QUIZ: Are You a Sheeple?


A recent study, two scientist conducted a few experiments to test out this "sheeple" theory, and found that 95% of people have "sheep-like tendency". Sheep-like tendencies being - the urge to follow the crowd, not to think for yourself and not taking the time to question the things that go on around you. "Sheeple" is the term most often used, and most people will agree that sheeple quietly be herded through life, grazing as they go, but rarely ever stopping to look around and think about why they are chewing grass next to a mutton shop...

With 95% of people falling into the category, it's no wonder your here to test your sheepleness. 95% is a high rate! And not something that many are proud of, and definitely something everyone wants to avoid being labeled as. So in light of this news, I'm going to provide this quiz to help you discover the truth.

Are you a sheeple?

About This Quiz

The questions in this quiz are specifically formatted to test your views about the world around you, about yourself and about your ability to think for yourself on a regular basis. These questions were formed after an intense amount of research about what makes a person a sheeple or not.

That being said, this quiz is just for entertainment value. Don't take it too seriously!

Are You A Sheeple?

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Comments 7 comments

thesingernurse profile image

thesingernurse 5 years ago from Rizal, Philippines

This is a fun hub. You gave me a couple of minutes of self-discovery. I especially like how the questions were tailored in the quiz. Keep these hubs coming! :D Voted up!

BizGenGirl profile image

BizGenGirl 5 years ago from Seattle Author

I'm glad you enjoyed it SingerNurse! It took me a while to form those questions just right, lol. I see you're not a sheeple! Congrats! =)

Kris Heeter profile image

Kris Heeter 5 years ago from Indiana

Very interesting quiz:) I enjoyed it!

RighterOne profile image

RighterOne 5 years ago from Chicago, Illinois - USA

I love it, but my only suggestion here is more feedback. I don't know how the widget works, but if after the quiz you could show a little bit of how it classifies you based on the things you've said. It's just that you put so much thought into most of those questions, and then *poof* it's over - a little bit of an emotional let-down. Great, otherwise! =)

BizGenGirl profile image

BizGenGirl 5 years ago from Seattle Author

Thats a really good idea RighterOne! Thanks for sharing it. I'll see if I can revamp it a little and add more info...

BizGenGirl profile image

BizGenGirl 5 years ago from Seattle Author

Haha, I tried to change the results to add more info... I don't know that it went that well. It appears there is a limit on how long the answer can be. And going back through to modify it got me back into and I decided to add more questions! Would any of you be willing to retake it and let me know what you think of the results and new q's?

RighterOne profile image

RighterOne 5 years ago from Chicago, Illinois - USA

Sure, I'll do it - IF you explain in a bit more detail how the widget works. Not looking for much more than a paragraph, say. Or an even better idea would be to have 5 categories of individuals instead of three. I mean, either you are extremely self aware (not sheep), extremely gullible (sheep), neither here nor there (what you have now as the middle classing), and then two more, in between those. Otherwise, my complaint is that a similar quiz but with much fewer questions would do the trick...

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