Prevention of Swine Flu

The Question on everyone's mind right now is preventing the Swine Flu?

With the Flu Season upon us, it is almost impossible to avoid coming in contact with H1N1 virus, so we must take matters into our own hands before showing signs of the infection. Protect yourself and family. Bacteria, Germs, and Viruses can enter through your eyes, mouth, and nose. Once you have flu like symptoms, the CDC recommends you stay home at least 24 hours after your fever is gone and no longer using fever-reducing medication. You should wear a mask to protect those around you, as each persons symptoms can range from mild to severe. Do You know the difference between a cold and flu?

Daily Health Tips our family follows.

  1. Don't Touch your face: eyes, mouth or nose, use the inside top or sleeve of your shirt if you have an itch.
  2. Wash your hands - wash before you eat, and in between meals, whenever you come in contact with likely germs. Carry a small bottle of alcohol based hand sanitizer with you at all times if its not possible to wash. Cough into your upper inside arm/shoulder, avoid your hands, if you cough into your hands wash or sanitize. Avoid shaking hands with others, instead try a pat on the shoulder. Let them know you are trying to prevent the spread of flu, they will thank you.
  3. Gargle with warm salt water or Listerine twice daily - The H1N1 Flu virus takes 2-3 days after being infected to show symptoms - This can be a simple but powerful, inexpensive prevention method.
  4. Rinse Your Nose - Using recipe provided or warm salt water, use either a nasal irrigation bottle or a simple Q-tip, once or twice a day. When using a q-tip blow your nose then dip q-tip in solution and swab inside of nostrils. Nasal Rinse Recipe: 1/4 tsp. soda, 1/4 tsp. sea salt, 1/4 tsp. silver shield, 1/4 tsp. pau D'arco extract, 1/4 tsp. xylitol, Directions: Combine with 1/4 c. warm water and rinse. Use a new q-tip with each nostril - no contamination. (see above link for learning about ingredients)
  5. Boost Your Immune System - The best way to prevent illness or disease is by having a healthy immune system, choose vitamin C rich foods or a Vitamin C/Zinc supplement. More Ways to boost your immune system click link above or below.
  6. Warm Liquids - Drink as much as possible - warm liquid can have the same effect as gargling, washing viruses from the throat into the stomach where they cannot survive.
  7. Teach Your Children - Make a FUN game out of it, show and tell them how it should be done. Let's face it children spread germs - if your children know prevention they will be able to share that with other kids at school. Talk about NOT picking their nose.
  8. Last but not least - keep a positive healthy attitude, eat right and exercise, if your worried and dwelling on getting the flu, you probably will. If you concentrate on being healthy your more likely to stay that way. Take matters into your own hands and do what you can to prevent the flu.

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jimcain207 profile image

jimcain207 6 years ago from HUMPHREY, ARKANSAS

good info. looking forward to more hubs. Consider reading my posted hubs. think you will enjoy.

Melanie Hanni profile image

Melanie Hanni 6 years ago from Idaho Author

Thanks Jim, I took time to read one of yours, I like the one on respect, we need more of it.

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