Why You Need to Know About Pro-Ana Sites and the Danger to Your Teen Daughter

Parents of teenage daughters should know that dangerous Pro-Ana websites are gaining in popularity.  These are sites devoted to Anorexia as a lifestyle and a religion. Anorexia is an addictive eating disorder that young women use to feel like they have more power and control over their lives. 

The Pro Ana Movement

The Pro Ana movement seeks to provide tips and tricks to promote excessive exercise and unhealthy dieting. Some Pro-Ana sites are about inspiring young women to starve their bodies. 

Pro Ana websites are blogs where anorexics comment about their obsessive behaviors in relation to their bodies.  They post pictures of themselves, showing their waifish, skeletal bodies, proudly expressing what they see as success.

Pro Ana Gaining Popularity

These websites are gaining in popularity and it is believed that about 40% of teenage girls they have visited one or more of these sites. That makes it a good chance that your daughter has at least dabbled in this unhealthy behavior. 

Protect Your Daughter

Because these sites are so dangerous, it is crucial that you know what their daughter is doing online.  Instead of constantly battling with her over her internet use, you can use software to filter the sites your daughter can access. 


The most popular family web filtering software is NetNanny.  This software has been around since web surfing first became popular and is the most used by parents.  NetNanny will allow you to filter email and block certain programs for your teens as well. Its best feature is the remote function that lets you monitor what is going at home from anywhere in the world.  You can see activity logs and change the configuration. This can provide a great sense of safety for parents while at work or on vacation.  NetNanny is very easy to use, so you need little to know understanding of the internet to use this software effectively.  You can buy it for about $30.


Another excellent resource for parents is SafeEyes. While a little pricier than NetNanny at $50, this software’s best feature is its time-limit function that lets you set limits on different online activities like gaming.  SafeEyes sends automated reports of your child’s online activity and allows you to set multiple users so that each child has different settings.  This allows you to set stricter limits for your younger children. The software will also alert you if your child tries to access a site you have forbidden.


A third choice in family web filter software is WebWatcher, an award-winning software that retails for about $97.  While the price tag might make you cringe, it is well worth the investment with excellent customer service and support.  With WebWatcher, you can record all emails and instant messages, monitor computer use from anywhere in the world and filter or block content. The beauty of WebWatcher is that it is invisible.  Your teen will not know you are using this software to monitor her activity.

No matter which software you choose, it is important that you constantly monitory you teens online use, especially if you notice she has become obsessive about food. It is only a matter of time before she will find these Pro-Ana sites.

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