Preparing a bug out bag

Preparing for the worst is one way of preventing it, leaving your home at short notice is usually stressful and hectic; by preparing a bug out bag or grab bag as sailors like to call them, helps make your life easier.

Everybody should have some sort of short-term emergency kit in their home, with a range of things from food, candles, blankets and water to colouring books for children. This is excellent if you are staying in your home, however if you had to leave for any reason you may want to have a few things in one or two bags that can be carried easily and has some useful essentials for you and your family, even if you go to friends or family, you don't really want to turn up empty-handed and if you go to a local school or church you may find there's nothing there anyway especially in the beginning.

Being prepared doesn't mean you have to walk around in combats all the time and dig a bunker in the garden, it doesn't mean you're expecting World War Three or a major catastrophe, it just means you are ready to deal with most problems with little stress and heartache by being prepared. You can buy basic kits and add to them or you can make your own from scratch.

So where do you start? A piece of paper is a good place, write a list of things you think are needed for at least 72 hours as this is considered the minimum time to allow the authorities to get organised. A lot of the things you need are already in your home, however any other things you require can be sourced locally or online. Below is a list of useful items you may want to put in your bug out bag.

Suggested items for a bug out bag.

  • · A bag or bags depending on how many people you are setting up for, if it's just for one person one medium-sized bag is more than adequate, however you are planning for a family of three or more, it may be better to have three medium bags rather than one large one.
  • · Enough food and water for at least 72 hours, the minimum recommended daily amount of water for one person for drinking, cooking and washing ranges between 2 L (1/2 gallon) and 4 L (1 Gallon). Food should be non-perishable. Look into light hiking and camping rations in the freeze-dried packets as they do not take up too much room, they are lighter than tinned food and often allow you to just add the water straight into the packet which cuts down on washing.
  • · Water purification tablets/device.
  • · Cooking utensils, mess tins are excellent for this as they are your cooking utensil and also your plate, however any lightweight camping equipment will suffice.
  • · Good first aid kits, try to go for a medium-size kit in a bag rather than a box to reduce weight and a small first aid book or better yet basic first aid training.
  • · Fire starting tools, matches, lighter, Flint and steel preferably with a magnesium block as this makes lighting a fire easier, it is a good suggestion to keep your matches, lighter or Flint in a waterproof box.
  • · A small cooking stove, i.e., British Army hexamine stove (although very good, they do smell), hiking gel stoves (compact and lightweight and they burn a lot cleaner than hexamine)
  • · Personal hygiene equipment toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, towel, brush or a comb and feminine hygiene items.
  • · Sleeping bags.
  • · Camping equipment, keep this light into the bare essentials.
  • · Essential personal documents.
  • · Any medication for you or other members of your group, if practical keep this in a waterproof container.
  • · A couple of small torches, preferably wind up and extra batteries if it isn't.
  • · A radio preferably wind up or extra batteries if it isn't.
  • · A Stanley knife or small penknife.
  • · Duct tape.
  • · A tarpaulin or groundsheet.
  • · Some string and Para cord.
  • · Some cash and change.
  • · If you have children, pens and colouring books or travel games.
  • · emergency blankets
  • · plastic bin bags

If you plan for a short camping trip, you will find you will get this into an average sized rucksack or two.


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TheListLady profile image

TheListLady 5 years ago from New York City

I've decided on the perfect country place to retire to and just found out there has been flooding which means...I'm going to have to prepare a bug-out-bag. Whew!

Thanks for this reminder! Rated up!

LAURENS WRIGHT profile image

LAURENS WRIGHT 4 years ago

Great hub. Now is the time, before things happen, is to have a bug out bag on hand.

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