago

Hello everyone.I am 39 weeks pregnant and on subutex and have been for 2 1/2 years.getting pregnant was definitely not planned.I was on 8-10 mgs in the beginning of my pregnancy.both my ob and Dr knew Dr wanted me to start weaning off at 36 weeks no earlier...I am now on 4 mg a day.and reeeaaallly scared since I am due in 9 days.I wanted to be off by family partner and friends all do NOT know that I am on subutex.they would hate me if she withdrew.I would hate fact I already do.I'm so depressed and scared.I have been clean offof norcos for this whole time.and I just got ho oked cuz I have a horrible back.I do not drink either.I just hate this.I can't stop crying.I'm trying to wean down to nothing and it is so hard because of how scared and anxious I get.and I also cannot sleep at all.I would never want to hurt my Lil girl.EVER....I could really use some support/advice...etc.please help!!my email add is for everyones posts.they are all helpful.and I will pray for all of u women who I know feel like me.scared and hopeless.god bless all your beautiful babies and congratulations.

Sleepless 5 years ago

Hi Worried- I definitely feel your pain!!! I am almost 35 weeks pregnant now and have not been able to get off of subutex either, and I also thought for sure that I'd be done with it by now! My boyfriend and family members do NOT know that I am still on it, as they all made me feel so bad that I finally just told them all what they wanted to hear and said I was able to get off of it months ago (assuming I could eventually get off it in time anyway). If my baby has to withdraw, they will all hate me, and trust me, I have also been losing sleep over this. I'm too scared to stay on the drug, but even more afraid to let myself withdraw this close to the end- I've heard of babies having strokes and/or this causing pre-term labor. To make matters worse, my Subutex prescription is now a year old (I just can't afford an outpatient detox clinic)- so I am deathly afraid that my baby will be taken away after she is born. I don't drink or do any other drugs, but I just don't know if a year-old prescription is going to fly. If anyone has any insight or knowledge on this, I would love to hear it.

Jenny 5 years ago

We will be okay... I'm 34 weeks today and i have been on Suboxone since day 1. Although i have some fears relating to my daughter going through withdraws, i have a greater fear if i stop taking this medication that i wont be able to stay sober after working so hard to get clean. The only reason i have any peace at all is because i have been honest with everyone... My doctors my family and especially my husband. Sure they don't like that i am on meds, but it's better then where i was. Plus i have given all my worry and fears to the God of my understanding, Jesus, who saved my life a few years back. I know all this sounds weird but i just wanted to give you hope that although people sometimes don't accept us for who we are or who we have been, God always does and He will shine the light on the path we are to walk on. I encourage you to go to your doctors and to your family members, be honest so you can have some support... You need it now more then ever! Good luck to all of us and may God protect our little ones!

Sleepless 5 years ago

Thank you, Jenny! Since my post, I have made the tough decision to get back into an outpatient detox program. I am so happy I did! The doctor has been SO very understanding and helpful. My initial fear was that the clinic would have to report me to DCF (Dept of Children & Families)- especially since I am so close to the end of my pregnancy. I decided to put that fear aside and just do what I thought was best for my baby, regardless of what the outcome would be for me. My next step is to tell my parents and fiance. Both my mother and fiance were addicts, so I hope they will be more understanding than angry. I am on a very low dose of subutex and pray that it will be low enough that my baby won't have to go through withdrawals or stay in the NICU for an extended period of time. If there is one bit of advice I can give to anyone out there, be HONEST with yourself and your loved ones. And always do what is best for your baby, regardless of how bad you think it will make you look or who it upsets. What may seem too awful NOT to hide simply cannot be hidden forever and will only be worse when it finally does come out. You are who you are, and you deserve to become a parent and be happy with your new baby. There will be plenty of people who don't understand addiction and will never know how painful it is to have your addiction threaten your right to one of life's greatest gifts. What matters is that you are willing to do the right thing and get the help you need so that you can be the wonderful mommy you are meant to be.

jessica 5 years ago

I am 28 weeks pregnant and been on subutex since 2 months. I am on 8 mg a day what is the easiet way to wing down to the least possible dose. I am due Oct 1 and would like to be off all the way is that possible or will i still have to take a little bit? and what the best way to deal with pain during labor..? Epidural?Please help!!!

Soon2BeMommy 5 years ago

Jessica~ My doctor told me that if you can't ween off subutex by 20 weeks, then you need to just stay on it until you have the baby. After 20 weeks, it is just too risky- withdrawal can cause the baby to have a stroke. I was told this at 11 weeks and thought 9 more weeks was PLENTY enough time to ween off, but unfortunately I just couldn't do it no matter how small of a dose I have been able to get down to. I really don't want my baby to have to withdraw when she's born. It was my understanding tho if you are past the 20-week mark, that you could still come off the subutex if and ONLY IF you can do it without feeling bad withdrawal symptoms. Your baby does feel withdrawal in the womb. If you find a way, please do share b/c I sure haven't figured it out! I would also like to know how small of a subutex dose should you get down to in order to increase your baby's chances of falling in the 50% that do NOT experience withdrawal at birth.

This is my first baby and I plan to give the epidural a try (that offers the best relief from what everyone tells me). I had a friend opt for good ole pain meds (I think it was Lidocaine that they gave her) and she said all it did was make her feel extremely drunk and did absolutely NOTHING for the pain. I've also heard others tell me you don't need anything- but then again their baby was only 5 lbs. I guess everyone is different...I know myself and I have no tolerance for pain. Good luck to you and congrats!

Lauren 5 years ago

I got on subutex when I was 18 weeks pregnant. I delivered at 35 weeks but I don't think it was related. He was my 5th baby and I had a history of preterm deliveries. He suffered no withdrawal but because of the extreme ignorance of the nurses at the hospital I was prohibited from breastfeeding him (I would've anyway but he hadn't developed his sucking reflex yet so I needed a pump which they wouldn't allow me to have) which broke my heart because I breastfed all my children. I was treated like a criminal, very rude and disrespectfully. CPS had to interview me, my older children, and inspect my home before my baby was released to me. It was so degrading especially because I am a nurse and work for the same company I delivered at! Prior to his delivery I was assured by my doctors and the neonatologists that CPS would not be involved and that breastfeeding would be encouraged... The good news is my son is now 8 months old and healthy. The bad news is I still get discriminated against on a regular basis. I just had surgery 2 days ago and was given NO pain relief afterwards even though monthly urine drug screens show I have been clean for over a year (not to mention I was never abusing to begin with- I was highly tolerant and dependent, there's a difference and I am NOT judging those who are addicted/abusing). I thought I was doing the right thing for my baby, myself, and my other children by recognizing my problem and getting help and instead I have been marked for life and am being tortured because now no one will treat my pain issues. It makes it very hard to not go back to obtaining my medication through other means when no doctor will help me.

To the pregnant ladies- you are doing great! Do NOT wean down or quit. Withdrawal is VERY dangerous for your babies! No matter how harsh the ridicule, you are doing the right thing, stay strong!!!

If anyone has any questions, would like to share their story, vent, or has advice for me please feel free to email me

Lauren 5 years ago

It concerns me very much so that people who are not medical profesionals are attempting to give others medical advice on here. "Babycamethrufine" or whatever your name is, advising pregnant women to wean down is dangerous! Even if a woman does not feel withdrawal does not mean that it has no effect on her baby. Withdrawal raises blood pressure which causes vasoconstriction which clamps off blood to the placenta which can cause anything from growth retardation, to fetal distress, to fetal demise. And there are no symptoms of high blood pressure (or I should say rarely are there symptoms and when there are they are vague.) Ladies, please listen to your DOCTORS, not someone from the internet however great their intentions may be. And as far as subutex causing death in a neonate from being breastfed?! That is absurd! Its not even logical! Have you even wondered why you have to take it sublingually? Its because its not absorbed in your stomach. Its absorbed in your mucuos membrane (i.e. your mouth.) So although when you take your subutex it passes into your blood stream and into your breastmilk, that milk goes into your baby's stomach and isn't even absorbed except maybe in minute amounts which if anything lessens the baby's withdrawal THEORETICALLY but really not in a great enough amount to cause any effect. HOWEVER studies have shown that neonate who do suffer withdrawal symptoms who are breastfed leave the hospital on average 8 days sooner than those who are not. The evidence in favor of breastfeeding is overwhelming! IF a baby did indeed die from subutex it wasn't from subutex ingested through breastmilk. Someone must have put the sub in the baby's mouth for whatever reason and of course would never admit to it.

Lauren 5 years ago

Newborn nurse is full of "it." about the only thing she said that was accurate was not to hide your use from your OB because your baby does need to be monitored for withdrawal. However, these nursery nurses need to get off their high horses and stop being so naive. I have known many babies, mine included, born on subutex and NONE have required medication postnataly, infact all were discharged home with mom. Oh, except for my son. He had to wait an extra day until CPS cleared him because the smartass nurses felt that even though my tox screen was negative, even though every single one of the dozen or so tox screens I had taken during my pregnancy were negative, and my baby's mec screen was negative, it was still necesary to involve CPS. I asked my pain management doctor how many patients he has had deliver on sub whose babies have gone through withdrawal and the number was a big fat ZERO. Now methadone is an entirely different story... Don't get me wrong here, I'm never excusing it, but maybe if the moms were treated with a little bit of dignity and respect and actually treated like the MOM instead of the enemy when they try to seek help, they would be more open. I find it so ironic that these naive nurses (and doctors) only drug test (and test the meconium of the babies) the moms who admit to using drugs (or are in drug treatment. Ya'll are so BLIND if you think you can spot an addict. Oh wait, you also test those who haven't recieved prenatal care. Let me tell you, there are hundreds every day who slip through your cracks because drug addicts don't always look like drug addicts. Opiate addicts look like everybody else so long as they have their drugs. And so long as their babies don't withdrawal (which they won't if moms still using and baby is nursing) you will never know. Yet the moms who are honest, seeking help, trying to do the right thing, those are the ones you go after and treat like shit. Your system is so backwards. I'm done, I'm re-living my nightmare all over again

Kate 5 years ago

I am currently 32 wks pregnant & I am on 8mg of subutex per day, my addiction specialist & OB are working together to give my unborn child & I good prenatal care. We have just begun going for weekly growth scans to make sure she is growing properly. I am worried about the hospital staff calling CPS on me because I am on subutex. *My OB & addiction specialist have worked with other pregnant subutex patients before & are very knowledgeable & understanding so I know it wont be my doctors calling CPS on me. I am also super worried about rude ignorant nurses being nasty towards me when I deliver. I am planning to move down to 4mg a day next month & 2mg a day in Sept which is when im due.. I know I will not get sick from weaning down & plan to do this slowly over the course of the next two months. If you have had a baby on subutex please please give me some advice or share your story with me.

I am not a bad person, I got clean from using drugs several months before accidently becoming pregnant while on birth control. When I found out I was pregnant I begged my doctor to let me wean off the drugs, he refused saying the baby could die.


*Will the hospital call CPS on me once I have my baby because I am on subutex? (even tho my OB knows)

*if Im on 2mg/day when I deliver do you think my baby is less likely to get sick than if I was on 8mg a day?

* How long did your child have to stay in the NICU before being discharged?

Please share your story with me. Thank you so much.

scaredshitless 5 years ago

im 4 and a half months pregnant and been on subutex for a little over a year and im scared to tell my doctor cause the ones where i live really look down on people like me so i really dont no what to do i want to stop cause i really dont want to put my newborn through withdrawal symptoms i was on hard stuff 4 years ago and just stopped cold turkey when i found out i was pregnant with my first child and she is great but unfortunetly i wasnt able to do it this time and now i dont no if its safe to just stop or to slowly cut down but i really want to stop and my husband is a user to and that makes it even harder any advice would be greatly appreciated

kate 5 years ago

Scaredshitless; Im 8mo pregnant & on 8mg of subutex a day. my doctors told me if I just stop the baby may die & if I cut down the baby may die.. Its up to you but your already getting pretty far along, the baby could experience w/d symptoms in utero even if your not sick. If you go thru w/d so does baby. Tell your doctor, who cares if they look down on you, Id rather have a healthy baby than hide it from the doctors & have her taken away from me because I hid it & shes in detox.

jessica 5 years ago

MY Dr who prescribes me subutex and my ob are working together My sub Doc said if im not doing anything illegal then the nurses cant call DCFS and if they do its against HIPPA cause i didnt sign a release for them to give out medical information. He told me if they do call then to sue them for all i can cause it is totally against the law especially if u have a team of drs working together cause if thats the case then they would have to charge the drs for child endangerment casue they prescribed it knowing i was pregnant. Its not like heroin or crack where u get from the streets we pick it up at the pharmacy along with prenatal should thay charge the pharmacist also cause they know im pregnant.

scared shitless  5 years ago

i dont go to a doc to get them i get them from a friend and thats another reason i dont wanna tell my doc i cant get in trouble i have no one to take care of my 2 year old and the friend i was gettin them from kinda took some money and run so now i have no choice but to stop cause i cant afford a doctor and i dont no anyone else that gets them and im really really scared for my baby but im not gonna go get other stuff to keep from being sick cause i no that stuff can be real bad for the baby to so im just stuck in a bad place and dont no what to do

to scared shitless 5 years ago

Seriously tell your doctor!!! Your child could die inside you if you go thru w/d. If you come clean with the doctor now I dont think you will get into trouble bc your seeking help. its just if the baby fails the tox screen after birth then your screwed. your doctor will give you a script for it. Its worse for the baby if you just stop doing it. You can either find an addiction specialist or go to your OB.

Jessica 5 years ago

Not any Dr can prescribe it.....they have to do some kind of training first and then they are only allowed 30 patients the first year but your Dr could help u find somewhere or give u something until u find a doc please do not let your baby withdrawl just imagine how u feel times 10 and thats how the baby will feel!

???? 5 years ago

Does anyone know the answer to Kate's question? Will the hospital call CPS on me once I have my baby because I am on subutex? (even tho my OB knows and I HAVE A LEGAL PRESCRIPTION)

mysoncameoutgreat 5 years ago

Lauren I think your great you said it just the way it needed to be said!! This is a site to get help not to scare people and give WRONG infor!!! My sister found this site and now she is so scared to have her baby from reading SOME of these stories and IM almost 100% sure that the people on here WITH THE HORROR STORIES are NOT being 100% HONEST like Kim well you said your baby w/d from subs but did you ever think it was from the herion you were doing the 4mths you DIDNT KNOW YOU WERE PREGNANT!!!! DONT YOU THINK THAT WOULD HAVE AN EFFECT ON YOUR BABY!!! So please mothers to be, becareful on what you believe on here every state is different on the laws and everyones stories might not be true but i do believe you should be honest it worked for me im from ohio and my son stayed an extra day because he started crying on the 3rd day more than he was the first 2 days so they wanted to watch him another day so he might of had mild w/d but my hospital never said he was in full blown DTs or anything like that but that was that those 2 days he cried and he came home and he has been great ever since very active smart and about to be a year in sept he just cried because they wouldn't let him sleep with me in my bed lol plus to find out he loves sleeping with music but anyway just please tell your doctors I was buying subs off the streets when i found out i was pregnant but i told them i was going to this clinic in indiana which is a methodone/suboxen all welcome clinic over 5000 people go there but I told them i was getting into a doctor and once i got my insurance i did find a doctor WHICH i got turned down from a lot of them they didn't want to treat me because i was pregnant but i found one and im still with him and he told me to stay on the dose i was on and we would work on getting me off when i was ready but not during my pregancy my sister goes to him too but she wont listen to me and she saw my son born she was in the room with me and saw him everyday from the second he was born and came and helped me for 2wks after and saw that my son was ok but she started reading and now she thinks she's going to be that 1 person in a million where something goes wrong BUT I WILL FOR SURE HAVE HER READ LAURENS COMMENT AND AJ good luck to everyone and today its aug 7 2011 and i did have my son on subutex and i can answer some questions about my story but im not a doctor ALSO MY ADVISE TO EVERYONE IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS YOU CAN FIND A NUMBER TO A DOCTOR OR CLINIC OR WHATEVER YOU CAN FIND AND ASK QUESTIONS WITHOUT TELLING THEM WHO YOU ARE I hope this helps someone HOPEFULLY MY SISTER I know it's scary but once it's over you will forget all of it and the only thing that will matter is your baby laying in your arms!!!!!!!!

Kate 5 years ago

Ive found the answer to my question, I spoke to my OB today & she said YES the nurses have to call CPS on you if they have to score your baby for withdrawal symptoms. She explained why it is not a violation of HIPPA. I am being induced Sept 9th so I will let you know how everything goes after I have my baby. & for the record I was on suboxone for several months BEFORE getting pregnant so if my child goes thru w/d which she probably will it will be from the subutex & not from anything else, I have not used any drugs throughout my pregnancy & all of my doctors are fully aware of my situation. Good luck everyone, not all babies detox symptoms. dont worry too much theres nothing u can do about it now, just be honest with your doctor!

CHRISTINA 5 years ago

HEY MY SON CAM OUT GREAT I READ WHAT YOU WROTE AND THAt gives me some relief i am 10wks preggo and been on suboxen for 6 months about previously just met an awsome doc today who now prescribed me subutex which i will start taking in the am if i may ask what mg were you on threw your pregnancy i am just worried about my baby and pain management at the hospital i usually wait till i start feeling crappy till i take a pill and just dont want the baby to be stressed thanks! o and reason i got put on suboxen in first place stupid doc had me on vicodin for 3 years and it stopped working nice!

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melissa-30 5 years ago

here's my story.i became pregnant and wasnt aware of it until about 14-15 weeks along. when i went to the dr in july i was 17 weeks along. i couldnt bring up my suboxone addiction. i thought i will begin with 8mg and wean myself down. its like 100 days to wean with an entire month of being drug free. tonight i did some research on sub and pregnancy and it has me scared. is it dangerous to slowly wean. i have an app this week and im thinking about telling my doc.

if your on sub and deliver,how many days do you generally end up staying in hospital. anyone know?

worried4ella 5 years ago

Hey ladies...and gents.I posted awhile ago and just had my baby girl a month ago today.I was on subutex for yrs before I got pregnant I stayed on my regular dosage until 36 weeks when both of my doctor's said it would be safe to withdrawl.I got down from 8 mg to 3 and that was super hard enough.I was a nervous wreck about it the whole time.when ella was born she did have wd.on the scale they use she only got as high as a 13 once.the rest was usually 1-5.some of the nurses were bitches to me but most were nice.and she threw up a few times and once choked on it while in of the nurses while getting some blood taken for some normal tests.before.she got the nursery which they.said was hard to get her breathing again for a of going home she ended up in the nic unit...but only for 4 hrs.when she went home with me and thank god she did...I was petrified...she was soooooo fussy and miserable.she had bad diarrhea and was constantly sneezing.the runs gave her such a bad rash off her poor Lil was like a bad burn.after 2 weeks she was an unbelievably happy healthy baby.she wonderful now.and I am ever so grateful.I pray.with gratuity everyday.I wanted to share this because I really REALLLLy regret doing that to her.ladies....please talk to your Dr and get off th!t nasty stuff if u can!!!!i will always hate myself for it.if u cant do it I'm not here to judge.god knows I tried with all my might.just. think about it.chances are the baby will wd....i wish the best for all of you and your beautiful babies!!!God bless!!

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pdw1980 5 years ago

thank u everyone for this info. i have bn sober a yr and a half until... i found out i was pregnant, told my suboxone doc and he took me off!! from 16mg a day to nothing. i tried tuffn it out, became too much. no sleep, aching body, sweats, cold, terrible. went to ob doc, told him and he said it would be better for me to stay on but he cant perscribe it. he has reffered me to a shrink that can since my sub doc refuses to help me. i have to wait 2 weeks for that apt!!! wtf?! after just 4 days i couldnt do it. i just couldnt. i relapsed on cough syrup one day and a few diff times took just a few loritabs. now what? my sobriety and my baby have bn put at risk because of this. my shrink apt it 2mrw and im very nervous. what if they wont help me and im too weak to do this? im scared to death!!!

cm1204 5 years ago


I am 21 wks pregnant and I went thru your exact same situation! Its actually kinda freaky! I was taking suboxone, got pregnant and my sub doctor dropped me. I told my OB and she got me into a psychiatrist, but I was going to have to go a few days without any medication and my OB was concerned that my withdraws would cause a miscarriage, so my OB prescribed me loritabs to get me thru until my psychiatrist appointment. I am now on Subutex and have been for a several weeks. I love my new doctor, much more professional and experienced than my previous sub doctor! Hang in there and be honest with your doctors. They are going to help you, the last thing they want is you to have any complications! best of luck and keep me posted... let me know if you want my email and we can talk that way.

Jenn 5 years ago


kudos on your strength, thats amazing. Don't feel bad about thepills, your doctor was wrong to cut you off like that and if anything happens to your baby, you get a lawyer. I mean it honey. I'm currently on methadone and everything is going great. The after care will be difficult but there's no long term damage or defects to worry about. :) Just stay strong and love your tike... Take good care and do your best.

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pdw1980 5 years ago

hey guys. thanx for the encouraging comments. i went to the head doc and it was just an intake and i was told it would actually be 1 or 2 more months b4 i saw a perscribing doctor. im at a loss here. cant win for loosing and im scared. i managed to get my hands on some suboxone but i hear its not as safe as subutex, i have enuf to last about 2 1/2 weeks. i dont know what to do. im thinking about just trying to give it up and get over it. but i know myself and i thought i was past being an addict, sadly, ive discovered im not. my suboxone saved my life over a yr ago, and now, im just confused. i was so proud of myself. i even made it thru school. now, im 2 months pregnant, sick, sad, confused and cant get any help no matter where i go. my ob doesnt want me to go backwards so he wont give me loritab or anything. when i see him nxt week im gna tell him what ive done, and maybe we can find a solution. thanx for all ur responses.

lisa 5 years ago

i have a niece that is close to 5 month pregnant an is addicted to opiats pretty bad. shes scared to go to a dr. an has 3 other kids. I know your thinking how horrible right . ADDICTION is a thing you just cant turn off an on. she doesnt know who to go to or talk to for help without getting in trouble. shes a great mom to her other kids. anybody have an answers that may help me help her?

jessica 5 years ago

Lisa I was scared to tell My OB but I did for my baby becasue its not about me anymore i made my baby she didnt ask to be here. And yes addiction is not an easy disease to deal with but there is people out thre to help her she needs to find a high risk Ob who can refer her to a subutex dr. Subutex saved my life i was addicted to opiates for 10 years and wanted a baby so bad I had 3 miscarrages during these 10 years. I switched to subutex and my whole life changed I was pregnant witihin a year i Became a nurse (LPN) and My husband and i get along better then ever so please tell her its best for her , her unborn child and her other children!!!!I am not being judgmental at all cause iv been there and hit rock bottom i spent so much money i could of paid off my house plus other things she just needs to do whats best for her baby right now and after shes here she should concentrate on herself also if she switches now Withdraws will be less sever for her baby then if she stays on them plus opiates cause respitory distress and her baby may have problems when its born,,,,,u and your family will be be in my prayers u should do some research on pregnancy and subutex i feel so much better knowing more about it i am at 8mg a day from 24mg a day and again SUBUTEX SAVED MY LIFE AND MY MARRIAGE!!!!

Michelle 5 years ago

Amazing how i read all the comments above. Mother's don't want to go thru withdrawel, so painful, it sucks!!

However, you don't seem to mind if your babies go thru it? Unbelievable!!! If you can't stay off drugs because you are an addict than be responsable and don't get pregnant - the baby did not ask for this - not fair that you make the baby go thru it. Come on now - all of you know your baby is going to get sick no matter what you are on.

michelle 5 years ago

for ur information, NONE OF US as MOTHERS, want or choose for our children to be sick and go thru withdrawl. this is the reason WHY we tell our docs, find out about our options and do what is best for the baby thats growing inside of us. as far as i can see, every mother on this page loves thier children and they proove that by doing what thier doing. if we didnt care, we wouldnt tell our docs, we would continue to get and stay fucked up because its what we need to feel better! but NO!!! we tell our docs, we r under thier care and we do what we can to make sure our babies r healthy! the fact is, babies r born every day w/ health problems that arent even born to addicted mothers, and then, some r born perfectly healthy to addicted mothers. sometimes things work out, sometimes they dont. people like u really piss me off! u obviously dont know what ur talking about and who r u to judge?! if ur not here to support, or need support, dont come back to this hub. its not for u. last thing we need is some idiot thinking shes god and knows whats best for OUR children. i do understand ur concern, but its not welcome in the way u bring it.

jessica 5 years ago

Michelle i have a few words for u but i will keep them to myself because i dont entertain others stupidity!!!!If u educate yourself on the subject then u would no that the reason we take subutex and we are honest with are dr is because we dont want our babies to go thru withdrawls! There are mothers out there who do heroin and other drugs there whole pregnancy and dont say a word to there drs and then take there babies home to withdraw with no medical supervision!!i would rather be honest and have to deal with stupid people like u then not having my baby monitored by a dr....I am proud of me and my decisions and for your info i was in nursing school tapering down off of the subutex not trying to get pregnant i was not able to have a baby for 10 years so i thought it would never happen without infertility treatments becasue i didnt ovulate at all and it happened so to me it was a blessing from god!!!!!I feel sorry for people like u. The world would be a better place without your kind of keep your "opinion" to yourself!!!!

Jessica 5 years ago

One other thing Michelle what brings u here anyway why are u even interested in the subject nooone just picks this subject to read about unless it affects them in some way.....just curious!!

pdw1980 5 years ago

u know? people never cease to amaze me. michelle, jessica asks a amazing question... why did u come here? if u would have introduced urself in a polite way, u would've realized that this is a safe place for people like myself and many others. its people like u that ruin it for everyone else. fortunatley, what u said effects me none whatsoever, except for ur ignorance makes me a little pissed. but, it has no effect on how i feel about myself and my choices. for everyone else... we r strong, loving and caring mothers. as long as we have eachothers support. p[eople like michelle dont even have to exist to us.

Steph412 5 years ago

I have read alot of these comments. So I will just share my story. I was addicted to herion & used pain pills for years. I got on suboxone after I went to jail & got out & still could not stop using. I told my family & friends & they suggested suboxone & at the time it was a very new treatment. 7 months later I found out I was pregnant with my son whom is now 2 1/2 years old. I took subutex my whole pregnancy & my son was born healthy almost ten pounds & no sign of withdraw. He is healthy & smart. Actually smarter then most his age. I am now 8 months pregnant with my 2nd son & on subutex. All though it is

pdw1980 5 years ago


im so glad ur child was born healthy, as ive heard, most children born to mothers on subutex are born perfectly healthy. i think this medicine has saved many lives and will continue to do so when used correctly. i have recently stopped taking it, mainly because i didnt have a choice. my doc will not give it to me since im pregnant and its been very difficult finding a doc who will work with me. now, not only was i worried about being on the meds in general, now im worried about what going thru withdrawl at 2/3 months will do to my child. has anyone just stopped taking it while pregnant? if so, what happened?

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ASHNICOLE1013 5 years ago

iam 22 weeks pregant and iam on suboxone not subutex. the doctor wants me to switch but iam only taking like 1mg a day and i dont want to take more than what iam taking now. plus iam scared my baby is going come out with something wrong with her. any advice would help.. iam just really worried.

Mommyofalmost3gurls 5 years ago

hello everyone, I just wanted to say I'm so glad that I found this page, it's helped me so much. I'd like to share my story, so far. I'm almost 39 weeks pregnant with my 3rd daughter. I became addicted to pain meds after I had my youngest daughter (who is now almost 2) I was in a bad car accident while I was pregnant with her, and after 6 months of having her I was referred to a pain management clinic, well the dr. there put me on percocets for 3 months, then stopped me cold turkey because my MRI results weren't showing anything. and I had no clue about addiction or withdrawal, all I knew after I stopped taking them was I felt really sick, so my friend gave me a couple percs, and I felt better, so I started buying them, thus I was addicted. But anyways, about a year after that I became pregnant, and I was so scared I was afraid to tell anyone about my addiction.. Until I was about 6 months and I just knew I had to do something, for the sake of myself and my unborn baby. So I told my O.B. everything, and surprising she was very understanding, she wanted to put me on Methadone, but I refused, because of all the horror stories I've heard about it. So we finally found a subuxone program that accepted pregnant women. So I then went on subutex... My Sub. doc started me off on 16mg a day... But I only took alittle over 8mg a day because I didn't need the higher dose... Well i've been on subutex since I've been 6months pregnant, and I am now a week from my due date, and recently I've been having to take a little higher dose, which i feel horriable about, but I figured if I'm feeling sick, than I know my baby is... and now im terrified that my baby will have w/d. But I know I made the best decision of my life to get help, and I've never felt better, subutex honestly saved my life. and I'm hoping and praying to god that my baby girl will be happy and healthy, but the reality is there is a possibility that she will have w/ds. But I try to look at it this way... It won't be forever, and if she does I know and hope she will be well taken care of... I will post and keep all you worried mommy's an update after I have her. So everyone please pray for my baby gurl to be healthy and w/d free, and I will do the same for all you mommy's.....

solost367 5 years ago

wow, i can relate to all of you and my heart breaks for you. i am currently 6 months pregnant and addicted to opiates,sort of. when i met my fiance my world just came together perfectly, i got clean and i did it all by myself and was so proud of myself! i started college, we got engaged and i found out i was prego even tho it wasnt planned we were thrilled. life couldnt have been more perfect, then everythng fell apart in the blink of an eye. my fiance was incarcerated for some things he honestly didnt do. i was left with nothing when they took him away, no home no car and no money, they siezed everything. i had to go back to work in a bar that was a pretty bad environment as far as the drugs go and i was around all the ppl places n things that triggered my addiction b4. i was so depressed, considering abortion and even suicidal. thank god i couldnt bring myself to do either of those things. i was only about a month n a half along at that time. i felt so lost and didnt know where to turn as i have no family or real friends to give me any kind of support so i fell weak and relapsed. for the last 2 months i have been taking methadone(not prescribed) but i was on the methadone clinic for 3 1/2 yrs before and i know its safer for my baby than anything else being sold on the streets. i havent yet told my doc but i do plan to. when i went to my very 1st appt i did tell them that i had recently detoxed myself and i didnt kno i was prego at that time but thank god the baby was doing great. anyhow i have been trying sooo hard to wean myself down w the methadone and got down to 15mg a day but when i try going any lower than that its just too much. i kno when i feel sick my son does too and it makes me feel like the biggest piece of shit in the world. i never in a million yrs thought id be in this situation. so now im so confused about what to do, do i try to be strong and very slowly detox so theres nothing in mine and my babys system when i give birth? or do i go back on the methadone clinic and just stay on this very low dose in hopes that my baby will fall into the 50% catagory of babies that dont wd? if i am on the clinic can they take my child from me? ( i kno the laws are different in each st i am in fl)can they legally take my baby if im being prescribed the methadone by a doc? i am so terrified of having my baby taken from me i dont know what to do, i dont think id have the strength to keep going if that happened. this subutex sounds great but i dont know if medicaid will cover it? i dont know about the subutex but i know suboxone is very expensive so im assuming it is too and theres no way id be ably to afford it. if anyone can help with my questions or help guide me in the right direction it would be very much appreciated. let me also add that so far my baby is developed perfectly and my doc says he is doing great. also someone told me that even if i quit or go back to the clinic they will test the placenta and could possibly take him away if they find anything other than the methadone? i try not to listen to what everyone tells me but its hard. someone pls help!

MommyOfAlmost3Gurls 5 years ago

TO solost367,

I don't know about Child Services or anything, But in response to the Subutex, Medicaid 100% covers my Subutex prescription. I would highly recommend finding a Sub. Clinic and go that route, I've heard no matter what dose of Methadone your on, your baby has the same degree of W/D of someone who's on a higher dose of Methadone. I believe the percentage of W/D in newborns born on subutex is.. 64% will suffer some degree of W/D and in that 64% only 50% (32%) will have sever enough W/D to be put on medication and will require extensive hospital stay. So I would definatly go down the Subutex route. My story is the post above yours and I'm 39 weeks pregnant and am on subutex... So the best thing you could do is to look and find an outpateint sub. clinic and call and ask if they have openings and if they take your insurance. But like i said, I'm on subutex, and have medicaid, and they cover my script... The best of luck to you and your baby!

Tiffani 5 years ago

i was on subutex the whole 9 months i was preganant with my daughter she had the worse withdrawls her legs jerked she pooped 24/7 she puked all she done was cry i felt like shit because of it i was told she wouldnt have any symptoms they weined her down with morphine but still she had withdrawls 4 atleast 5 months id say and her sleep still aint right and shes 2 1/2 years old its crazy...just wanted 2 let people know thats taking the subutex i wouldnt of if i didnt have 2...but im glad now shes a healthy babygirl named kylie marie..

Kayla 5 years ago

I am about to come off subutex.

I have done this once before & i am taking a very small amount (about 1mg a day) but even at that much it is very very hard to drop & the w/d symptoms are absolutely unbearable!

i also have a 4month old daughter who i breastfeed. her doctors told me that it would be fine since i have taken such small doses of the meds. Anyways I plan to continue to breastfeed her and although they say that if your baby suffers w/d symptoms it will be fresh out of the womb not when they stop receiving buphrenorphine through the breast milk.

has anyone stopped taking subutex while breastfeeding? & if so did you both w/d or just yourself? Please help

Kate 5 years ago

hey everyone! I had my baby on sept 2nd, she weighed 6lbs 18inches & was w/d free! I posted before about my concerns for w/d & CPS.. I did have to speak to a social worker but she just wanted to know about my history of abuse & my recovery. She said that she was not going to contact social services bc Im doing great & have been on track my entire pregnancy. I am so thankful my daugther did not go thru w/d, i was on 8mg of subutex thru the entire pregnancy, I did get upped to 12mg but usually didnt take that much. i also broke my doses up into four doses a day at 2mg each which helped me to not take more than my prescribed amount thru out the day.

if you take subutex w/o a script you may run into a problem.. they will drug test your baby at birth unless they dont kno u were on drugs BUT if your baby shows symptoms you need to seek help for your baby bc it can be dangerous for your infant to detox w/o medical intervention. please dont risk your childs life just to avoid the hassel of explaining yourself.

Hmm 5 years ago

First off, it might be helpful if those with negative postings took the time to learn more about chronic pain and the difference between dependence and addiction.

As someone who has severe RA, I highly doubt I would have been able to remain pregnant without adequate pain management. Too much pain causes too much stress which leads to lost pregnancies.

Subutex and Suboone both properly used are better for chronic pain than standard opiates

because they have a high affinity for opiod receptors. People build up tolerance to standard opiates like oxycodone because the receptors become less sensitive with cycling.

Because I am having so much nausea in my pregnancy, the bitter taste from sublingual Subutex was making me vomit. Normally, the taste didnt bother me. My obstetric pain specialist

had me switch to Suboxone orange flavored sublingual film strips because I could tolerate the taste better. I was hesitant at first but my doc reassured me that only about 3 percent of the Naloxone is absorbed when taken properly. The Naloxone is there for use in addiction recovery where it might be inappropriately absorbed.

Yes, my baby will have to monitored for neonatal withdrawl syndrome, but afterwards there should be no permanent effects. I'm encouraged to breastfeed to lower the chances of neontal withdrawl, but it is unclear to me how much passes through. I read as litte as one percent from an unsubtantiated comment. Ironically, alcohol use in pregnancy, even moderate, is much more damaging to growing babies than opiates, Subutex, Suboxone, or methadone.

You do what you have to do. I will likely need to be on sigificant pain mangement for my RA at least until my deteriorated hip is replaced after Im through having children, and possibly for the rest of my life. Our pregnancy was planned very carefully with pre-pregnancy consults and continuous monitoring by high risk obstetricians (maternal fetal medicine) and an obstetric pain specialist.

Just because a person has a life long disability requiring pain management doesnt mean they shouldnt or cant have children naturally. It may take some extra research and a few changes along with some diligence, understanding, and compassion. Your baby will need to be

evaluated at birth and possibly treated for withdrawl. But then again, birth itself is a risky prospect. A baby can have its cord compressed and all sorts of other complications with far more severe outcomes.

33 weeks and counting

On Suboxone and Ultram ER

Hmm 5 years ago

In re-reading my post, I meant to say that in the research my husband and I have come across for Suboxone, Subutex, and prescribed opiates, is that after the initial withdrawl there is no documented permanent damage to the baby's long term dvelopment.

By constrast, fetal alcohol syndrome can leave a baby with long term developmental issues and permanent damage.

There is no shame in proper pain management. It just might take finding the right pain clinic or pain specialist.

Hope this helps for those seeking answers.

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RainbwBrite07 5 years ago

Hi, I just joined the hub to join this conversation. I am now around 12wks pregnant. I am not proud to say that I am addicted to methadone (no prescription.) I have been to my OB a couple of times already and I made it aware that I am addicted to methadone. I told him that I had tried going to the clinic in the past but that I cannot afford either it or the gas (about 35min away in another town), and he replied that he would need my records from the clinic before he could do anything. So, I waited until my next visit and brought it up again because he had clearly been avoiding the subject. His response was that I had went to the clinic too irregularly and wouldn't prescribe me anything! He is an old and old school dr who clearly doesn't understand the situation. I am in the process of switching Dr.s but it seems to be a process with insurance and everything. I am scared to wd not to mention be doing it illegally while i'm pregnant and run the rusk of going to jail. Reading everyone's stories helps me feel not so alone in this situation and I am hoping that my new dr is more understanding about my situation. Anyone start out on methadone while pregnant and switch to subutex? I've heard it is bad to switch anything up mid-pregnancy but haven't really heard any individuals stories about if they have. Any responses are helpful thank you :)

pdw1980 5 years ago

im sorry ur going thru this. im just 4 months now and was taken off suboxone cold turkey. the withdrawl was terrible but my ob said it wouldnt hurt the baby. he cant perscribe subutex and ive bn trying to find a doc who will work wth me and its bn very difficult. i have had to manage withdrawl, pain from lupus and the pregnancy on my own. ive had small amounts of codiene but im not helping by doing that. i feel as though im just prolonging the inevitable,(more withdrawl). i dont have anything to take anymore and my ob wont give me anything since a relapse could, will, HAS occured. so i feel ur stress. just be honest and whatever is supposed to happen will happen. if i can do this, anyone can. and even though im being forced to do it w/out my meds,some days i can make it work. others i feel like i need to be in a looney bin. its not fun, but it is what it is. i really hope ur not left hanging like me. most people on here seem to have understanding docs. so there is hope. i have to keep telling myself that.

MommyOfAlmost3Gurls 5 years ago

I just wanted to come update anyone who's been following this thread.. I posted here awhile ago about my situation.. (Scroll and read above) But anyways, I gave birth to a healthy babygurl on September 22, 7lbs 7oz, 20.5inches.. totally healthy and w/d free!!! I gave birth on a Thursday night, and we BOTH went home Saturday Morning. The highest she scored on the scale was a 4, and that was a nurse being a total bitch and scored her on NORMAL newborn congestion, and excess sucking (because she sucked her paci, and she puked.. WHICH IS ALL COMMON NORMAL newborn symptoms.. But I am so blessed for my HEALTHY babygurl, Taylor Ann.. She's almost 3 weeks now, and she's still doing great. She can even hold her own paci in her mouth.For all you pregnant moms, stay strong! I went through the worries and sometimes guilt too. If anyone has any questions about what to expect, please feel free to email me..

AnEmommy 5 years ago

Hey there, I have been off of ALL opiates long enough to have a clean system. I am thinking about getting pregnant but I am wondering how labor/delivery works when you can't take pain meds's. I did not take any IV meds the first 2 times I delivered, I also was not an opiate addict. I did have an epidural both times. I am wondering if now that my brain and pain receptors are DESTROYED, if i do go into labor, will an epidural even work on me? Also, I have been told that I have to have a C section. How does that work when your a recovering addict? I know that I can get the facts from a doc, I am very much clean so I am not worried about raising red flags as far as that goes I have noting to hide. I am just hoping to hear it from someone on the other end.


optimistic 5 years ago

Hi there everyone. First, I would like to commend all of you who have had the courage to reach out, i dont think anyone knows the shame and self loathing we suffer as addicts let alone being a mother and an addict. it breaks my heart everyday and no one can make me feel worse- than those of u posting negative comments- go the fuck on and shame on u we all have our trials and tribulations this should be a welcoming nonjudgmental place where concerned mothers can come if for nothing else than piece of mind or relief just to be able to talk to someone. i know everyone is looking for that straight yes or no answer as to if your baby will be ok or not...and i dont think anyone can give that answer, seeing how it seems to differ from person to person pregnancy to pregnancy. ive been addicted to opiates for the last 7 yrs or so- a functional addict so no one knows but the few that ive chosen to let in. my daughter was born last sept, i was taking 4 to 8 mgs of suboxone a day during the pregnancy and she was a healthy beautiful 7lbs 6oz miracle. no wds no health issues. i got pregnant quickly after having her and i am due to have my son in dec. my ob doc recommended that i take subutex saying it is better than the suboxone, which i have been since aug now. of course i am terrified that i will not be as lucky with him as i was with my daughter. of all my research on this- there is no concrete yes or no answer, and that is what we are all looking for right? some babies are healthy with no wd even with the mother on higher doses and others whos moms are on lower doses can have severe wds. so what do we do- pray and just do the best we can. getting through each day without relapsing is a blessing in itself but sometimes i feel like these suboxones and subutexs are no better than the opiates themselves. jus transferring our addiction from thing to another. i hope to be off of everything one day completely sober i dont like having to depend on these subutexs its scary bcuz i know theres a high chance i would relapse immediately without them. anyways i just figured i would add another healthy baby born on subs to the list. i wish all of you the best of luck... to healthy lives and healthier babies!!!!

pdw1980 5 years ago

i relapsed on cough syrup and loritab after being taken off suboxone at 4 weeks. im now 4 months and have just taken it day by day. i would have bn sober 2 yrs, jan 25th, but now, im sadly starting over. the post above says basiclly that the subs r just a stand in for other opioids,opiates. i believe that to be true. but if i had the choice to take one, maybe 2 pills a day, verses 10, 15, 20 or more, i will take my suboxone any day. i have excepted that i will not be taking it while pregnant, but i do intend on getting back on after the baby comes. i have a 5 yr old son who i have to take care of and like other moms here, i was, am a functioning addict. for me, my subs were my pain, anxiety and anti deppressant. it just works for me and kept me on track. now, i feel like a failure. most days, i dant take a single thing, but 1 maybe 2 days a week i will get my hands on a loritab, and take it just for a break. granted 1 pill isnt a very big deal, but, i still know that i have let myself and my son and this one, down. sad,angry and dissapointed.

optimistic 5 years ago

pdw1980 -it is natural to feel disappointed and let down but try not to feed into those feelings-for me they were always triggers to relapse even more. ud do anything not to think about it-to not feel like a piece of shit. take it one day at a time but y not talk to ur doc about getting on subutex? did ur doc take u off of the sub because u were preg? if so thats the total opposite of what my doc recommended because i wanted to be weaned down towards the end of my pregnancy so that the subutex wouldnt be in his system when he was born and therefore wouldnt suffer the withdrawal symptoms but he firmly refused sayin the risk of my relapse is far more detrimental than staying on the subutexs all the way thru. i had a doc app yesterday im 32 wks now and i made the comment to my doc that i didnt like the idea of putting this medicine into my body regularly -that i felt like there would have to be some side effect or alteration to my child (since he is getting something that other "normal" babies dont get in the womb) that if i think too much about it it sends me into a spiral of other depressing thoughts..etc etc. his response to me was "that being an addict isnt "normal" and u do the best you can in the circumstances you are in...this is best thing for your baby compared to the alternative". keep in mind that addiction does not just "go away" simply because u r pregnant if anything i think it adds extra stress and anxiety tempting you even more to "relieve yourself". idk girl keep your head up and try talking to ur doc to see what other options u have. u r not a failure just human...and obviously have come far in ur addiction to b able to get thru most days

sl1975 5 years ago

I posted 8 mnths ago worried about my unborn baby going through subutex withdrawal.. she was born a few days early @ 6.2lbs, perfectly happy and healthy with zero complications. I have breastfed for 5 months on 2mg of subutex and have just stopped due to low supply. All is well! :)

pdw1980 5 years ago

optimistic, thanx for ur kind words. my ob did say i can stay on it, but he cant perscribe it and ive bn to 3 diff docs w/ his refferall and they say since im pregnant they cant help me. its a major problem for me because i have no one out her, dont know anybody, im in a new state, away from my family and i cant get past it. im dreaming about drugs for the first time in 2 yrs. why? my mind and body needs that medicine. im scared, and ther

optimistic 5 years ago

not sure if ur whole mess is there or not seems to b cut off in mid sentence. i would ask what state ur in but not sure u would want to share all that im n maryland. if u want u can email me at - if not thats ok too. good luck. i had to go to an outpatient program to get mine. ur rite subconsciously (and consciously i imagine) u r thinkin about drugs, relapse, recovery,etc so its there even when u sleep.

pdw1980 5 years ago

yeah. i had to stop typing becuz someone walked in that i didnt want knowing about this. i live im mississippi and my family is in TN. all the docs out here are idiots and i just feel like im at a dead end. i will email u tmrw, that is if u really dont mind me venting. i could use a friend who really knows what im going thru right now. my email is thank u.

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nyrichsure 5 years ago

this is good article to know about being pregnant. Also need to know more of sign of being pregnant to give a good taking care to baby

churdyluvsu 5 years ago

Hi, im 20 weeks pregnant. I have been told by my doctor that Subutex is completely safe to even breast feed on. The baby is perfect and we have watched everything very closely. Subutex saved my life. It saved my life.

optimistic 5 years ago

great to hear that ur doc said it was ok to breastfeed on,..that has been a question of mine. ive read yes and no that some hospitals wont let you.on subutex n just had my last ultrasound last wk im 34 wks now n baby boy is 4 lbs 4oz and all seems well.

pdw1980 5 years ago

yay for u optimistic:) ur almost there. being in the home stretch is awsome. cant wait till im there. ive bn off suboxone for about 2 1/2 months now. im finally starting to feel normal again. i find out what im having tomarrow. cant wait for that!

Newmommysrd 5 years ago

Most of these posts have really gave me hope!! I am 35 weeks today & I just started looking up things on the Internet ab having baby's on suboxone! I have been on them my whole pregnancy & I didn't even find out I was preg until 15 weeks. I was scared to look up anything before now bc I was scared too find out alot of bad things! I get my subs from my sister, & I am debating on telling my doctor. I'm not sure how many my I do but I do no one pill can last me at least five days or more. I think I am doing maybe 1 mg a day & I do half in morn & half at night! I just need something to get me through. I pray that my daughter will be okay and not have any w.d symptoms. I think I will keep it to myself & when I go in labor if I think need be I will tell my docs. I don't want them to make it out to be more then it is! I am planning to quit after I have her I want to be clean for her & I will go thru all the w.d pain I have too for her! I no I say that now & I gues it is Way easier said then done.. I was addicted to oxycottons ab 2 years ago & I started self medicating myself on suboxones when I couldn't afford the habit anymore' I buy my subs for ab 6-10 bucks a piece! But it's getting harder n harder to find them hopefully I will be able to keep them on hand until I have the baby bc I cannot imagine loosing her to my selfishness. Please keep me & my baby girl in your prayers & I'll do the same

optimistic 5 years ago

aww thank u pdw1980!!!!but seriously YAY for you girl! u r obviously soo much stronger than I, seeing youve been off all drugs including subs n did it cold turkey. I commend and envy you...TO seems like de javue (dont think I spelled that right) but I was in your exact position with my daughter Nevaeh (shes 13 months now) where I was on subs pretty much the whole time and didnt tell my doctor. I was so blessed n the fact that she did not exhibit any withdrawl symptoms and everything went well but I was terrified my whole pregnancy and even more so when I went into labor with her and the few days in the hospital. I was so scared the nurses were going to come back to me and tell me they found that in her system or in mime or that something was wrong with her (that was my biggest fear). By the grace of God all went well but it totally ruined the whole experience for me and you being a new mommy, I imagine it will do the same. Plus you just never know if your daughter will have wds n if so then u could b causing more damage by not telling your doc. I know I did the same but like I said she was wd free, the more I read about all of this, the more I see that you just never know. Thats y when I found out about this pregnancy Im 36 wks now- I said hell no Im not going thru that again so I told my doc. Im not telling you what to do by any means or judging you or anything. Im jus saying for your piece of mind and maybe for your babys safety you should be honest. idk what state you r n but i know that where i delivered, and i think its true for most hospitals they dont test for bupenorphine only street drugs so chances are no one will ever know but you about the subs (if baby girl is wd free) but what if she is not? then ud really b n a mess. really its better to tell them now so u can get into a program and get meds now because i kno u think u can wd after you have her and want to for her but thats not how it works. u will b more stressed out and the odds of u detoxn afterwards r slim. its sooo hard to detox period- add a newborn into the mix and ur n trouble. i tried it after nevaeh and failed miserably. i will def keep u n my prayers and hope all goes well no matter what you choose to do...i totally understand the predictament u r n, if ur dose is that low than mayb there wont b a prob but ive seen that the doses dont really matter it all depends on ur body and the babies body. good luck!!!! im guesing your due around me im due dec 3. the benefits of tellin ur doc include u gettn help(legally) now so that u have it after she is born. u will have ur own script of subs and wont have to go thru all the bs of getn them. n what happens if u cant find them at some point - then u go thru wds n trust me u DONT want that esp tryin to take care of a new baby. neways please dont take anything ive said the wrong way im just sayin frm someone whos been there it would b so less stressful. its hard keepin a secret that big while ur preg.

wow 5 years ago

honestly i think you guys are a bunch of idiots most of you are taking pills off the streets knowing your pregnant and knowing your wrong... Give your child a chance to be born healthy why bring a baby into this world high and messed up thats just wrong.I dont feel bad for any of you except the innocent baby your carrying

pdw1980 5 years ago

wow... u honestly make me laugh. how old r u? like 10? lol. hey everyone...please dont listen to ignorance. people fear what they dont understand.

optimistic 5 years ago

couldntve said it better...

optimistic 5 years ago

i dont understand y people come to websites like this n post comments. r u pregnant or on subutex or suboxone? or just have nothing better to do- addiction is a real problem and it doesnt go away just because you are pregnant. esp when u r addicted to something that makes you become PHYSICALLY dependent. most(if not all) of our doctors have advised NOT to detox while pregnant. do u think any of us want our babies to be "high and messed up" as u put it. i guess u r against epidurals during labor than too..obviously u have no business being on this site as it is clear u have never been addicted to opiates or been pregnant and addicted to opiates. i will keep u n my prayers, wow, that u might be given a softer tongue, a broader mind, and a nonjudgemental heart. or maybe i should just quote thumpers' mama and tell u- if u dont have anything nice to say than dont say anything at all. we r trying to rise up beyond the guilt so that we may live clean and sober lives. i pray that u r given patience and understanding so that if one day u r needed by someone close n ur life for support that u may b actually able to INSPIRE them instead of belittle.

Newmommysrd 5 years ago

Thank you OPTIMISTIC I did not take affence to anything you said! U are just speaking the truth! You are deff right ab telling them so I can get them legally & won't have to worry ab runnin out- I Just wish I could go back to when I first found out & tell then then bc, Im scared they will be like why wait so long to say something... Idk I think I shouldsay something asap & it would be better for my daughter & I no it's selfish of me not too . But I am debating bc I do not want them tomake it out to be more than it Is & I no if I can tell something is wrong & if she is just acting really diff then I will tell them for sure! 36weeks today! U will be sure to keep things posted & let u no how labor goes!

Newmommysrd 5 years ago

Oh & OPTIMISTIC if you do not mind me asking, how much suboxone do u think u did a day & did you let it desolve or did you sniff it? Its okay if u do not want to answer but I really want to no bc I haven't really saw ppl on here say how they take them

optimistic 5 years ago

newmommysrd-I totally get u being afraid of saying something this late in ur preg...thats exactly y I didnt say anything..every app I went to I couldnt muster up the nerve to tell them I was taking suboxones. As I said above they did know about my previous drug history so they were sure to test me for street drugs and it was a topic that was brought up every time- if I had relapsed or not...but I was scared to death to tell them about the subs, thinking I would get in trouble since if u r on them without a script its just as bad as doin dope. And like I said if baby girl is wd free theres a high chance no one will know u r taking them, but u just never know. Then they will make a big deal outa it. Its better to be safe than sorry. And if u tell ur doc the same way u jus told me..that u kno u shoulda told them earlier but the fear stopped u frm doing so then I dont think u will have issues. Again, its ur decision. I took subs the whole 9 months I was preg with my daughter well honestly I didnt know until I was 2 months so the first 2months I was doin whatever and then I switched to subs. She was 100% healthy. pot was found in my system (it was the only way i would have an appetite n yes my ob knew i smoked, she said shed rather me eat and didnt see any harmful affects from smoking maryj) anyways I even smoked the night before I was induced and it wasnt in her system, just in mine. I am not telling anyone that they can do drugs and it wont be n their babies system, just theirs, Im saying in my case thats what happened. And I would like to repeat (for all u "wows") that my doc was fully aware that I smoked pot periodcally to increase my appetite. I only gained 12 pds during my preg with her and she was 7 lbs 4 oz. Anyways, at first I did snort the subs but I realized I had to stop. It was just part of my addiction. And sniffin them made me feel dirty like I was still usin.Plus when u sniff them u dont get all the medicine and u will sniff more and more becuz u need more, then that becomes a habit in itself.I was doin 4 - 8 mgs a day of suboxone with her. Now Im on the subutex and prescribed 16mgs a day but do about 8 or 10 mgs a day of that. Im very nervous hoping that he will b born wd free like his sister but n my heart I almost feel like I dont deserve it. Idk. What r the chances that both of my babies r born wd free? I was in the beginning everynow sniffing my subutex just cause but I def feel a difference as in it doesnt work as well as letting it dissolve under ur tongue so its almost a waste but then again its just the habit.If u want the best results then do it the right way. How far along r u now? R u 36 wks too? Good luck girl

optimistic 5 years ago

I would like to add that after I tested positive for pot I was NOT allowed to breastfeed and I had to speak to a caseworker. I explained to her about my lack of appetite and how I told my ob that I did occassionally smoke so I would get hungry. Since there was none n her system I was ok but things could have been different if she had tested positive for marijuana. The caseworker told me they dont really make a big deal about that but if it had been herion or meth or something like that I might have had to go thru some things to get her to come home with me. I had to worry about that the 2 days I was n the hospital wondering if they were going to take her becuz of some smoke. Of all the things...but i just wanted to make sure i clarified it, I didnt want to make'light' of the situation or that is was not a big deal, it was. But I had resorted to drinking 3 ensures a day just to get some nutrients in my body. I think the subs decreased my appetite or more like made me have none at all.

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escababy4 5 years ago

this is the first time I have ever been to a site to talk about suboxone and I had my daughter Aylah On 07/01/11 and when I had her she ended up inhaling 12mm of fluids and they sent her to ST. Louis Cardinal Glennon childrens Hostpital and she was also 4 weeks early and had no surcafrant in her lungs so they had to intabhat her, and they gave her medicine to put her to sleep so that they could give her meds to help her breath. then right before she was taken they brought her to my room and when I saw her she was competly asleep but one of her arms and one of her legs kept flailing in the air and the paramedics told me that it was NOT a seizuire and they took her away. They told me that I could not leave because my epidural didnt work because of hiting the right spot on my spinal cord he had acutally had injected it in to my blood system and i could have some sort of reaction, but i left as would most moms. when we got to the hostpital Aylay

was a limp noodle and we had no idea why and after we were there for 15 minuts a group of doctors walked in to tell me how my daughter had had a seizure for 45 min. and they had givin her fenabarbatahl a strong sez. medication they also said she had bleed on her brain and will need check ups to see how much damage she had abstained.Two days later they came in and gave me this complete bullshit story about howshe suffered a seizure from severe withdrawl and i know that is a bunch of lies #1 she was only three hous old and u dont start to withdrawl till 26 hours after you take it and i was down to taking 2mgs a day.So now she is going to her 5 month check up with cardinal glenon and they keep telling me its from (her withdrawl sez.) and even one of the nurses at the hosptal had told me she thinks she had a reaction to the meds they had givin her to put her to sleep mixed with sub. or just from the meds themself so I would advise everybody who is on this medication to advise your ob/neonatel/nicu that you are on this medication and you just want the best for your baby so please check drug interactions not just with u but for your baby up to three days after birth.


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escababy4 5 years ago

REPORT: Aylah is a happy smilley 5 month old who is absolutly gorgous , although we do have are concerns.

pdw1980 5 years ago

escababy4: im so glad your baby girl is doing better! pls, keep us informed on her and i will be praying for u guys. i was on phenabarbitol for yrs due to grandmal seizures, but mine were from xanax w/d. ive bn seizure free since i stopped doing them, almost 2 yrs ago. good luck w/ everything. please give ur daughter hugs for me. i know i dont know her, but siezures suck and i hate she had to go thru that.

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RobnAngie5242011 5 years ago

i just found out about 2 weeks ago that im 10 weeks prego i have 2 kids already that i didnt do any drugs why i was prego but i went bck to shooting dope and coke and didnt know i was pergo i have been on suboxone for 6 months and take 16 mgs a day and my doctor wants me to switcha and see a high risk dr if anybody can help me with questions it would really help me put thamks angela u can get ahold of me on here or at

pdw1980 5 years ago


if ur doctor is willing to put u on subutex, do it. my suboxone doc took me off completley at 5 weeks preg. where i live, preg and sub use is unheard of and its a backwoods freaking nightmare. do what ur doc tells u to do. make sure u take as good of care of urself as u can. r u still shooting or just on subs? the fact is u dont really know how things will effect baby until its born. most of the women here have bn very fortunate and their babies are doing really well. some were born with no w/d at all. i would however at least try to lower ur dose to 12 mg for now. in about a week or so, try 8 and so on. by the time u have the baby, try to be on only 2 mg a day. i was taking 16 mg a day when they took me off. the w/d was terrible. im not in my home state so i have no friends out here. and for that reason alone, i am sober today. good luck and if u have any more questions my email is

pdw1980 5 years ago

my boyfriend had no idea i was on them either. i hid it from him for 2 yrs. in my earlier posts i talk about how i was cut off b/c im preg. i was in full w/d and someone sent me some in the mail. i was so relieved. my boyfriend found them in my purse. i never told him b/c he had already tried to take my son away from me one in 09. he did not succeed in his attempts. i was very lucky the judge saw me as fit. well, i thought for sure he would kick me out, TRY to take my son, again, even though i was sober for almost 2 yrs. but that didnt matter, he sees suboxone as a way for me to stay fucked up. he didnt understand that my suboxone saved my life and kept me away from drugs. he has now excepted it. but only b/c im not taking it anymore. i had no choice. i have no family/friends here and i guess glad. i dont have to worry about the baby being born addicted. but the only reason im sober, is by default. u r about to give birth and he is going to find out unless u keep him out of the room, right? i would tell him. find a sub doc and get them legally after u have the baby or asap. let him go to ur appt w/ u and maybe he can gain a little insight into it. my bf smokes pot and i keep reminding him that hes being a hypocrit, b/c he is. its a drug too. why should it be ok for them to do something that gets them high, but its not ok for us to wanna stay sober w/ suboxone? 1 or 2 pills a day vs 20, 30, god knows what we would do if we had never found our path! i wish i didnt need it to stay sober but this is a disease. u will do the right thing.

pdw1980 5 years ago

i sware to god! we r pretty much living the same life. its kinda freakin me out a bit. as long as everything is going his way, with his plan, his people, his ideas... everything is fine. and why the hell, (if hes not an addict himself) would he even wanna try ur subs or adderall??? i think he may not be very honest w/ himself. kinda sounds like he is harboring some shame and trying to take it out on u or maybe even make it ur fault. the amount ur taking is so small u should be proud of urself for doing what ur doing. if u guys were to split, i cant see a judge giving him custody of a dog, let alone, ur child. if u need to get out, do it. if u think it can work, then it doesnt hurt to try. but i feel like im kinda in the same place, so i have no right to give u clear advice in that area. r u on fb?

optimistic 5 years ago

hey girls- n yea I agree with pdw1980...seems like he might have some issues within himself that he takes out on you. If we could all travel back in time, it wouldve been easier (tho I kno u were scared) to tell ur ob about the subs so maybe at this point u could be legally taking them and ur bf couldnt say anything. As for the bup coming up on the tox screens for the baby, it shouldnt. They have to specfically test for that, so the subs should not come up. SHOULD NOT, not saying some freak thing mite happen and they find out. But u did say that the doc doesnt kno about them rite? If he has no reason to suspect bupenorphine, only street drugs, then thats what u will be tested on. When I had my daughter I had been takin subs and it never came up. As long as the other is outa ur system u should b good. Seems like u will never be happy or get the support u need with this guy. Any man that throws u under the bus like...idk i dont wana speak outa turn but it seems like ex hubby might have more to offer. He must care if he still helps...good luck on monday. u will b induced and get ur epidural then try to make it thru the hosp stay...get home take ur subs ..then the first thing u need to do is call a sub doc and get into a program so u wont have to wory about any of this in the future. It wont b as bad as it seems like it will now. u will get thru whatever happens. Godd luck and fuck his family (and him) with their bullshit. believe in urself and trust that everything turn out the way its supposed to- thats what I pray, not for something specfic or for something to go "my way" but just that it turns out the way its supposed to be...fate would never work against you.

mamakittyof4 profile image

mamakittyof4 5 years ago from Chilie, TN

boopie.....drop that loser girl!!! You are stressed out right now and need to take it easy and relax-you're going to hold your precious baby very shortly and kiss it's little fuzzy head :)If you are stressed the baby is stressed. I'm gonna give my story a little BUT the long and short of it is this-My b/f smokes, I don't care and he has never given me ANY shit about trying to get clean and stay here-trust me, I have really had some binges!! Kayla-yes you can nurse while on Subutex, I am. I was on suboxone first that I bought from the street after I found out I was pregnant. Then went when I was 5months to get on subutex (24mg). I'm still on it (16mg)and nursing, it has actually helped my baby to come off slowly just like mommy. She had NO WITHDRAWAL in the hospital, no NICU, no CPS, weighing in at 6lbs4oz 19inches ;) pdw1980...I'm so sorry your stupid Dr. can't help should have never come off of ANYTHING cold turkey!! ATTENTION LADIES-THIS IS VERY HARMFUL TO YOUR UNBORN BABY!!! The withdrawal is so much harder on them than you. They can seizures in-utero, you can spontaneously abort, numerous things can go wrong when you abruptly stop. Take your medicine, that is what it's for!! I don't care if you get it from your friend, your dealer or in the mail...:) TAKE IT!!! and Boopie...the hospital should not test the other lady is right, its an UNKNOWN. The only way your b/f would find out is if they tell him, and they can't b/c of the privacy laws (HIPPA)!! and if it does and C/S does become involved it will look a lot better than the other stuff you could've/had been taking-RIGHT??!! You can just tell them that you will start your recovery immediately and work your 12 steps!!!! They can't get all up your butt for trying to do what's right for you and your children!!! Ladies, you can do this, I PROMISE!!! I am (well am licensed and used to be an RN another long, sad story) I HAVE A TIME-PROVEN METHOD FOR SELF-WEANING OF SUBOXONE/SUBUTEX when you are ready and anyone that wants to hear it. Just gimme a short history with your details and I will make you a plan. No w/d's, no sweats, no creepy-crawlies. This time weaning off will actually be my 3rd time but I know it can be done. I get started back up b/c I have a fractured pelvis and torn major hamstring from my leg and somehow always seem to resort to pain medication, then find out I'm pregnant. I wish I could stay off all medicine for good. This time I am going to try....REALLY HARD!! Maybe we could all work together and give each other hugs and support....xoxoxo!! You all are strong, courageous and loving mommies!!!! and to all those others who come on here to try and shame us....SCREW-OFF!!! This forum ain't for you!!!!! ;)I'll try to help any/all of you that I possibly can, and that want's it....sorry if I'm coming off with too much fire, there may be a few that don't want it and that's okay too. I am here none the less.

nana9180 5 years ago

hi i am 6 weeks pregnant and i went from methadone 60ml to suboxon i and hoping everything will be ok but i dont know cuz i am doing it on my own but i dont have a choice i want my baby to come into a good enviroment and to be healthy when they get here please can anyone help

mamakittyof4 profile image

mamakittyof4 5 years ago from Chilie, TN

boopie.....the epidural will be fine!! I've had 2 successful ones while on an opiate-inhibitor (suboxone/subutex) yes there is interference while on methadone (b/c of your heart, breathing etc.) I'm glad your ex is helpful, being a mother is a very hard job. Too bad your b/f doesn't get that :(. Nana9180, good choice going from methadone to subs. More times than not, babies born to mothers on methadone have severe w/d's. They are almost always born and have to take morphine to help their little bodies adjust to being off the methadone in your system. It's also not a good idea to nurse on methadone!!! and just a little FYI to all new mommies who plan to nurse: opiates (loratab, percocet, roxy, oxy) have been proven to increase the chance for SIDS with newborns. It depresses their immunne/respiratory system to the point that they cannot breathe well and therefore it really should never be your choice. Subs are the perfect alternate choice, for baby and mommy. Nana, please continue in your efforts to stay clean and on subs for you and your unborn baby. At this stage in your pregnacy, you have the possibility outcome to come completely off all medicince before time that your new baby arrives, hence having no w/d's. If you are not completely off, no worries, your dosage will be small enough (hopefully) that there will be no lasting effects of either medicine. Good luck, dear. Pray and pray some more. I did and I will for you and all the other mommies on here that struggle with addiction and the hope one day, that our lives before these other "nasty things" came into it, we will replace them with new more joyful ones ;)

optimistic 5 years ago

mamakittyof4- thats one thing ive been concerned about breastfeeding- i have a daughter shes 13 months and im due with this one in about 2 wks now...ive wanted to breastfeed...ive read diff things, some hospitals wont let u if ur on subs n some will. I spoke to a high risk nurse and she couldnt give me a straight yes or no about it only said she lets her methadone moms breastfeed but she doesnt work at my hosp so she couldnt say if it would b a problem or not. I wasnt allowed to breastfeed my daughter at the hosp (tho I tried when I got home but she was used to the bottle by then and wouldnt take) becuz I had pot in my system so jus worried they wont let me feed him. Boopie77- not sure theres a way to edit what uve already written..there are many other websites he can look at mayb if ur next to him u can steer him away frm this one. Unfortunatly theres always a couple negative comments from ignorant people on these threads n i wouldnt want him to read them and fuel his anger anymore. Tho I honestly think you will be fine and the subs wont even be a concern. Mayb after u have the baby u can sit down and have a heart to heart with him and tell him u need to get on subs and he mite b a little more understanding since ur not prego nemore..idk if its going to destroy ur relationship mayb u should wait n see how things play out at the hosp andif nothing comes up about the subs then leave it at that.

pdw1980 5 years ago

boopie77_ if u want to email me, its ive talked to a few women from this sight and we r all here to support and encourage eachother. its good to know ur not alone when inside, u feel so tormented and confused. hope to hear from u soon.

Poobear 5 years ago

Okay i must have posted on another site. but i study meds.. This is going to sound sick im sure but i am going to spit out whatever is left from the suboxen into a pill bottle, I will make a base for it and see what happens.

angie 5 years ago

I am adopting a baby who was born addicted to subutex and I just want to say some of u people make me sick. You are addicted and arent responsible enough to not get pregnant. you are the scum of society. Everytime my daughter cries I would like to kick all of u in the head. May u all feel the hell that you are putting your children through.

pdw1980 5 years ago

ignorance is bliss... im glad u were able to adopt a baby and give it what i hope to be a good life. its just too bad it will be raised by a judgmental, self ritious bitch. and u know what else??? i hope someone kicks u in the head! lol......have a nice day:)

noneofyourbussiness 5 years ago

this is for the crazy woman who i cant beleave is about to adopt a baby. who the hell are you to judge someone when you have never been in there situation, first of all these ( more normal than you ) people are taking what the dr told them to take so that they dont have to be strung out on illegal drugs that hurts the baby worst, and as far as i can see the scum of society wich i refer to as ( you ) and people who still choose to take illegal drugs rather than see a dr to get help like these people on here. so with that being said ( get a life ) oh and ps: some of these people could have been born this way and your about to adopt a baby thats a addict ( so you say ) are you going to call her your little scum of society? oh pss: if you do get to adobt your going to be the one to feel the hell. just saying.

sad4thesekids 5 years ago

mamakittyof4----- I would love to hear your weaning process. And for Angie 42, There are realy good moms who end up addicted. SHIT HAPPENS. I have several kidney disorders ans was prescribed pain meds and ONLY took them as directed. 8 FRIGGIN monthes later, I stopped my meds, because I felt less pain. And a day and a half later I went to my primary due to what i thought was the flu. I was in withdrawal. I am a devoted mom with bad kidneys. Luckily my girls were born way before this, but that was just by luck or "GOD". It could have been me posting all these things about my babies. And I did what my doctor told me. No more, no less. So be careful before you judge. As you will find out soon, being a parent does not make you perfect. You too will make mistakes, the difference is, I can predict, is that you will not own up to it and ask for help and support. GROW UP! It will make you a better mom

Hopefull 5 years ago

People seek blogs like this hoping to gain better understanding, show support, and offer insight to those in need who might have a dependency or a DISEASE. It is not criminal to make mistakes and take steps to rectify the situation. It is criminal to allow someone to adopt a baby that is going to pass on their sickness of hate and judgement throughout that child's life. Anyone that would wish "hell" on another person should never be allowed the beautiful opportunity of having a child that will eventually grow up and breed hate! What if it were your child, all grown up, struggling in a situation such as this and they came to you for help? Would you kick your child in the head?? Everyone is human. At least we are trying to seek help and do the right thing. Chose your words carefully. Your comment might make someone in an already vulnerable and weak situation decide to do something like end their own life. Obviously, we all beat ourselves up enough and face enough strife for something of which we have no control. Just because someone had a dependency doesn't mean they love their child anymore than someone else that didn't.

Anyway, going through this situation, no matter what the reason, PLEASE be honest with your doctors/nurses. Watching your baby withdrawl sucks, and many of the doctors and nurses that you will face will make you feel like less of a person and shame you. But if you are proactive now, you will find someone that will understand and help you through this! I wish I had done so sooner. After all, you ARE trying to do the right thing and that counts for something. Put shame and pride aside. As helpful as this blog is, you cannot do this on your own and you will not find the right answer. I was on a very low dose of sub and hoped for the best. As soon as my baby showed signs of w/d, I buckled up and told someone on staff. Yes, they took my baby to ICU. Yes I felt judged and shamed. In the end, the people that are willing and able to help see that I am not a bad person, I love my baby, and they are going to help me get him home as quickly as possible. That's all that matters! Hang in there, but BE HONEST. This is not a drug, it helps you stay off drugs. You have to remember that you're on it because you did the right thing. And if it's a dependency due to something that you could not control, OR you had an addiction (which IS a disease of which you have no control), than keep in mind once again, YOU DID THE RIGHT THING.

Angie, I don't ever wish hateful things to happen to anyone, as much as I'd like to sometimes. I just hope some lonely little girl who tried to do the right thing doesn't read your comment and do the opposite. And I hope your child is strong enough to not absorb your hatred. If your child was born from an addict, she could have addiction in her genetic make-up. People tend to turn to drugs or become dependent on other things when they are in an environment that lacks love and understanding. I don't know you and I'm sure you love your child, but that child grows into a person and your comment proves you have no desire to understand people. Good luck with all that.

optimistic 5 years ago

hey hey hey...any day now my doc says.Im 3 centimeters dialated and just waiting for some steady contractions to get this thing going. Im excited and nervous- naturally. The past few days Ive been weaning myself down on the mgs of subutex - Im down to about 4 mgs thru out the day, which is great considering they started me on 16mg. Right? I hope so anyway. Things have been pretty stressful with labor pains and being miserable (I know some of the yuckness is because of the sudden drop in medicine but Im hoping it will help Auzten in the end) plus being mom to my other kids...I need a nap lol.

I seen "angies" comment and honestly my stomach dropped (as it usually does when I read any negative comment some ignorant person writes on here) even though I know in my heart I have done the right thing by being honest about my addiction, risking my children being taken away from me - it still strikes a chord deep within, and as Ive said before on this post no one knows the guilt and shame you go thru as a mother and a addict. The pain is often unbearable. Enough to have caused my relapse numerous of times. You just cant know that feeling unless thats you, and you are a mother and a addict. I think people that have never been there before seriously have no right or place to make ANY comment on it. The one thing that came to mind after reading her comment was (and I think its a beautiful thing, to adopt a child- one of the most commendable things really) but maybe Angie, your adopting a child for a reason...if its a case where you cannot have your own...but maybe God saw in your heart that you just didnt have the ability to empathize or feel true compassion and understanding. It puts me in a bad place to say these things because at this point I am being like you- judging and assuming. When you assume you make an ass outa what- out of me and YOU. I hope that you are able to show more understanding towards your own daughter than what you have shown us you are capable of at this moment...its ok hunny something in this life will knock you on your ass and hopefully humble you.

We are doing the BEST thing in a BAD circumstance.

pdw1980 5 years ago

i would just like all of u 2 know that i have a deep respect and understanding for u all. i feel like a select few of u have become a small part of my family. when i speak to any of u, i really dont feel so alone. even though, i physically am alone, i still have u guys. this is kinda like my NA. i dont go to meetings, even though i know i should. u guys give me strength and courage. im doing well, on no meds, for the last 2/3 months. i didnt think i would over come it. honestly, im not sure i have, but i was forced to proove my strength to myself and u all have helped me do that. thank u.

imbackkkk 5 years ago

"mysoncameoutgreat" is my sister... and let me tell u this. MY son did not come o ut great. i was taking 6-8mg of subutex and i just delievered my son last week and hes still int he hospital with withdrawl. they started him on methadone treatment 2 days after he was born. SO YES BABIES DO HAVE WITHDRAWL FROM SUBUTEX. also the hospital DID call CPS and they are due at my house any day now. my sister did not have the same problem though. i think it has to do with what hospital u deliever at. i did everything i was posed' to and still suffering from all this BS. i want my baby home. and the methadone treatment they are giving him is a 14 day process IF everything goes accordingly. personally i dont htink his w/d were that bad after being born. but if they werent bad they are now! methadone is a horrible drug. and its not like i can stop the doctors and just grab my baby and run. so i figured i would come back to this site and update all those wanting to know. yes they do have w/d. and yes they did call CPS.

optimistic 5 years ago

Im so sorry that this is happening to you. The one thing we are all terrified of happening. After reading your post earlier I called the suboxone mananger at my doctors office and spoke to her. She said that since she has worked at the treatment center (less than 9 months)they have had 4 pregnant women (3 on subutex and 1 on suboxone) that delivered healthy withdraw free babies. Their babies are healthy to date and still with their mothers. So Im assuming if CPS did get involved they didnt find anything wrong still the children are still in moms care. Of course she said that every baby and pregnancy is different and just because those womens' babies did not suffer wd doesnt mean mine wont. But of course Im freaking out more and more everyday now. Due in less than 10 days now if I go up to due date and the stress is building so obviously after reading your comment my heart rate tripled and my stomach dropped BUT to everyone reading...this doesnt mean it will happen to you- weve seen by the many posts that its a 50 / 50 gamble pretty much. (god I hate saying it like that, like Im okay with the idea of "gambling" with my child) but thats the reality of it. I wish you the best of luck "imbackkk", for you and your son.

pdw1980- hey girl. wanting to say hi hope all is well and that ur hanging in there. how many wks r u now and hows the baby????

pdw1980 5 years ago

22/23 weeks now. had an apt today and everything is going great! im ready for her to be here so i can get back to "normal". ive been off subs for about 3, 3 1/2 months now wich i still cant believe. im not taking anything and i feel pretty good. it helps not having to worry about the effect my meds will have on the baby. im realizing now, that being taken off my meds, being away from people i know and even my family, may be the best thing that couldve happened at this time in my life. i never thought i would say that. but i will be getting back on my meds after shes born.

Floweringsoul 5 years ago

My daughter almost died 7 years ago when a 5lb colon cancer tumor ruptured her intestine. After aggressive chemo she was told she would never have kids. Didn't use birth control due to this. She got addicted to pain meds given to her after the emergency surgery in which they cut her abdomen wide open to see where the bleeding was coming from. She has since had to deal with the ignorance of a society that gives people pills for every little thing, advertises them on TV, then has no system to deal with the impending addictions. She became pregnant while on suboxone and was put on 8mg day of subutex by her wonderful 'drug dr' that she drives 2 hours to see! She was unable to find OB care because she was on the drug and had to drive 2 hours north to UC hospital in Cinci to be seen at their OB clinic. You would think this hospital would know about subutex and suboxone but they only use Methadone and know nothing about the other drugs. She has had horrible care at the 'high risk pregnancy' clinic here and her time at the hospital for the birth has been a nightmare! They forgot to tell her not to eat after midnight the day of her C-section and told her not to take her subutex! She went through hell after her surgery because she had no subutex in her and no amount of pain meds would help. After several hours I was told to go to the car and get her meds. After she took her dose they were able to manage her pain. Not one person has told her the same 'story'! When her 8lb 7 oz healthy baby born was born he had fast respiration's which we were told was from the C-section. Then they continued after the second day so they said he was WDing and threatened to put the baby on methadone. They also said he had a slight fever and may have an infection. They put him on antibiotics and did cultures. He slept great, never cried, nursed great, and was alert. They said they were taking him for a hearing test on Tues night and never brought him back. A pediatrician came down and told us he was on IV fluids so didn't need to nurse and it wasn't recommended he nurse with high respirations. They said she could pump and give it to him but her milk hadn't come in yet. She was distraught and told them he was to get no formula. Later the next day they said she could nurse him. They were going to put him on methadone and I told them they needed to wait for his cultures to come back. Thank God a wonderful nurse who was 'teaching' student nurses and was using my daughter as an example jumped in on the conversation and told the Dr she felt the baby was simply hungary and his mild WD symptoms could be treated with lots of nursing and cuddling. They agreed. When the next shift of nurses came in his scores strangely went from 7 and 9's to 4's and 5's? Her milk came in today and we were just told baby and Mom may come home late tonight or tomorrow! My daughter told me she regretted being honest with them about her subutex use. Later we agreed that it was the best thing to do even though the idiots in charge here used that information in a bad way. Shannon has felt a lot of remorse and regret but I told her that she can't go back and 'should' on her self. She has to go forward and do the best she can for her baby NOW! NOW is all we have! She is a wonderful, loving Momma who God blessed with a healthy baby boy. @ Angie- I am so sad for the baby born addicted who now has to have you as a Mother! My heart breaks for him/her! I hope you never have to watch that child scream in pain and agony after they cut them open, and watch them be be sick to the point of death due to chemo but if you do have to I know for a fact you will come away with a different view of drug addiction. God gives us the lessons that are necessary for our spiritual growth. With your outlook I'm afraid you have alot of very hard lessons yet to come! Sending LOVE and LIGHT to all you Momma's and all your babies! May you be blessed with all you need!

pdw1980 5 years ago


wow! im so glad everything is well with the baby and ur daughter:) like ive said b4, people fear what they dont understand. maybe this lady was raised to be close minded and learned this from her parents. i agree w/ everything u said. i hope for her childs sake, her heart will grow and she will stop passing judgment, because this could easily happen to her family one day. sometimes, it takes an earth quake to open ones eyes to what is true, wich in addiction (no matter how u got there) happends often. on a better note... happy thanksgiving everyone. i hope u all got to spend it w/ the people u love most.

WantingBaby#2 5 years ago

Hi everyone! I have just finished reading all of these comments after first finding this site 3-4 days ago... I have a wonderful little boy who I smoked weed during the pregnancy but used NOTHING else not even cold medicine or caffeine, etc. My doctor at that time told me that they felt that the marijuana was better handled than the extreme stress/anxiety/depression I was under. I was relatively worried that he wouldn't be healthy but I was so very happy that he was and still is a very healthy, VERY happy and extremely smart little man :) He will be 8 years old in January 2012. I have fibromyalgia and after a few years of seeing many different doctors, I found a pain clinic who got the closest diagnosis I'd had up until that point saying that I had myofacial(sp?) pain and put me on percocet. I was on them for a couple years before a misunderstanding occured and I was dropped cold turkey... Needless to say after a couple years of taking them everyday, I was dependant/addicted to them and started buying them off the street. No one has any idea what it's like to have their toddler cry because he wants to be picked up but you can't because it hurts too badly, percocet was the only reason I was able to pick up or play with my son. When he was 3 years old, my husband and I decided to try for baby #2 but 8 months later when I missed my first period, I took a pregnancy test and it was negative and my husband seemed relieved. I found out that he didn't want to have another child. After over 3 long years, my husband finally agreed that we could have another child but I had to stop using so this summer I went to get help (turns out that's a reason he had said no before). I have been clean (using suboxone) for 4 months now and we've been trying to get pregnant. We have a friend who recently gave birth to a little boy (my new godson) after taking subutex thru her pregnancy. She had a horrible, horrible experience and I have vowed to research it so that I don't have as bad an experience as she did... They started her son on phenobarbitol after 5 days and then some dto(?) medicine after 9 days without her permission, she wasn't able to stay at the hospital with him and he was started on that without even telling her until the next day and he was NOT allowed to go home to take that medication and was therefore forced to stay in the hospital for 6 1/2 weeks!! A friend of her's had taken subutex (and other things including shooting up something, I dunno what cuz I'm not friends with her) She stayed in the hospital for 11 days with her son who was having major seizures, etc. and they sent him home with the phenobarbitol that he took for 4-5 months. My friend told me that she even did drugs WHILE staying in the hospital!! My friends baby should NOT have been in the hospital as long as he was but had to be because of the ignorance of the staff at the hospital. She could never get a straight answer out of anyone because there were *6* different doctors and many different nurses taking care of him. The hospital gave him MRSA while he was there from poking him too hard under his arm with a thermometer, etc, etc, etc. I don't want to scare anyone I just want to make sure that you all do as much research as you can and bring it with you to your doctors and to the hospital so you can prove to them your findings so that you can properly fight for what's best for your child. I've heard in these comments that some hospitals automatically start babies on medication even when NO WITHDRAWALS are present which I feel is NOT RIGHT!! No one should be given medication that they don't truly need!! Anyway, I know some of you would have chosen to stop taking suboxone before getting pregnant but I don't feel I can. Even though I am on a very low dose (1mg per day), I cannot stop completely, I know because I have tried, I've been taking subs off and on for 2 years and everytime I stop completely, I eventually start using again and I know that it's safer (and better for me personally for my mental health) to be on this than finding out I am pregnant and using after a month or more of being pregnant. I'm not judging anyone, just saying in my position, it's what I feel is right for me...

I guess the reason for my post is to say Thank You first of all to everyone that has opened themselves to attacks (unfortunately) by posting their stories here for other people like myself to not feel so alone. I also wanted to tell my godson's story so that mom's know that they need to fight for what they feel is best for their child and for themselves! BTW, yes, DHHS (Dept. of Health and Human Services i.e. Child Protective Services and whatever else they are called in other states) was called but they were in and out of her life in a matter of days. It was simply to make sure that she was in a good place, that the baby would be taken care of by a person who was actively working to be healthy and partly (mostly?) because the father was physically abusive to her in the past and got out of jail after 7 months a week before she was due and she took him back... They told her that they basically just wanted to be sure that she was safe and the baby would be safe. They called family and friends to ask their opinions and then they dropped the case. All of it was over in less than a week.

A big reason why I am posting also is to ask that if anyone has ANY information WHATSOEVER to PLEASE post it here. I don't want to give out my email only because I've had people hack and spam my acct's in the past and don't want any bs from people who don't understand and are only here to judge others... I need websites, books, studies, etc. Anything that talks about the effects of suboxone/subutex on babies, I will be switching to subutex as soon as I find out that I am pregnant and already talk to my sub dr everytime I see him and to my addiction counselor everytime I see her and they have assured me that it is safe and that's what will be done as soon as I know and prove to them that I am because my insurance will not pay for subutex for anyone except pregnant women. I am planning on breastfeeding but they will not prescribe subutex EVEN for nursing mothers so I am also trying to find any information on whether naloxone will effect the baby? I know that's why they say not to use suboxone during pregnancy because of that medication so while I know that subutex does not get into their system by drinking the milk, I am wondering if the naloxone can? It's probably a dumb question but I just wanted to see if anyone knew... Thanks so much!!

Hopefull 5 years ago

I cannot go into the entire story due to time, but my 2wk old was born with minor NAS and that's only bc I was in fear he was w/ding, not them. I got several different stories depending on the shift, but once the nicu nurses scored him and I was dealing with staff that could be understanding and unbiased, he went from 10s and 20s to 3s. We were able to bring him home after 3 days and they had no issue with me nursing him on sunk one. The dose really doesn't matter. I took 1-2mgs per day and he still had apparent NAS, but so many of the w/d symptoms they score them on are also normal newborn symptoms. It's just human nature to score biased once they know you've used drugs or you're taking subs of any kind. My own mind might have even played tricks on me. I can guarantee that had I not said anything nor asked them to take and score my baby, they would have never known, HOWEVER, even in hindsight I would strongly encourage everyone to bite he bullet And be honest. Don't gamble on your baby's life, please! I STILL worry every day and every time I feed him, even though the head of pediAtrics said it was completely safe. I worry bc among an entire staff of nurses and docs, I heard so many different opinions it made my head spin! It was my maternal instinct that told me all my baby needed was to be held and loved by me, and the pediatrician and my OB confirmed just that, but I cant tell you the relief and peace of mind it have me to hear that after several days of torment from my own mind and several uneducated nurses. By not saying anything sooner, I literally destroyed the experience for myself! Don't try to do this alone. Kharma works in mysterious ways and even though you might have to face some demons, like a shameful degrading chat with CPS, and some unnecessary scowls by idiot nurses, your honesty will be rewarded in the end, I assure you. You cannot do this yourself, post preggo hormones alone will get the best of you. This post and some of the people I was able to connect with as a result really saved me and my baby, I believe that. It helped me make the right decision and look past myself and my fears. In a major moment of weakness, as I was laying alone with my baby in a cold hospital room, worried out of my mind, this post kept me from being consumed by my own guilt and gave me the courage to speak up to the very first nurse that I got a trusting vibe from. I'll admit, in the midst of everything, I got Angie's comment above and almost DIDN'T say anything. It actually made me want to end my life for a minute bc I was already overwhelmed with emotion and hormones, but then someone I met thru this thread helped me see past that and held my hand, so to speak, thru the entire agony of the situation. We are good mothers. We are here bc we care about our babies, that couldn't be more obvious! Just needed to check back in and share that! XoXo

Hopefull 5 years ago

Oops..."sunk one" should read suboxone. Stupid phone! Also, as a side note, take all info you read here very lightly, please don't use as medical advise. Can't stress this enough. We r All in the same boat therefore all probably coming here for the same reason: to get educated enough to not have to say anything to the doc. Having just gone thru this 2 wks ago, please please please don't do it! We are not doctors! As painful as it seems, you must be honest And err on the side of caution for the sake of your baby! It sucks, I know! Though this thread is possibly more informative than the actual hospital staff you might encounter, they are still the ones with the necessary equip to save your baby's life! I do believe I got lucky. Unfortunately you just never know, as proven if you read this entire thread. Too many different experiences. Please, tell your doctor or nurse, your baby's life depends on it!

mamakittyof4 profile image

mamakittyof4 5 years ago from Chilie, TN

wantingbaby#2....YES, your insurance should cover subutex even after you deliver and your suboxone dr should keep prescribing it b/c the naloxone in breastmilk does come down!!! I am a nurse, I researched it and my box dr and myself did it together!!! The baby will only be on 1 drug instead of 2 and weaning and w/d will be much easier. You may have to file an appeal (I did, twice) but after the evidence and dr. advice they eventually will approve it---I hope sweetie. imbaaaakk and flowering soul, around here babies are not taken from the mothers only to do their little tests in the nursery and for w/d's they are NEVER given methadone!!!! For crying out loud, what idiots!! Babies are supposed to be given, in moderate to severe cases of w/d small doses of morphine for seizures!!! Also, babies will thrive and w/d MUCH LESS when kept SOLELY WITH THE MOMMY!!!! IT'S CALLED KANGAROO CARE!! This means, having baby lay naked under covers on mommy's naked body (skin to skin contact) Yes, every case is different BUT, more times than not there is bare minimum w/d's from baby and mommy when on 8mg or less AND when baby starts to nurse as soon as he/she is born!! I know this works, and I am so sorry for those of you who live and or deliever where medical professionals do not understand opiate substitution drugs. Show them websites, print off and take with you what you find out. Suboxone doctors know this better than anyone, let them help you help your ob/gyn staff. Try it. Maybe it will help. Yes, always be honest with medical staff when you deliver, it may even lessen your CPS visits if anything at all. Hopefully, you won't have to go thru with it and if you do, you are doing the right thing for yourself and your baby, by not doing pain meds!!!!!!! and the wean for you or someone else and how much are you taking now, when do you want to be off, or be down to before you give birth?? I can make you up a wean calendar. Send me an email if you want to. Good luck all you mommies out there and mommies-to-be!! You all are strong and can do this!! No hopeful, we are not doctors ( I am a nurse) but either we have been there or we are going there and any advice you can get from all sources available the better informed and prepared you can be!! I agree though, don't substitute for medical care ;) AND TO ANGIE..........DON'T BLAME US, WE DIDN'T PUT OUR BABIES UP FOR YOU TO ADOPT!!!!!!!!! Go to an adoption support group website :) this is obviously NOT for you....duh!!!

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WhitneyFTM 5 years ago

Hi I'm 34 weeks and on 4 mil a day.. Thanks mama kitty for sharing ur story was very helpful.. I wanna breast feed so bad but my dr is kinda not for it and my fiancé isn't either. Since reading all of these stories I think I'm gonna talk to the dr. More and make sure that the hospital is okay with it too if that's even possible... That freaks me out that cps can get involved... Also my baby is in the 13th percentile he weighs 4.7 lbs at 34 weeks is this bc of subutex?? Thanks u all for ur amazing and eye opening stories

lila 5 years ago

I have two healthy kids both born while I was taking sub. One is three born 7lbs at 38 weeks and other 2 months born 8.4# .40 wks. Neither ever had any withdrawal. I nursed both.took both home from hospital next day.I took nibbles of sub twice a day.I just hope there is moms out there this can help I have back pain and this drug has made it so I can live without needing pain meds every few hours that make me drowsy. .I would love to b free of this drug and I know someday I will but for now this is my path and I'm taking one day at a time.there are so many women out there who are beating themselves up and u need to stop and.try your hardest and then some to pbring your baby's into this world with the best start cuz u only get one body.I hope this helps someone have hope my kids are both healthy spoiled very smart social kids. Please give yourself a break.I know life hands us things we wish we didn't have to battle but this one we can win and our kids wont suffer for our mistakes if you put ur mind to it.

optimistic 5 years ago

Baby Austyn is doing great! He was born December 4th at 11:02 pm. He was 7lbs 22 inches long. It was a quick and easy birth. No withdrawl just some sneezing which the nurse told me normal, that all babies do, it helps clear the mucus left in the nasal cavities. The staff was well aware of my suboxone use and were very understanding and nonjudgemental.The nurse that helped deliver him told me se had worked at the hospital for almost 7years and out of all the babies they had born, those on suboxone and or other street drugs, she had only seen 2 babies sent out for withdrawl. The hosp I was at could not adminster drugs to the infants, so if Austyn had bad withdrawls and needed medication they would have had to send him to another hosp. They tested me and of course I was negative on everything (the nurse said that I was just negative and that they do not test for buphenorphine but since it was in my file that I was currently taking suboxone they were going to do a drug test on Austyn also..which he was negative on too). I did speak to the case worker that was there but she was not concerned about the suboxone use, she was more worried about my questionaire about depression...but of course with all of the stress, esp at the end of the pregnancy, Ive been highly depressed. NO CPS, NO DSS, I got bothered by no one. It was a surprisingly easy and laidback experience. Im so relieved yet angry at how much time and sleepless nights Ive lost over this whole situation and it was nothing like I had thought it would be. I cannot say that everyone elses' experience will be the same but I know that I was blessed as was my son Austyn. so its now my second baby on subutex and they both are healthy and happy children. Good luck to all you determined, motivated and selfless women. This is not an easy task, it is harder it admit, esp while you are pregnant, that you are takes a strong person, one that is more concerned with the welfare of their child then with what consquences they may suffer. Good luck.

pdw1980 5 years ago

congrats optimistic. im so happy for u and ur son:)

Hopeful 5 years ago



Just curious what kind of drug test they did on your baby?

Kate 5 years ago

Hey I'm back, I had my daughter on sept 2nd 2011. She was 6.0 lbs & 18in long. She had no real w/d, the only thing I noticed was excessive screaming the first few days, but we were having trouble breast feeding. Also she had these tremors like her arms would jerk but the dr told us that was totally normal bc babies have immature nervous systems. They contacted the hospitals social worker who meets with patients & decides what if any further action needs to be taken. Bc I had been open & honest the entire pregnancy & did not relapse she didn't feel the need to involve CPS. Btw I spoke with CPS before having my baby & they said if your prescribed to sub then they have no case, it's a valid script given to u by a dr who knows you are pregnant.

mamakittyof4 profile image

mamakittyof4 5 years ago from Chilie, TN

Congrats optimistic on Baby Austyn!!! In the state where I live, they make you sign a paper as soon as you put your gown on to have your baby. Its a release for newborn drug screening and HIV testing. If you do not sign the form, they will not deliver your baby (its what I was told) however, I don't know if its in fact "law" a nurse, people in the medical field cannot do anything to a child under the age of 18 w/o proper medical consent ( and if no consent, then there has to be "just cause") meaning if there are signs of w/d on the infant and, yes, some of the symptoms of newborns are apparent whether or not the mother was using or not (all newborns can sneeze to clear airways and have mild tremors). Yes, if you have a valid prescription for subutex/suboxone, cps CAN DO NOTHING!!!! Even if the prescription is a year old!!!! You are legally prescribed that from a doctor. Period. I forgot who it was on here that wanted some more info on the weaning process.....would you please ask again so I can give it to you? Thanks. Ladies, we are all great mothers in seeking help for our addictions. It's better than using and taking a chance on doing harm to our unborn babies. :)

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JoyBaby3 5 years ago

Thank U thank u ladies for your comments. Like many of you I am a pregnant lady on subutex. 23 weeks and researching as much as I can. I became addicted to pain killers after an injury and chose to go on suboxone after rehab. Getting pregnant was a complete bit wonderful surprise as I was apparently suppose to have gone brought menapause. I was initially on 12mg a day but had to go upto 20mg as the baby got bigger I started w/d. Has anyone had this experience??? Has anyone had a baby on this higher dose. My OB has encouraged me to NOT reduce during pregnancy.

Scared 5 years ago

I just found out that I am for sure pregnant, and I did percocets 2 times in one week (spread out between a day or two) last week. Now I am so scared I might've hurt this baby and I dont know what to do please help!

Tina 5 years ago

Does anyone have more info on breastfeeding on suboxone?

profile image

JoyBaby3 5 years ago

Dear scared! My heart goes out to you. At least you are aware that taking pain killers unnecessarily during pregnancy isn't the best for u or baby. In my experience no the tablets won't hurt your baby, however u need to stop now. If u can't talk to your midwife or doctor about the support you will need to stay off the pills. Have u had a history of using the pills unnecessarily or was it just a one off time? How many weeks are you? Woman are given certain painkillers during pregnancy if they need them ie in a trauma, severe pain etc however if u are in a position in which you are abusing them you need support. From my personal experience this is something you can't do on your own!!! Hope this helps and by the way huge congratulations on the pregnancy!!!! Xxxx

samantha 5 years ago

Hello, I'm almost 11 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I am on 8mgs subutex a day. I've done some searching on the internet about women breastfeeding on subutex and i've read that a very low amount is in the milk and the baby swallows it so it doesn't get absorbed that well. I really want to breastfeed, I think the good outweighs the risks. My boyfriend though wants me completley off the subs if i am going to breastfeed but he has never been an addict or on suboxone. I wish there was more information on this out there because I really want to breastfeed! And if the babies in me the whole time on subutex then whats the big deal if it gets like 1% of my sub. I've heard it can help with there withdrawals if they have any. I could even slowly try and wean off the subs while im breastfeeding. has anyone had doctors tell you that its okay to breastfeed? I think the dr's are way to undereducated about this.

pdw1980 5 years ago

i must be the only person in the world who was taken off suboxone when i got pregnant. ive been looking for someone to talk to who was also taken off and try to compare our experience. from the terrible w/d (while being 6 weeks) to the god awful nightmares, to the extreme drug cravings, i mean i was craving drugs instead of food! it was insain! im now 7 months and have been off the subs sence august. im stone cold sober and very proud of myself, but... in certain ways, im not. im only sober b/c i dont know anyone here, my doc cut me off and i had no choice. as much as i would love to take 100% credit for being sober while pregnant, i cant. it doesnt rightfully belong to me. but im glad i own it for now. does anyone here know what i mean? in a sick way, i envy those of u still on the subs. i know it sounds silly, but its true. so, even though im sober n doing well... i still feel as though ive failed. u know?

proud mother of healthy baby boy 5 years ago

to everyone that says subs will make ur baby w/d, thats so not true. i was on subs my whole pregnancy and i delievered a 9 lbs heaklthy baby boy..

profile image

JoyBaby3 5 years ago

Dear proud mother of healthy baby boy

Can I ask many milligrams of sub were u on? I'm worried due to the dose I'm on and OBG advises not to decrease dose. Would really appreciate your reply xxx

Kate 5 years ago

I had my baby in sept 2011, she had NO w/d symptoms even tho i was on 12mg subutex. My OB knew that I was on subutex, & after having my baby I had to speak with a lady from CPS. she cleared me as a fit mother after talking briefly about my history & recovery. I had to be induced at 37wks bc the medication & my deteriorating placenta caused my childs growth to slow wayy down. she came out at 6.0lbs 18.0inches. she was completely healthy & did not require any observation.

If you have ANY questions or would like to talk please feel free to email me at! I love talking to other ladies in similar situations as myself & helping those who feel lost & scared like I did. there is a lot of scary info on the web & not enough research. also i was able to breast feed my daughter, the medication did not cause any issues with that, i know a lot of dr's are not educated on subutex but luckily all of our doctors from the addiction specialist, and OB to our pediatritian.

Good luck, I hope everyone on here gets as lucky as we did.

Rachel 5 years ago

Dear Kate, congrats on the wee one! How many mgs are you on while breast feeding? I'm afraid it's affecting my baby even though everyone says they did it and it was fine. Its always in the back of my head that some how it has to affect her. Or its the reason she sleeps so much or is such a calm baby. I take approx. two to four mgs a day. How long did you breast feed for or are you still? Any advice will help!

Kate 5 years ago

I was & still am on 12mg a day. It did not affect my baby at all. I am still kinda breast feeding but bc my baby refused to latch I had to pump every 3hrs round the clock. my supply dropped, which knew would eventually happen bc she wasnt latching but it dropped lower than I thought it would so as of about a week ago she is mostly getting formula. She only gets a couple oz of breast milk a day now =(

Kate 5 years ago

Also I read somewhere that the subutex in your breast milk pretty much just passes thru them. do u think your feeling this way bc your so worried about it? What makes you suspect the subutex is negatively affecting your baby?

Kate 5 years ago

BTW how old is your baby? you can email me at my iphone is connected to my gmail so i can respond faster

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Danielle8787 5 years ago

Hi I am 20 weks pregnant and I take 4 mg subutex daily,recently I feel like im withdrawling even though I take it like Im supposed to I told my doctor about this and he told me theres no way I could be feeling withdrawal if I am taking it regularly,he is acting like I want more or something and that is the last thing I want I feel absolutely terrible about the dose I am already taking,I really dont know what to do....

Kate 5 years ago


When I got further along in my pregnancy my addiction specialist warned me that I may feel the need to take more due to the increase in blood volume. Its totally normal. If your doctor doesn't understand this I'm really sorry, you can look for another doctor but I found it impossible to find anyone who would even let me walk in the door while pregnant!(I tried to switch bc my Dr is 45mins away) I started on 8mg of subutex pre pregnancy & ended up at 12mg towards the end of my pregnancy. I would look for some research online, its probably going to be hard to find much but look up the MOTHER trials its a pretty well known subutex trial done using pregnant women. it may have the information on needing an increased dose during the 2nd-3rd trimester. I hope it goes well, im sorry your going thru this, many doctors truly dont know enough about this drug especially when it comes to pregnant women taking it. I was lucky bc my doctor had already treated 10 other pregnant women with subutex. My email is if u have any other questions

Kate 5 years ago

I also wanted to say that I got an epidural during my delivery & it is FINE with the medication. I also needed an extra dose of it due to my tolerance to pain medication. I told the anesthesiologist that my addiction specialist said I may need an extra dose & they gave it to me no problem, it helped SO much! A lot of doctors know very little about subutex & think that you cant have a real epidural, they are misinformed & I would be wary of seeing a doctor who is this clueless. my doctor goes to the latest conferences on pregnancy & subutex & has treated at least 10 pregnant patients I got really lucky having a well informed doctor.

Sub Mama 5 years ago

Hey everyone!

I always intended on coming back here and telling my story but I definitely have taken a long time. I am a former heroin addict; sober now for five years. I was originally but on suboxone but when I got married, I asked my doc to put me on subutex because it IS much healthier if you get pregnant. My doc was VERY supportive of being on subutex and pregnant and had many women through his practice give birth on it. He was absolutely sure my baby would be fine. I got pregnant very quickly. I was on 8mg. I soon dropped down to 3 mgs/a day and by around 8 months pregnant I was taking crumbs three times a day that totaled 1 1/2 mg a day. I would take a crumb in the morning, afternoon and evening.

I heard about hospital protocol and I was NOT going to put my daughter in any danger for being stuck in a NICU with methadone, so I made other plans. I should tell you I am a very healthy person. I walked two hours everyday during pregnancy, I ate very, very well- all organic, fruits and vegetables, no junk food, minimal coffee( half a cup a day) and lots of vitamins ( including DHA for baby's brain development).

I drank a TON of water- lots- to flush everything out. I would out a few ounces of orange/mango organic juice in their to make it more appealing. I think a lot of water is important to keep the amniotic fluid fresh.

SO, because I was so healthy and low risk, I planned a homebirth. i knew MY personal best chance to keep my baby healthy was to not have any interference and hold her skin to skin as soon as she was born, lots of nursing, dark rooms, cuddling, no strangers or bright lights around you. You basically want to recreate the womb.

I had two amazing, educated and experience midwives and I had the blessing of my pediatrician who came the day after the birth to make sure she was not withdrawing. We also went into his office a few days after the birth.

The birth was amazing. I had a short labor and gave birth to her into a dim room into warm water. She was born at 40 weeks and 8 lbs, 20 inches long. My husband and I were the only ones who held her for the first week of life. I had a lot of help from my midwives to nurse ( she did have problems latching- but we DID get it down.) My ped. said nursing was totally fine and completely supported that choice. I also did a ton of research and most of what I read supported nursing. The comfort alone, helps baby with withdrawals.

I went back up to 3 1/2 mgs after birth- which my doc said was fine bc as long as I stayed under 4 mg the amount that passes through my milk is very, very small.

Withdrawals. I was so relieved and happy that baby did NOT withdrawal. The doc said she was a little "tight"- her arms and legs and he believes that might have been a small inidicator of WD but that was it. Babies have all the same symptoms of babies who WD, so I believe it is hard to tell. Babies, sneeze, they have that reflex where their arms shoot up and they feel like they are falling, they cry and scream. I was paranoid about everything. But the doctor said she was fine and she was. The fact that she could be very calm at sleepy at times, assured me she was a normal baby. If she had screamed all day and night I would have taken her to the hospital; that never happened.

My daughter is 15 months old now. SHe doesn't walk- she RUNS. She kisses and hugs all the time. SHe laughs. She is very smart and can say- mama, daddy, kitty, sissy, so big, ow, uh-oh, nice, hot, hi and bobo ( from a story-lol).

She has NEVER tasted formula and still breastfeeds. She has been exclusively breastfed since birth. She loves it and shows no indication that it is at all harmful. SHe takes a nap in the morning for 1 hour and 30 minutes, an hour nap in the afternoon and she sleeps from 8-6 in the morning, wakes up twice at night for a minute or two -has a quick nurse and goes right back to bed. She is very healthy and very happy.

Good luck mamas. Listen, methadone has been WIDELY researched and has been considered safe. I can tell you from first hand knowledge that subutex is way less hardcore than methadone. Dont' stress out or guilt trip yourself- it's bad for you and baby! You will both be fine in the end, I promise! Your baby will be OKAY. The very worst is WD and that will not affect them long term. Try your best to get down to a low dose, if you can. There is SOME thinking that women that are overweight/ heavier, will have babies with a LESS chance of WD, as their bodies take up most of the medication. If you are thin- like me ( I am 5' 8" and weigh 120- only gained 25 lbs with pregnancy) try to get down to a low dose- if you can. I have an inkling and I may be wrong, that very thin girls with high dosages, are the ones who have babies who withdrawal.

Lots of love! Any questions for me- ask here- I will come back and check :-)

HuniGems 5 years ago

I am 16 wks pregnant. I was on 8mg subutex for 4 yrs..(not perscribed) i had no insurance and was buying off a friend. Expensive and draining habit..especially when all u do is worry when u r broke n close to running out. Anyway, i tapered slowly and was last taking a quarter a day,sometimes 2 quarters later in the day if i had extra to do. Today is my first day without. By choice, and also by no means of buying them. My biggest problem is the goosebumps and the sweats and chills. The watery eyes the yawning and the discomfort. How long will this last?? It seems like an eternity and all u want is relief.. But i must do this for my child. I once stopped and was given blood pressure meds. Alled clonidene and it helped me stay calm. Within 5 days it was like a new me. Im curious if the same will happen this time but without and medicine to help.

sooppa 5 years ago

I am breastfeeding and taking 6mg of subutex (buprenorphine). I was on methadone during pregnancy and gave birth to a healthy 71b 13 baby boy. However, he is now 9 months and since the beginning, he has had the worst gas. During the day, he is fine. But at night, it gets stuck in his bowels and he wakes frequently trying to expel the gas. I tried gas drops, gripe water, probiotics, changing my diet, cutting out dairy for a week (possibly not long enough) but my final conclusion is that it must be the subutex. Though I haven't seen anyone else mention this online – so I am the first?? – has anyone else breastfeeding on subutex had a very gassy baby? Please comment here if so. Even if it doesn't help, I'm sure there will be women in the future searching for the same info

sooppa 5 years ago

Danielle - it is normal to feel like you want more when you get pregnant. By the third trimester, the amount of blood in your body doubles, so the dose gets diluted! For all the ladies here, I really recommend this site - whether methadone or subutex - it really helped me when I was scared during pregnancy. Doctors really don't know what they are talking about most of the time with regards to this pregnancy and methadone/subutex as there is so much misinformation out there. But at this site, you'll find answers, advice and support (I'm not involved with the site, I just know how much it helped me and I see a lot of frightened women on this message board! ) Good luck!

Janet 5 years ago

Can someone please help me? I am 6 months pregnant and I have been addicted to opiates ( all kinds), for 7 years. 30-40 pills a day. I am out & do not plan on getting anymore. I dont want my child born with withdrawals. Any advice on what I can exspect & how can I get thru this?

pdw1980 5 years ago


let me start by saying, i was where u are. im now 30 weeks preg and was cut off my suboxone in early august. i had to stop cold turkey. i have been sober 2 yrs (with the exception of my subs). but i have experienced just about every type of w/d there is to experience. my suboxone w/d was by far the worst physically. the physical narcotic w/d i would only feel for about a week. the toughest part is the mental part of it. u will need a support system if u really wanna make it thru this. i havnt been on subs sence august, im clean n sober for the first time in over 15 yrs. while going thru sub w/d, i was sure i was gonna lose this baby and die, but i didnt. my daughter will be here in 9 weeks. her heart beat is strong and we r both doing great. one BIG, BIG, thing that helped me (even though i didnt think it at the time) is the fact that i had moved to a new state, had no family/friends. so i had no one i could "get" anything from. u will have to stay away from people and things that make it accessible!!! thats the only way u will be able to do this. as an addict, at least in my experience, it is immpossible to be around drugs and not do them. it doesnt work like that.

meghan 5 years ago

I am 23 years old and 23 weeks pregnant with a baby boy. When I first found out I was pregnant i was taking 8mg of suboxone sublingual film a day. At about 18 weeks I had tapered down to 2mg a day, 4 days ago I stopped cold turkey so now the withdrawls are hitting me hard. My question is, has anyone tapered off while still pregnant and the baby was fine?? I still feel him moving around so that's reassuring. I just need some advice :)

Joybaby3 5 years ago

MEGHAN hi there. Can I ask who advised you to come off the suboxone? Going through withdrawals is very dangerous for your baby boy! Yes u may still feel him kicking but unborn babies can have strokes while in the womb if mother withdrawing. You need to speak to your obst ASAP and double check u and baby ok. I know from medical experience that withdrawing cold turkey is one of the most dangerous things u can do! Plse see someone and get advise'

Cheryl 5 years ago

My friends daughter didn't realize she was pregnant and was still using drugs but about 5 months she started on methodone - her baby was born but has low glucose and is not keeping the weight she is being transferred to a children's hospital now - because they can't regulate the glucose is this because of the earlier use of the drugs

momi27 5 years ago

Hi I'm writing because I'd like to share my experience with subutex and pregnancy I read these over and over while I was pregnant and some scared me half to death and I prayed day n night for a healthy withdrawel free baby and he was. I gave birth Friday to a 8 lb 11 oz boy a wk over due so I was induced and so far so good was released 24 hrs after it was great I'm so thankful I was only taking 3 mg at end started on 2 went up to 12 n back down to 3 in third trimester its hard to cut down but I wanted to make sure everything was ok I also didn't tell anyone which scared me too but I couldn't I was so ashamed I'm weening off day after day so I don't ever do something like this again I was so nervous n still am as to if help cont being healthy I pray still n Tk god for bringing us this far withdraw free

im bakkkk UPDATE 5 years ago

gotta make this quick...Congrats to all the mothers who were lucky and had healthy babies. I think it has to do with the hospital you deliver @. So when i gave birth to my son, i personally didnt think the drawls' were that bad... and they werent. Guess son was diagnosed with a heart disease AFTER THE METHADONE treatment was completed....thats what was making the stupid ass doctors go crazy. honestly he did have a lil withdrawl i noticed. i didnt think it should of required methadone tho. when cps came they checked my scipt and left. case closed. I just think its the hospital u go to and there education on subutex. and your insurance lol if u have medicaid they will keep your baby for whatever reason they can get away with. anyone has any questions or just wants to talk feel free to email snb4e@

Dawn 5 years ago

I gave birth to my little girl almost 2 weeks ago. I was prescribed subutex throughout my pregnancy. I was very up front and honest to my Subutex doctor as well as my OBGYN about being pregnant and on the subutex. I was told that my daughter would suffer very little withdraw if any at all. I was under the impression that my baby girl would being going home from the hospital with me and everything would be "normal"! Well not only was I greatly misinformed from my Doctor it has been almost 2 weeks and my little girl is still having symptoms of withdraw and has been in the Intensive Care Unit since 2 days after he was born. They put her on morphine and as of today they expect it will be 10-14 more days before she gets to come home. I have never been so upset and confused and angry in my life! In retrospect I'm not sure if I really could have done anything differently. What options did I have? Continuing to use drugs was definatley not an option for me and cold turkey more than likely would have resulted in a miscarriage. However I believe that these Doctors need to be more informed as to what these infants can go through afterwards. They need to be able to prepare a mother as to what could be expected after they give birth. I have an enormous amount of guilt and feel I did something wrong. I have been told repeatedly from the NICU doctors and nurses that I did everything right but it doesn't feel right as I watch my baby girl lay there in a hospital rather than at home with me! I in no way think it is wrong to take subutex while pregnant I do think I could have been better informed and prepared for the possible consequences of doing such though!

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robertsjr 4 years ago

FYI - I am a G'parent that just had a Baby who is in the Hospital due to Suboxone withdrawal issues. My newborn is having all kinds of complications due to the Suboxone. The Physician said it was OK for her to take Suboxone while she is pregnant. The Doctor at the hospital who delivered the baby said she should have "weened" herself to protect the Baby because now we have an innocent newborn Baby that is going through severe withdrawals and also other major complications due to this drug and is currently in the ICU unit at the Hospital. Why take a chance on harming an innocent child. You can slowly "ween" yourself off the drug and protect your Baby then after the child is born go back on it if you can't control your habit!

Unfortunately there is not enough research out there on Suboxone side effects and how it relates to newborns.

We are learning the hard way...

jenniferB 4 years ago

I was put on subutex while pregnant with my last daughter and for all you woman who are mad at these mothers for being addicted to drugs while pregnant some of us were on birth control and some of us still ended up pregnant that's why we sought out our options to have a healthy baby and have the least amount of with drawls possible for them.My advice is always tell your doctor and if they won't help or don't know much about it find another one also though most doctor's prescribe more than you were taking before you got pregnant I still got myself down as low as I could til at the end I was taking a quarter of an 8mg pill a day, and though some doctors will tell you that they won't with drawl they will my nephew did because his mom (my sister) was taking what she was prescribed which was 3 a day so he had all the symptoms and signs..sneezing,leg jeks ,arm jerks and belly aches and a raw butt from loose bowl movements and he also rubbed his face raw because babies who with drawl tend to try and suck on their hands because of the belly aches they think it will help he was put on the anti convulsion meds and had to stay in the hospital longer than most babies and my baby got to come home after only one day of observation because I put myself on such a low dose.Just know anything you take after being 6 months pregnant will show up in the babies drug test so be honest about everything because they do contact cps or dcbs it depends on where you are from but as long as you are honest and taking your meds only you will be fine.It's best to suck up being embarrassed than to let your baby go through with drawls even for a second when you don't tell the doctors what you were on. That's when I would only be judge mental towards a mother who sacrifices her babies comfort for her own embarrassment, because if your baby is going through with drawls which we all know are horrible would you want to keep your mouth shut knowing they can give your baby something to keep them comfortable like you are because of the pain meds you receive while your in the hospital or just let your baby suffer through with drawls until the test come back and then they will know what to treat you baby with and that's a matter of hours of your baby being uncomfortable. When i went to have my tubal after I had my baby I told the nurse that no matter what if at anytime she even looks uncomfortable start the meds even if I am in surgery because I didn't want her to hurt for anything and though her scores never got above a 2 i still asked for a score sheet to take home so I could watch for symptoms just in case because they can come later, my nephew had horrible stomach aches we had to lay him on a heating pad on the lowest and turn it off just to help it a little. That's my advice be honest put your babies comfort above your own and try if you can to be on the lowest dose possible before you have they baby less chance for with drawls and follow up care too.I am glad everyone is doing fine and I hope I have helped I do have one question my nephew passed away at 35 days old and then my own baby who I was writing about passed away at 4 months from SIDS I just wonder has this happened to anyone else that has been on the program? I am not trying to scare anyone at all but if and when I do have another child it will be planned and I will be clean because I do believe that they do not know enough of the affects of this drug on babies and pregnancies unlike with Methadone though it is a harder drug for anyone including babies to come off of,it has been studied more remember this is still a fairly new drug when it comes to pregnancies,so please let me know @ Thank you Jenn

Rachael 4 years ago

I am 26 weeks and on subutex. This is my first baby and I always said I would be able to just quit drugs cold turkey if i became pregnant. I thought that it would be easy because of the reasons to quit. This is baby is going to be my world but it wasn't as easy as I thought. So I don't feel guilty for taking subutex to better my life and my babies. It will be heart breaking if he has to go through withdraw, i hope that being on a low dose will prevent that but either way I think using this drug instead of going through severe withdraws and chance a miscarraige or relapsing is a better option. I would tell anyone who is pregnant and suffering with addiction to talk to your doctor and figure out the best thing for you and your baby and DONT be ashamed of it.

pdw1980 4 years ago

my daughter is due in less than 2 weeks. i was taken off subs in august. i went thru terrible w/d from it and was super pissed about being dropped as a patient. i was sure ide miscariage bcuz of it. im now concidered full term and she is doing wonderful as far as we can tell. theres a test they do with an ultrasound and ive had 2. the best score a baby can get is an 8 and she scored an 8 both times. they look at their body movment, lung activity, ability to suck their fingers and i cant remember everything, but she got a perfect score. if u wanna stop taking it while ur pregnant, than quit! i dont suggest stopping cold turkey, (thats what i had to do) but if at all possible, taper urself down until u can stop atleast a few months b4 baby is born. i cant tell u how relieved i am to know that my daughter will not have w/d and it didnt feel good at the time, but i know now that this was what i needed to do. i may or may not get back on it after shes born. i dont know yet. but for u ladies who r scared to quit, or think it will hurt the baby, i think it does more harm to stay on it. especially on a high dose. i will let everyone know how shes doing when shes born. and please, dont think im saying u need to quit or u should quit. this is a personal choice and i know u all, just like me, want to do whats best for ur baby. my intention is simply to inform u that u CAN QUIT while ur pregnant. it sux, but its worth it. people would say things to me like, u will lose the baby or, the w/d in the womb can give her seizures! basiclly scaring the shit out of me. my doc wached very closely as i was honest with him about everything and my baby n i have been very well taken care of. and i quit taking them at the beginning of pregnancy when the chance of a miscariage is higher. dont be scared to do what u need to do, no matter what.

dean 4 years ago

hello everyone my gitlfriend was on subutex during the pregnacy and they swithed her to suboxone the day are girl was born very healthy and beutiful no withdrawls were we wrong we were broke into friday night stole our sripts the doctor give her with draw meds said baby would be fine she is 16 months as of yesterday and she is withdrawing as bad as us so i had to buy some on the street and med r selfs it sucks but wean yourself down as fast as you can so u don't need to rely on these meds i think it would be safer to be on subutex if you are prgnant or breast feeding so tell your doctor and take care may godbless all of you as he has us

pdw1980 4 years ago

my baby will be 2 weeks old 2mrw! im the one who was taken off subs at 4/5 weeks preg. everyone told me i needed to stay on the meds (except my doctors) for risk of losing my baby. she was born march 9th, perfectly healthy! stoping my eds was the best choice, for me and my baby. u can stop. it sux, but its worth it. i just wanted to let all of u know that the danger of staying on and baby withdrawing is way worse than quitting. if i can do it, anyone can. i was an active addict for 15 years and was a recovering addict on subs for 2 years. now im off the subs, thanx to my baby. if i hadnt gottn pregnant i wouldnt have stoped. please concider quitting. it wont be easy, but its worth it. i didnt have to worry about the baby going thru w/d, child services or any of the crap we as addicts have to face. good luck to everyone of u.

kristy9203 4 years ago

hi everyone,i had a baby boy sept 3rd 2010 and i just want expected mothers to knw that i was suppose to take 24 mgs a day and i took around 8mg's a day some days were less than that!!! i had heard of so many diffrent problems i was so afraid not for myself just for the sake of my un born son!!!!!@1:30 pm i gave birth 2 a handsom boy and soon as i had him fullterm i knew something didn't look/feel right well it went until 2nd nite and i thought 2 myself well hopefully all will b o.k.!!!! i got woken up @ 5:30 a.m to b told that he had to b put on phenabarbatial (srry may not b spelled correct:) tht was the most scary sit i have ever faced they were very,very unexpirenced nurses made me feel uncomfy like i was just the most worst mother out there.... i thought i was making the best of choice for my so instead of taking chance of relapse or doing something way worse... so here i am gettin ready to have baby boy #2 and i'm still on subutex and more scared than ever i don't knw which way to turn or what to do here it is 3 months til my due date and i have read so incourraging info but still some scary ones!!! all i knw to try 2 do is just lay off of the med til i have baby???idk what to do!!!on the other hand my sister-n-law had a baby went to suboxone doctor the whole nine months taking suboxone not subutex and not telling the doctors the ob or even at birth and her son came out 100% fine not being in w/d i wonder if suboxone would/could b a better treatment easier for baby after birth!!! on the other hand where doc's and nurses don't knw enough info they treat the mother like sh*t here they do anyways !we don't have many doctors here to find one that knws some/more about our cases..forgot to mention my son stayed on the meds for 2 whole wks and we dropped his mg's down every few days started on 5mg's and last dose was 0.5 and was scary cause i thought he would get sick like we addicts do when we have nothing to take daily but thank you god he did so much better after the first 2wks after birth it just didn't seem like i got 2 enjoy the moments that i should gotten to at the hospital!!!! hope this can help just wanted 2 let our mommies out there knw what to expect don't mean IT WILL OR HOPEFULLY IT WON'T HAPPEN TO ur wee-one GOOD LUCK MOMMIES PRAYING FOR U AND HOPE ALL THE BEST OF LUCK!!!!XOXOXOXOXOXO

sad,dad 4 years ago

how about our babies not having to suffer? I wish the best for you all that shared your stories. I've dealt with this from my first born to our expexted 3rd born, I've never used oxy and I am trying to understand it all, reading some of your stories has helped. i am trying to get why my wife and i still fight this demon knowing it could hurt our children and possibly herself, not being in apart of this family, in jail, dead or divorced. what is it? my wife has been doing great with her treatment but i dont believe in replacing one drug for another. she has an addictive personality, her doc keeps pilling her up, ambien, subs now switched to methadone, will we be fighting this forever? are our children going to have the dependancy she does?

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JoyBaby3 4 years ago

I wanted to share with u that last Tuesday night I had our 3rd child a little girl, Evie via c-section. When I found out I was pregnant I was on 12mg of suboxone and had been for 18mnths due to addiction to pain meds. Around 20 week gestation dr had to INCREASE my dose to 20mg per day and had it split to 12mg in the morning and 8mg in afternoon. My fear through entire pregnancy was my baby w/d once born. I wanted to reduce or come off the suboxone but my dr strongly advised against it! My husband and I made the decision to continue medication and remain healthy throughout whole pregnancy. Lots of water, healthy food, preg vitamins etc. on the 5th day after birth Evie started showing signs of w/d and scored quite high for a few hrs. The next day she began to calm down and as of today, day 7 she has been officially given the all clear! No w/d! Ladies can I encourage you to keep with what your dr advises. Stay healthy in your pregnancy. Refrain from taking anything other than what is prescribed! I am so grateful for wonderful care I have received. Grateful that I didn't swap to methadone at the beginning of pregnancy and remained on the Bup. I honestly believe after much research and from my own experience now that Bup is the better option in pregnancy of u can take it as it has less likely side effects for baby ie withdrawal! Take care, take courage. If anyone would like to ask me anything plse feel free. I check these postings regularly. Xxxx

KD 4 years ago

I was on subutex with my middle child, and suboxen with my third, I was switched off the subutex to suboxen after my second and got pregnant so quickly with my third my doctor just kept me on the suboxen. I was fortunate with both my chidren they did not experience severe NAS (infant withdrawal). They did stay an extra day for monitoring for the withdrawal because it usually peaks at 3-4 days after birth. Both my boys have been healthy. I also breastfeed them both which I believe made a difference. I was on 4mg with both. And since only a .469 I beleive (Im 100% on that number but close) it is a very low amount of transfer to the breastmilk, but enough to ween then after birth. In my experience the subutex and suboxen worked better in my pregnancies than methadone, I was on methadone with my first son and he stayed in the hospital for 32 days after birth. However, there are new advancements and I found a doctor that if a baby does need medicine for withdrawal (from either suboxen or methadone moms) they do have it now that the babies can go home with their moms and visit a methadone clinic just like mom. Because we all know babies do much better when able to be with their mommies. (it is a fact) :) I hope this information helps someone. I can say as a recovering addict, getting on a maintance program was the best thing for me and my children, and Im a sure that it is much better than continuing to use. Best of wishes to those expecting it is the most wonderful experience, my youngest is a week old today :)

Artist-For-Hire profile image

Artist-For-Hire 4 years ago from Western Australia

I know this is shameless self promotion...sorry for thread-jacking Recovering Addict (you've got a great hub here and good reason or no, I'm taking advantage of it)

But I wanted to invite you and your visitors to join me the (Buprenorphine) Subutex Babies Forum:

A brand new forum that I think you and many of your readers will benefit from contributing to. I want everyone - expectant or experienced - to come and share their questions and their experiences. It's still very quiet, it's not a day old yet but with everyones help I hope it will soon fill up.

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amber1981 4 years ago

Please HELP , I was on suboxone for a year when I found out I was pregnant , my doc suggested that I go on to subutex and I have been taking it since I was 2 weeks preg. and now I am 25 weeks since I hit my 24th week and now my 8mg seems to not hold me all nite. My ob-gyn has said that my baby is a big baby which my other 2 were big babies also. Do you think this is from the baby and should I try to go up on my meds.? PLZ give me some feedback. btw my husband has made me take more of my meds when he sees my pupils get large, he says I am not caring for the baby if I try to suffer for the nite

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JoyBaby3 4 years ago

Dear amber1981 I was on 12mg subutex when I found out I was pregnant. My prescriber changed me to straight bupremorphine as the naloxone is not good for your baby. When I hit 19 weeks I started withdrawing. My dose wasn't holding me. This is due to the increased blood volume during pregnancy. I ended up being on 20mg. It is so important u tell your dr. The false info of getting off te drug while pregnant will help your baby is rediculous! Research has shown its not the dose that effects withdrawal for baby when born but how stable the mother is durging baby was born while I was on 20mg and never went through withdrawal. Plse seek help and be on the dose that keeps u stable and your baby will be stable! Hope this helps

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JoyBaby3 4 years ago

Amber1981 I have shared my story on this forum it's a few stories back from your comments

lovemybaby 4 years ago

I came to this site often during my pregnancy because I too was taking suboxone. I want to give some info to girls who are in the same situation I was. I was taking about 6 mg of suboxone, and immediately switched to subutex. I then with my doctors supervision slowly weaned throughout my pregnancy. When I delivered I was takin .25 mg. I did the majority of my taper before 25 weeks. But continued very slowly until I delivered. My daughter was born 100% healthy & scored all zeros. Not even a hint of withdrawal. We stayed 2 extra days just to make sure. I had great doctors & nurses with whom I'd been totally honest with from the very beginning. I sought out tons of help & was determined to get as low as safety possible for my precious unborn baby. It was hard because I didn't always feel good but a little sweat & chills were far easier then watching my baby wd. Thank God (and I do) that did not happen. My first piece of advice tell ur doctor, swallow ur selfish pride & be honest. Take ur meds as prescribed, it really made me mad to read girls posts about snorting their subs or taking more then the absolute lowest dose. I also am a firm believer in breast feeding & it will help if ur baby's in withdrawal. And if you come across strong judgment take it. I never did @ least not to my face. But I was so truthful & I had worked so hard to take as little as possible, so I was treated like any other mother. Because of this I have a beautiful healthy 4 month old baby girl. Please please just be honest from day 1 & give your baby a fighting chance 9 months feels like a lifetime but it's really not. I hope this helps because the posts about wd free babies gave me something gave me hope & a little bit of peace. Good luck to all u mommies to be I wish u all healthy happy babies!

Mindy 4 years ago

I just found out that Im pregnant. I had a three year old girl, which was born while I was on methadone. Im at a very low dose, 40 mgs a day. I live in FLORIDA where there are methadone clinics but i dont knw of any Doctors who do the Subutez. Anyone knw a Doctor in North FL or South GA????

scarlet 4 years ago

Dear lovemybaby, thanks for your message. I too came here (from Australia) for advice. I have been on suboxone for over a year, tapered from 8 to 2mg, juts found out I am 2 weeks pregnant. I immediately phoned my dr who is faxing the chemist a subutex script for the week until I can go see him. I plan on doing what you did, tapering down asap, afterall 2mgs is nothing really.. I will seek dr's advice on how fast/slow to do this. but if there is ANY chance of the baby having withdrawals I'd abort, get clean, & try again in a year or something. Has anyone here tapered from 2mg and swapped like I am?

Ms Amber Eve 4 years ago

To 'boosgurl'

I am shocked that you had such a hard time with child safety overyour pregnancy and child. My sister smoked pot the entire time of her first pregnancy and brestfeeding with her son and has been dobbed in several times during and afterward. Child safety has never even looked in on her even though her son was born with breathing difficulties and had to be in special care in a humidicrib. Her son is now six and has severe ADHD and mental issues, allergies to certain foods and chemicals and is smaller than other children his age. I feel bad for your situation as you were only trying to do the right thing and got slapped in the face. Child safety only seems to attack the ones who admit they have a problem and ignores the ones who cover up that they are doing the wrong thing. At least suboxone is legal, monitored by a physician and gives you the opportunity to get counselling and other support services. None of us are perfect and I think we all try to do the best that we can but you shouldn't get punished for trying to do the right thing by your baby.

sandy 3 years ago

i took subutex during my whole pregnancy but as soon as my baby was born my dr switched me to suboxone!! i'm breastfeeding my baby is this switch good for my baby?? i'm really worried about this can someone help me ??

joycollie 3 years ago

I'm 7 weeks pregnant and found out I was pregnant at 5 weeks, and so I immediately tapered over a few days and then just quit, cold turkey. I decided that being clean was much healthier than going through 9 months of worry, stress, anxiety about if I am or not harming the baby. I just wanted to post to share what it has been like for me.

The first week was rough, in that I was restless, sweaty, hot and cold flashes, not a lot of sleep. After that first week passed, I felt no symptoms physically anymore.

The 2nd week was rough on sleep, but I took some melatonin 8mg and get a few hours sleep every night. Sure, there is a lot of lethargy and lack of motivation, but to me, this beats the stress and worry. I also had diarrhea, but it was nothing a little immodium a.d. couldn't fix. Sneezing fits come and go, and I have a little bit of a cold...which I am toughing out, but I have definitely felt sicker on opiate w/d on week 2 than on sub.

I am now on week 3 and the only side effect I have left is insomnia, cloudy brain, and sneezing. It really isn't all that bad. I'm just waiting out the insomnia part but I surely don't believe it is anything that will cause me to miscarry.

Oh, and btw, I had my 6 week scan in the middle of my 2nd week of sub w/d and the baby's heart beat was beating away! I go back in 2 weeks to check again. I will post to let everyone know how the baby is and how my sub detox and sober recovery are going.

Signed, 7 month suboxone user/4 year opiate abuser

Colette Acker 3 years ago

Subutex and Methodone are not contraindicated for breastfeeding mothers. Check out Lactmed.

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Amandamomtwo3 11 months ago

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