Quitter or Winner… Which One Are You?

I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase before, “A quitter never wins and a winner never quits”

I believe it too. You only fail if you stop attempting to win. Agreed, the win might change, the path to it might not be the one in your original plan but if you keep going, keep challenging yourself, you will eventually get a win.

So why do people quit?

I’m sure there are thousands of reasons (and I’d love to hear them in the comments section), here are some of the ones people have shared with me:

  • The difficulty of attaining what they want (time, effort, resources) and sensing it will never get any easier – therefore it’s not worth it
  • A loss of interest for what they were pursuing – the realization that what they thought they wanted was not what they really wanted at all
  • Giving lacklustre efforts to the cause – ‘hoping’ things would come knocking at their door instead of getting up and making things happen
  • Indecision – being pushed and pulled by other peoples thoughts, never settling on one thing to pursue

Quitting can be a shortcut to nowhere. Too many people have stopped just before the corner where their success was waiting. They might not have known it but had they persevered they would have reaped the rewards. Our world’s greatest inventors rarely got it right first time!

The winning is reserved for those that have the fighter’s spirit, who are willing to go back to the drawing board if the first plan doesn’t reap the end goal, who are willing to work hard and keep going until they reach the finishing line.

And that is why it is so important to find the things you are passionate about, that raise your emotional energy, the things that motivate you into action because the vision of having or achieving them outweighs any negative thoughts. If what you want to achieve doesn’t inspire and move you, is it really what you want to achieve or what someone else wants you to achieve?

Is it ever okay to quit?

If the plan is not aligned with your values and the things you hold dear to you it may well require you to rethink and re-plan. That re-planning may take you in a totally different direction to the one you were originally going in and that’s okay because you are still going. You haven’t quit, you’ve just found another way. Quitting is about throwing in the towel or changing from one direction to another with no thought and little effort.

Quitter or Winner

You get to choose which one you want to be. No one can make you a quitter or a winner, it will always boil down to the decision you make.

  • Work towards things that light you up from the inside out
  • Be inspired to go beyond what you know you are capable of
  • Find the resources you need to help you on your journey – people, tools, time, your strengths

And you will be a winner!

Live Blissfully!


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