Interesting Facts about Spinach

Spinach goes well with cheeses!
Spinach goes well with cheeses! | Source

Want to learn some quick fats about spinach? Let's discover what makes spinach Popeye's favorite food.

Appreciating the fact about spinach...

12 Interesting facts about spinach

  • Spinach is a flowering plant and a relative of the quinoa and the beets.
  • An article from Cornell University states that “Spinach” is derived from the word ispanai meaning green hand. In Latin it became spanachia which eventually evolved into the word we know now.
  • There are 3 kinds of spinach: savoy, semi-savor and the flat or smooth-leaf kind.
  • The iron content of spinach was grossly overstated for over 50 years by Dr. Emil von Wolff when the scientist misplaced a decimal point to its rightful place as the true iron content of spinach.
  • Cartoon character Popeye, the Sailorman proved to be an effective marketing scheme for the spinach growers as it helped increase spinach sales during the time of depression in the 1930’s.
  • Spinach contains oxalates as do rhubarb, swiss chard, leeks and okra. Oxalates are chemical compounds found in some plants, seeds and animals, including humans. While these compounds have a good place in science and medicine, oxalates are also associated with kidney stones. Avoid eating spinach if you have this condition.
  • Otherwise, eat spinach. While the oxalates may deprive us of its iron and calcium contents, we can still enjoy all the other nutritional contents spinach has to offer.
  • A cup of cooked spinach contains only 40 calories. One piece of a 4-piece Kitkat wafer bar is 57 calories. Eating a cup of spinach gives you a full stomach. And still, 1 piece of Kitkat bar is never enough.
  • Spinach is rich in folate or folic acid. Eating spinach is therefore good for pregnant women.
  • Spinach contains carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin, just like the carrots. Cooking spinach with carrots and other vegetables will help you keep that 20/20 vision.
  • Spinach contains fibers, proteins and body building compounds. It may be hard to believe, but Popeye’s big bulky strong arms could really be from eating a lot of spinach in his days.

I hope you enjoyed these quick facts about spinach. Don't you think it’s time we eat more of this stuff?!

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beingwell profile image

beingwell 4 years ago from Bangkok Author

Thanks Mama Kim! They're yummy, too!

Mama Kim 8 profile image

Mama Kim 8 4 years ago

I love spinach and this info is just fantastic!! ^_^ Thank you! voting up and interesting.

beingwell profile image

beingwell 4 years ago from Bangkok Author

Thanks for the comment ME! Try adding it in your soups and pasta. Yumm!

MargaritaEden profile image

MargaritaEden 4 years ago from Oregon

Spinach is great, I need to learn more ways to incorporate it into my diet, thanks for the great info!

beingwell profile image

beingwell 4 years ago from Bangkok Author

Thank you for your comments, guys!

@MNS - Yep, spinach easily goes with many kinds of food.

@VG - Simple and very nutritious recipe. Try blanched spinach with garlic and salt, too. Good with rice.

@ OC - I should try that too. Thanks!

Olde Cashmere profile image

Olde Cashmere 4 years ago from Michigan, United States

Always loved putting spinach on sandwiches, this is a great hub beingwell, plenty of useful and interesting facts about this wonderful food from nature. Voted up, awesome, useful, and interesting :)

Vinaya Ghimire profile image

Vinaya Ghimire 4 years ago from Nepal

I love steamed spinach with rice. Thanks for sharing these facts, I did not know many of these facts.

My Nurse Says profile image

My Nurse Says 4 years ago from Philippines

The hub is great... it really brings to light the very essence of how important spinach is, especially if it is incorporated in our diet. I love eating spinach with tofu.. a classic Japanese dish that is very tasty and very healthy. Thanks for the share!

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