Quit Smoking Hypnosis - What Are The Different Smoking Hypnosis Treatments Available For You?

There are many quit smoking hypnosis programs around. Some are self-help hypnosis CDs, some are clinical treatments performed by licensed hypnotherapists. And anyone who knows self hypnosis, NLP, EFT or anything else similar can easily adapt their general self help techniques to more specifically help them to quit smoking. Any of these treatment modalities can successfully cure you of your smoking habit if properly executed, as long as you fulfill their premises. So what are the different smoking hypnosis programs around, and how do you choose the best one for your situation?

Some smoking hypnosis treatments directly target your desire to smoke, while others do so indirectly. The simplest ones, whether they use classical hypnosis or some newer development of hypnotic techniques like NLP, anchor an unpleasant sensation to the act of smoking. For example, they may make you associate the smell of a burning cigarette with the smell of garbage.

Some advantages of such a simple straightforward smoking hypnotic treatment is that it is simple to do and hence cheap. You can even perform it on yourself without having to go to a hypnotist. The disadvantage is that it often does not last. You may need to renew the hypnotic conditioning when and as necessary.

Since it only targets the symptom (smoking) rather than the root cause of why you smoke, it is also possible that your subconscious mind may find a way to circumvent the hypnosis treatment. For example, many smokers who quit find that they start overeating and getting fat.

There is another problem with this type of quit smoking hypnosis. Some mental researchers and self help experts feel that smoking shows that you have some self destructive mental programs running in the background. They feel that this kind of treatment is the same as introducing yet another negative mental program into your subconscious mind, and may cause further unpredictable problems in the future.

Another type of quit smoking hypnosis is available to those who like to do something but can no longer do it because they smoke. For example, there are many people who like sports like tennis or swimming but have been forced to give them up due to shortness of breath caused by their smoking. Then there are fathers who can no longer play with their kids because they can no longer keep up due to the side effects of smoking. A skilled hypnotist could put them into a trance state where they would greatly strengthen these desires. Once sufficiently strong, these desires provide the smoker with very strong motivation to quit. Done right, this can be a safer and longer lasting solution for some people.

Other forms of quit smoking hypnosis programs target the root cause of your smoking. These work indirectly and are good if you know why you smoke. For example, some people smoke because they feel out of control and stressed out. Hypnotize them to feel in control of their lives and they will not smoke again. This can be done by a qualified hypnotherapist, but there are also self hypnosis CDs which are just as effective. Yet another alternative for someone who prefers DIY self help is to learn self hypnosis to put themselves into a relaxed state. Then they can anchor this feeling of calm and relaxation. When they encounter a situation which would normally cause them to feel stress (like meeting an unpleasant manager), they can call on this anchored feeling of calmness. With this, the stress which would normally cause them to scurry for a cigarette would disappear.

Stress is not the only cause of smoking. Depression is another. Some people feel depressed and smoke because, apparently, nicotine has some mild anti-depressive effect. But if you treat their depression, whether with medication or hypnotism, their reason to smoke disappears. Someone suffering from severe depression might need to see his doctor for a recommendation to a specialist. On the other hand, someone with only mild depression or minor self esteem problems may only need a self help CD which helps them to feel good about themselves. Many of these CDs use mild hypnotic techniques like special music which induces a light trance, although some of them may not admit it. They are often marketed under different brand names masquerading as special technology - Holosync, Binaural beat, Think Right Now, Self Talk, etc. Of course, those which say they use hypnosis, autosuggestion, NLP, guided imagery, visualization also work well.

Smokers who are addicted to nicotine (as opposed to those who smoke socially, or smoke due to stress or depression, etc) can use a quit smoking hypnosis program or CD which helps to reduce their withdrawal symptoms. This hypnosis treatment would replace a nicotine patch or stop smoking shot.

Then there are social smokers. Put them in the right environment with their smoking buddies and they will happily puff away on their cigarettes, maybe even finishing off half a pack of cigarettes in one sitting. But out of that setting, they do not feel any urge to smoke. They do not suffer any withdrawal symptoms. They can potentially go for weeks or months without a smoke. In theory, they do not need any kind of treatment at all. Often, just as they have strong desire to smoke, they also have no strong desire to quit. If they seek treatment, it is because someone is forcing them, or some other circumstance causes them to feel that it is useful. People like these probably do not need anything more expensive or complex than a direct quit smoking hypnosis which makes them think smoking is unpleasant. After all, since they never had a strong urge to smoke in the first place, all that needs to be done to stop them is to remind them that they do not want to smoke.

There is no best quit smoking hypnosis. You need to carefully pick the smoking hypnosis treatment that is the best for your current situation. If you go to a professional and ethical hypnotherapist, he will be able to offer you the most suitable treatment right away. Those who cannot afford this kind of treatment will need to examine their own lives to determine what causes them to smoke. After that, all they need to do is pick a self-hypnosis treatment which helps them to deal with their real problem.

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