Public Swimming Pool Rules!

My Trauma

I've witnessed all sorts of crazy things in my life, but one of the most traumatizing happened at the YMCA the last time I went for a swim. The problem is I have to swim - not swimming isn't an option. This is because I do Ironman triathlons. It's hard to complete a 2.4 mile swim in a reasonable time without practice.

So, I must get over the traumatic experience and return to my swim training. What was the traumatic experience? I was swimming in the lane next to the "open pool" area where a bunch of kids were goofing off. I turned in their direction to breathe and about 4 feet away from me was an 8-10 year old kid standing there with the front of his shorts down peeing! I knew people peed in the pool, but to actually witness it like this really disturbed me and grossed me out!

Follow these Pool Hygiene Rules!
Follow these Pool Hygiene Rules!


Shower - shower thoroughly before you get in the pool. There's nothing more disgusting than someone getting in the pool without showering. We don't want your hair spray, sweat, makeup, deodorant, and god knows what else in the pool! If you are a walker and end up walking in the lane next to me and your hair isn't wet, expect me to splash like crazy when I swim by your walking self. This is because I'm pissed that you didn't shower. So, if you're a walker that doesn't shower and you notice the lap swimmer in the lane next to you all the sudden splashing a lot when they get next you to, they are probably trying to send you a message.

Peeing - sure, it's a big pool of water and no one may notice, but don't do it. It's disgusting.

*Chlorine - public pools contain so much chlorine because people don't follow the two recommendations above. This chlorine causes me to sneeze all day and my skin to burn and itch. A salt water pool would be a nice alternative, but there's not one close to where I live.

Lap Swimming 101
Lap Swimming 101

Lap Swimming

Lap Swimming Times - if you're an athlete and prefer to lap swim, make sure you know when the designated lap swim times are and try to go during those times. This will minimize your chances of running into the lap walkers, families with ten kids, etc. If you're a pool walker, there to just goof off, or a family that just wants to wear out your ten kids, don't go to the pool during designated lap swim times.

Lap Swimming Etiquette - if you're there to lap swim and the lanes are crowded, expect to have to share a lane - don't try to hog a single lane. Here are some simple tips:

  • If there is more than one person in a lap lane, swim freestyle (crawl, as some people call it)
  • If there are two people in a lap lane, stay on one side of the lane - don't switch
  • If there are three or more people in a lap lane, swim in a counterclockwise manner in the lane - the lane divider should always be on your right side. If someone if faster than you, let them pass at the end of the lane, rather than force them to try to go around you in the middle of the pool.

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Jeannieinabottle profile image

Jeannieinabottle 5 years ago from Baltimore, MD

That is really gross. I hate to think about pee in the pool. I guess the ocean is worse though and I go into that water, too.

daviddwarren22 profile image

daviddwarren22 5 years ago

Great article!

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