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In this Hub I will talk about the product ZzzQuil, from the makers of NyQuil. The product itself is a non-habit forming sleep aid that is supposed to put you asleep quickly, and allow you a better nights sleep.

I will also talk about whether the ZzzQuil is worth buying, Compare it to other sleep aids, talk about the effectiveness of the pills, talk about the value you get in the package, and give my total analysis of whether the ZzzQuil is truly worth trying, or a bust and not worth the time or money.

What is ZzzQuil

ZzzQuil is a relatively new product on the market that is a sleep aid. The product is from the makers of NyQuil which is a sleep aid/ cold and flu medicine. The NyQuil name is a great product that allows you to get a full nights rest while sick, without coughing, or blowing your nose all night. Personally I have used that product for a LONG time, and have even used it as a sleep aid in the past because personally I think it works better than most Sleep Aids I have tried. With that being said, the makers of NyQuil then made ZzzQuil, which at first I was excited to try, but after using it multiple times I have mixed feelings about this item, so let me talk about it more below.

About the Pills themselves.

First off the product claims that they are non habit forming. Well while I do believe this as I am not addicted, I would like to add that if you use these every night for a month, you may start to require them to fall asleep. Just my personal opinion, especially with sleep aids in the past. BUT they do in fact claim that they are non habit forming. This was a big plus for me, as I like taking sleep aids when i don't have to wake up early the next day, or when I really need a good nights rest. So this may happen a couple times a week. With these pills I am able to in fact take them, and not have to worry about becoming addicted to them.

Another thing that I do personally like is that like some of the other sleep aid companies out there, sleep aid is for the most part made up of one active ingredient. That one active ingredient is Diphenhydramine HCI 25 MG. This is really the only ingredient that is in each liquid cap, and you take two of them per serving.

So overall I really enjoy the fact that knowing there are not a number of different ingredients, and different things that may or may not be addicting you, but one ingredient that is supposed to work.

Keep in mind there are other inactive ingredients that are used in this product. But they are nothing more than inactive ingredients like water, the gel capsule, coloring to make the pill blue,

The Effectiveness

Initially when I started taking the product I was happy to see that it was non habit forming. With that being said I also have liked NyQuil in the past, so I had no problem trying the product. Initially I tried taking the recommended dose of two pills. Then went to bed. I personally do not have a hard time falling asleep, but sometimes like using something to help me get to sleep quicker, and to get me a fuller nights rest. The ZzzQuil did an effective job of helping me fall asleep and stay asleep. Also I felt as if I did get a full nights rest. I think overall the pills were able to effectively allow me to fall asleep and stay asleep.



So obviously the question is the value, and pricing. for a 12 pack of ZzzQuil, you will pay around $5.00, and for a 48 count pack about $13.00. One thing that you should note is that a 12 count pack is only for 6 nights, and that a 48 count pack is only used for 24 days. While this is still a good amount of nights sleep for the buck, reading the front of the package may be slightly misleading if you read and see that you receive 12, or 48 pills. (As you can see in the photo on the right, the pills are broken into 2 per serving)

None the less, the product is effective for the pricing. While there are cheaper sleep aids out there, they have multiple ingredients, and in my opinion may not be very healthy. Although I stand with the NyQuil Product ZzzQuil, and say that the pills are worth the money that you will invest in them.


So overall I think that you will enjoy this sleep aid. The pills go down easily, and they are worth the money that you will invest in them. I think that they are worth spending the money on and trying, and you will soon be buying a larger pack. I think that they are safer than other sleep aids, while providing a great product by a great brand name. Overall I give this pill a 5 star, and think that it is a great product for you to try if you need assistance falling asleep, or wan to reduce the time that it takes for you to fall asleep.

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profile image

kelleyward 4 years ago

Great review. I hope I don't have to try this soon but if I do I know where to turn. Thanks, Kelley

Kaili Bisson profile image

Kaili Bisson 4 years ago from Canada

Good review!

Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 4 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

Thanks for the comments, Yes kelley hopefully you won't need this, BUT if you do, this is a good non-addictive choice.

tamron profile image

tamron 4 years ago

I use NyQuil because I have allergies. Its hard to sleep when you can't breathe. I have found NyQuil is great for colds and allows you to sleep well in order to help fight your cold.

Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 4 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

Yes, I agree with NyQuil, I use it whenever I feel any sickness coming on to get a better nights sleep. That's why I was so eager, and open to try ZzzQuil..

kathleenkat profile image

kathleenkat 4 years ago from Bellingham, WA

Can you take just one pill? I ask because with Nyquil, I usually take the half dosage (kids under 12) because the "adult" dosage is way too strong for my system, and I literally can't wake up the next morning and it will keep me drowsy the entire following day.

Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 4 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

I mean, I would assume taking half a dose would work no differently than a half dose of NyQuil. I know personally taking a half dose would do nothing on me, but to be honest when I drink a cup of coffee that also has helped me fall asleep in the past. SO for me I have to take at minimum 1 full dose, but you should have no problem taking a half dose.

Annamie Cureteyz 4 years ago

I am actually not a fan of any sleeping pills. But, well if it really does help anybody to get that good night sleep, it is their choice but is still would be better to try first those natural ways to attain that good sleep.

Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 4 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

Yes I agree 100% that using natural ways is much better, but I know for me it's tough because I have a tough time falling asleep each night.

Jake 3 years ago

I have a 36 pack and I'm finally going to try this product tonight

profile image

livn4god 3 years ago

I have no problems falling asleep, but am such a light sleeper, even a fan running won't tune out noises and so staying asleep has been tough for me. I have never used a sleep aid (natural or otherwise). This was first one I tried. I took full dose first night and 1/2 dose two other nights...all nights were in a row. Taste like cough syrup-yuk! Even at half the dose I found myself getting drowsy very quickly and I stay asleep all night! But I also have a hard time fully wakening up and have no energy while awake, like was sleepwalking. Not good when have an active 3year old! Drank double my coffee to try to counter the effects...didn't work. Other than that no other side effects. Looking for something can use on a regular basis so gonna keep looking. But for a once in a while product I would recommend this.

Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 3 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

Taste like cough syrup? Were you using a liquid? For me if drinking with a full glass of water haven't noticed any taste with the pill/gel caps.. Also with everyone's body reacting differently to medications I understand fully why they may have a bigger reaction with you, especially if you don't take a lot of sleeping pills. I would say maybe take 1 pill instead of the two pill dose, and that may lessen the effects. From my experience the pills have no effect unless I take two doses (4 pills) but that is because I am very tolerant to medications and nutrients.

ME 3 years ago


profile image

livn4god 3 years ago

Johnrr631992. Yes I used the liquid form. Even when I took 1/2 the dose of liquid I felt same problems so haven't tried taking this product since.

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Nursecare 3 years ago

I think people need to be aware that the active ingredient in this product is Benadryl. Benadryl is diphenhydramine. This is a pretty high dose and folks need to be careful not too take more than the recommended dose and don't use alcohol with it.

rorod 3 years ago

the active ingredient is basically benadryl, no?

bdaonion 3 years ago

I took this as directed and tossed and turned for half an hour before finally falling to sleep. Then, I had horrible nightmares! When I woke up I had palpitation and was a little out of it. Benadryl doesn't do this to me nor NyQuil and with them I can sleep! I won' t be taking this again!

Rachael 2 years ago

The active ingredient IS Benedryl and nothing more. U can get at least a 12ct pack of the generic for $1. I fully believe in diphenhydramine but wouldn't pay more than its worth. Also, do not take more than your tolerance can handle or u will end up with a creepy crawly feeling in your limbs. U will feel like u can't lay still and it will ultimately keep u awake.

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