Protect Your Hearing with Good Hearing Protectors

Working in a noisy environment can have a detrimental affect on your hearing so you should be aware of the need to wear hearing protectors and the different kinds that are available. there are also times around the home or yard when you should also protect your hearing such as when using power tools or lawnmowers. Being exposed to the noise from these common household appliances can seriously damage your hearing over time.

 If you find that after using any type of tool that produces noise your ears are buzzing this means that damage is occurring to the tiny cilia in the inner ear that convey the signals to the brain that allow you to hear. These tiny hairs are damaged by loud, sustained noise and once they are damaged they will not regrow and your hearing will be severely impaired. As well as sustained noise a sudden, very loud noise can also cause damage instantly.

Many people like to listen to very loud music, but this will result in damage to the cilia over time, especially if you listen to loud music through the 'in ear' type of earphones. Many of us have experienced the 'buzzing' that follows from being in a bar or nightclub where the music is extremely loud and this tells you that damage has occurred.

An acceptable level of noise is generally thought to be under 85 decibels (dbs) which is about the level of city traffic heard from inside your car. Above this level sustained exposure can lead to hearing loss. A chainsaw or leaf blower or a loud rock concert is around 115dbs. Above 125 dbs you will experience pain and above 140dbs even short exposure can lead to permanent damage. This level of noise can come from a gun blast or a jet engine at one hundred feet. Ear phones at a high volume may produce noise as high as 110 dbs so be very careful when listening to music!

Hearing protectors are essential if you work in an environment where there is sustained noise and should be provided by your employer. A good employer will provide a range of different types of hearing protection so that you can choose the one that you find most comfortable and that fits in with the type of work you are doing. If you also need to wear a protective helmet or glasses your hearing protection must be compatible. Hearing protectors need to be comfortable if you are going to be wearing them for any length of time and need to be fitted correctly.

The type of hearing protection you feel comfortable with can vary and the different types available are listed below.

1) Foam plugs are compressed before use and expand in the ear once they are inserted. They should be soft so that they mold themselves to the ear canal.

2) Ear muffs have pads that are flexible and fit around the ears. They should also be compatible with any other safety equipment you need to wear such as helmets or glasses.

3) Molded ear plugs can be custom made to fit correctly and are hard. they are inserted into the ear can to block the noise.

Reducing Noise Exposure

As well as always wearing hearing protectors when in a noisy environment at work there are a number of other things you can do to protect your hearing. Don't forget that using household appliances can also be damaging so if you have a lawnmower that is noisy or use a chain saw or power tools around the home buy yourself a good pair of hearing protectors and use them every time you use the appliance. Always be careful when using ear buds that go into the ear when listening to music and they have been shown to cause more damage that the headphone types. Do not have the music too loud.

Protect the hearing of children who cannot do it for themselves. I frequently see small children in cars with their parents playing music so loud it hurts my ears outside the car. What will the damage be to their hearing before they are even grown up?

Another thing to think about is to avoid situations as much as possible where sudden loud noises may occur. Fireworks at close range and gunshots can emit noise above 120 dbs which can lead to instant 'impulse' damage.


Hearing damage occurs slowly over time and by the time you are aware of it it will be too late to prevent it. Start now by wearing good hearing protection any time you are in a noisy environment. See Best Hearing Protectors for Sale for some good deals on hearing protectors

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