Progesterone Cream - What its All About

Hormones and their cycles have a profound influence on a woman during her lifetime. They can be her sweetest friend or her bitterest enemy. Progesterone is a steroid hormone made in the corpus luteum of the ovary at ovulation and also in the adrenal gland in lesser amounts. The key to tranquility as far as hormones go is in balance, especially as women age. Before menopause estrogen and progesterone production typically falls paving the way for the onset of menopause.  The problem is when progesterone production plummets which it frequently does while estrogen production merely slows. This results in a condition called estrogen dominance which generally leads to fatigue, mood swings, increased risk of heart disease, bloating, a risk of osteoporosis and weight gain.

Progesterone and Estrogen Balance

So progesterone is often needed as a hormonal replacement therapy (Natural progesterone cream is often the recommended therapy)to counteract this condition of estrogen dominance where progesterone production is at close to zero whereas estrogen production has only dropped by 40 to 60 percent. Progesterone stimulates the bone building process and also contributes to overall hormonal balance because it is a precursor to many other steroid hormones needed by the body like cortisol, estrogen, testosterone, and androstenedione.

That being said estrogen is a potent and particularly worrisome hormone when not balanced by enough progesterone. Estrogen dominance rears its ugly head in women who are going through PMS and symptoms include irritability, tender breasts, headaches, depression, hypoglycemia, uterine fibroids, endometriosis. These are in addition to thos mentioned earlier.

Bio-Identical Progesterone

Bio-identical natural progesterone cream is considered a good way (in moderation) to increase your progesterone levels to balance estrogen dominance. This is considered better than using the conventional menopausal hormonal replacement therapy which uses pharmaceutically developed synthetic hormones. Bioidentical progesterone cream made from soy and yam extracts and match perfectly with the your body's own progesterone. A substance called diosgenin is extracted from wild yams in Mexico which is then synthesized into real human progesterone hence the popularity of wild yam progesterone cream like wild yam cream 1. The natural progesterone in this type of product has no side effects however beware of the synthetic ones whose side effects include fluid retention, epilepsy,asthma, cardiac and renal dysfunction, depression, cancer, and a host of other ailments.

Benefits of Natural Progesterone

Some benefits of using this natural progesterone for the perimenopausal period are softening of mood swings, cool the hot flashes, increased libido, reduction of cramping, reduction in depression and anxiety, and breast size increase. USP (United States Pharmacopoeiac) certified progesterone creams are the best types of crams to stick to. Some brands that come to mind that may or may not be USP certified are oasis serene progesterone cream, emerita progesterone cream, organic excellence natural progesterone cream, renewed balance progesterone cream, pro-gest progesterone cream and many others that can be found online.

Oral Microgenized Progesterone

There is another form of natural progesterone (oral micronized progesterone ) which is  available as capsules or pills but only be gotten with a prescription. One of the more common brands is prometrium which is a pill that can be taken orally or inserted into the vagina before going to bed and letting it sit overnight. It usually is completely dissolved by morning. Thus  prometrium is for women who do not want to risk the progesterone cream side effects that involve accumulation of progesterone in their fat cells (since it is a known fact that progesterone is fat soluble) and would rather play it safe.

Although progesterone does store itself in fat, in the initial stages the amounts are very low and are not a cause for concern. However over time the progesterone accumulates and may cause disruptions in the adrenal hormones like cortisol and testosterone. The word here is caution when it comes to supplementing your progesterone through use of a cream.

How to Apply Progesterone Cream

It is often recommended that progesterone cream be applied to various parts of the body rather then just in one location since there is some amount of irritation associated with the use of the cream on the skin. Progesterone creams being fat soluble is easily absorbed through the skin. It is then absorbed into the localized fat present under the sking from which it gets absorbed into capillary blood. The best skin areas for absorption of this cream is usually where there is obvious blood flow, ie places where we blush like inner arms, palms, chest, neck, face, and breasts.

Be wary of formulas that try to sell you on the wild yam extract diosgenin claiming that the body will be able to synthesize progesterone from this because there is no medical evidence to suggest that this can happen in the body. Diosgenin has to be chemically modified under laboratory conditions to produce progesterone, because the human body doesn't have the enzymes to accomplish this. Stick to the brands that have already synthesized the progesterone and included it in the ingredients. Some of the shady brands that contain no trace of progesterone are ones like the image below that only make claims for the diosgenin extract.

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Sumi 5 years ago

Be cautious of some bio-identical progesterone creams. I've had an especially bad experience with a product called Oasis Serene progesterone cream claiming to contain 750mg/oz. When I received it, the product label didn't state its progesterone USP potency, which I found odd. OAW gave some asenine explanation. But the suspicion became more solid when I began using it and it really didn't work. I'm talking about after 3 months of using 2 different products that worked perfectly and consistently. With Oasis Serene, they recommend you use 61mg/day as to only 20mg/day I was using with other products. Even at 60mg/day, it wasn't working for me. I really couldn't help wondering if it contained even half the progesterone it claims. Through, I'm requesting they be investigated and also state its progesterone USP potency on the product label. You know what? OAW is absolutely, adamently against it. They have some explanation that all creams are different. Well, if that's the case, why pay more and use more progesterone while waiting for it to begin working? This is what they're calling superior, and efficiency.

Clarissa24 profile image

Clarissa24 4 years ago from Canton, Ohio

I was prescribed bioidentical progesterone from my doctor. But for some reason it didn not like me. I got extremely bloated, irritable and down rigt mean. Plus I couldnt sleep at all. When I talked to my doctor about it he said in some people ther progesterone can get converted to cortisol in stead of doing what it needs. So then he put me on the oral tabs. Same symptoms but not as bad. I had to stop taking progesterone all together but then my estrogen became dominant again. Horrible feeling. I finally found pro-gest through a blood specialist and have been on it ever since. Finally feeling like a normal human being. This is a very good article. Thanks for posting.

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