Printable Baby Shower Invitations

Everyone loves a baby shower but the hardest part for me was deciding what invitations to use. Most store bought invitations are just so impersonal and bland I love to make my own. I hope this inspires you to give it a try at your own baby shower. I love to find new dyi, do it yourself projects. I hope you enjoy the pictures I have made they are free for you to use as you like all I ask is that you link to my page to let others enjoy them all as well. Thanks and have a great baby shower.

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How To Print Your Invitations

1. Print out the baby shower invitation on any heavy paper of choice. They have so many different colors you can even match it to your wedding colors I think that is so fantastic.

2. Print out your own baby shower invitation wording such as: who the shower is for mom & dad's names or if you know the baby boy/girls name, the location date & time with the paper of your choice. The paper can be contrasting color paper or even a heavy matching piece of paper.

3. When you are finished with the printing you can use decorative edging they have really great scissors, paper tear edgers, paper tear rulers, tearing the edges make your invitation text block look very professional. The tear edger lets you create natural looking edges that are very elegant. This is without a doubt the best & most helpful tip when making your own invitations it just steps it up into that professional look you want for that special occasion.

4. You can use glue, scrap booking tape(double stick tape) or even stickers on two corners to secure your invitation text piece of paper onto the inside of the invitation.

5. If you'd like, you can add embellishments like rhinestones, small bows, stickers of hearts, baby shoes, colored bottles binkies or booties, small colorful confetti, baby boy or girl stickers, or anything that adds that special touch & is personal to you.

How to use pictures for invitations:

1. Right click & save the picture you like best.

2. Print the picture on your favorite heavy paper

3. Fold in half & trim extra paper off you can use the torn edge if you like

4. Print your personal information on another piece of paper & glue or attach it to the invitation.

5. Print a matching envelope to fold over your invitation & secure with a sticker or embellishment of choice. Envelopes are very simple, they should be just slightly wider then the invitation. Then just make the envelope large enough to fold 3 times ending in the center of the back where the sticker or ribbon can be placed as your seal.

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