Quitting Ultram Tramadol. Ultram withdrawal symptoms.

Ultram is very addictive

Although a narcotic (synthetic codeine) Ultram is widely touted as a far less addictive alternative to prescription medications such as vicodin, oxycontin or methadone. Yet a browsing of internet forums devoted to overcoming an addiction to Ultram makes you question just how non-addictive it is.

I was addicted to Ultram, and also to vicodin, and in my opinion the withdrawal and addiction to Ultram was worse, and the withdrawal pains lasted longer.

Some common withdrawal symptoms with Ultram detox are:








Leg restlessness (hard to describe, but very uncomfortable!)




Breathing problems

Additionally, for people dependant on Ultram, a sudden cessation of use carries with it a significant possibility of seizures, and you should never try to quit "cold turkey" without first consulting with your doctor.

The withdrawal symptoms will peak after a day or so, and last for 3-4 days before gradually subsiding over the course of a month or so.

Most doctor's will advise you to gradually reduce your dosage over a period of weeks or months; and unfortunately, it gets harder to reduce the dosage as you get closer to your ultimate goal of abstinence.

Psychological addiction

If you have been using ultram to experience the pleasurable narcotic effects, you likely have a psychological addiction to compliment the physical addiction, and you may require additional drug treatment or counseling to better this desire for intoxication through drugs.

Many people find the 12 steps of NA a good place to start, and other options include finding a good psychologist familiar with addiction, a local prescription drug addiction support group, or in extreme cases, even a period of residential rehab.

Be careful with Ultram

If you are not yet using Ultram (or not yet abusing Ultram) you should consider your use very carefully before possibly passing into dependence and with it the need for very uncomfortable and anxiety filled withdrawal. The detox off of Ultram is severe and long lasting, and if you are using Ultram recreationally, the ultimate price to pay for this intoxication is high indeed.

Don’t use Ultram if you have a history of addiction

If you have any history of addiction to drugs or alcohol, you should inform your doctor before accepting a prescription for this oft prescribed medication, and be very wary of this seductive drug.

If you have any history of seizures or alcohol addiction, you are also at a much greater risk for seizures while using this medication.

Whatever your doctor says, know that this drug has a very strong abuse potential, and should be used with caution, for a short time only, and then only as directed.

Think about whether a couple of ibuprofens might be a safer way to manage pain.

Facts about Ultram (Tramadol)

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chakk 9 years ago

too much trouble

fibromyalgia cure profile image

fibromyalgia cure 8 years ago from Los Angeles

one should know that this medication is in pregnancy category C. This means that the medication may harm an unborn baby, and it may also cause serious side effects in a newborn if it is given to the mother during pregnancy or labor. Note, too, that Tramadol can dissolve in a mother's breast milk and can therefore be harmful to a nursing baby.

witchazel 8 years ago

I have only taken ultam for a month and have stopped. I am having horrible withdrawls I have been taking tylonal 3 for years and go long periods of time (months) sometimes without taking it with no withdrawls.

badn 8 years ago

i have depended on tramadol for 2 years , at the first time i used it to manage an acute pain in my left leg caused by a wrong injection (my sciatic nerve was partially hitted by the injection) it was very effective at first &100mg of tramadol was enough to subside the pain for 3-4 days , but there after its effectiveness on the pain reduced with time until i reached to use 1000mg of it/day ,in the last of the second year now iam planing to quit it & beleive me it is harddd but it worths ,

my advise to every one is that (NEVER USE TRAMADOL FOR ANY REASONE)

Johnathan Turner 8 years ago

I have been taking tramadol 50mg for two years, I then switched to ultram 200mg, I have alot of back and neck problem's, and have been to 7 different doctor's, still there is no relief. Only the relief I get for a little while after taking my Ultram, which was an extended release, yet it took forever to start reducing my pain, thanx alot doctor. It's been seven days now, and I didn't have the oppurtunity to step down, Yes, I was takin off of the tramadol cold turkey, and let me tell you..Honestly, I want one more now than I ever have, because the withdrawal has been compared to that of long-term heroin abusers. Ladie's and gentlemen, we should rebel, because I just don't see it as fair. I started out with tramadol, after being diagnosed with osteo-arthritis, and believed to show early signs of rheumetoid arthritis as well. So I am still in disbelief that I am no longer taking it, In my eyes I think I need something stronger, but the doctor I see now just doesn't listen. I am not trying to get high, I am just trying to obtain relief from my arthritis, and flipping a car 18 times. That's all. I am considering going online and trying to get my normal refill of tramadol. Wish me luck, because I don't know if I can do another painfilled day like this.

God Bless Everyone!

Lisa 8 years ago

I have been using tramadol for a little over a year now and it has really messed up my life. I am still on my first 24 hours of abstinance from this drug and I feel like death, and I know the worst has yet to come. One thing people need to understand that you dont hear alot is that this drug will mess up your short term memory. I was going to start Nursing School this year but I dont see the point anymore. If I cant finish a simple story wtihout forgetting what I was saying half way through, I sure wont be able to pass tests in school. I just hope that when I do finally get off this stuff that my memory will come back to regular again and that its not temporary. I really need to be in a detox center but I am the single Mother to 3 little boys and that is impossible. This is going to be so hard.

JANE 8 years ago

I am in my 6th day of no ultram after using it for 6 years to treat arthritis of my spine. It has not been easy,but I do not want to cloud my brain with chemicals any longer. Ibuprofen/tylenol are helpful. I knew I was in trouble when I took the ultram even when I was not in pain...just to get the energy to get through my day. I want to live a clean and sober life. Wish me luck

me 7 years ago

Some advice please dont take this drug I took it and only took what i was supposed to and when i was done i found myself feeling like bolts of electricity were going thru my body and could not sleep for a week. Worst week of my life this stuff should be taken off the market. I did find that taking another pain killer while going off Ultram helps. Do not take other meds while on ultram what i am saying is wean yourself off with vicodin or something like that the widrawls from vicodin are wat eaiser than ultram and if you use normal doses of vics you wont have withdrawls. thanks

sa0923 7 years ago

i am on ultram now for chronic back pain i have 3 slipped disks. physical therapy seems to have made the pain worse. i think ultram stops working after a while

J_C 7 years ago

Hey guys- not sure if this blog is still active but I'll post and check back tomorrow. Here's my story- started taking tramadol about 7 months ago ironically to help me w/d from an oxy habit. I usually take between 500-1000mg/day (10-20 pills)- I had stopped for a day or so a few months back and was surprised that I felt okay- I remember how sick I was w/d'n from oxy...but all of a sudden things have changed. Fedex man didn't show up yesterday and I'm in bad shape...it's hitting me much stronger physically than emotionally which is weird. Anyway, I'm going to quit this- I'm a big fan of cold turkey'n it (not really but rather go thru hell for a short time)- but the point of this post is i'm slightly worried about having a seizure if up and quit? Is that info right? I've heard some stuff on both sides of that. Also, any general info about this w/d would be helpful- it appears from other posts to be longer lasting than oxy/ heroin which sucks- but is it as bad? I'm in horrible shape right now, but I don't think it's as bad as coming off of oxy's....YET. I'm scared though, sweating n shivering pretty bad trying to google up some info. Any help/advice much appreicated- i don't know much about this med.


Kellie 7 years ago

I worked in a doctor's office for 12 years and drug reps came in and out all the time. We rec'd samples of Ultram and I was told over and over that it was non-addictive so I tried it for some problems I was having with my hip. It worked really well and I also noticed I had extra energy which was great considering I was on my feet all day and in the evening cleaning the house, taking care of the kids, etc....I asked my Dr. about it and was assured it was harmless so I have been on it for a few years now. I gradually started taking more and more and it developed into a full blown addiction. Now I'm learning in order to get off this stuff I will have to go through pure HELL>>>>>>(Already am actually) After being laid off from work (nothing to do with the Ultram, though, just went out of business) I have to take time off before looking for another job just to get off this stuff. I'm having night sweats, restless leg and arms!! It is painful misery. NEVER TRY THIS STUFF LONG TERM!!! Just because the doctor says its harmless doesn't mean it is...

samantha 7 years ago

J_C, from what i am seeing right now from my husband, coming off of ultram is worst than coming off of oxy. 8 mos ago, my husband was prescribed this ultram to help him get off of oxy and percoset which is a very wrong thing to do ( never take ultram if you are addicted to oxy or aother narcotic). Now , after he realized that his memory is messing up and takes 180 tabs in a week, being grouchy and stuff, he wanted to quit it. He plans to taper it off tohelp him get out of this stuff but unfortunately, his order on-line will not come here till monday and he was in pure hell since friday. The effects of withrawals to him is pretty bad that i had to take him to the ER because he couldn't stand up without falling and he was so dizzy. Doctors should know better than prescribing this medicine especially to vulnerable people or to just anybody in general. I will realy mess you up. Best advice i got from a nurse practitioner was to taper your self off ot it before you finally quit.

Sam 7 years ago

i am using tramadol now for more than 4 years and i cant stop it i'm taking 400 to 600mg daily and i tried to stop but the withdrawal was like heroin one and even worse now i dont know what to do to stop it and my doctor's advice is to take depakine and brufen400 for 10 days to avoid the withdrawal simptoms but i still cant decide when to stop it cos it makes me high a lil bit .:(

kmel 7 years ago

I was using Tramadol for almost a year. I started taking it for a buldging disk and started taking 300mg a day. I had to gradually get myself off it. Then 2 months ago I was diagnosed with endometriosis and had to start taking it again with the begining of my menstral cycle for cramps. I am now gradually getting off of it again. I have never been adicted to anything before. I can hang on to a bottle of vicodin and perkocet for months, but docs dont hand that out anymore. A word of advice that has helped me...try taking Excederine PM at night while getting off. It helped me with the sleep disorder and restless legs and arms. During the day I started drinking 5 hour energy to get me through the day. It doesn't give you jitters or make you crash like other energy drinks. Then a friend told me to try Flu medicine to help with the chills, so I am going to try that next. I think this stuff needs to be taken off the market, its horrible and I dont think the doctors understand it. Good luck to all of you, you do have the will power to get over it. It can be done.

Adrianne 7 years ago

I started taking Tramadol 5 years ago for chronic back pain. I was told it was not addictive. It stopped working at the prescribed dosage and gradually over the years I increased the dosage until I was up to 15-30 pills (50mg) aday. 2 weeks ago I suffered 2 grand mal seizures, a TIA (mild stroke), Q-Wave (heart) abnormalities and miocarditis while trying to gradually reduce my dosage. Spent a total of 2 weeks in both general hospital and detox. This medication is highly addictive and can cause severe complications while taking and/or stoping/withdrawing from. DO NOT STOP COLD TURKEY WITHOUT PROFESSIONAL HELP. It doesn't matter if you have taken it only as prescribed, for only a few months, abused it short/long term, etc. I almost died folks.

mike 7 years ago

hi I started taking tramadol to get of taking hydro's I have back problems and this is the best and worst drug I have ever taken !!!!!!!! the withdrawls are way worse than hydro's and I thought I was doing the right thing by taking them instead ernnttt !!! wrong answer this drug should be outlawed and we should all learn mind over matter or self hipnosis I pray for anybody going through what I am trying to stop. good luck and wish me luck !!!

kelly 7 years ago

OMG.... I have been reading all morning and it seems that Iam doomed. I have been taking tramadol for 4 years now and it seems that I will never get off of them. The withdrawals are horrible. I am not giving up though. I will find a way to get off of this crap. Wish me luck.

lucy 7 years ago

Ive been taking tramadol for 5 years in secret,i finaly admited to my family a couple of months ago and they have been great.I have been to seen an addiction doctor and she put me on a reduction programe week by week.Im now into my 3rd day of detox and its not been easy but much better than when i tried it cold turkey a year ago.Iwont fail this time as i cant let this nasty drug rule my life anymore!!!

Miguel 7 years ago

I was using Ultram from Sept 08 to May 09. I went through all of those withdrawls symptoms; the worst being the leg restlessness (awful!!!), depression, chills and sweats. I don't know why this drug is approved. Weaning yourself slowly is best. The first 48hrs were one of the most worst experiences of my life; gradually cut down. The most I was on was 8 50mg pills a day, when I wanted to wean myself off, I cut down to 37.5mg and went to 4 day for 3 days, then 3 for 3 and eventually to 1/2. This gave my body a chance to recuperate. I would NEVER EVER recommend anyone ever use this drug! STAY AWAY and warn others!!!!

Miguel 7 years ago

One last thing, I've been completely off now almost 6 days, it IS possible to stop!!! Don't give up and do it gradually. I can feel my apetite coming back and my body regulating it's sleep pattern. I was told by an MD it should be 2 to 4 weeks before my body is rid of the medication. I'm also sleeping 4-5 hrs a night but gradually improving. The depressive states and irritability continue, but the intensity is decreasing. You can go to my website and email me if you have any other questions. Avoid this drug at all costs and warn others!

laura 7 years ago

i was on percocet for a few months from a car accident ,after they were gone and my back was ok,,, i got some tramadol online just to feel that opiate feeling ,,i thought the tramadol was safe...I WAS WRONG....i took tramadol for 2 months and decided i had had enough ......withdrawl is terrible ,, much worse than the percocet withdrawl ..... for me the worst part of withdrawl is the depression,,, crying all the time for no reason..but it gradually gets better so dont give up ....i will never use tramadol again

Britt 7 years ago

I was addicted to Ultram for a year. I was chewing the supposed to be oh so non addicted XR. I would chew a 200mg tab @ 8 am and a 200mg tab @ 2pm like clockwork everyday. Now I was abusing this med from the start, I had absolutely NO reason to be taking any kind of pain med, but Docs gave it out like candy and it made me a totally different person and I liked it. I decided on my own to quit this med.....absolute HELL. I even had Ativan to help the first few days and I felt like I was going off the deep end...I twitched like a crack head and it felt like shocks going throughout my body and esp my face and it also felt like my lips and part of my face were numb. Today is day 6. Other than insomnia and night sweats im ok today. I started on Prozac 40mg dly to help restore my seritonin levels and its helped a lot. I have not abused any other drugs so I cannot compare, but as a nurse..yes I should know better....Large doses of this drug can cause seizures and heart problems..that is why I forced myself to stay in the recommended range of 400mg a day. Soo to all of you cold turkeyn it, you CAN do it. Vitamins, Water, Immodium, Epsom Salt hot baths, thera flu, Excedrin Pm...WHATEVER makes it better...I do recommend an anti-depressant once your symptoms have almost subsided, by all means NEVER take an anti-depressant with this med or any other pain-med, you are asking for death, whether its by your own hand or chemical reactions b/c the two counter-act each other so your poor brain is out of wack. I hoped i helped somebody out there for Tramadol is an evil drug and will get the best of you.....God Bless

Kasey 7 years ago

Hi I started using this drug a little over a year ago. Its been two days since I had any my heart is pounding im on edge. I want one realllllllllyyyyyyyyy bad. This med makes me feel normal i feel like doing everyday activities i need it to function. I went into detox once for this prob. but it didn't work i keep failing at trying to stop i dont know what to do any suggestions

mike 7 years ago

I started using Tramadol about two years ago for hip pain associated with osteo-arthritis. I am an alcoholic and have abused drugs some too in the early days. It was always pretty easy to quit taking drugs, but the alcohol was a way of life and I had to change my life to get sober. I have almost 17 years c&s now. The doctors at the VA said the Tramadol was not addicting under normal conditions but given my past I should be careful and aware as it can be in some cases. I took the standard maximum recommended dose of 400 mg per day and it worked for the pain. I noticed that I had a bit more energy and also very faint euphoria associated with the drug. After a year I had to increase the dose to stave off the pain. I was also taking Tylenol at the max dose all the while. I got the Tramadol up to 600 to 800 mg per day and it still did not work very well for the pain but I found that I needed to keep it up or I started feeling strange, tired, goofy, kind of disassociated. They gave me Vicodin then and the combination of the three worked for a few months but finally I had a hip replacement surgery. The VA was really good for and to me, kept me in the hospital for a week and a half so I could get the physical therapy since I live alone and had stairs with no railings. While in the hospital they gave me minor morophine and vicodin, they didn't know I was still taking the Tramadol too. When I went home I hadn't had morophine for a few days, no problem. I quit the Vicodin too, no problem. About 2 weeks later I let the Tramadol run out, as I had no real pain and realized I was just taking it to feel normal. I knew of the recommendation from the extensive literature the va supplies with your prescription that I should taper off because of the withdrawal possibilities which they listed, including possible siezures. They did not list the "Restless leg and arm" syndrome. Let me tell you this is one tough drug to quit!! I have not taken any more of it or anything else, just cold turkey. Today is the 34th day and I still thrash around in bed for 2 or 3 hours before getting to sleep and wake up for an hour or two in the middle of the night. And this is waaayyy better than at first. I got the feeling of lightening bolts or electric shock in my arms, dizzy, feeling disconnected , tired most of the time, RLS and arms, no sweats though. I think I am bout 70% better now. I noticed while on this drug only, my thought process was not as sharp as usual, decision making, solving problems. No memory problems. The doctors have no idea of what this drug is or of the withdrwa problems. I never shot drugs, never used Heroin, just pot for years, coke and speed for years and acid once in awhile. Quitting any of those was no big deal, hardly anything physical and mentally pretty easy. Alcohol was a bitch mentally. Tramnadol was real easy mentally bot the physical part is the pits!! I told the doctors about it but they didn't take it to heart, I could tell,

Good luck to you nall, just do it! M ike

mmaloney 7 years ago

I am very addicted to tramadol. I am 50 yrs old, taking about 20 pils a day at 50mg ea. I also drink much more on the drug. At least 18 beers a day. I have been doing this for 3 +yrs and things are falling apart in my life. I have my own business and been thru cold turkey 2X at 12 pills per day. I have read about going to the hospital and being put to sleep for 2-3 days to get over this?? Has anyone tried this?

mike 7 years ago

since last posting here three or four weeks ago I have made progress in kicking this stuff. Still have not taken anything, even asprin or vitamins. it has been just about 8 weeks now and I am finally rid of the withdrawal symptoms. I get to sleep right away and sleep normally. I don't think that I am as mentally sharp as I was before starting Tramadol 2 years ago, I have hope thaat will change too.

mmaloney: Given that you are taking twice the recommended dose of 400 mg, and you drink also, I would FOR SURE quit under medical supervision. I have read in my searches of people taking that much of the drug having siezures quitting cold turkey, and they were not drinking either. I found one treatment center in searches that said they start by giving general anesthesia or something similar to put you out for the start of the treatment. I have no opinion on that matter except that the initial couple of days off the drug for me did not seem to be that different that the first few weeks. Hope this helps, Mike

mmaloney 7 years ago

Thanks Mike for the input, I have left a messgae for my doctor(personal message) to call me and setup appointment. I am ready to get off this stuff. The 2 previous times I cold turkeyied was so bad I wanted to die! Strangly, no one has mentioned the weird warping sounds in your ears and short circuits(I call them that) in my brain when detoxing. I get all the other symptoms everyone has mentioned here except sweats and depression. I do need to resolve the pain in 2 disks in my neck that are damaged yrs of motorcyle crashes. I was taking 9 ibuprofen/day until the "bone" doctor put me on tramadol and only 2 pills/day worked great for 3 months then I started self medicating and found alternate sources for the pills.

Also when I get off tramadol, I usually only drink 2 beers a day, I cannot EXPLAIN??? I really appreciate this web site I found a couple nights ago. You folks that have quit or in the middle of detoxing are giving me hope. I thought I may not ever get off this time, we'll see! I WILL SEE MY DOCTOR NEXT WEEK. I will inform of progress, again, thanks for all those that have posted!

mike 7 years ago

I had ringing in my ears off and on, usually on- and could hear it mainly when it was quiet. No other sounds. The "Short circuit" sounds similar to the disconnect feeling I had, kind of a zap in and out of reality. Glad to hear you are going to do it with a doctor!

John 7 years ago

Those restless legs are a killer. I tried cold turkey once after a couple of years of regular use, only 250 mgs a day, (no medical reason - just liked the way they made me feel)and I was shocked by the intensity of the withdrawals. I am now weaning myself off - and hoping for the best.

Joe W profile image

Joe W 7 years ago

Thanks for all these wonderful comments. I'm in day 4 of withdrawal and had a nasty bout of diarhhea this morning. I slept on and off last nite and that was great. I was experiencing "Seratoning Syndrome" when I finally decided to stop this nonsense. I was taking a frightening number of 50 mg tablets before I finally ran out. Isn't that always the case - running out. Although off other substances, I have now decided that I cannot safely use these kinds either. I had no idea Ultram is synthetic codeine. I am sick of Rx meds, which I take for Fibromyalgia. I think I'm going to limit it to Cymbalta 60 mg and Ibuprofen 800 from now on.

I've been through Ultram withdrawal before, but this is the worst yet. Thanks to your comments here and elsewhere, I have hope. In day 4 now, I do feel better and can pay attention to tasks long enough to even complete this post.

To all of you in the middle of withdrawal or contemplating it, give yourself a great gift and get off this stuff. In the end, I was not getting any additional relief from taking this garbage as compared with not taking it.


Tim 7 years ago

I have been taking Ultams or Ultracets for 20 years. Anywhere from 2(50mg) to 8(50mg) per day. Also on/off Oxcy,Perc,Codeine and Vics for 20 years. Also on Lexapro for depression. Just did it for the energy and maybe to kill my own personal problems. I tried quitting cold turk about six months ago. I was off for almost six weeks. I just couldn't take it any longer. I had diarhhea, not sleeping, no energy what so ever and cold sweats. So I went back on the Ultrams. But this time only 3(50mg) a day.

I am on a reduction plan now, started 08-09 and will be down to zero November 1st-09. Family and friends know about this, so I hope this will help me get off of this stuff once and for all.

Thanks for listing, Tim

Joe W profile image

Joe W 7 years ago

I am SIX days and SIX hours into withdrawal. This is every bit as bad as Oxycontin withdrawal. My stool is still loose, I have significant myalgia, an I-don't-care attitude, brain fog, minor sweats, 2 hr bursts of sleep, and others that don't come to mind at the moment.

The more I focus on the withdrawal, the worse it is. I have been distracting myself with AA meetings, being online, watching lots of documentaries. And, by 8PM I am in bed and listen to talk radio for about 3 hours until I fall asleep. But I'm up again by about 5:30AM. I REALLY hope I learned my lesson this time.

However, it was alcohol that really kicked my ass and put me into the hospital each time I slipped. The last drink was last October and I maintain gratitude for having lost that obsession. Reading up on Ultram on the Web, I've been reminded of psychological dependence. Needing Ultram 1st thing in the morning just to get going. Because it boosts seratonin, it gave me more pep. However, I had trouble sleeping. This most recent binge was about 4.5 weeks, plenty to get fully physically addicted again.

I have never withdrawn for six weeks on anything as Tim reports, so I feel bad for you.

I think tomorrow - into day SEVEN - things should start to greatly improve.

I wish I had the discipline to taper like Tim, but I don't. I just lose control and take more and more and more until I run out. I'd get a 3 month supply (for a dollar generic co-pay) and maybe they'd last five weeks. THen I'd wait until it was time to refill and do it all over again. But this time was different. I ended up taking MANY 50mg tablets a day, so ran out pretty fast. I took the last 12x50mg 5:30AM six days ago, and felt no withdrawal for about a day. And I knew it was going to hit. And it did. And peaked at about 84 hours. But I was on a jittery pep route. Then after 84 hours, into day FIVE, I felt even worse. This morning when I woke up at 5:30AM I felt as though I'd turned the bend. I have a few housemates, we drink coffee, watch the news, they go back to sleep. I hit documentaries for 3 hours. Take the bus to library and get online (like now). Hit a noon AA meeting, go back to library for a few more hours. Get home and watch 4 more hours of documentaries until 8PM, when I then again go to bed. Withdrawal is very painful, boring, and the old insanity keeps calling me. To ask the Dr. to reduce my prescription, or somehow have it changed, so I can get it refilled sooner. I've done that before. I've done most of it. I am not only a boozer but a drugstore cowboy. In the 70s and 80s I was a school and street cowboy as well.

I cleaned up for about 14 years but then relapsed on Rx meds for a legit Fibromyalgia problem. But any of the Schedule II drugs stop working after tolerance increases.

Thank you for listening. I keep this out of AA because, although I am more than willing to change my clean date to six days ago, I don't want to deal with others. At some future time, oh, I'll be real about this, after a year, I'll adjust my clean date. As long as HP, me, and anonymous hub readers out there know, that is good enough for now.


Joe W profile image

Joe W 7 years ago

Subject: Ultram groups, NONE!!!

I searched yahoo and google for ultram topics. Other than online sales SPAM, I found nothing. I am glad that this group is here and that there is some recent activity.

Re: restless legs, that's the source of the withdrawal nickname "kicking it."


Joe W profile image

Joe W 7 years ago

Subject: soberrecovery.com

This might be a useful site to share experiences, although Ultram addiction so far is not explicitly mentioned.

Joe W profile image

Joe W 7 years ago

Subject: soberrecovery.com

I have moved from hubpages.com to soberrecovery.com. My screenname there is "JoeW". I have found fellowship in the chat and the postings. Some of which directly address Tramadol addiction.

All my best to you,


Tim 7 years ago

I'm back. I wrote in 4 weeks ago. I am now at 50mgs per day. Tapering off is working well for me. The only side affects this time is that I am a little tired during the day. Next week I will be at 25mgs per day for the next two weeks. After that, I will be done once and for all. 20 years on some kind of pain killer. If you have the discipline and family support, I would strongly recommend tapering. Set a goal and stick with it. Ultrams are very bad but can be beat. I will check back in a few weeks to let you know how it is going. Be strong, Tim

mmaloney 7 years ago

I posted 2 months ago and the doctor used the tapering method over 3 weeks and tranqualislers to help with withdrawls. But after that I still did not sleep for 4 wks and had restless leg for 4 wks. However I am in extreme pain, the reason I got on tramadol. The doctor is doubling my migraine medicine to see if it will block my severe neck pain. It takes 6wks to find out, I am in week 3! I had to go to AA to stop drinking, I was taking 20 50mg tramadols/day and drinking 20+ beers/day(tramadol helped that along and then I could not quit). I actually functioned better back THEN than I do now! Mentally I feel better but physically the pain is almost unbearable and still only sleeping 2-3 hrs a night. I eat 6-7 Aleve/day, rub prescription ibuprofen jell on my neck 3x/day, ride a bike 20min/day and use lite weights to work the neck but no relief. I have seen an acupuncuarist in the last 2 wks also, but no results either. This is insane! The tramadol was going to kill me, yet it was helping me work a job 10+ hrs/day, now I feel like crawling to work. But I do NOT want to get back on this stuff, I am still dealing with mental and physical withdrawal problems and have been off if for 6 wks and alchohol for 3 wks. I still have faith in my Doc to get me pain relief!

varietysecret 7 years ago

I am so pleased I found this site, I have been taking Tramadol 50mg 8x per day for about 6 weeks now, initially to deal with a wisdom tooth extraction and then after a hip operation. I asked for Tramadol as I have found it so effective in the past and scoffed at the idea that I would become addicted in such a short time as I am soooo strongminded..ok so that was until yesterday and about 12 hours after taking the last tablet I developed anxiety attacks, terrible sweating where I was freezing cold but burning hot to the touch with rivers of sweat pouring off me and then cold and clammy with hot sweat. Thrashing around drifting in and out of nightmare filled dreams...I went through 5 pairs of pyjamas and all the towels in the house before a friend of mine with me realised what was causing it and gave me 2 tramadol....and within 20 minutes I was calm and within 8 hours I was completely back to normal. This has terrified me as I have used practically every recreational drug I could get my hands on for the last 16 years and I would describe myself as a functional confident happy drug user..I have never in my life felt so bad, I have a doctors appointment for Monday and I have a weeks dose to get me through, I am hoping to kick this very physical addiction as soon as possible with Epsom Salts baths, Vitamin supplements and loads of water combined with gradually reducing the dose. This is an evil drug and I have complete empathy with heroin addicts who go to any lengths to get a fix...I never want to feel that bad again. Good luck all those trying to quit and wish me luck the newest member of tramadols evil grasp.

izdafiz 7 years ago

wow. this is all sooo relateable. i take tram because of horrible back and muscle problems. ive been through 6 prescriptions of 250 pills since last year of august i believe. i remember when i had ran out of it for the first time after my prescription would no longer let me re fill and let me tell you, it was awful. the worst time of my life. all i remember is the horrible RLS and anxiety, the night sweats. all of it. i have never in my life gone through anything like this before. the thing is though i CANNOT physically move without taking this drug. for a while after not having it i would literally have to go and find ANY kind of pill to take me out of my misery. i started taking hydros and oxys. they worked but where different, they actually made me feel different. trams didn't only the first few days i started taking them after i adjusted, but my point is that i cant function normally without any kind of pill. before trams it was ibuprofen. now i used to take tram as much as i wanted at a time. now im only doing 2 at time twice or three times a day through out the day. and its doing absolutely nothing for me. my entire body is in pain. i cant even go out and enjoy life because im in too much pain. i can barely walk around. i just dont know what to do. the depression that comes along with it all is also not helping. im just running out of options here. im going in for surgery soon hopefully and then maybe that will correct a lot of things that are wrong but all i know is that i need a change quick if not i dont know how much longer im gonna last doing this.

lady 7 years ago

i have been on trams for about 7months...today is my first day clean...I cant sleep at all is there anything i can do to go to sleep...man is suck i wangt this shit to be over w/ soooo bad

Shaun 7 years ago

I was taking trams recreationally for about 6 months. I took 5 -8 pills a day, but started losing a ton of weight. I got scared and tried stopping, and did for two days before going on another 3 week binge. I REALLY wanted to stop and got some darvocet from a friend. Its been three days now i've been taking about 2-3 darvs a day they helped tremendously although not 100%. I still have trouble sleeping and feeling happy and energized.

Will 7 years ago

It's amazing I can make 30 Xanax last 6 months and 240 trams 3 weeks

david 7 years ago

I have been on tramadol for 3 years was given them in hospital after op and they just kept supplying me now i am trying to get of them hard work you keep going back to them .The doctor said it is just like flu when you stop things get desperate sometimes suicidal thoughts appear in your head thats how bad it can get .

Mike P 7 years ago

Weaning instructions......

Get a full order of about 9.000 mg, start by getting down to 300 mg/day. Either 50mg x 6 or 75mg x 4. Do this for one week.

Next go to 250 per day for one week.

Then go to 200mg per day for one week.

Next go to 150 per day for one week.

Then go to 100mg per day for one week.

Then go to 50mg per day at bedtime.

As soon as you can go without, flush what you have.

6 years ago

It is so comforting to see that I am not the one dealing with this terrible med. I have been taking Tramadol for three years and am on day 5 quitting cold turkey. I have dealt with random bouts of withdrawal symptoms when I have run out or just daily when it was coming close to pill time. It has been some of the worst few days ever. The brain shocks, leg and arm restlessness, the mood swings, etc,etc. I am praying it doesn't last for months like I have seen posts saying it can...

Tee L. 6 years ago

I have been taking Tramadol for around a year 400 mg per day prolonged release. Last week I was ill and had bad diareah and the tablets stopped working, i was so poorly that I didn't take any when lo and behold the withdrawel symptons started. I thought then that if this is how you feel when withdrawing i need to get off them now, i am so poorly and very frightened. i told my doctor who tried to wean me off the Tramadol with Fentynol and co-codamol but i had a word with the chemist and the pain clinic and everyone is giving me some horrendously conflicting information so i've decided to do cold turkey. I think i am dying, i can't sleep my legs are all over the place and I can't concentrate, hence the spelling, i feel physically ill, just waiting for the seizures to start, cos thats about my luck. please make it stop, i am too scared to wean myself off them so will have to do cold turkey cos now i daren't take anything other than paracetamol. very weepy and depressed and feel so very alone. This drug should be banned and i really hope people do their research before taking any that is prescribed to them.

julie 6 years ago

It is so nice to hear that others are going through the same as me. After 6 surgeries in 2 1/2 years due to a retained sponge I became addicted to pain killers. It started with percocet. I got off that with bad withdrwals but got through it. Then they put me on methadone for my pain and I got myself off that cold turkey.The withdrawals were bad but I did it. Then my doctor decided to give me tramadol and let me tell you I got addicted within 6 months.I couldn't stand taking these pills anymore just to be able to function. I was so ashamed that these little devil pills had taken over my life. Everytime I got a prescription I would tell myself i am going to wean myself off this time. Needless to say, i would take way more than prescribed and be at the docs in a few days for more. Of all the pills I have taken, these are the hardest to get off.Im on day 14 cold turkey and I still have no energy, horrible brain surges and insomnia is awful. However, each day does get better. It feels so nice to get up and not have to pop pills to wake up. For anyone that is scared and contemplating quitting. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Take it one day at a time.I didn't think I would make it through first 72 hours going cold turkey, but here I sm at day 14.Vitamins, water,tylenol pm plus melatonin supplements, immodium, ibuprofen and lots of prayer.Good luck to all of you.

Tee L. 6 years ago

Today is my day 8 of cold Turkey from Tramadol. I feel better than day One but still not feeling like a normal person. Terrible upset stomachs every day but they are getting better and i've found that if i take a natural herb sleeping tablet each night about two hours before i go to bed, the restless jerky leg syndrome is not as bad. I am scared of the brain surges as well, which although I still get them, they don't come as often. I have no energy whatsoever, it is nothing but will power that is getting me into work each day, i practically collapse when I get home, but then I chill and i come around a bit. I am eating more because its as though my taste buds have kicked in or my desire for food has grown which i'm not happy with as I am overweight as it is due to my arthritis restricting my exercise, so i'm now fighting to get that under control, and i will. Have started drinking plenty of water, taking Centrum advance Multi Vitamins and just trying to chill when i can. its the not being able to concentrate for long that infuriates me so hopefully this will improve as time goes by. I'm still very depressed and I cry at absolutely nothing and rue the day I ever took these terrible terrible pain killers. The strongest thing i take now are paracetamol. Cold turkey is not ideal for everyone and can sometimes be dangerous, but i couldn't bear the thought of taking one drug, just to get off another and then start the whole process all over again. My doctor gave me fentanyl patches to get of the Tramadol and apparently Fentynal is stronger than tramadol???? so it would have just been another hurdle to jump, and i thought not bloody likely. I also wish good luck to anyone going through the same situation and my heart goes out to you all. xx

marty6851 6 years ago

A friend at work gave me 2 tramadol a year ago and I felt better than I ever had. My back was broke at an earlier age so I was used to the daily pain. At 2 pills a day I felt 15 years old again and had more than enough energy to take care of business, still be able to eat and sleep. I thought I had found my wonder drug. After doing every drug in the book in my earlier years if I ran out of something it sucked but was no big deal, I could still function. In no time at all 2 tramadol a day didn't do anything anymore. In even a shorter time I would start my day with 8 50mgs, 3 more at 11am,3 more at 2pm, 3 more at 5 pm and 3 before bed. Now at 1000mgs a day I would wake up the next morning with the sickness already starting again. On the days I was waiting for FedEx overnight delivery with my 180 pills I couldn't even go to work. When I was out I had severe restless body syndrome, not just the legs. Wherever yo go the sickness is with you. Cant sleep, cant sit, cant stand, cant even be seen in public. I could fake it saying I was sick because I always got a fever as well with the other symptoms. It is alot easier to stay on then go through what you know is coming.I finally gave up and went to a doctor and layed all the cards on the table instead of ordering more. They do have meds that take the edge off so atleast you can sleep. Valium didn't even work for the restless leg and arm syndrome, so I went back and got something else until something worked, or atleast helped. I guess my point is there is no doctor in the world if you are honost with your situation that will turn a cold shoulder on you.Once I had gone to the dentist to get teeth pulled that didn't need to be pulled so I could get vicodin to stop the madness( Vicodin hits the same receptor as tramadol) I new how sick I was and the doctors walked me through it. GO TO THE DOCTOR AND LAY IT OUT, ALL OF IT.

Tee L. 6 years ago

i'm on day 19 now, and this is gonna be my last comment. I have now very few symptoms of withdrawel although i feel like my immune system has been affected as I now have full blown flu. However I'm beginning to feel more normal so i can put up with the flu. I feel like at times the suffering was unbearable but now feel like it has all been worth it. I spoke to my doctor and informed him that I wasn't told that Tramadol was addictive and that in future I would like to discuss with him in detail any tablets that I may have to have in the future. I still have a short memory span and restless legs but things are getting better and i feel more human. I have done all this cold turkey, my choice but as mentioned in the previous message if you need help, go to the doctors and lay your cards out on the table. I never ever wish to take anything stronger than a paracetamol as long as i live and i live in hope that i will never have the need to do so. Good luck to you all.

HMc 6 years ago

I now understand what is going on with me! Been on Tramadol for just 5 weeks for gallstones ... Had gallbladder removed 2 weeks ago after emergency admission to hospital. People raved about how good I would feel after my op - not the case! 2 weeks on and I was still feeling shit. Slowly but surely I have begun to connect the nausea and sweats to Tramadol and not illness! I halved my tabs 3 days ago then a day of half again and saw my doctor yesterday. There was no mention of withdrawal symptoms just stop taking them. As the day wore on I felt more and more nauseus and had a really restless night. In bed today and feeling awful. Began searching the net on my phone and I found this forum. Thankfully I am not seriously I'll but I'll enough to knock me out and fully expect days of this now. Be warned even the shortest length of time on this drug has serious implications. Good luck all and thanks again

HMc Glasgow Scotland

down and out 6 years ago

im on day 2 of withdrawls, and if i could describe eternal damnation i would just tell u what im feelong like right now, my body aches, cant sleep for the restless leg crap. no energy, mood is not even exisant. short term memory is shot, i used to love to read books of knowledge and they used to bring me such happyness, now i cant remember or make out what im reading, so i dont even try anymore. i have two boys 9 and 11, they dont have their loving playful dad anymore, and my wife has to deal with my hateful crap. this is day 2 and its hell, hell, hell, vision is foggy, cold sweats, now all i do is waller around in my guilt and shame, uncontrolled bursts of crying when im alone. im afraid

Lied to. 6 years ago

My family vacationed in Mexico recently. I developed a hormonal migraine while there and my husband went to the "Farmacia" to obtain some Tylenol. They told him "this will work better" and it DID! I took it for every ache and pain when I got home. I have finished off a bottle of 100, 100mg tablets in less than a month.

I didn't think a lot of it as I was given this for ovarian cysts after my daughter was born due to it's low rate of dependency/addiction. That's complete crap. I hurt everywhere, I am in constant tears from the shame, I can't sleep and am failing college courses while my husband parents our children.

Don't even get started with this drug, it doesn't make you "high", it makes you feel like a better person, the best version of yourself.

Edna Marie 6 years ago

I have been taking Ultram for 6 months now, and I have taken 300mg a day, I am wanting to stop but I can't. I told my best friend that I was going to tell my doctor, but she then told me that they would admit me to the psycho ward in the hospital. I am worried because I am not taking anything and I have drank grapefruit juice as I was told to, to detox my body. I have also been taking B12 vitamins and my Cymbalta for depression. I think I am falling under, and I am afriad of the consequences if I tell a doctor about my addiction, but I am afraid if I dont then something will happen to me. Can somebody please help me??? I am so desperate. I have had difficulty breathing, I even tried to take only one pill a day and it doesn't help. I take ibprofen, tylenol and I even tried to take 1/2 of a vicodin to ease the urge. I have a 9 month old child, I just want to be a better mother to him, and I feel like I am failing because of my addiction. I pray and pray for help through it, I even had to take a Xanax that I hate taking to sleep. I just want it to be out of my system, I am on day 3, I am just waiting for this to get better for me, so I can have my life back. I do not remember what it is like to be sober, and when I look at other people who are, I envu them because addiction is suc a sick disease. Is there anything I can do? I want to go run and sweat it all out, but I have been having shallow breathing, I try drinking water but it doesn't help. Please help somebody, please.

stjoe 6 years ago

DOES THE RLS EVER GO AWAY! I am about a week into detox and am no longer experiencing sweats, chills, or high anxiety; however, I have yet to be able to sleep due to my restless legs. PLZ IF ANYONE HAS ANY SUGGESTIONS OTHER THAN DOCTORS VISIT LET ME KNOW!

Stella 6 years ago

Oh my God!!! how could my doctor do this to me??? I thought that I was being put on a medication that was safe. I have been on Tramadol 50 mg for 4 months, eversince my car accident. I wish I had know the addictive quality of this drug I am in pain around the clock and Tramadol has helped me so far but I failed 3 classes out of 5 this semester and now I know why, and the doc just put me on a muscle relaxer too, which it advises you not to take both because of seizures...... I'm calling my doctor RIGHT NOW!!! I am sooo worried

Stella 6 years ago

To Edna, The doctors should not put u in the nutt house b/c of withdrawl. Talk to them and get them to wein you down that way you are not going cold turky...If you ask for help there is no shame.

stjoe 6 years ago

TO ALL THOSE WHO HAVE LOST HOPE! YOU CAN BEAT THIS!. I was on Tramadol for a year for back pain after a sports injury. I was taking 6-8 pills a day (which i understand may be minute to some of you out there); however, I am writing today to tell you that I am completely Tramadol free with no withdraw symptoms or urges. It is not an easy journey, but it is NOT IMPOSSIBLE either. You need to be smart about your approach to rid yourself of Tramadol. 1st- get your mind set that you can beat this. others have and so can you. 2- plan ahead. I started by cutting my doses down from 8 to 2 pills in am 2 pills in the afternoon and 2 pills at bedtime = 6 pills. after about 1-2 weeks I went to 1 pill in the am, 1 pill in the afternoon and 2 pills at bedtime = 4pills. Then after another few weeks 1 pill in the am, 1 pill in the afternoon and 1 pill at bedtime= 3 pills. after about a week I took 1 pill in the am and 1 before bedtime (on better days I waited till bed and took 2 pills at once). Finally, (and this was the hardest) I went to 1 pill at bedtime. You will have restless legs (i used excendrine pm to help this) , and headaches, and jitters and sweats ( I also found that joggin, roller blading or bike riding then soaking your legs in a hot bath before bed helps). But FIGHT THROUGH IT! it was hell but each day got better. The night is always darkest before the dawn! people start to feel like they are only themselves while on the drug and have actually forgotten what it was like not to be on tramadol.

tramadol user 6 years ago

I have used tramadol for severe emotional pain that became physical pain and it is wonderful and I don't mind been addicted because I feel calm and happy and not in pain. All these drugs have side effects but my life before using tramadol was a heck of a lot worse that's for sure.

Red 6 years ago

I can't believe I only take 2 tramadol, 1 time a day paired with 2 or 3 advil and I am experiencing the same withdrawal symptoms. I've been on the tramadol steady for months now and it only occurred to me a couple weeks ago that it was the previous days ultram wearing off that made me feel like I had the flu every morning I wake up. Cuz 1 hour after I'd take the current days dose, I'd feel like a million bucks! I've never had addiction problems in the past and I don't find myself "craving a pill", more like I get really irritated that I have to take anything to feel better. Despite feeling like I have the flu everymorning, I make myself wait till 11am before I take anything. Sometimes i can male it longer. Then by bedtime if I'm laying down with the heating pad wrapped around me, I can cope with the pain and get to sleep. Anyway, this sucks! And my heart goes out to you all that are struggling with MUCH higher doses. I can't even imagine! Oh, and someone mentioned a recipe to help with detox but I didn't see it. Does anyone know?

Candy 6 years ago

I am on day 3 of cold turkey, because like many of you, I ran out and my insurance will not fill it until the first of July. I don't consider myself addicted to this drug, it is just that I was taking it in order to feel normal. I hate Ultram! And I hate what it is doing to me, I am so angry that I was even put on it in the first place. I was never told that I would have to be weaned off of it, I learned that from research online after quitting before and feeling horrible! I have taken Lortab before for pain and never got addicted to it and when it was time for me to stop taking it I did with no problems. Not with this evil drug though!....I feel like crap! And I have heard from many that weaning doesn't work eighter.....is that true?....I just really so badly want to be off of this stuff!

Red 6 years ago

So I only took 50mg tramadol with 600mg advil yesterday and today I took NO tramadol with 800mg advil and 350mg tylenol. I feel like crap. The worse flu ever (minus vomiting). I just read "Tramadol user's" post where they pretty much say "I don't mind being addicted to it because it helps me" (shortened version) and I was just thinking the same thing today. I have REAL pain aside from the affects of withdrawal. I don't take anywhere near the daily allowance for it. So why can't I take it to feel normal? Pain free? As I have mentioned before, the MOST I have ever taken of tramadol in any given day was 200mg. (100mg/2xday) That was on maybe 10 occasions in the past year and a half. The start of my tramadol usage was for headaches. I had a variety of migraine medications, preventative medication, and tramadol to take for headaches. I took the abortives alternately so I wouldn't have to deal with withdrawal from anything. That worked. Then my pain left my head and went into my back. And guess what? Migraine medication doesn't work on back pain. So I didn't have a problem with the tramadol before so that's what I asked to use for the back pain. Keeping in mind all treatment was under a DR's care and never used even close to the recommended/allowed amounts of anything). Well, I've been using tramadol nearly daily (usually 100mg/day) and started having flu-like symptoms upon awakening. And this would occur before the back pain would set in for the day. I have tried just advil and tylenol for the pain. It doesn't phase it at all. I can't function. Because all I took today was advil and tylenol, I spent the day looking like an idiot as I had a hot water bottle on my stomach and a rice bag on my back, all attached with a belt so I could be mobil and get some house chores done. But I got little done and I am in PAIN! I WISH I had a hot tub (That helps a LOT) but I don't. I take long hot showers, vitamins, etc but I still feel in pain. So is it ligitimate for me to continue using tramadol so I can function? I don't abuse it. That's for sure. I am currently under a DR's care for the chronic back pain but they are coming up empty handed as to what's causing it. I exercise (also one way to fight through the really bad pain without medicating), yoga, stretching. I try to eat really healthy. I just don't know what to do. Do I take it, except the fact that I will have this chemical monkey on my back a long as my back pain goes unresolved just so I can function, or get off it and suffer?? My dad has been on tramadol for YEARS. He's also 79 years old and suffers from a LOT of pain. So I'd think he'd be nuts for trying to stop tramadol. Another medical condition prevents him from taking any other type of pain medication. OTC's aren't an option either. Anywho... Anyone else feel like this? This BITES!! I HURT!!

teeera 6 years ago

hi.. i really need anyones help some friend gave me 5 tablets of tramdol 500 n told me that this is gonna make you feel better like anti depresion n i belived that n i started 2 take 1 and the next day 1 and the day after 1 n then i took 2 at the same day n i use 2 drink coffee alot as i normal do cause i never ever belived that someone can hurt an other person like iv been workin out all my life in the gym all what happened is that i made a car accident me and my wife n the car flipped 5 times in the air n nothing happened 2 me i was just sad why would a person 2 that n my closest friend he didn't even tell me how 2 take it told me take a whole pill everday n lately i know from 2 the doctor that each 1 was 500 mg its a 2 monthes n i have heart panic attack n feel my heart weak for 2 monthes i went 2 make xray on my heart it was good and the doctor told me i should take half tablet every day cipralex 10 and half calmepam for 6 days only ,,,,please some advice me or tell me about what i did 2 my self n what will happen 2 me please i need explantion its been 2 monthes i took 5 pills each 1 was 500 gram in 5 4 days

red 6 years ago

To Teeera: I don't believe you have ultram or tramadol (generic name). To my knowledge it only comes in 50mg and 100mg tablets (if anyone knows otherwise, please correct me). Anyway, if it's the 50mg (not 500mg) tablets you have, I completely believe that it gave you the symptoms you have. If will make you feel happy when you take it. It will make you dependent on it. Anyway, I am day 4 without tramadol. I was down to one 50mg tablet/day and I just quit. I went through the same withdrawal symptoms that people on MUCH higher doses did. Flu symptoms, anxiety, blurry vision. Today, my body aches are finally gone, I'm starting day 5 without tramadol and I feel 100% better. The diarrhea started today but I am staying home and letting that run its course naturally. I want what ever is left in my system to get OUT!! I am DONE with that shit!! It's powerful and if you can avoid it, go without. My best wishes to you. I hope you feel better. I am sorry to hear about the car accident. Maybe counseling would help with your issues there? Sometimes just talking outloud can help deal with the terrible things in your life. Best wishes.

Red 6 years ago

2 weeks pill free and I feel like a million bucks!! :-)

Dee stil trying 6 years ago

I have been taking tramadol for 7yrs and now I feel worst than ever. I am losing weight so far 20pd and the detox is awful, I dont knw what to do, the night sweats and tremors are the worst. I feel like I am losing my mind as time goes by, I try and try and find myself taking it to avoid the symptoms. I am will not stop trying until am clean wish me luck. I am also happy am not the only one.

Red 6 years ago

To Dee still trying: I feel for you!! Even the tiny dose that I was taking made it rough to detox from. I can't imagine having taken it for 7 years!! Here's some things that helped me: HOT showers, heating pad(s)-one on top and one underneith, taking advil with tylenol (no tramadol though). Also look online for something called the "Thomas recipe". It lists OTC supplements to take to help with symptoms of withdrawal. The ones I took were B6, the mineral supplement, and of course used the heat therapy. I couldn't find other things mentioned but I only checked in CVS. Muscle rubs work well when you can't be plugged in. Drink lots of water to flush. Try and remove yourself from having to do anything else but suffer (if you can) ie: work, etc. I let the house work go a little and my husband picked up my slack (I'm blessed). I still am having trouble with bodyaches, but I am headed to a rheumatologist to rule out fibromialgia. It's WAY better now that I quit the tramadol though. My luck the rheumatologist will tell me to take tramadol FOR my pain. Best of luck to you!!

hopefulandscared 6 years ago

for almost 2 years i've been taking tramadol 50mg's 3-4 times a day for no other reason than getting through hard family/life times.

during the first year i'd take regular 'breaks' for 1-2 weeks at a time. At this point, i haven't taken a single day off in a year.

i'm embarrassed, ashamed and so deeply disappointed in myself.

i just wrote up a tapering-off plan. 3x, 2.5x day, 2x day 1.5x day, 1x day on weekly time-tables.

I am terrified but completely fed up. I can't stop working and i somehow need to do this without leaving my job.

yuckypoop 6 years ago

well, my name says it all....i feel ycky and poopy! i have been taking tramadol for 8 years at 8 50mg doses per day. this started out with back pains and then fibromyalgia....now, im going through withdrawals because i ran out of my prescrption. i believe i am on day 5 of withdrawl and i still feel pretty sick with flu like symptoms, nausea, diarea(sp?), restless legs and arms, headaches...the list goes on and on. i have been treating my sysmpstoms as if i have the flu and have been hanging in there. i can't sleep either!! im still debating on weather or not to just all together, or to pick up my refill when i can (ten more days).....so glad i found this place.

CAleb  6 years ago

I was taking Tramadol for knee pain due to an accident in Iraq . The VA issued this to me . I wish I would have known about the side effects before hand. I am now 9 days clean I have taken myself off of it . I tried a different approach and consulted an acupuncturist she needled me and gave me some herb Long dan xie gan tang . That night the cold sweats and shivers stopped and I got a real nights sleep. apparently the needles and the herbs rapidly clean out your liver and your all good . I know it takes some thinking outside the box but I have not felt this great in years. God Bless

danny kelly 6 years ago

I was taking tremadol 100g four times daily for for 3 months to relieve pain for an open wound which has been left to heal from an operation i had done. Its now day of going cold turkey off the tremadol and my body is in total chaos. The first two nights i couldn't get no sleep, my breathing felt very strange almost like a tickleing sensation in my chest everytime i inhaled and every so often a jolting sensation throughout my body forcing my body into a full stretch. I'v lost my

appertite I feel confused drained and depressed and my brain sometimes offers the suggestion to start taking them again. I'v now started to take ibuprofen and herbal sleeping aid which has made some small difference. I feel like death. I hope everyone has an easy withdrawal. God bless.

Dave  6 years ago

I have been dealing with withdrawing myself from tramadol by, first, moving from several 50 mg tablets several times a day (which, doubtless, at least contributed to my first seizure not long ago) to one extended-release 200 mg tablet twice a day, then one extended-release 200 mg once a day, plus one 50 mg tablet when I really felt like i needed it. Then, i stopped the added 50 mg tablet after about 3 days. Then I ran out of 200 mg ER tablets, and gave myself a 50 mg tablet each morning the last two days. I took my last one yesterday. the step down from daily high dose to daily ER actually was not that hard - like using a nicotine patch for smoking. The step from 200 mg/day to 0 over 3 days has been unpleasant, but not like kicking heroin, or alcohol. I feel like I have a little cold. Nothing major. Far better off staying the fuck away from tramadol and its insidious dose-ramping tendencies ...

willpower 6 years ago

This is UNBELIEVEABLE! The only comfort in reading this page is that I am not crazy or alone, but the horror of this situation is so insane. I feel very embaressed about this addiction I have. I was going on 40hours without it and have just relapsed. Where is my willpower? I don't know what heroin WD feels like but if this is close to it, it is hell. It seems some have success with tapering down. I plan to create and follow a schedule. I feel like doctors don't have a true grasp of this situation and cold turkey is just plain traumatic. I have no answers at this time. I have only confussion and humiliation to deal with. I can't even bring myself to tell my spouse.

Cindy 6 years ago

Really glad I found this page and am not the only one dealing with this. I was given Ultram samples(actually Ultracet-ultram with tylenol) for headache relief. I once found myself taking 1-2 tabs for one day and feeling the effects long after that. Now I can take 8 tabs daily and sometimes feel I haven't taken anything at all?? So built up a tolerance for it. Have had chronic back and headaches for at least 8 years. Found relief with Trams, but also found it to help me deal with LIFE in general. Felt like I was more lively with it, as well as relieving my pains. The last year or so though, I no longer get the relief from the trams. Wake up daily with headaches and comes and goes all day everyday. Sick of it. Went and saw Neurologist..says is Analgesic Rebound Headaches. Heard this before, have ALL the symptoms and want to have a baby eventually..(not getting any younger here) Have to stop meds..need to be drug free, no way to live dependant on meds and when my refill will run out and do I have pills with me and when can I take my next dose..etc..etc. Tapered down a little bit this week, took my last 2 pills this AM at about 9:30. No more pills, and honestly I am having a good headache day oddly enough. Very mild, but tolerable headache. But tried to function as it was my day off today and just feel wiped out, achy, no energy, and really sad. Not sure how then next few days will go. I need to work, and I have an active job at that, not sure how I will ever function from this point on. Wish I never would've started. This is no way to live...hoping for a good outcome here. thanks for listening!

mo 6 years ago

my husband has been battling this addiction for the last 2 1/2 yrs. im desperate at this point. i have been weaning him off by cutting 25mg off the total amount (11-50mg tabs)everyday. he has been so difficult to deal with. i see now that this method might not be such a good idea. from what i have gathered perhaps i should deduct 25mg every week as opposed to every day. when i discovered this was a real problem (which he had kept well hidden by the way until he overdosed and had a seizure) he was taking 35 50mg tabs daily!! so i have made progress in getting him down to 11 pills but since the amount has been this low i feel like he would do anything to get more. i have had to take away his credit card, claim it was lost to get new card with new # (which he does not have access to & i manage the finances completely. i thank u for shedding light on the issue for me. im gonna change my weaning method and hope for the best

stephanie  6 years ago

@ Mo, I was in the same place as your husband and I couldn't do it on my own. I just went through a 6 day detox taking suboxone.. It has been a dream come true. I am 7 days clean today and never ever thought I would make it that far. With suboxone he won't have withdrawal symptoms and it's been so much easier than cold turkey. Search suboxone and it will help you find a doctor who is able to administer in your area. I finally feel hope that I can be a good mom and have my life back.

terry 6 years ago

tramadol sucks i was given it by a friend she told me to take 5 cause small dousge whould not work to get high thats why i took it to get high most dumbest thing i have ever done in my life. after that i was hook i found myself buying it from people that where prescribed it and i was blowing all my money it goes for 2 dollars a pill on the streets. i figured out when i whould not take it i whould feel very sick so i kept taking it till i relized theres no way i can afford it and its really scary to think i cant function without a pill so i quite for four days but the pain was awful so i started again then i read somwhere if i took adderall for the first week it whould be better so here i am 7 days no tramadol and not that bad i still cant sleep well and im sad but i know i will get better today is first day of no adderrall and im ok i never want to take that stupied pill again.

Ariana 6 years ago

I have beent taking Tramadol for about 6 years now. I have 2 bad knees from basically a birth defect. It wasn't caught until I was about 16 and then the doctor's just thought I was a teenager in need of attention. so about 5 years later a doctor finally took me seriously but it was too late and stuck me a Tramadol. I was told by 3 doctor's that it was better then Vicodin and had less long term side affects.

I started weaning myself from 8 pills a day down to 3 pills a day about 3 months ago. And now I'm hit a bump in the road. I can't seem to go down from 3. I take one when I first wake up to help me get out of bed, then wait as long as possible during the day and take a second one between 5-8pm depending on how bad the pain is and end up taking a third right before bed so I can sleep through the night.

I tried going cold turkey about 2 years ago and it was hell. So on my own before reading anything I started to wean myself off. Now I'm stuck. Any suggestions? there's gotta be some tree loving, homeopathic stuff out there to help us, right?

Kathy 6 years ago

OMG, you guys...this stuff is terrible. I was given Tramadol for headaches. The Dr said it was non narcotic and no real side effects. He said I could start out at 1 to 2 pills every 4-6 hours. Well, I took 2 and couldn't get off the couch!! They were like horse tranquilizers!! I have taken vicodin for back issues, but this is nothing like that! I cut it back to 1 pill. I have been taking them for only 2 weeks, unlike most of you guys and I am done. After 2 days of not taking them the withdrawals kicked in. Probably not as severe as most but I still had just about all that have been listed. I feel like crap, I can't even imagine what the rest of you fell like! I came on this site to see what the actual withdrawal symptons were as I thought I had the flu, but with the leg and arm issues, and sure enough I am having all the same issues as most of you, just at a less servere level. I give all you guys that have been on it for a while credit for trying to get off..this is horrible! This stuff should be outlawed!! I can just imagine what it does to your body if it causes these kind of withdrawal symptoms. I wish all of you the best in your quests to get off this terrible med.!!

Rick 6 years ago


Anon 6 years ago

This may sound weird, but the Tramadol made me better at video games. My reactions were quicker and more accurate than before I took them. It was actually a nice bonus for me.

I didn't have any withdrawal symptoms when I quit them cold turkey, but I had only been taking them for a month, so that is probably why. I don't have an addictive personality so it was quite easy for me to get myself to stop taking them.

Oddly, I've noticed that I have lost some of my past anxiety and I've been off them for awhile now. I didn't have any anxiety while taking Tramadol.

ashley from CA 6 years ago

i am taking tramadol and used it as a migrain reliever as i saw how it also pepped up my mood i went from 2 pills a day to a year later taking three every 4 hours im scared as hell to quit and have a child i want to quit n be sober for i wish i never stated because this morning i slept pretty late and went 10 hours without and felt this zapping electric vibe in my brain im scared to quit and scared for my life i wanna quit have tried many times and no success i am taking the advice of my father whom i confided in and gonna ask my doc about suboxen wish me luck keep us all in prayers and may tramadol be banned or at least be given to ppl like us with the actual facts we got our selfs into some scary crap seems like were all stuck on lost.... if i find a solution to help us all with withdrawls ill post another comment k

Rick_isDown 6 years ago

Is anyone still using this site? Is anyone checking this regularly? or are people just posting then disappearing? Anyone visiting here consistently?

Maybe we can support each other...but don't know how to make contact...

I'm still taking it for now..I'm Scared out of my mind to stop right now!! I know this stuff is Evil..alcohol has nothing on this stuff! Might have to go back to Alcohol just to stop this stuff..oh what a vicious circle this is...Calling out to God everyday...Only He can help this.

Matt 6 years ago

I have been using Ultram for SIXTEEN DAYS...I have having terrible withdrawals right now. The worst is probably the cold sweating and night sweating. Hasn't stopped, and I am EXTREMELY lethargic. I am 20 years old and haven't ever felt like this before

JB 6 years ago

My husband was on Ultram for a couple years or more. He went into a detox facility for four days and it has been a nightmare to deal with the withdrawls! Anxiety attacks,insomnia,joint pain,restless legs, and mood swings just to name a few. The doct put him on an antidepressant and anti anxiety meds. This has helped some but the lack of sleep is really tough. It will be almost three weeks free of that aweful drug, and I pray he doesn't relapse! I encourage all of you that are going through this to hang in there and get yourself into a NA group. The support helps and is necessary in the recovery. And Pray most importantly! God Bless and stick in there!

Doggy Dad 6 years ago

Our vet prescribed 100mg Tramadol daily for our dog's arthritis and back pain a few month's ago. After researching and seeing that this was a human dose, I wanted to see what it felt like so I could understand what our dog might be feeling while on this drug. I took 100mg and fell in love with the feeling, daily aches and pains gone and I was enveloped in that velvety codeine euphoria for hours without the side effects I've had from taking Vicodin in the past. I was happy about the relative benign impact and when my vet doubled my dog's daily dose to 200mg I thought I could safely do 100mg a day without any worry. Except that dose eventually got less and less potent as my body acclimated to it. I refused to up the dose fearing addiction so instead I would quit taking it for 3 days and then go back so that I could get back to the efficacy I had enjoyed on only 100mg. About a month ago I thought I would try to get off this drug completely since I saw that it was going to be a problem long term for recreational use. It coincided with the end of a cruise and I mistook the withdrawal symptoms for flu since several of my travel companions had caught colds and were feeling lousy. 4 days ago I quit again and felt flu-like symptoms after the first day. I found this site yesterday after searching "quitting Tramadol" and realized what was happening to me. I can't imagine what those of you are going through who have been taking higher doses for much longer than my 5 months. I have been depressed, close to tears at any moment, nauseated, electric shock-like sensations all over my body (not so much my brain as other's have posted), restless sleep with obsessive dreaming - getting stuck on a concept or thought in a dream, panic feeling in my chest as if I've had too much coffee, major irritability, upset stomach, just short of diarrhea, morbid thoughts and headaches. After reading the posts here yesterday and some other sites I had some hope that I can expect to see and end to these withdrawal symtoms soon and, sure enough, I woke today feeling 100% better. My last 100mg was last Saturday evening and it is Thursday morning. I took the advice of some other sites and am taking some supplements to get through the withdrawal and I think this my be why I am feeling so much better today. I took Immodium last night to help with the loose stool and I read that it is classified as an opiate that (controversially) doesn't cross the blood brain barrier so can help ease withdrawal. I also took 100mg of 5-htp to help with serotonin levels and, before bed, took valerian. I slept very well last night and have had much better energy this morning. I just took another 100mg of 5-htp because I read it is best to take early in the day, and I will take valerian again tonight at bedtime. I am a little worried about coffee - I don't want to feel that panicy sensation again today - along with the 5-htp so I may try a little and see how that goes. So to anyone who has been taking only 100mg a day for only a few months take heart: the withdrawal will, hopefully, be a relatively shorter period of time than for others coming off of higher use. It was so easy to fall into the arms of this drug (not controlled, safe for pets, etc.) and it was ultmately bad news for me. I wish everyone well and hang in there. I almost took another 100 mg yesterday thinking I will just postpone this withdrawal, make an appointment with my doctor and maybe do it an easier way. It was very tempting, knowing that I could down two 50mgs and be feeling normal in 75 minutes. I am so glad I hung in there one more night because today I feel the worst is behind me.

Kasandra 6 years ago

Had to stop the merry-go-round I was on with ultram. The withdrawls have only begun, but are not horrible. Yes, I have sever sweats and chills, but that I can live with. The RLS and sleeplessness is the thing that concerns me most. Only off them a couple of days, but I know this time will be the last. My prayers go out to all of the others fighting this battle, keep in touch, we'll keep each other going!

Doggy Dad 6 years ago

Just an update to my post two days ago. Yesterday was indeed my turnaround day (4th day off Tram) and I continue to feel good and more myself again today. A little grouchy this AM but I attribute that to having cut back my coffee this week and I detected a slight caffeine withdrawal headache this morning, so i had my normal coffee servings and feeling okay. I am still taking 100mg of 5-HTP in the morning for a boost in serotonin and a Valerian capsule at night which is VERY effective for sleep; still dream-filled and not as deep as I'd like, but much, much better that in the first 3 days of detoxing. In only took Immodium one day and that helped the gurgling tummy and loose stool and now I am back to normal in that department. I have to keep the Trams in the house for our dog but am talking to her vet this week to see about an alternative. At this point I can't imagine going back on them but it sure wouldn't be impossible to be tempted after awhile of feeling good and forgetting the discomfort of this detox.

ashley from CA 6 years ago

to all you who are searching for an answer take suboxen it is the pill of the new generation i posted a note up two weeks ago trying to quit stating my dad introduced me to this new miracle pill it takes you off tramadol in 6 ir 7 days no withdrawls nothing but a lil sleeping problems but who wouldn't mind sleep interupted Vs. sweats zapping and loose stools i find this to be the best thing in the world and a relief to help all of you on this journey to quit this horrible drug and yes i do agree with the one lady who posted it should be banned most definetly i am an x drug addict and been clean for 5yrs except the use of this tramadol an let me tell you not even heroin withdrawls were this bad not alcohol withdrawls nothing this is by far the scariest thing to go through phsically so all you tramadol addicts no more need to be stuck google SUBOXEN FIND A DOCTOR AND GET WELL THANK ME LATER TRUST ME I KNOW YOU WILL ITS THE 21ST CENTURY OF MEDICINE MIRACLES.

alywhe 6 years ago

I have been taking ultram for 8 years now and had to stop cold turkey because I moved to another state. I thought I would lose my mind the first night (last night), but drank a wine cooler and some other pain meds to sleep. I have fibromyalgia and cervical spondylosis or arthritis in the neck. I had surgery about 10 years ago. I haven't experienced any restless leg, but the insomnia is killing me. I don't know if its my neck pain or actual withdrawal. When will it be over? The only thing that has helped has been lortabs. This is my second night and I pray the worst is behind me though my worst doesn't sound as bad as what you all have gone through. I was on Ultram ER 300 mg once daily. Can anyone tell me how many days it will take for the withdrawal period to be over?

I'm not sure what to do because I have real pain, yet I don't have insurance any longer so I can't see a pain doctor. I've spoken to rehabs, but they say its not an addiction issue with me, its a pain issue. I will soon be out of lortabs - I have about 2 days worth and I am terrified.

Can someone please provide some information on the timeframe for withdrawal symptoms. I want to stop this medicine and not go back

sally 6 years ago

This site has been a great help - I read it over and over through some of the worst nights ever. I took 200mg daily for three years for moderate pain in my feet and back. I started trying to get my prescription filled sooner and sooner and the pharmacists were getting a little rude. I was afraid to stop because since getting on Tramadol, I got rid of my car and bike 8 miles to work every day. I didn't know if I could do it on my own and suffer the pain that would go with it. With 2 refills waiting, I stopped cold turkey 4 days ago. I thought the restless legs and arms were going to make me go insane, and the axiety was awful.

But I'm thrilled to say that I feel fantastic now. I went online and asked the pharmacy to cancel my prescription refills. I'm so grateful to everyone who posted. I know a lot of people are on much higher doses and I feel for your struggle. I would take the suggestions on here about the patch and the supplements. Good luck to everyone and hang in there!

sally 6 years ago

Sally update - this is day 12 for me and my first day back at work. It was not smooth sailing after my previous post. To be not allocating my Tramadol and watching the clock to see if it's time to take it seems weird but liberating. Tramadol must provide some feeling of confidence, because during withdrawal I felt so worthless and guilty. That is finally dissipating. One thing that's been a relief is that intimacy is still very much enjoyable. I had started to wonder if Tramadol enhanced it, but all indicators are that wasn't the case. But this struggle is hard and please remember that the voices of depression in your head are just thoughts and words and you can tell them to shut the f*ck up. The days you are somewhat active will be better than the days you are not. And the things you are dreading will often be less awful than you thought. Sincere best wishes to everyone.

KratomHelpedMeKickIt 6 years ago

Hey all, I've been on Tramadol for almost two years and decided to stop for a variety of reasons that I'll not bore you with. Suffice it to say that the main driver of quitting was looking at my 2 and 1/2 year-old daughter and thinking to myself that I was not going to live to see her grow up because of this god-d@*, son-of-@**itch, f**ked up, sorry-@$$, piece of sh!+ drug they call Tramadol. Excuse my french; in case you can't tell, I have strong feelings about this destructive chemical.

I'm a 35 year-old male who was prescribed this for severe Fibromyalgia, and ended up gradually taking more over time because it deadened both physical and mental pain. My wife was suffering from extreme postpartum depression, and my life had become one long living hell. The Tramadol made life bearable during this time and helped me to cope with a wife and mother who was in the deepest conceivable depression and near suicidal at times. It's no excuse, but just the reality of what happened.

I have access to a never-ending supply of it because I can just hop across the border into Mexico and buy as much as I want. Tramadol is not controlled in Mexico, and it flows liberally - like water - and Americans can carry the shi+ out of Mexico by the truckloads if they wanted to. And it's cheap - about $10 for the equivalent of 200 50 mg tablets. Yeah, they sell the big 100 mg tablets over in Nuevo Progresso near McAllen, TX, and Tramadol addicts carry that stuff back across the Rio Grande in wheelbarrows... it's cheaper and more abundant that M&M's.

What's worked for me? It's been a little herb called Kratom. It's an uncontrolled, legal herb in the U.S. that is native to parts of Asia such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc. It's been used to help opium addicts detox for years, and it completely knocks out the withdrawal symptoms of Tramadol. And when I say completely, I mean COMPLETELY. I have the warping sound in my head, the zaps, the extreme pain in my arms and legs, the exhaustion, the feeling that death is imminent, and all of the other symptoms described by others. Kratom has been a Godsend for me personally, and I'm able to completely abstain from Tramadol. It may not work for everyone, nor may it be right for everyone, but it has been very effective with helping me to kick an 800 mg a day Tramadol habit. You can google it online and purchase it online as well from a variety of reputable suppliers.

I hope you find this useful and I wish all of you the best during your journey. You will come out on the other side, and you will be a stronger, better person for it.

With love,


If you have more questions, feel free to email me at kratomhelpedme@gmail.com. I am NOT a medical person, a psychologist or anything like that, nor do I sell, represent or work for any companies that sell Kratom. I created this email address for the sole purpose of anonymously answering questions about my personal experiences, with the hope that I can help someone else who is going through the hell of Tramadol withdrawal. There is help and you don't have to suffer through this alone in unbearable pain.

A.A 6 years ago

Hi All,

I've stopped taking tramadol after 4 years of taking it with no pain or depression, I'm willing to tell you how. first of all forget about cold turkey quitting cause first of all it's more dangerous than taking it, and second, it makes you feel unbearably awful! First of all I should tell you two things, first, that depending on your dosage, quitting it with no after effects take a long time, I used to take 900mg a day at my peak, and it took me one and half years to quit. and second, be sure that you really want to quit it from your heart, not on force.

okay, here we go:

if your dosage is more than 500mg per day, you can start reducing your dosage by 50 mg, each two weeks or each week if possible until you reach 500mg per day. during that period, don't reduce from the dose you take after waking up and before sleep preferably. it makes it easier for you. after you reached the 500mg per day mark, then start reducing 25mg, each 2 weeks or each week if you see you can handle it easily. if you see you cant handle it, first of all be aware of one thing, for most of us a huge part is in our head, it's about power of suggestion. in a person who takes 400 or 500mg per day reducing 25mg each 2 weeks will not do anything to your body. in my case, sometimes I didn't feel like reducing, so for example I stayed on 300mg per day for two months and then reduced 50mg instead. you can do it like this for the times you are under stress or you simply don't feel like reducing your dosage, just be sure to not add to your dosage again in that period.

you can go on with reducing 25mg each 2 weeks until you reach about 150mg per day, after that, make the reduction like 25mg each month. and after you reached 50mg or 75mg perday, use pill cutters to create even smaller dosages. then reduce about 15 mg each two weeks, why again to weeks? cause at this point by my experience you've passed a huge part of your detoxification without any withdrawal symptoms, and after you reached to less than 50mg, reduce 10mg each week or two, and when you reached 25, do it by 5mgs each week.(you don't have to be accurate in cutting your pills). in my case when I reached about 30 mg per day, it took me a month to quit it completely. but don't hurry at any point of this process, take it slow to avoid any after effects. and I should add that during the time your reducing from 300mg to less than that and at the end of the point, it's good that you make yourself busy, surrounded with friends, or better than all go to a trip. this makes it even easier.

hope that helps, just know one thing, it's quit-able, and you can do it without suffering any pain, I did it by myself, so you can do it too.


joaniegirl 6 years ago

I have been taking Ultram since 2004'.. I detoxed on my own in 2008' and the WD almost killed me.. But the worst part was the Depression.. "Which I suffer with anyways, & have my whole life".. So, I ended up giving in, after going through HELL.. After 2 months, I wasn't getting any better, and I was even on Anti-depressants etc.... So, here i am again wanting to get off this terrible drug. Due to not having Insurance and not able to get them. I have went through it all, and I am scared to death. I always told myself, if i had to go through all that again, I would just die.. It was so bad, I had suicide notes wrote for all my loved ones, and my mom found them, and she was so upset and was crying.. I promised her, i would never do something like that.. & She still don't know i started taking them again.. I don't want to worry her.. I have 2 kids to take care of. How, or WHY did i let myself do this yet again? Will it ever end?.. I take 7 a day to feel normal. I am down to 6.. and I hope to taper.. but this drug is HARD to taper from. almost impossible. So, wish my luck, yet again. :'(

took for a year, taking as needed for 5 yrs 5 years ago

I guess I just must not be the addictive type. I didn't actually realize how addictive it was supposed to be. I used it for nearly a year, in combo with a TENS unit, novacaine patches, and NSAIDs. All of it bothered my tummy, and after a while the pain was greatly reduced. So, at about a year I stopped taking it. I missed the warnings and quit cold turkey. Well, about a week later I felt super anxious, nervous, and paranoid. I did have some of the sweats, etc... by the time I reread the prescription sheets and found that it was the cause, the withdrawal was about over. Since then I still have to use as needed, when pain gets too out of control, and I may take them for a few days, or one here and there severals days, weeks, or months apart and I've never gotten a high or felt the urge to abuse them.

But yes, the withdrawal is somewhat uncomfortable and I would advise weaning instead of cold turkey- however, cold turkey is NOT impossible, either.

ustacould 5 years ago

Tramadol, to be sure, is a big smiling crocodile of a drug. Due to it's (supposedly) less acute or benign W/D effect, the user is somewhat confident until he/she gets blind-sided and surprised at the insomnia, jerking of extremities upon attempting to sleep, hot/cold sweats, trembling at times and loss of appetite. Upon this discovery, the vicious cycle continues along with increased usage and the anxiety of being without. And then, guess what? Thinking of blending other drugs to lessen the effect starts to quantify. I am presently weaning off of (kramitol) and so far so good. Over the past month I have reduced my intake from 12-15 50mg pills a day to 6 to 7 per day by forcing myself to stay physically active and using tylenol for a little leverage. Honestly, I have entertained thought of lessening the ugly stuff with marijuana, but I haven't acted out on that, and I am not implying that it would be an excellent idea, but that is how you get. I am sympathetic of anyone who gets tangled-up with bad chemistry, it is really a personal thing.

newtothis 5 years ago

Hi. Thanks to all of you who have posted. I have to have double hip surgery. Hydrocodone was knocking me out, so I called my Dr and asked for something that I could use while at work. Tramadol worked Greta. The bottle said just take when you need it. so I did. But then I noticed if my hip was feeling good, and I missed a dose, my legs were killing. So I looked up that that was a withdrawal symptom. I figured I only had a few weeks to surgery, so I kept taking it. But after some time I realized I was taking it even if I wasn't in pain. so I stopped. OMG - my legs are in agony. I can't sleep, the pain is horrible. What did this do to me? I am so afraid my hip will flair before my surgery, but I won't take this again. I can see how easy it would be to become addicted. For those of you trying to stop, STOP. This drug is just handed out as something harmless, it's not. it's really bad stuff. it makes you feel so good, not "high", but full of energy, like you were before the pain. But it will hook you. And it will do it fast. I am hoping th withdrawal doesn't last much longer, I am in horrible pain. Thanks again for sharing your stories with me. it really helped.

Nan 5 years ago

Thank you everyone for their blogs. I got in a car wreck 2 years ago and broke my neck. I was given tramadol down the road to help with neck pain and became addicted to it. I started out taking the minimal amount, would let it sit in my cupboard for months and then one day I took it again, and progressively in larger amounts. I got up to taking 20, 50 mg tabs 2-4 times per day. Drug addiction to tramadol has really screwed up my life. I am facing loosing my nursing license from forging prespcriptions to get this drug. I have recently lost my job and I wonder if I will ever get employment again as a registered nurse. I am looking at jail time since this is a 4th degree felonly. I may also loose my home. Not the greatest place to be being a single mother of a 9 year old. I would have never thought this would happen, I was obsessed on getting the drug. I am so deeply ashamed of myself. I have tried many times to get off but am finding it pretty helpless. The withdrawal effects are as horrible as everyone has mentioned above. I am hoping I can do it this time. I want my life back. I want to be myself again and a mother again to my child. If someone can get anything out of this; don't ever take this drug!

seriously???? 5 years ago

Not sure if I can do this WD thing..I have gone 4 days without Tramadol and the first three were definatly the worst..Today is the fourth day and I FINALLY forced myself out of bed...Now I am sitting up reading this and listening to music which has seemed to clear my mind somewhat...Have been experiencing pretty much the same symptoms as everyone...It's terrible and I am ready to break but I have to do this for my kids if not myself...I have had eight surgeries in a year and I have taken everything from morphine to diladid and this is by far the worst...encouraging , right? All I know is this is NO way to live and It's gotta get better from here on out I hope...I feel halfway normal after a long hot bath, a little linkin park to take the mind off things ...Good Luck to u all ....

Aaron Crowley 5 years ago

I found this page looking for an easier way out and to be able to minimize the severe withdrawl so that the symptoms would be more tolerable. I did not find what I was looking for. However, I have finally found a way. Just have your doctor switch you to Tylanol 3 they will cover the withdrawal symptoms until they are gone. after about 4 or 5 days stop the tylanol 3 and you will be fine. I was taking from 8 to 10 ultram a day for a couple of years and have tried to get off of them many times and could not. I only dug myself in deeper. I tried the Tylenol 3 thing and it works. I hope that all people that are stuck on ultrams will find this comment and use it!

Mollie 5 years ago

I was taking Ultram/Tramadol for a good 2 years. I was up to 200mgs a day. Originally I was told it was not habit forming. Boy, did I find out the hard way how wrong that was. After reading all the horrible withdrawal symptoms everyone was going thru, I decided once and for all to END THE MADNESS!! I wanted out. I slowly weaned myself off that poison VERY SLOWLY. I've been off them for a full month now and I've had very faint w/d symptoms, nothing I can't deal with. I'M OFF!!! I'M DONE!! AND I'M FEELING GREAT!!! Please, to all of you who are panic stricken, just take it slowly and cut your doses a little at a time. You can all do it, I have faith!! : )

jeremiah 5 years ago

wow- great thread

I have had neck pain for years and was taking Aleve with great success until i felt like i was beginning to have stomach issues. My doctor provided me with Tramadol. Now, he stated "this stuff is not a narcotic and does not have withdrawal issues if you were to come off".

The odd thing is that I work in an ER and all the doctors say this. So I tried it. Never became addicted and was taking about 200mg/ day for a month. I knew something was up with this med so i stopped it. I am now 3 days cold turkey and was feeling like crap until i read this thread. I am tired, weak, have cold sweats, and dizzy. I was concerned about my health until i read this, now I agree that this medication SUCKS!!!

I am not taking any pills anymore cause they are absurd. Good luck to all.

Also, FYI for those that have looked into suboxone. Stay away from that garbage that is just another medication that is hell to get off in the end.

Zazoie profile image

Zazoie 5 years ago

I started taking Ultram for back pain in 2000. I started with 2 three times a day. I did that for a couple months and then ran out. Within hours I started feeling horrible, sleeplessness, knocking knees, skin crawling. I didn't make the connection to it being Ultram at all. I went to the ER thinking it was some sort of flu, having never been addicted to anything before. As soon as the ER doctor gave me more Ultram and it kicked in all those horrible withdraw symptoms went away instantly. From that moment on I was so scared to ever come off them.

This lead me on a 9 year Ultram binge. At my peak I had multiple online prescriptions and was taking 4-5 50mg pills 4 times a day. At this dose I was experiencing the withdraw effects within several hours after taking them so I would take more. 9 years of chasing away the withdraw effects.

Today is my 2 year anniversary from being freed from this prison of Ultram. 2 years ago I found myself in a situation where I ran out of Ultram, no money to goto ER, and the FedEx man was late and it was a Friday and they were not scheduled for delivery until Monday! I knew what was coming. Friday-Monday was to be the worst three days of my life! For three days I banged walls, punched my skin, paced the house like a madman, shook, my body would go from hot to cold constantly, chills, sweats, and couldn't sleep; taking Nyquil to try to sleep through the withdraw only made the withdraw more intense.

Those first three days were the worst nightmare I could possible imagine. However, come Monday the worst of it was starting to go away. The the FedEx showed up with 180 pills. I had to make a decision. I could throw away those three days or throw away the Ultram. Having the pills in hand I was so pissed off at how much of my life they robbed me of. My whole day, week, and month was planned around Ultram and whether or not FedEx would show up. I was so pissed off at the last three days that I threw the pills away!

By day 4 the chills, knocking knees, crawling skin, etc had become faint enough to deal with. I then began to get feelings back I didn't realized I had lost. Things like the smell of crisp clean air, the beauty of blue sky and green trees. I turned into an emotional wreck and crying over everything. Life was vibrant!

Ultram took about 2 months to fully leave my system. 3-4 days of pure hell and then 2 months of 1-2hrs of sleep. Its a long hard road pure and simple. Do I still crave the high? Yes! I doubt that will ever go away. Pills make you feel good. But over the past two years whenever I crave it I read these testimonies and they remind me of the hell it really is. (and yes I still suffer from back pain, nerve damage but it beats the pill life)

Anyway, hang in there. If you cold-turkey like me just prepare yourself and family for 3-4 days of pure raw hell but know it get's better and you will soon have the scales removed from your eyes and begin to see life again and that more fully.

Zazoie profile image

Zazoie 5 years ago

P.S. I have waited 2 years to post to any of these types of forums to be sure I was totally through with it. I would have never of thought I would be able to post a success story!

Patika 5 years ago

I am trying to get off Ultram after shoulder physical therapy and subsequent surgery 4 months ago. Had been given Oxycodone initially but had immediate disturbing side effects. Doc switched me to Ultram because it's not addictive. Ha!

Realized that the few times I felt like I had a killer flu during my disability at home were on days that I had skipped my nightly dose. I had been taking two or three pills a day and was at that time down to one at night. Just one missed day and I experienced fever, chills, sweats, felt like my head was on fire, unbelievable weakness, insomnia, migraine, but the worst was the stomach pain. I would take my pill the next day and feel fine.

I am cutting down my dose and trying to skip every other day. The stomach and migraine pain is lessening but I still feel like curling up in a ball. Other symptoms are pretty much gone. I keep a fan on my desk at work for when I feel flushed.

Saw my surgeon's physician assistant and told him that I need to beat my physical dependency. He listened and said it sounded like I was definitely dependent. Said I should substitute an OTC pain med when I'm not taking the Ultram. He then asked me if I wanted a prescription for Ultram! I said NO, I'm trying to get off this stuff.

Mollie 5 years ago

Patika.......What kind of crazy doctor is that? I swear, these guys should lose their licence. As I stated above, when I weaned myself off I did it by the dose. I think it will work better than skipping days. I was taking up to 4 pills per day. I eventually cut it down to a half a pill per day till I was off. It was relatively easy and the side effets were minimal. Good luck!

Paul 5 years ago

I'm 28, and I've been taking 300mg daily for about four years. I've been tapering for about a month. When I was using at my peak, I always wanted more, as 300mg no longer did anything for me. I realize this is a comparatively modest habit, but I've had most of the classic WD symptoms; sweats, chills, tremors, severe mood swings, aggressiveness, and even sneezing. But the worst has been the sleeplessness, lethargy, and sadness. I've felt really down pretty much all the time - I just never feel like getting out of bed. The only time I feel fully awake is when I'm trying to sleep. Also, I have virtually no appetite. Thankfully, no seizures.

Over the last 7 days I've only taken 3 50mg pills, when I've really needed to sleep. It's been really difficult for me to drag my ass to work every day like this. Recently I've started feeling like myself again for brief periods during the day, though, and that's felt pretty great.

I'm no expert, but tylenol and advil are helpful, and I like benadryl to put me to sleep. I still wake up in the middle of the night, but at least getting to sleep isn't so bad. I hate to advocate for more drug use, but marijuana's been really helpful for evening out my moods and sleeping (and just feeling ok in general).

I drink a lot of water. I find it helps me to leave my windows open at night so it gets cold in my bedroom. This tends to alleviate the sweats. To get through the day, I have a lot of caffeine. Those sugar-free energy drinks like 5-hour energy give me a nice lift in the afternoon.

I chose to finally give the pills up after reading message boards similar to this one. Reading people's stories was heartbreaking for me, and I realized I had to make a change. I check on the message boards almost every day, and I consider it a kind of therapy. I learned about people who had tapered off from more than 1,500mg daily. Amazing. No matter how deep you're dug in, it's still possible to turn it around.

My last pill was on Friday, and I don't plan on taking any more. Wish me luck.

mezzo 5 years ago

i have been talking tramadol daily for four years and i stopped. u don't need adoctor to quit all what u need to do to stop tramadol and start take regular pain killers for a week and get through the 1st three days and start doing any kind of sports and eating decent meals. after amonth u will feel stronger more active and not depressed as u used to be while taiking it,

Mollie 5 years ago

I check in every so often to see how others are doing. Good luck to you Paul, it seems as tho you are on the right track. I haven't taken a pill in a good 2 months. Good luck to you, and keep reading the boards, it's great support

Okiedeb64 5 years ago from Woodward, OK

I have been taking tramadol 50mg 3x a day for the past 2 months for lower back 4 disc problem. My dr prescribed this to me as a way to wean me off the hydrocodone I had been taking for 13 months. I was also told it was non-narcotic and low addictive qualities. Haha when I asked my dr about a weaning off plan from this med he said, "you are a smart lady, you will figure it out"! Seriously! Well, I am on day 3 and luckily found this blog! Your testimonials have saved me! Thank you so much! I have experienced all the same symptoms in addition I have terrible acne breakouts from the medication. Never had a problem with acne before. The restless legs, cold sweats, nausea, diarhea, severe headache, dizziness, ringing in my ears, and breathing trouble have almost caused me to go to the emergency room. Luckily, my mom, a retired nurse, has helped me through this. I cut myself down to one pill a day and as soon as I take that pill all these symptoms go away. After reading everyone's suggestions, I plan to step up to two pills a day for a week, then one a day for a week, then a half, etc. I hope this helps me. I have never been a street drug user and never abused pain pills so thus is quite an experience for my 46 year old body! I truly have more compassion for people with addiction! I can't wait to get off this medication for good! My mind is a fog all the time. Feel like I lost some days. Will never take this med again! Good luck to all of you!

Craig 5 years ago

I'm on my 6th day of doing cold turkey after takin tramadol 1200mg for nerve damage in my back ! The first 3 days are hellish but put your mind to it get some vitamins and herbal sleeping tablets and eat loads of fruit and veg but tale immodium for the loose bowells , I feel 90% better now and take it from me , after the 2nd3rd day u , the symptoms will subside ! I sympathise with u all and came off heroin 10 years ago cold turkey and the withdrawal effects are identical yet tramadol withdrawals are much more intense ! I've also found that talking to people who care about u helps a lot so get on the phone and chat away! Just hang in there and remember the reasons that u have stopped taking this horrendous substance which for me was to be the father my 2 year old daughter deserves and the husband my wife deserves and be back to the person I once was . This blog has helped me greatly and I believe it will help you also . The only real symptom that remains now is the weird swooshing sound wen I move my eyes and head but this is less than day 3 and is constantly subsiding , let's all get thru this together and support eachother on here , I was taking this crap for two years and almost feel back to normal so for u guys out there on your first day or second day of cold turkey hang in there and KNOW not hope that u WILL feel better soon ! Stay strong all

craig frm Birmingham England

Craig 5 years ago

Day seven cold turkey ! I feel pretty much normal now altho slightly under the weather much the same as you do after getting over a fever , I am enjoying things again nw that I couldn't a few days ago , even watching a tv show . A walk with my beautiful family in the morning and maybe even a cheeky pint or two in the afternoon as it is bank holiday . I have found that planning things for the next day has helped me , even something as small as doing the crossword in the news paper . Also I know I shudnt be bitter about this but my doc is getting a visit from me on Tuesday and I'm gonna let him knw how this drug ruins lives and for him not to just give it out like sweets to people in pain just to get them out of their surgery in 2 minutes flat so they can just abuse their responsibilty of actually helping people in a responsible way that may mean them having to be ten mins late leaving work !!!!!!!!

Okiedeb64 5 years ago from Woodward, OK

Thanks so much for the info Craig! I talked to my pharmacist and he recommended weaning off in a 30 day time frame. Ugh! I think I will bite the bullet and be done with it like you have. I also plan to give some feedback to the doctor. At this point it feels like a cruel joke but maybe he is not aware of the withdrawal symptoms of this drug. Although, I would think he should know before prescribing! I am so thankful I found this blog. I don't feel so alone in this horrible process. I was also able to prove to my family that I wasn't crazy! Lol

maggie 5 years ago

I had a car accident in 1990, I broke prety much every bone in my body They call me a puzzle put back together Since leaving the hospital after 2 months, I began taking many different pain killers one of them Tramadol, its been more than 20 years being on it, just this week I found myself out of them and the symptoms are not good

I am also taking Vicodine but tramadol seems to work better for me as I am noticing, I did not want to become an addict to any of my medications but if I do not take them, I will be curld up in pain all day long crying and not doing anything and I have a 12 year old that depends on me, so what do I do? I don't know, I just called my pain management doctor to see what he says.

Craig 5 years ago

I had trouble convincing my family that I wasn't crazy also lol so I showed them the posts on this website and were horrified and all of a sudden understood ! The problem in my oppinion with slowly weaning off any kind of physicaly and mentaly addictive substance is the cold turkey is less severe but it will be there as long as u are weaning so I thought I wud rather feel like death for three days than feel under the weather for a month or so ! I feel totally normal now apart frm slight sleep troubles but I've never been a great sleeper anyway! I check into this site every day a couple of times so I will be here to help u as much as I can okiedeb . And maggie , maybe get a prescription of strong ibuprofen and maybe gabapentin which both are not habbit forming and I have found since I've stopped taking trams after a long time and changed to ibuprofen my back pain has gone from a ten to a two .

all most done 5 years ago

Thank you to all who have posted here. I am on day 5 of cold turkey ultram withdrawal. I have never had to go through a "withdrawal" process before, and hope to never do it again. Wanted to post my "VICTORY" here because I am feeling better (although still not my old self completely) But, I just found a couple of 10 hydro's and a Klonopin....and as I sat there rationalizing all the reasons why I can/should go ahead and take them, I realized that it would start all over again. So, I flushed them. Whew! I NEED for this to be HARD so that I will NEVER get in this place again. On the positive side. I just sat outside and heard the birds singing and the sun on my face and for the first time, in a long time, it was sweet and fresh again. Thank you God for bringing to this point and letting me get through it. Hang in there folks, I was taking approx. 400 mg to 500 mg ultram a day for the last year. Stick with it, the other side is so very precious and sweet.....and so very much worth it.

Craig 5 years ago

It's over ! Thank god !

Craig 5 years ago

It's over ! Thank god !

almost done 5 years ago

Way to go Craig!!! Congrats!!!!! Never Ever Again!!!

Craig 5 years ago

How's everyone feelin ? I feel ok apart from the trams have permanantly damaged the optical nerve behind my left eye so a bit pissed off bout that ! Hopefully a deep sleep tonight for me , if there is a god he shud let me sleep for a week lol !

almost done 5 years ago

Optic nerve damage????? R u kidding??? Like what? I have noticed my script in my glasses have changed, but nothing like optic nerve damage. What are your symptoms? Feeling fairly good here, tired from not sleeping well and slightly listless, but the horrible apathy is gone. My family had a birthday celebration for one of my children last night and I 'fessed to my daughter about the withdrawal thing. First words out her mouth...."I am proud of you. I can tell a difference. You were like stupid before and I thought it was the night shift you were working and lack of sleep. But when you were stupid, it made me so angry at you. But tonight, I can really tell my old mommy is back." Words of wisdom from my 21 yo. Keep at it all....it is sooooooo worth it. BTW,while on this nasty drug.... anyone have trouble with uh, well you know, uhm....sex/desire and well...errrr....the big "O"? Just curious.... If so, how long till that comes back? (no pun intended...LOL)

Craig 5 years ago

Yes i went to optician cus I noticed the vision in my left eye had got realy bad in last two weeks and got worse fast , optician said that no lense was helpin so it was something to do with my brain., I'm avin brain scan soon but optitian said that it's the damage from the tramadol abuse as it has been known to cause damage in rare cases in the past !!! N the sex thing ...... I sort of got mine back but I'm a guy n , well u know it's a lot easier for a guy lol !!!!

Craig 5 years ago

Hhmmmmm all the physical withdrawals have gone now but should a 30 year old man be crying at the end of the film " forest gump" ! Lol

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

Craig, Almost Done, I've been taking this stuff for several years but only between 3-5 50mg pills per day. That's easily enough to create MAJOR withdrawal symptoms, but it could certainly be worse. I cut down to only 2 pills yesterday and, so far, (6pm) I've only had one today. Only a little sweating, but a LOT of uncontrollable crying. My personality changed so much that my wife told me years ago that I was a different person and she didn't like it. But what did I care!? I was on Tramadol! No worries! Well, it's been eating at me for a while now, knowing that I'm ruining my marriage, so I've come to my senses and am determined to quit completely. I tried cold turkey once and it was very bad. I have a desk job and could NOT sit still and focus, plus I was crying at my desk.

I love my wife very much and cherish her more than I can express. Now I must deal with the guilt of emotionally abandoning her over the last 7 years as well as the physical.

Please tell me you will be here to see me through this.

I can't believe that I found such an active, recent message board as this.

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

I can handle this low level of energy and overall feeling of sadness at everything I see, but the extreme sadness, complete loss of energy, complete disinterest in everything I should enjoy, the inability to eat, the inability to get out of bed, the restless legs and arms... THAT I cannot handle. I expect to have all of these things in moderation as I taper off and I'm ok with that. For me it's better than the alternative. I picked up my last fill of tram today and I explained very kindly to the pharmacist how bad this stuff is. I broke down and started crying as I was explaining. I couldn't speak any longer and just walked away with a wave in disgust and embarrasment. She was very surprised to hear about this. What good is it telling a pharmacist at Walgreens? Who knows? But I can't just say nothing. I explained to her that I was only picking this up to wean off of it.

I'm starting to feel some of the anxious limbs sensation now. I nibbled off 1/4 of a pill at about 6:30pm today on 5/01/11. Probably another 1/4 to be able to sleep.

Craig 5 years ago

Hi scaredashelll , try n stay positive ! I know that's easier said than done but it helps to think of the reasons u have decided to stop taking this crap and remember that in a few days it will be over ! I promise ! When the sweats are bad , go outside or open the windows or have a hot bath , this helps more than u would think and also helps with the restless leg thing . Get some cold and flu capsules , immodium and herbal sleeping tabs and you will also be shocked how much these things help . Also try and break your day up a little bit by doing little things every hour or so , something as small as throwing a slice of bread to the birds or a quick shower , even a little snack , it helps the first few days go by a little quicker .

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

I'm a 40 yr old male with a 6 yr old daughter. I cried my face off reading your message. And when my daughter said she would pay me back when we got home if I would just buy her a stuffed animal, it took everything in my power to keep from bursting out in tears when she handed me her money... I should be proud of her, and I am, but I should not be crying. I'm very sentimental as it is, so this is especially hard emotionally. When I dropped her off at school, you guessed it, I drove away and cried. Fortunately, the intense, HARD crying sorta levels everything out for a while and I feel much better afterwards. Much like when you just need to vomit and get it over with.

I ended up taking a full 2 pills yesterday. I hope to cut it back to just 1 today. Will report back.

I can't thank you enough for replying so quickly.

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

Update: although it's only 9:30am, and I've cried my face and my ass off this morning, I have not taken any Tram yet. In fact, I feel pretty darn good right now. I know I have more crap to deal with, but it's something at least.

The worst part of all of this is that I've ignored my amazing wife for the last 7 years. I can't put into words the guilt I feel over this. She has nothing but love and concern for me. She doesn't know about this mess, but I did tell her about a few years ago when I tried to quit cold-turkey and she was there for me. I just wish I had stuck with it. I've now been on Tram for the entirety of my daughters life. Im so mad at myself. I was screaming and crying in my car, "7 YEARS!!! 7 YEARS!!! GONE! FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!"

It's the lowest low of my life.

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

Btw: I didn't decide it was time to stop because of a limited supply... I still have 7 refills available.

Where have I been for my daughters whole life?! I'm such a horrible father.

The last 4 years I've been taking it were only to keep away the withdrawals. Thus the very low quantity each day.

Sorry for the numerous updates, but the guilt is killing me.

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

Update: It's now 12:30pm, still no desire to take any more of that SHIT!

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

2:30pm and still none of it. The crying fits have subsided noticeably.

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

It may be my imagination, but the Imodium seems to have helped quite a bit... assuming it's doing anything at all for the w/d symptoms. I'm hoping to read that it does absolutely nothing for mood, which would mean that I'm well on the road to beating this crap. I'm taking a multi-vitamin, a B6 (5000% RDA) and a potassium supplement in addition to the Imodium. No flu medication yet. No flu-like symptoms yet.

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

It's now 5pm and no change in the way I feel, for better or for worse. I've taken a single Imodium every 3 - 4 hours. No tramadol. I'm afraid it's about to really hit me hard soon.

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

Heart rate up a bit, beating a little harder than normal. I suppose that's the withdrawal induced adrenaline. Crying very hard but less frequently. No restless arms or legs yet. A lot of anxiety in my stomach. The removal of the anxiety was the blessing that Tramadol provided, now it's back and will be every day for the rest of my life, just as it was before Tramadol. Such is my life. But still haven't taken any. It's now been 24 hours.

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

Heart rate up a bit, beating a little harder than normal. I suppose that's the withdrawal induced adrenaline. Crying very hard but less frequently. No restless arms or legs yet. A lot of anxiety in my stomach. The removal of the anxiety was the blessing that Tramadol provided, now it's back and will be every day for the rest of my life, just as it was before Tramadol. Such is my life. But still haven't taken any. It's now been 24 hours.

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

About to try to get some sleep. Yawning a lot but I'm pretty sure the RLS will kick in and ruin my attempt.

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

So this has become my personal journal. :)

In bed now. Intense anxiety in my stomach. Not sad.... For the moment.

It's 10:20pm and I've asked that no one make any noise what-so-ever, because if I'm able to get to sleep, being woken will surely be the end of my sleep for the entire night. It's now or never with the sleep.

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

11:28pm - RLS and restless arms in full swing. About to go look for the herbal sleep stuff and a hot bath.

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

Off to the store....

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

Didn't make it to the store. Found some melatonin in the medicine cabinet from last time I tried to quit. Went for a walk. Hot bath was nice, but ultimately did nothing for restless arms and legs. Just sitting here miserably passing the time.

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

Slept only about 3 hours. Was shocked that I even fell asleep. Took 1 Melatonin but dont know if that helped. Woke up and didn't immediately cry.

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

Well, I cried when I dropped off my daughter again, I cried 4 or 5 more times before I got to work, then again at my desk. I also took 2 Imodiums at about 2am. I've heard that in some people it has a mood-lifting effect. I certainly hope this is not true as I've done nothing more than trade one pill for another. Please assure me that it's not lifting my mood. I also took an antihistamine at about 10pm, Wal-Act. But it didn't seem to help. Wal-Act normally knocks me out pretty hard, but the RLS and arms kept me up.

I'm still very concerned about how long I'll have these bouts of crying at everything. I think about the fact that I was on this shit during BOTH of our Disney trips and it makes me so sad and angry that it physically hurts.

Craig 5 years ago

Immodium does absolutely nothing for the mood , it is purely to stop the loose bowells . The reason u might be feeling a bit better is probabaly the vitamins and the trams coming out of your system as this causes huge mood swings so up 1 minute and crying the next ! It's just part of it , u sound like u are doing really well so keep it up and keep thinking of the reasons u have decided to get off the shit !

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

Ok, thanks again for the reply. You're my voice of reason, my angel if you will, that I think I'm going to need to hear from often. Today is worse than yesterday. Have been crying since I dropped off my daughter. I've been at work for an hour and have done nothing but cry and go to the restroom. Still no tramadol.

I didn't plan to go cold-turkey as I didn't think I could handle it, but after going for 36 hours now with none, it just might be possible, which is now the plan of attack.

Did you experience of lot of crying as well? A lot of anxiety?

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

I'm as excited as a person can be about getting off of this stuff. Knowing that tonight will be the 48 hour mark is tremendous for me.

I often think, "getting off of this is gonna suck, especially after the withdrawals, because I was just a miserable, unproductive person before..." While it's true that I did find I had much MORE energy while on Tramadol, I can look back to BEFORE Tramadol and name many things that I did that took a tremendous amount of energy and patience. I built a club-house from my own plans for the kids... I extended the patio (framed it and poured the cement) 100% on my own, no help. I placed laminate wood-flooring in our bedroom, put up crown moulding in the kids rooms, the list goes on. There are other things but those are some good examples.

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

Apologies to all if this is TMI. I thought it would help others who may be having similar thoughts throughout the process.

Craig 5 years ago

Yes I did , the first three days I was an emotional wreck ! And the anxiety that goes with it was also bad for the first few days . After day 3/4 these symptoms subside very quickly and u will just get the odd bout off the cries every couple of days and the anxiety will drop off also with just the odd mild attack . A lot of this is caused by the lack of proper sleep I think( also the serotonin levels in your brain will be leveling themselves out as tramadol effects this greatly and serotonin is the chemical which controls moods I believe) but I check into this site every day to try n give my support as I got support off here with my detox , im 2weeks and1 day clean now and feel good so it really can be done if u just remember that in a few days it will be over. I will check in every hour or so before I go to bed so if u want a chat I will be here friend . Stay strong , 36 hours is a fucking great achievement !!!! The worst is almost done so be strong

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

Your words are an incredible help. All the way across the pond!

It helps tremendously to have an idea of what to expect. I'm most concerned about the sleep cycle. Not sure how to explain this sudden inability to sleep to the wife. I can't tell her about this, which, of course, just adds that much more anxiety to the mix :)

Thanks again. Congrats on your success and I wish you the best.

I'll be posting frequently - it helps.

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

What would go through your mind when you were crying a lot during the first few days? Things you most regret that you did or did not do? Other things?

Craig 5 years ago

I'd really consider the herbal OTC sleeping tabs , they are called nytol over here , not sure about what they are called in the states but u can get them from general stores and they r not too pricey and they really did help me when I was at your stage and even now if I'm struggling to sleep I have a couple and within the hour feel very relaxed and fall asleep. Also have a glass of milk before bed time as milk contains sedative qualities (it's not just an old wives tale) the herbal sleepers will also probably help with the anxiety also . I found that breathing exersises helped with the anxiety also , try closing your eyes and take deep breaths thru your nose , hold it in for 3/4 seconds then breath out thru your mouth and do this repeatedly as and when u r getting anxious , it feels very calming . Catch u later mate hope this helps you

Craig 5 years ago

Anything was making me cry from things on the tv even nice things people were doing around me , even the royal wedding hahaha ! And that's not like me ! And yes I suppose I thought about anythin that was the slghtest bit emotional to me or others I was in bits ! The missus found it quite strange but understands now

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

OMG! I can't stop crying!!! So hard and frequent that I feel like I'm going to vomit.

But I'm taking this as "the shit is leaving your system and your receptors are trying to get back to normal." This may sound weird, but as bad as this is, I feel like I'll be better than at any other time in my life when it's all done.

I feel like I'll be less quick to anger and have less anxiety than ever before.

Is this being too hopeful? I'm talking about months from now.

Craig 5 years ago

It's not too hopefull at all , u are being realistic! U are in the right frame of mind to be dealing with what u are dealing with , without being positve it would be impossible mate! U r gonna be fine mate I can tell by that last post

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

Thanks, man.

In response to one of your earlier posts about planning something for the next day, or the current day, I use some TV shows as my high points in the week. Seeing my wife and daughter are always high points, especially now that I'm clean, but I really enjoy certain shows and it very much gives me a little something extra to look forward to. I'm a HUGE fan of American Idol, have been since the beginning, before Tramadol (not sure why I need that qualifier, but there it is) and can't WAIT for each show. My personal favorite, Casey Abrams (unbelievably talented all-around musician) is out now, but the next in line for me was James Durbin. Even when numbed out on Tram Caseys and James' abilities made me watery-eyed a time or two. Like I said, I'm sentimental/emotional as it is, so when I see something that impressive it really has an impact on me.

Wow, this has turned out to be a really long post and I'm just trying to say that I'm taking some of your advice. :)

And to be completely honest with you, I'm even surprised at how well I'm handling this. Why am I not just giving in like I did for the last 7 years at the first HINT of any discomfort or emotion other than happiness???

Back to the original point, I watch TV shows (on TiVo HD only! :)) like American Idol, Big Bang Theory, Parks and Recreation and a couple of others. Have you heard of Parks and Recreation?

Craig 5 years ago

Not heard of that one but the big bang theory is one of the funniest things on tv I think ! I havnt been watching American idol because britains got talent is on here at the mo and I love watching that , David hasselhoff is one of the judges lol ! He's a funny guy . Is Simon cowell on American idol ?

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

I'm guessing it's about your bed time.

Yeh, the Hoff was on America's got Talent also. What a doof. Simon left AI. We now have the returning Randy Jackson and new this year we have Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. Jennifer and Randy are great judges, really great reviews and suggestions, critiques, but Steven Tyler... pfft, another doofus most of the time.

Dude, still crying my fkng face off!!! Hasn't been quite 2 days yet, but soon. I didn't just go through 2 days of hell to go right back at it. I nearly took out my new refill of Tram flushed it. But just in case I find that I must wean off in the long-run, I didn't flush it.

Damn, my arms are feeling all anxious and tingly.

Good night!

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

Not able to sleep tonight. Went to bed at about 9:30pm and slept until 11pm. Wife woke me up unintentionally. Haven't been able to sleep since then. It's now 2:30am.

She suggested I try some tea. We only have Earl Grey, no herbal sleeping stuff, but I'm drinking it anyway.

I now feel like I'm basically back to feeling the constant level of anxiety that I felt all of my adult life up to the time I started with Tramadol. I'm irritable again, frustrated easily and not very social.

I don't know about this "feeling normal" thing. I can't imagine anyone living their entire life this way. I'm still not taking the shit, but damn, life is sucking right now.

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

Craig, how was your appetite during those first few days and how is it now?

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

Please forgive the negative attitude two posts prior. I can remember plenty of times that I was happy and anxiety free. I'm just still a little scared about the end-result of this first week of waiting.

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

It's been 58 hours. Still no tram. Hoping that the 3 or 4 day mark is as noticeable for me as it is for everyone else. Praying that it is.

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

I didn't cry immediately when I dropped off my daughter, but when I realized I hadn't given her any breakfast..... Yep, niagra falls.

A bit of a brain zap yesterday, and chills this morning, but nothing too bad.

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

Today is the worst yet.

Craig 5 years ago

Hang in there bro , your body is just adjusting , is this day 3 for u now? If so u may as well stick at it as your symptoms are peaking right now but on the plus side will not get any worse . The night is darkest before dawn as they say ! Just hang in there cus if u take any trams u will have to deal with all this again ! I don't mean to sound harsh but u are soooooo close I promise u !!!!

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

Thanks, Craig.

I'm hangin in there, but g*******t this is some bad shit.

It would just about kill me to not be able to tell you that I made it through.

It's day 3, crying just about non-stop. Still able to get some work done though.

Thanks again, very glad you're there.

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

Speaking of crying at movies... before Tram came along we went to see "My Dog Skip" and my reaction was not pretty. :) I have a very strong emotional attachment to my dog/s. When it got to the part in that movie where they started talking about Skip dieing after the kid grew up and moved away, I freakin lost it BIG TIME! I had to walk out of the theater but could hardly see from all of the tears rolling down my face. What a goober!

Craig 5 years ago

Yeah like I said in a post I cried at forest gump lol " they sendin me to Vietnam , it's a whole new country " I was completely in bits wen he said that bit ! I watched the same bit earlier to check if I was still a bit weepy and it didn't have same effect so it passes mate, I found it one of the worst symptoms , I suppose it's a kind of sudden deppression !

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

Right on. That's funny that you "tested" yourself :) but I totally understand why you did.

Craig 5 years ago

For sure lol how u feelin mate?

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

Man, it's the weirdest thing.... I feel...... GOOD!

I'm prepared for it to be temporary, but instead of being on the verge of crying from sadness, I'm on the verge of crying tears of joy!

Fingers crossed!

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

HOLY CRAP! I FEEL SO FREAKIN GOOD! I haven't taken anything today other than a multi-vitamin, a B6 ,a Potassium Gluconate and 2 Imodiums, but that was all this morning. It's now 5pm.

This is amazing! What everyone said about the 3-4 wall is true! That was the hope that kept me going. Again, I don't expect to feel this good all the time and I do expect some lows still, but DAMN! This is GREAT!

I have a very high metabolism, so maybe I've burned all that shit out a bit early.

The last 3 days were worse than going through boot-camp.

I'm not done posting here. I'll update on any ups and/or downs as they happen.

Craig, THANK YOU for being there!!! Gonna go find this season of Britain's Got Talent on some Torrent site and watch it after American Idol. You're the man, Craig!

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

I hope that others can read through my experience here and use that as a timeline for the their own experience getting off this crap.

Damn, it's 11pm in GB.... Hope you slept well, Craig. :)

Sniper 5 years ago

2 days off tram and feel good

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

Conga rats, Sniper!

I'm still expecting to experience some lows here and there as well as difficulty sleeping for a good while, but nothing even close to the low I was at the last couple of days.

Libby 5 years ago

Hey guys! i stumbled on this forum looking for some referance as to what I have in store for me in coming off this crap. I have taken ultram for 6 years now and I am thru with it. I have had a medical scare and I am afraid my kidneys have been effected by this I will know more soon. I go for lab work tomorrow to be for sure.

I have not taken an ultram since 9am monday the 2nd...today is the 4th.

I have tried to come off ultram in the past and the withdrawal pain was so horrendous and I didnt know when it would end so I would always last maybe a day off of it.

Now I am doing it different. I am building my body with raw vegetables, fresh made carrot, celery, and apple juice at least 2 times a day and a little cooked food. No meat at all. I am going easy on my digestive system so every effort my body has can be used to detox from this demon drug.

I have also been taking a tincture of dandelion roots and leaves to help my kidneys, tincture of burdock to help clean my blood, and a product called livercare (or liv 52 in the UK) made by a company called Himalaya for strengthening my liver. I am taking these herbs 3 times a day.

I drink only pure distilled water thru this. Its important to pee and poo a lot thru this cause thats how your body gets rid of waste and toxins. I would not recommend the immodium unless the diarrhea is so severe you are risking dehydration unless you stop it.

So far its been pretty smooth. Severe exhaustion with mild muscle pain and some headache for a few hours during the first 48 hours. Insomnia with the restless leg crap that night. I am on day 3 and had an episode earlier where I broke out in a cold sweat and felt like I was going to vomit and I KNEW I was gonna die right then and there. before the sweat came on I was fine, just laying down resting. weird.

This experience coming off of this evil drug is way better than last time. I know I can do it, and I am thankful I got a wake up call from a nasty ER doctor telling me I am in renal failure based on a urine test alone. I drank tons of water before I went in. i thought I had an infection and he tells me I am most likely in renal failure (rolls eyes) Nonetheless after sitting in the parking lot for 20 minutes trying to get control of myself crying enough to drive home, I swore that moment no matter what the pills have to go. All I can see is my 3 year olds face...I love her too much to die. I have to be here for her. She loves me, and I love her. I dont want us ever to be apart. For her I am willing to go thru anything.

I am blessed to have this knowledge about food and herbs so the trip isn't so painful. I hope what I have used in my detox from this demon drug can help others have a less horrifying experience.

Craig 5 years ago

Well done scaredashell! I knew u would do it mate ! U will start to get better now and the sleep will improve , it is hell for a few days but as soon as you start to feel better you realise that it was worth it and I feel stronger in the head than ever . U and me have proved that we have self control and have our priorities in the right place and also we have stopped taking it for other people not just ourselves which shows compasion . We should take so many plusses from this experience and give ourselves a pat on the back ! And hi libby ! You are also doing this for the right reasons by the sounds of it , u ain't just stopping cus your script has ran out , u are stopping because you have realised that the crap is effecting u and your child needs you, so when the symptoms get realy uncomfortable just remember the reasons that you are detoxing and soldier thru ......... It's so worth it !

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

Libby, GREAT JOB! You're through the hardest part! I was afraid of doing internal damage all these years, but the Tram kept me from really giving a damn. Drinking more water now.

I'm doing pretty good, but not as good as last night. Last night I felt pretty damn good and I slept through the entire night without a hitch. I only took a melatonin to help with sleep. I felt like I'm getting off easy on this, whether I deserve to or not. :)

This morning I've been crying my face off again but, unlike the previous few days, I have an appetite. I expect to have, though sure as hell don't WANT, more of this sadness/crying bullshit.

I was shocked that I slept through the entire night. Combine the full night of sleep with my good mood yesterday and it makes me a bit concerned that I may still have residual amounts of Tramadol in my system that are sorta "dislodging" and causing me to feel better for a small time. I don't think that, biologically speaking, it's even possible to have that happen, but I sure did feel much better last night.

Overall this morning I feel about the same as yesterday morning, though 'slightly' improved.

I can still just look at a picture of my daughter and go into a deep, sobbing, painful cry.

Again, it's better than yesterday, but damn this crying shit! I am grateful to have an appetite though.

Soldiering on!

Thanks again, Craig.

Best to you, Libby!

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

Libby, a couple of other thoughts for you.

No matter what your reason for ever taking it and staying on it (I did it because I LOVED the way I felt, never needed it), you've now made a very hard decision to do the right thing. Not everyone makes the wise decision you made and they may continue taking the drug until it kills them.

The second thing is this: You will have moments of sadness, ups and downs, after you get over that initial, staggeringly-high wall, which is where I am now. Tramadol is now on the other side of that wall rotting in its own hell. I AM FREE! So too will you be!

Not-so-scared in Texas

Craig 5 years ago

Well said mate

Craig 5 years ago

How r u guys?

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

Doing good. Only issue at this point is that I lose it every time I think about the fact that my daughter is already SEVEN. It seems like it was just yesterday, which I blame on the Tramadol mostly. Time FLIES when you're having fun, which means the last 7 years just FLEW by and I feel like I missed out on nearly all of her life so far, which I can't get back. I'm now keeping a written record of every day and moment I spend with her now. Just little notes, maybe a picture.. it's so easy to do these days. Something to be able to look back on and say that I did not waste another day and spent as much time as possible with her. Our time with our kids is so very very precious, and I just pissed away 7 years worth. That is the biggest, most painful thing for me to overcome now.

Other than THAT, I'm doing ok. :)

How about you?

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

I almost used the term " in bits" on my previous post and I really like when Brits say, "a nice piece of kit." I hear some other Brit things on a podcast and they're all great.

They sound good and make sense. I think I shoulda been born Brit sometimes! :)

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

Libby, and anyone going through this bullshit:

I took some words from, of all people, Jack White of the White Stripes to help me through the emotional train-wreck that is the biggest part of the withdrawal in my opinion.

I didn't really think about what he meant for a long time, it was just a fun song, but it's actually a bit profound/well-worded:

"The problems at-hand are lighter than at-heart."

The message is simple and true and it can't be said any better than that IMO. It was my mantra throughout all of the depression and continues to be any time I sink low for a short time.

The song is called, "Little Acorns" and is one helluva a great song when you're in the mood. The message is very much a motivational, inspirational one. Check it out.

Betternbogie 5 years ago

Wow, I quit Ultram yesterday and feel the same as was described above. 4 day wall, huh. Not looking forward to feeling worse than I do now. I have however, slept alot in the past day. It's 11:00 pm and i have slept almost 14 hours of the past 24.

M- 5 years ago

I've taken 8 ultram/day on average for the last 10 years. I was at the end of my last bottle and picked up the phone to call the doctor with the usual dread I feel at making the call, when suddenly I thought "why?" It doesn't even help the pain anymore, and I'm not entirely sure it's not in part what creates some of it. I took only 1.5 pills/day for 3 days then half a pill on the fourth. The 3rd day, even with the 1.5 was awful. Chills, sweats, brain-zaps, restless arms/legs, general all around nervinous (physical and mental)along with a whole host of scary feelings I don't even have words for. Today is day 5 and I've taken .5 pills 2x. There is no more. The symptoms started escalating tonight and I took a Benadryl which I had read helped with w/d for some. It did help me, but not for long. I still feel better than I did earlier, but I can feel it all creeping back and it's only been a couple of hours. I take muscle relaxers before bed as part of my pain regiment, but have found I can't even take those as they seem to make the symptoms much worse. Its a weekend and my doc isn't in. I'll have no choice but to tough it out, although, I don't ever want to go through this again.

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

M, I'm on day 6 now (just woke up) and reading your story makes my heart hurt for you.

Most stories I read were from people taking more than me but for a much shorter time. Most stories were 2 yrs, I was at 7 yrs. It had me very worried that maybe I had done some permanent damage, but I can tell, without question, that it has not.

It's important to know that I'm VERY sensitive to any and all medication. Knowing that is one of things that had scared me the most. Running a close second to that was knowing that I have 7 months worth of prescriptions left. Third, my parents are both on anti-depressants.

I thought, "ok, fine, I'm gonna quit this crap, but when I'm done, and all the withdrawals are 100% gone, I'm just gonna be depressed like my parents.

Things did not turn out that way. Like I predicted in a previous post, I actually feel slightly better than I ever remember feeling while on Tramadol! And I feel that way ALL the time as of day 5/6.

To give you an idea of just how things get after going through hell for 3 or 4 days, I just spent every waking moment yesterday cleaning out the hellish dump that my garage had become over the last seven years of not giving a damn. During that time I had all my favorite songs playing, singing out loud to them and I was even laughing with people!!!

For years I feared that, once I came off Tram that I would never know really good, hard, happy laughter again. Thankfully I was very wrong.

It can be done and has been done by many, and with extremely rare exception, they all have that same 3-4 day wall to overcome.

The best thing I say to keep with you mentally is this: Fours days are going to pass, and there's nothing anyone can do to stop that from happening. Expect the absolute worst during that time. Expect to be shitting your brains out, expect NO sleep, expect extreme sadness and anxiety and expect it to last all four days. But also know that it will end. It ABSOLUTELY will end and you WILL be better. Youll know when youve cleared that wall and you'll probably cry tears of joy.

Please don't take any more. Again, those 4 days WILL pass, but do you want to be free of Tramadol at that time or still in it's grasp?

Fight the good fight, M.

M- 5 years ago

Reading your comments makes it all seem much more doable. Morning brings a better resolution than I had during the night when I was unable to sleep. I'm not feeling quite so badly at the moment. I'm unsure if that means I'm on the downward slope or if its because I've had a half of one in the last 24 hours. It's been around 12 hours ago I guess I took the last I had. But even the 2 - .5 tabs I was taking compared to the 8 whole tabs a week ago is a major decrease, so hopefully the worst is behind me. It's still not wonderful, but if it gets no worse than this I can deal. I'm glad its a weekend, so I don't have to worry about caving in a weak moment. Hopefully by Monday, at least, the worst will be behind me.

M- 5 years ago

Also, your concerns about depression ring true with me also. That has very much been a concern. I'm glad to read that you are finding joy again.

Betternbogie 5 years ago

I've only been on Tramadol since last June and I feel as crapy as someone that was on for 2 years or more. I am on my third day and spent most of last night trying to get my arms and legs to settle down. Finally got to sleep at 9 this morning amd slept til 12:30 today. Strange thoughts and aches too. Been up an hour, showered and had coffee, not really hungry, and I am finding it hard to focus on things I know I should be doing. If I had only known ahead of time, but the medical staff don't always tell you the down side of drugs. Still have some tramadol in cabinet but am not going to take any more. Should just dump it down toilet. Arm is starting to spasm again, Done typing for now.

M- 5 years ago

I'm still having some discomfort off and on - but so far, today had definitely been the best of the last few. I am also quite distracted and unable to concentrate on any one thing and really still yet feel like doing nothing. Kind of an irritable boredom with extreme restlessness. The pain is easing up though and the chills aren't as bad - I haven't had that horrid sense of "wanting" other than when I woke up from a nap earlier. It faded pretty quickly after I got up though. Strange dreams here also. Not sleeping more than a couple of hours at a stretch and that's only after I've taken Benadryl. Brain zaps after my nap as well, but haven't had any sense. Right now my biggest problem is not being able to decide if I am hot or cold. I'm both at one time. I've been spending the day reading, bundled up in a comforter, with the air on and a fan blowing on me. Whatever it takes, eh?

M- 5 years ago

"Haven't had any sense" should read "Haven't had any since", although, the first statement would probably be appropriate as well!

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

M, it sounds like you're gonna be just fine, whether it feels like it or not sometimes. The fact that things aren't as bad as they were is a great sign for you. For me, once I started getting better, further improvement came exponentially faster.

I still get the infrequent bout of mild depression (only lasts a few minutes) and a bit of anxiety here and there, but hell, who doesn't have that!?

I can still be a little overly emotional (sad) over some things, but that's already down to only once per day.

I found that the brain zaps would always surprise me, but they didn't bother me, that it was kinda neat actually..... in a VERY VERY odd kinda way. That's not to say I WANT them, but they didn't hurt or bother me in any way.

Find a good sit-com, like Big Bang Theory, Modern Family or Parks and Recreation and let me know the first time you have a good-feeling, laught out loud moment!

M- 5 years ago

hmm, I've had a couple of bouts this afternoon of what I can only describe as giddiness? Mind you, I'm not complaining - that's not something I've felt in a long time. It is rather pleasant, if short lived. I was having some rather strong symptoms again about half an hour ago, but the passed after a bit and I feel settled again.

Yes, the brain zaps are rather surprising and puzzling. Mine are usually while I'm asleep (waking me, of course) or as I'm waking up. It is so nice to know that someone knows what I'm talking about without having to explain it! Brain zap fits! It's like a low voltage electrical current traveling through your brain? No pain, just a bit disconcerting but yes, neat in an odd way!

One thing I am curious about. At some point about 5 yrs ago I started feeling a "sensation" just below my skin. It was constant and drove me buggy. Tramadol made it go away. It is one of the primary reasons I have been taking it all this time. I don't feel it today. Is it possible the Tramadol is what was causing it to begin with? I guess I won't know for sure until it's been long enough to know if it's coming back or not - but I'm curious if anyone else has felt that same sensation.

seriously???? 5 years ago

I posted around 6 weeks ago...I was doing so well but hurting so bad and I relapsed after 6 days off I believe...Now this is the second attempt to kick the nasty little pill. Day 3 today and I found that Lyrica has been a life saver !! I started taking it a week ago when I decided I was going to kick it and then weened off the tram for about 3 days just took about three a day instaed of ten or fifteen or more and I feel FABULOUS... Not ONE withdrawal symptom and I've been on this stuff for a few years at high dosage..Hope this helps..GOOD luck all !!

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

M, I've never felt anything below the skin as you've described. Are you on day 4 or 5 now? You should start a lot better rather quickly if so. That's not to say you will be happy, happy all the time, but I'd say about 95% of the anxiety and sadness should be gone soon. I had no sadness yesterday and no anxiety out of the norm for me.

This morning I woke up late and was so frustrated/mad that I just started crying like a big 'ol baby... very HARD crying for a good 5 minutes. But then it was over and I was fine.

"Seriously???", sorry to hear that you started taking it again, though you're off of it again now, which is good. But what happens if you stop taking Lyrica now?

I'm glad it's working for you, but that's the cycle I wanted to avoid. Take a pill to get off a pill, to get off a pill, to get off a pill, etc. I'm only taking an occaissonal multi-vitamin, B6 and some Ginkgo Biloba. I didn't take any of it over the weekend and slept like a baby (drooling with my butt in the air :) ). No RLS or arms except when I tried to take a little nap during the day.

Maybe I'm getting off lucky on this. My w/d was short, relatively speaking, and I'm having no trouble sleeping at all. I truly expected to have trouble sleeping for months. Maybe I just mentally prepared my body and mind for the worst, and when it didn't happen things seemed all that much better.

I've had no desire to take another pill. That's not to say I have no desire to feel the 'good' feeling that Tram provides, but it's totally not worth it and I'm much more productive now. Also, my wife is already starting to like me again. :)

BTW: I'm doing so well that I stopped counting the days! lol I believe this is day 7, but whatever it is, it's all good now and has been for a few days.

Keep fighting the good fight!

Seriously???? 5 years ago

SCAREDASHELL- I am glad you are doing well also.....I started taking lyrica along time ago for my fybromyalgia and I had to stop because it got so expensive and I had no withdrawal from it at all...so I am sure If for some reason I have to stop again I will be fine..It's helping ME , I wouldnt recommend that someone run out and get it to help them if they had never taken it before...

Betternbogie 5 years ago

Wow, felt so crappy yesterday ,I didn't turp 'puter on. Today started day 5 and WHAT A DIFFERENCE. Actually felt like eating, was focusing more and no cramps yet. Not sure what night will bring. That is when the cramps and/or RLS were the worst. When I read how day 4 was wall day, I felt concerned, being it was Mother's Day. I did not screw the day up, was able to go take a nap when things felt bad. Hopefully things keep going on this path.

I concur with ScaredAsHell, Keep fighting the good fight.

M- 5 years ago

By Saturday night I was feeling pretty good, so went to dinner with my boyfriend. Spend Mother's Day with him and my family. Felt pretty good on Mother's Day, except for an odd episode of w/d every now and again. It would usually pass in about 20 minutes or so. I noticed it was more intense when I was outside in the heat. No good theories on that one.

The sensation under my skin has returned, so it was not the tramadol. I was kinda hoping it was. Doctor's have figured it is nerve damage from the initial injury, so maybe they know what they are talking about.

Today there was NO w/d symptoms at all! I slept all night the night before. Like ScaredAsHell, I did crave the "feel good" on occasion, especially in the morning, but I refrained from calling the doc this morning - did not want to live those few days over again. But...

I was looking for some Tylenol in my pillbox in my purse and there was a lone tramadol in there. And well, my head was hurting, which is a poor excuse, but I took it anyway. I still don't plan on going to the doctor and I just hope I did't screw up the last few days. It didn't even help my headache. Wish I'd flushed it.

What I intend to keep in mind is my boyfriend telling me I smiled more this weekend than he says I've done in a long time. And my family says I was more sociable on Sunday. I have become very withdrawn over the last few years and I was not enjoying social events.

I'm glad that you guys are doing well still. ScaredAsHell, you really seem to be enjoying life again, reading your experiences and my own experiences this weekend (right up until I just had to have the stray pill)have made me sure that I've made the best decision.

Craig 5 years ago

Three weeks n feeling like my old self ! Still a bit of an energy issue but it's nothin a red bull can't sort out !

M- 5 years ago

Congrats Craig. Maybe I should try some red bull!

I've done good today. No major problems - not ready to let down my guard though, especially since I slipped yesterday. That was 50 mg though, and I'm used to 100 mg at a time @ 400mg/day. I'm hoping it doesn't trigger w/d again once it is fully out of my system. I'm thinking it won't.

My thought process seems much clearer - work related tasks don't seem quite so much like sifting through mud. Stretching exercises seem to help when I'm wanting the mood boost.

It's been a week since I cut my dosage in half and started tapering down. Today would have been day 4 without had I not found the stray! I'm so disgusted about that. Nothing to do about it now though but keep moving ahead. Hope everyone is having a good day. :)

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

M, sorry to hear that you slipped. Things happen, but please don't take any more. It would be easy slip into the mindset of, "hey, I took one and I'm okay. I think I can handle just one now and then."

I'm not saying you would do that, but that's not how it works and you know it. Please don't take any more. Just like Betternbogie discovered, make it to day 5 with NO Tram and you'll see a big difference. Hopefully the one you took won't set you back to the start, but I suspect you've basically started over as far as your brain is chemically concerned.

Stick with it and you WILL be good again. You made it 3 days and that was as bad as it gets.

Keep us posted.

And, yes, I am very much enjoying life again. Do I still get frustrated? Do I still have some anxiety? Do some things still make me sad? Of course! I'm HUMAN! :)

But I'm completely 100% normal again. I'm guilt-free now! Yes I still regret what I did for the last 7 years, but I stopped taking Tram by CHOICE, not by running out, so it makes me feel even better knowing that fact.

I do still have RLS sometimes, like right now, so I'm up eating a big'ol fat-ass bowl of icecream! :) Hope it helps.

Now go FIGHT, M!

ash7826 5 years ago

Hey everyone

ash7826 5 years ago

Like everyone else here I was perscribed ultram 50mg 2 every 4 hours. I 2was taking them after I had my son 4 months ago I was up to taking 3 at a time 3 times a day when I ran out and couldn't get anymore. This was Sunday when I took my last ultram at 12 noon. Monday I took one hydro and haven't had anything since. I have had the normal withdraws but thbe worse is d3eff at night the rls kills me am I almost done with the worse of it

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

ash, what time zone are you in?

ash7826 5 years ago


M- 5 years ago

Today has been a good day. Some residual effects still yet, but not full-on withdrawal. No really bad stuff for a few days now. Am sleeping better. All-in-all, I'm in much better shape than I was a week ago, for sure. I have a B Complex supplement that I'm going to start taking.

Hi Ash, night time was the worst times for me. It should get better soon! I feel like another person - not physically so much yet, but mentally. I still yet am having a few crying spells as for some reason I seem more emotional - but then again, I've been numb for the last 10 years.

Did the ice cream help, ScaredAsHell?? I'm aways up for ice cream therapy. :)

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

M, it helped with my craving for icecream, but that was about it unfortunately. I finally took a melatonin supplement at around 3:30am, fell asleep around 4:15am and was woken up by my wife at about 6am. 1.75 hrs of sleep. Not good. Ironically, I was falling asleep ALL DAY at work, no RLS. It's 11pm now. Gonna go take a melatonin right now. Maybe I'll sleep really well tonight!

ash, I asked for your time zone in case we're both unable to sleep. If I'm up I'll check in to see if you're up fighting RLS as well.

I had one crying thing again today. When I feel it coming on I go somewhere to be alone and just let it all out as hard as I can. It works for me and gets it over with. No need to fight it. The crying is getting further and futher apart. It should stop soon.

When I can't sleep it gives me a chance to catch on playing RIFT, so it's not total waste of time! :)

Craig 5 years ago

Apparently drinking tonic water half hour b4 bed helps with the rls ! I've read quite a few things now and my uncle suffers from rls and has done all his life and he swears by tonic water ......... With a shot eh???

Leigh 5 years ago

So, I have been reading these posts over the last ten or so min. from Craig and Scared. Well, I'm 25 and I have been on Tramadol 100mg twice a day ER for about 2 years now for some unknown leg problem that after a MRI and many other studies proved to just be short and tight muscles pulling on nerves like hell. It sucked to be so young and taking 800 mg of motrin every day to try and get through. I wore support socks, put extra padding in my shoes, it hurt like hell. Well, now I have found a wonderful massage therapist, and have found the exact muscle problem and things i can do to help. This is day 3 for me with cold turkey no tramadol, I shake, I sweat, my heart races, I take benadryl to sleep at night. My legs cannot stay still as you guys stated before at night. I wake up nauseated, no appetite. God I hope it gets better soon , I'm to young and I'm scared I'm going to hurt myself, I HAVE to get off of this shit, my parents used to give it to m when i was in high school. it gives me energy, always has, not a good thing b/c it makes me like it more. Sucks. Help? My parents are so messed up on pills, I CANNOT end up like them, I have to have a life,,, man, it's hard.

Leigh 5 years ago

M. Keep moving ahead! I have a Rx. that i can go get filled now,,, but i have to stop myself. I couldn't talk to my mother on the phone this weekend "mothers day" b/c she had taken too many pills. No one needs to be like that, and no daughter that loves her mother should have to go through that. Thank god I have a supportive bf, I do not know what i would do. It's day 3 without for me, I have been trying to work hard and sweat it out of my system, but i get really shakey, and i'm so tired but then when i get in bed i cant stop moving until i take like 4 benadryl to knock me out. when will it get better ?

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

Leigh, one of the big things for me was knowing that, once I got completely off of this stuff, I was going to have to deal with being "normal" again. Not to say that's a bad thing, but I wasn't "normal" for 7 years as I took this stuff. I had more energy, more motivation, I liked/loved doing just about anything, no social anxiety, very high confidence. This drug took away every problem I ever knew I had. Now I have those "problems" again, but they're not NEARLY as bad as I remembered them or feared they would be again. In-fact, just as I told Craig, I think I'm even better now than I was before Tramadol.

I'm no longer damaging my brain or body and it's the REAL me interacting with my daughter for the FIRST TIME IN HER LIFE! And that alone is worth the hell of getting off that crap.

In regards to how long the withdrawals last, you can see that anyone who goes cold-turkey will peak at about 3 days, meaning it's the worst. But you'll then see that there's a huge turn for the better around day 4 or 5. I haven't seen anything that contradicts that, but I've seen a ton of posts that confirm it. It was absolutely the way it went for me.

I'm on day 10 of cold-turkey now and haven't felt this good in a long time. I really do feel better now than I did before I knew what Tramadol was.

One last thing, Leigh. I have a VERY VERY addictive personality, yet I was able to get off this stuff by will-power alone... I didn't run out, I just stopped taking it. So if I can do it, surely you can do it. You've already been through 3 days of hell. DO NOT waste that time by taking another.

To be on the safe side, wait until the END of day 5 before you truly expect things to turn around. If it happens sooner that's great, just don't give up if things haven't gotten better by the end of day 4. I haven't seen anyone say that they have to wait until day 6 to see a big difference.

I had SERIOUS doubts about things getting better so suddenly as everyone was saying, but I stuck with it and here I am on the other side, happy as a clam. Loving music again, laughing my ass off (instead of crying) and looking forward to our upcoming family reunion. I've generally not given a damn about family reunions, but I'm really excited about this next one. SEE! I told you I was better than before! :)

Stick with it, you WILL get over that wall if you just don't put any more of that shit in your body! Get MAD if you have to! Say "FUCK YOU! YOU'RE NOT MAKING ME A FAKE PERSON ANY MORE YOU PIECE OF SHIT! YOU CANNOT AND WILL NOT BE A PART OF MY LIFE ANY MORE!"

Too much? :) Sorry, but I'm just so damn happy to be off that stuff. Join me, Leigh! Things are good, real and guilt-free on this side of the wall.

Gonna go eat some boudin now!

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

Craig, over the years, as I made half-assed attempts at quitting Tram, I would take a shot of whiskey or tequila, maybe a beer, to knock me out but it made the RLS much worse for me.

Were you serious about the shot? Or just the water? So far Melatonin supplements have worked for me.

Leigh 5 years ago

Nightly dose of benadryl ,, 2morrow is day 4 , i hope it's ok

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

Leigh, how's it going today? Any better?

M- 5 years ago

Hi Leigh,

Glad to hear of someone else that is ready to shake the habit.

ScaredAsHell - Boudin sounds good! I'm from Louisiana, though I don't currently live there - I miss all that good stuff, although boudin has recently made a showing where I am at.

Interesting about the social issues. Of course, I didn't really consider then issues at the time. I didn't need social contact. I was lonely and liked it. For the most part, others got on my nerves if they took my time away. I'm self employed and work alone. The fact that I even met someone to date them is in itself a miracle. I never wanted to do anything but sit at his house and watch movies on weekends. For the first time this weekend, we will actually be going to a festival and doing something besides takeout and the sofa! We went out to eat last weekend and he was shocked that I would go in. I wouldn't have called it social anxiety - just didn't want to be bothered. I thought I would dread going to the festival when the time came, but I'm looking forward to it.

Leigh 5 years ago

Day 4, well today kinda sucked, I'm getting off of work soon. I have been very shakey and had some cold sweats today, I work inside and we keep it really cold in our office. Legs hurt, but I don't want to take any tramadol, maybe a lot of stretching will help later. Appetite is getting better,, still some upset stomach.. Thank everyone , I'm really glad I found this website

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

Stay with it and within the next 24 hours I'm certain you'll feel that big change. Granted, you won't be 100% at that time.

I see it like this.

While on Tram you were at 110% then came down rapidly when you stopped and went down to what would feel like about -20%. You've been hoving there for a few days now, and maybe you've even made it UP to 5%, which is still very bad but noticeably better. Your gradual climb will go exponentially faster and get you to about 70% very quickly. You'll then go through another day or so to get to about 85%, and another to get you to 95%. You should level out pretty well at about 95% with a dip here and there back to 85%, which won't last long at all. You're then on the last 5% which may go slowly, but that's nothing when you consider how low you were.

Well, that was basically how it went for me and it's the best way I know to convey the process I went through. Your experience should not be much different.

I was really happy to see that you're on day 4 without taking any more. REALLY happy about it!

Have you tried the vitamins and other supplements that Craig mentioned? I have to say they helped tremendously. Imodium if you need it for the obvious, B6 (100mg), Pottasium Gluconate (99mg), Ginkgo Biloba and a Multi-vitamin.

For sleep, try the Melatonin. Antihisthamines don't always work for me when trying to sleep with RLS, but every night I've taken Melatonin it has worked without fail. It takes about an hour for it to kick in, but when it does... BAM! It hits me pretty hard and I'm OUT!

Keep it up, stay angry at this crap if it helps when you feel weak.

"The problems at hand are lighter than at heart"

Leigh 5 years ago

Thank you scared :) I have some ginkgo and b complex and mulit vit. I will start them in the am. I'm scared they might give me energy tonight lol Thank you for the support , it's great how much it helps to know your not alone. I need to go get some more melatonin .... soon :)

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

I slept well last night with nothing more then some herbal "sleep" tea I found at Walmart. Can't say that it necessarily did anything as I had no RLS that night prior to drinking it, but I didn't take any melatonin or antihisthamine either. Slept well, and when my alarm went off I was actually able to go back to sleep with a hit of the snooze button. Over the last week or so, any time I was woken up from sleep, regardless of how long I slept, it was either very difficult or impossible to go back to sleep.

I have some bad news though. No, I haven't taken any Tram, but over the last 48 hours I have been extremely irritable (mean to my own family for no reason), I've been increasingly sad I'm finding that I have less and less energy, as well as less enthusiasm or interest for things. I feel like I'm going backwards.

This sucks.... is that what my life will be like from now on?

Hopefully this is just a phase... a normal up and down cycle for the first couple of months.

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

Also, my memory sucks now. It wasn't great before, but it's horrible right now.

Craig 5 years ago

Sounds like u r comin down with the flu or a fever mate , cold turkey completely screws with your immune system so I bet u r feelin like shit for a reason mate

Been there 5 years ago

I want to thank you for letting me "listen" to your experiences. I am on day 6 today. I was taking a massive amount of Tram. Now, I feel really good in my head, but my body has not caught up yet. It still feels like I had a major surgery or something. I hope that will change soon. Everything still hurts due to the dts. It was hell. I was wondering if anyone has had any cravings at all? I have had a few but I think it is only because my whole body hurts so much. Funny thing is that the problems I had that I was using the tram for don't hurt as much as the rest of me?? I am not depressed at all. But, I am scared it is coming. What do you think?

Leigh 5 years ago

I have been really tired also, but like Craig said I think quitting it cold turkey really throws our bodies for a loop. Just don't give up, try to wake up and MAKE yourself stretch, this helps a lot with pain, it is quite a pain to make yourself do it, but if your muscles are tight that alone can wear on your body as well. Now if I can just force myself to do that everyday, today was day 6 or 7 for me cold turkey, im not shaky, sweaty, or clammy anymore. I still don't feel exactly right, and I also have been pretty moody these past 2 days, but part of my mood is just money stress. Just don't give up, we need to eat right, take vitamins, and exercise. Even if it is mild exercise.

Been There 5 years ago

I totally agree! I was ordering mine off the internet. I don't have any to take and it would take me 2 to 3 days to get it anyway. So, I am safe there. I was taking 30 plus a day and now as I look back, I am sure I was killing myself. I have gone to a couple of NA meetings just to be with others and get support and that has helped me greatly. They basically told me that whatever I was doing when you were on it (being unsocial,sleeping way too much, constapation, etc.) the opposite will happen now. That seems to be very true. I have gone to 2 meetings now. That is something I would have NEVER done on tram. I was set to die alone. Now, I have to figure out how to live again. It scares me. I thought I wasn't hurting anyone else but me. I was so wrong.

sasha 5 years ago

Hi, i started using TRAMADOL as narcotics, at 2006, and it continuous, until now that its, 2011 , i quit 1 time , with the help of Chinese (pin treatment) , but later i start to take it again!!! the only problem which is disturbs me the most, is that : i cant sleep, so i am taking ZOLPIDEM for sleeping, and when i am mixing these pills, i got a horror able memory lost!! does any body can help me about, this memory lost?

Been There 5 years ago

I think the Tramadol has had an effect on my memory as well. I have read that it can effect short term memory and that seems to be the case for me. I only have 9 days clean from it so I don't know if the effect is forever or not. I am not taking anything at the moment because I need to get to know my body as it should be. I still am not sleeping as well as I would like but it is much much better. All of the worst side effects are over. I am in serious pain but that is what I get for fooling around with my pain receptors for so many years. But, even that pain is decreasing each day. I can't tell you what is right for you. But, I feel that Tram is dangerous and the best way to go is to get it all out of your system. I would try the pin treatment again if you are able. I wish you the best of luck. It is difficult to go through but worth it.

Been There 5 years ago

Scared, are you still doing ok?? I hope so.

ella 5 years ago

I am so shocked! I have only taken betweeb 100-200 mg of Ultram for one month per day--and usually just 100mg. I didn't have time to fill my new prescription so I had to go without for a few nights. I did not know what was wrong with me! I did not sleep for two nights! I had horrible leg restlessness and chills. I started to wonder--is it because I did not take the Ultram today? Then, I find this website and see I am not alone. Stay away from this drug. I/m glad I found this out only one month into taking it.

Danielle 5 years ago

I have been taking tramadol for over 2 years. The first time I took it a friend gave me 2 pills and I thought it was the best thing ever. I had energy like you couldn't believe. My same friend told me about a website where you could order them. Started off with 180 pills to last me a long time (months and months) and towards the end (2 years) I was up to 360 pills every month. I just stopped taking them 5 days ago (cold turkey) because I found out I was 5 weeks pregnant. The withdrawals have been horrible. I haven't been able to sleep the whole night since I stopped. Also I have been experiencing leg and arm restlessness, chills, extreme anxiety, and brain ZAPS. The first 3 days have been the worst. Day 4 and 5 so far are a little better but still not easy to get threw the day. Anyone taking tramadol I recommend getting off of it asap, even if you have to take time off of work. It has been the worst withdrawals ever for me but it will get better (even if it doesn't seem like it) and you will get back to your normal self. I really wish I knew what I was getting myself into before I started taking them because I would have never done it. Tramadol is the devil in disguise.

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

I'm doing ok. Still haven't taken any, and never will again. My short-term memory is total shit, but the worst part now is the RLS. I've only slept a total of 2 hours over the last 3 days and the RLS seems to be getting worse each day. It's funny because several days into cold-turkey I was able to get a full nights sleep.

It's been 3 weeks now. Hopefully only about 5 more to go start getting some regular sleep again.

There's some Vicodin in the house and I know that if I even took half of one it would allow me to sleep through the night but I don't want to create another addiction!

What can I do to combat this RLS!? I'm starting to feel like I'm losing my mind without sleep.

Leigh 5 years ago

Scared,,, do u do any form of exercise? I know it's hard,, I don't do much besides work on my feet and then not feel like doing nething when I get home, but I have taken up softball again,, so if you have kids,,, go run around and throw a ball with them,, that will make u feel better..... and is melatonin not working for you anymore ?

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

Update on my status:

I no longer need to take the Melatonin to fall asleep. Sometimes I take a Benadryl, but last night I didn't take anything of any kind what-so-ever and fell asleep just fine, sleeping through the night without a hitch.

Every single bit of withdrawals symptoms is gone.... COMPLETELY! I haven't had a ANY sad/depressed moments where I cry over some small, unimportant thing. No crying, period.

It's been 4 weeks now and have no desire to take any. I feel TOO GOOD to fk it all up again. I'm glad I chronicled the whole experience here for my own reference, should I ever need it. Also, I do hope that my experience will help others know what to expect and for how long.

I was afraid that my RLS was going to be a problem during our upcoming family reunion trip. Thought that I might not be able to sleep and would then be up pacing the halls of the hotel that we're all staying in. The reunion is two weeks away and I'm already able to sleep without any help sometimes. Two more weeks and I should have no RLS issues.

Leigh: I do excercise - I ride my mountain bike several miles each day and sometimes walk a couple of miles. Those two things have done nothing for my RLS. Benadryl and good timing have been the only ways of getting to sleep.

It's weird in that, if I TRY to fall asleep I will likely have RLS, but if I'm just lying down with no intention of falling asleep I find myself drifting off to sleep with no RLS.

Glad to hear you're taking up softball. It tells me that you're doing well.

AngelAngel20 profile image

AngelAngel20 5 years ago from pennsylvania

Hi,1st time posting.2nd day in wd from this horrible drug, tramadol. This is the hardest thing I have ever done. I really feel for anyone going through withdrawal. I wanted to first say that I started reading looking for easier ways to get through this. I have every symptom mentioned. I'm on day 2 and I've been wding taking care of an active 18 month old. I read a posting from a member, Scaredashell. I was blowing my nose from the weeps and i read his post to someone who asked how long wd lasts. For me I weaned down to 2 then stopped cold turkey. I was up to taking 12 aday. My advise is to wean down as much possible. I get in my jacuzzi tub for about 1/2 hour then take a nap. My husband is helping me tremendously but he still has to work. When he comes home he takes over. I'm not going to tell u its easy ,just that w/ every day it does get easier. Drink lots of greentea. Take lots of naps. I'm actually going to try benadryl tonight being sleep is yuck! Please hang in there everybody! Thanks Scaredashell

AngelAngel20 profile image

AngelAngel20 5 years ago from pennsylvania

I'm sorry, I wanted to thank Craig also. My mind in still in a fog! Thanks for making feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

AngelAngel20 profile image

AngelAngel20 5 years ago from pennsylvania

Also I wanted to add if u get a chance to sit in the sun for a half an hour a day. The sun has amazing effects on our bodies and I forced myself to sit outside and I DO feel better.Hopefully u have lots of support around u. swallow ur pride and tell someone that can help u out. I have 3 kids, 2 little ones. If I can go through this and Chase after little one, really anyone can get through this. Like Scaredashell said, curse it out. sike urself out of taking anymore to feel better. hope this helps anyone out there trying. It's been 3 days for me.

angelangel20 5 years ago

Day 4 of withdrawal. I am feeling so much better. Anyone going through-hang in there. It does get better even if u r feeling hopeless. I hope this helps anyone thinking about trying to withdrawal from these nasty trams. Day 3 u will start to notice a difference but the end of day 4 was a big turning point for me. I even drove today. I went out and got some B-6 and L-tyrosine( I found the l- tyrosine at a health food store, sent my husband to get) I got that for energy bc I couldn't even lift my arms without lots of effort. 3 days ago I couldn't even imagine doing anything. I still feel anxious but I think its bc I'm so excited to be over this! I could care less about restless leg syndrome. If I'm sober and off these horrible pills then ill take that graciously. I still sob uncontrollably bc of guilt but I prayed a lot during wd. It helped. I was at my lowest I ever was and I prayed to Jesus to help me through this. I was sobbing this one time and I blew my nose with a tissue and in the tissue was a heart. I knew I was going to be ok. Just a special thing I wanted share. Just stick out - I can't stress that enough!

AngelAngel20 profile image

AngelAngel20 5 years ago from pennsylvania

Waking up and it being day 6 for me is an incredible feeling! I feel great! It was so worth it to go through those 1st 3-4 days to get here. The social thing was really big for me. I can't believe how anti-social I was. I never wanted to go anywhere. U don't realize how much this medicine is poison until u feel great with it out of ur system.

AngelAngel20 profile image

AngelAngel20 5 years ago from pennsylvania

How is everyone else? I am so grateful to have read all ur stories! Hope u are well! U guys got me through this. Thanku!

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago


Very glad to hear you made it through. As I read your posts I was re-living what it was like for me. I felt so bad for you knowing what you had to go through. But at the same time, very happy for you.

It truly is a revelation to wake up and actually feel GOOD without this stuff.

I go for days now without Tram ever even crossing my mind. It still does corss my mind sometimes when I feel a little down, which everyone feels now and then, but that's only because I used to run right to the bottle at the first hint of unhappiness.

For me, the great thing about Tram was that you COULD eliminate any bad feelings... but.... you are then a slave to it. Everywhere I went I always had to worry about how many Trams I was taking with me. When going to Disney, how would I keep it dry when going on those water rides? How will I get a refill without anyone knowing if I lose my pills during a vacation?

That was a constant nagging in the back of my mind that was creating stress/anxiety. And to avoid that feeling, you guessed, take another.

I was sick to death of having to constantly worry about that. And now, when I look at family pictures I try to remember if I was high or not.... high, high, high, high, high, high, high... Seven years was a long time to be on that crap and it's put a taint on so many things. As if everything I did for the last seven years was fake.

I will never go back to being like that! NOT EVER!

I'm doing great now... better than ever! More productive than ever and being much more responsible with my money and family time. I was wasting a LOT of money on things I didn't need because I just didn't give a damn. Now I have that natural 'anti-stupid' defense mechanism working properly... It's called anxiety. Anxiety is a great thing. When making a decision that creates anxiety I simply don't do it. Funny how that works, eh?

One last thing, Angel20, the guilt of everything in my life absolutely crushed me during the w/d. But all that's gone now.

Best of luck to you all. I'm going swimming with my daughter now!

AngelAngel20 profile image

AngelAngel20 5 years ago from pennsylvania

Hi Scared, that's awesome that you are becoming the Dad u want to be! That's the great thing about children, they r resilient! They r happy for u spending time w/them in the moment. They are very forgiving. They don't look at the past, they live in the Now. They always forgive you and love u! I am really looking forward to spending time w/ my kids off of this shit! I'm really angry at this drug and myself. I'm missing time w/ them withdrawaling off of this. I am on day 7. I have no energy at all and its so frustrating that I'm snapping at my children. I've been taking b6 and l-tyrosine but it doesn't seem to be giving me the energy that I need to play w/ little ones. I don't want them to be walking on eggshells bc mommys not feeling well. This brings on the worst guilt that I cry my eyes out whenever I get a second alone. I hate this. I'm over the initial wd but now am dealing with mood and energy. HEAvy Sigh!!! I was reading ur post and remembering how as soon as I woke in the morning- I would pop around 6 trams, I didn't always need coffee in the am bc the trams would give me energy right away. All day I would be good til5 block rolled around and I Always had to make sure I had my pills on me! The I would pop another 6, and I would be great and full of energy til bed. They actually made me sleep well. But I know what u mean about always worried abou5 pills. My lowest was me driving around after the FedEx guy bc i was out of them. I used to have them delivery to my parents house so my husband wouldn't know about me taking them. I told my parents they were vitamins. It was one lie after another. Another thing, isn't it fun-y how a lot of people thought they were making u more social? I got stupid on these things-forgetful and like u said scared, the I just don't give a shit attitude. I've lost my best friend bc of these things and have become very confrontational. I have said things to people that I would have never before taking these. To be free is liberating! I just hope my mood and energy improve. Anybody have any suggestions besides b-6 and L-tyrosine I could take for energy? Scared, I'm really happy ur life puzzle is coming together!

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

I know exactly how you're feeling right now. It was hard to get out of the bed. There was absolutely NO motivation or energy in my body. I wanted to go back to sleep, but hell, I couldn't because of the RLS! I would sit at the edge of the bed trying not to cry, trying to find the energy to even place one foot on the floor.

I also said and did some things that told me I was at the end of my run with this stuff. I yelled as hard and loud as I could at someone in the drive-thru at McDonalds one morning. The guy looked like he could be dangerous but I didn't care... I was filled with rage and was lettin it out!

Your energy will come back. Try a multivitamin and a potassium supplement.

Now that you've gotten over the initial part, try to stay angry at this stuff and know that you now have the slower, longer part of the fight left, which is getting your good mood and energy back. Your head is clear now and the guilt over every little thing will fade away and you'll stop crying all the time. I honestly thought that the crying would NEVER end! I believed that I was going to be depressed for the rest of my life to a large degree. Yet here I am, no crying, no guilt over silly things.

Everyone who stays off of Tram long enough gets all of their energy back and loses the guilt/anxiety. It WILL happen! Stay strong! You WILL be normal and free again!

Been There 5 years ago

Scared, I am hanging on every word you are saying. I have 26 days clean from this garbage. My symptoms have been different from yours somewhat though. I took it for as long as you did. However, I think I was taking a higher dosage. I am still dealing with every and I mean every part of my body hurting. It isn't all the time. But, when it comes on, it is awful. This is the only time I crave the crap. My mind is fully awake and feels good now, but I have no energy to do what it would like me to. My sleep habits and waking life have changed completely (not that that is a bad thing). But, I am struggling to determine my "normal". I would really love to know exactly how long w/d really does take. For those just getting off or thinking about it..... Please don't misunderstand, my life now is 400% better than it was 26 days ago and I will never go back to that. I am just looking for a little hand holding right now. I want back everything this nasty substance took away (with interest).

AngelAngel20 profile image

AngelAngel20 5 years ago from pennsylvania

If I only would have known. All the nervous system side effects this drug made. I hope my short term memory comes back. I hope my anti-socialness goes away. I started exercising yesterday. Like I said, energy was for crap. I upper my vitamin doses and that helped tremendously. U should hear my husband, (now ur going to be hooked on vitamins) Scared, I did the same exact thing u did yesterday. I was dropping my daughter to her preschool and realized I haven't even fed her! Oh boy that was horrible guilt! I did everything else divinely but forgot to feed her. WTF! This crap has taken my memory and I definitely will never start taking it again. I told my husband that if there was a bottle in front of me I would not take it! I handed over the last of the pills after I thought I had weaned down enough to start wd. The only thing good about those things that they curbed my appetite. They gave me headaches and I would sweat out in public like I wad going through menopause. I was embarrassing! My nervous system wad being effected, I would stutter. I would try to say something but the words I was trying to say would not come out right! That how fudged up this drug was. And guess what, I kept taking it. I took it for the energy, for the anti depressant effects (like u said Scared, 1st sign of unhappiness) and for the weight thing- So Stupid! I'm on day 8 and I could not be happier to have that shit out of my system! Hope everyone is doing well. Scared, did u say u were still in pain after u got off the trams?

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

Been There, the fact that you've made it to day 26 is absolute affirmation that you have beat this crap and never need to take it again.

Believe me, there are still times that I habitually think, "I'm not feeling GREAT and full of energy... time to take another tram."

Of course I don't take one and I remind myself of the people I know who were hooked on narcotics for years but have beaten them and haven't taken any more for 20+ years. When I feel down I think back to before tram and how I handled things. When I felt like crap I simply "kept going." I didn't have anything to fall back on, so I had no choice. That's where I am now. We all have "low" points in our days where we have no energy, or we think negative thoughts, but they will pass, just like they ALWAYS HAVE AND ALWAYS WILL, whether you take a pill or not. Don't handicap your natural ability to fight depression or low energy levels any further by taking another one. Don't waste all the days off of this crap that you have fought so hard for.

When I started taking this stuff it was for neck pain (which I no longer have and only had for a very short period of time) and it made me feel great. But the one thing was better than the mood-elevation and increased energy: It cleared my life-long chronic allergy problems!

I've tried OTC and Rx sinus meds for my whole life. None of them work consistently or even very well in many cases, but Tram got rid of my watery eyes and runny nose and opened up my sinuses like the parting of the sea. It was truly a miracle in my observation. So, not only did I give up constant happiness and higher energy levels, now I have my chronic sinus issues to deal with again. So I'm not in physical pain, but I do have the sinus thing. I have to alternate which antihisthamine I take to keep symptoms at bay.... EVERY day.

Vitamins have been a big help for me, make sure you're taking them. For memory I read that Choline is a great supplement. Picking up some today.

Gotta run...

Been There 5 years ago

It seems so funny but the pain I started taking it for is long gone. The worst thing is, I had pain even when I was taking the crap!! I never had allergy problems before. However, as soon as I stopped, I got this "cold" that I can't get rid of. I want it to be a cold so it will go away. I have not been able to take any OTC meds for it as anything like that puts me into w/d s for some reason. I took Nyquil on about day 10 and it set me into w/d like it was day 2!! I am pretty sure my body is totally sick of me putting poison in it. I do take good vitamins though and would agree that they help a lot. The tram also made food tasteless and I had no appetite and now I eat like an 18 year old boy!!!!! I have had to dig out my fat clothes. For now, my new drug is caffine (iced coffee) because there is so much to do. And, for the first time in a long time, I want to get it done. Congrats to all for making this tough, worthwile journey!

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AngelAngel20 5 years ago from pennsylvania

Have u guys ever heard of PAWS? The syndrome u go through after drug withdrawal? Has anybody gone through this?

Been there 5 years ago

WOW. I had never heard of this before! I have looked up and read a little about it now. I am not having w/d emotional issues (which seems a miracle to me). I was taking so much at the end, I was barely living. So, I feel very alive now. My body just doesn't have the energy to keep up at all. I don't feel like me. But, to be fair, I don't know what that is as I had been taking tram for quite some time. Thanks for sharing that. I like the PAWS excuse better than being a big whiny baby. lol

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AngelAngel20 5 years ago from pennsylvania

Me too! It all makes sense. We put this drug into our bodies. It totally changes you chemically. You stop taking the drug and your body needs time to get back to normal(what is normal?LOL) It's pretty interesting that there is a such syndrome. Hope u are all doing well? How r u doing Scared?

Been There 5 years ago

I am still having serious body pain. It is all over. And, a lack of energy of course. Does anyone else still feel this way?

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AngelAngel20 5 years ago from pennsylvania

It's been almost 2weeks for me. I still have No Energy! I've been getting really angry lately! I know my whole body needs to even out but this is ridiculous! Ive been taking vitamins. I started exercising and it definitely gives me bouts of energy. The depression I had before taking trams is back. I know my serotonin levels are evening. When does ur body feel normal again? I need the energy to run around w/ little ones. What kind of vitamins are everyone taking? Random question- did anyone have trouble catching ur breath on this crap? I just realized that while I was on this, I had trouble sometimes catching my breath and the reason I'm finding out is that it totally fucked with ur central nervous system. Like I said before, sometimes it made me stutter and pronounce words wrong. They need to take this stuff off the market! Look at me, its around 4 o'clock eastern time and I'm up writing on here bc I can't sleep. This medication makes me so angry. I would love to (talk) to the people who made this drug and that are making all the money off of this drug. How's everyone doing?

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

It's been 6 weeks for me and, after having many, very seriously bad nights with RLS, I may finally be able to sleep at night without taking anything, ie. Melatonin, Benadryl or anything else.

Last night I went to bed with no sleep-aid of any kind. Had no trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. I was even able to hit snooze and go back to sleep. Previously, any time I was woken, regardless of the hour or reason, my RLS would kick-in very quickly and I would be unable to get another moment of sleep... only frustration and anger.

As I mentioned before, it takes a while to get 'normal' again. Metaphor alert!: You've been on cloud 9 for a long time, but you've fallen and hit the ground face-first. You've woken up and it hurt like hell at first, but those initial and severe pains subsided quickly (approx 4 days). Now you have the longer healing process to deal with. It's still going to suck, but each day will get better.

"Been There," as that was a metaphor, I want to be clear that I have no idea what will happen with any physical pain involved with the w/d from this stuff. My guess is that it will get better as the days go by.

I'm so glad to be off that crap. I thought it would be impossible to have an entire day go by in which I don't even THINK about taking a Tram, but I've had a good number of those days... and I like it!

Whatever happens, never forget what put you in this spot and NEVER go back to it! You haven't suffered all this time just to start over!

It's funny... I used to hear about people being addicted to something and I would always think, "how hard could be to NOT put a pill in your mouth? Just don't take it! DUH! That's not hard."

As we all know, it is hard, yet that really is all there is to it. As I walk through my home I know where my wifes' Vicodin and some other narcs are that would make me feel great --- for a while, but I don't take them as I know it would put me right back to square one. DON'T GO THERE! If you think you're feeling low now, imagine how you'd feel to know that you gave-in.

Stay MAD at this SHIT! DO NOT let it win!

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AngelAngel20 5 years ago from pennsylvania

Scared, you have a great way of putting things. Hearing how well ur doing and how things will eventually feel normal again makes me want to keep pushing forward. I'm not going to lie, everytime I get that overwhelming tiredness, I do remember just popping those pills and it would all just go away within 10 minutes. That was the easy way. Having energy for the rest of the night then sleeping like a baby. I would wake up and pop 6 almost before my feet hit the floor. I really do want to thank you for sharing your story. You really were an inspiration to me and definitely helped me through this. Thanku!

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

Angel, thanks for letting me know. It's great to know that it helped.

Right now I'm having one of those shitty 'blah' moments. Not really tired, but just NO motivation or much desire to do anything. More than that I think it's having too many things that I need to do and I know that no matter which one I pick it means I'm not doing the other things... a real conundrum :)

BUT, if I popped even half a tram I'd be off and running, happy to do whatever! Of course I won't be doing that and I'll have to use my head to work out which has the highest priority. It's disturbing how quickly the mind tries to find a shortcut to happiness. We KNOW that it's temporary and fake to take a pill for happiness, and we KNOW that it's perfectly normal to naturally have highs and lows based on our decisions and life events. We also know that, no matter how low we might feel sometimes, we'll come out of it and have good times with the right choices and attitude. I know that sounds cheesy, but it's true.

I go back to Dave Matthews lyrics again:

"Dark clouds may hang on me sometimes

but I'll work it out" - from Dancing Nancies

Off to see Green Lantern with the fam!


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AngelAngel20 5 years ago from pennsylvania

Wow what a big difference a week makes! Every week keeps getting better and better! I started on B-12 this week. It is amazing stuff. It's giving me the energy I am lacking. I had been taking B-6 and the L-tyrosine ever since the withdrawal stage. They definitely helped but I was still lacking that "get up and go" energy I had on the trams. I have to say it is a God-send! I am feeling really good. I took my kids to the park today then played in the backyard all night. This is where I couldn't wait to be! You just have to hang there and not go back to the trams. I can definitely see why people return to taking it. But, it is amazing how u will feel when u get the right kind of vitamins into u and detox ur body of poison(tramadol). Scared, how was the movie? I want to take my 13 year to see it.

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

I really, really liked it. I saw THOR also, and Green Lantern was much better.

Congrats on getting so far along and finding the wonder that is B-12!

Let me know what you think of the movie. I thought the human bad guy did the best acting I've seen in a while. He played the part perfectly.

Been There 5 years ago

It is soooo good to hear you all are doing well!! I am still having ups and downs with it. I still have times with all over body pain and many instances of absolutely NO energy. I only miss the tram when everything hurts. I was on it so long and heavy that in the end, it had taken ALL of my energy and gave me no pep at all. So I don't miss it for that little picker uper. I can't go back. I had pain even when I took it too so what would be the point. I think it will take a while for my body to get the "kinks" out. But, I do see that day coming. And, fyi I did have the breathing issues too. It really scared me. That hasn't happened since I quit though. Question for you: what is the L-tyrosine for and would it help with anything now?

angelangel20 5 years ago

Hi guys, hope everyone is well! The L-tyrosine will help with ur energy and when combined with b6 and b12 it makes be absorbed better. I'm feeling great. It can't hurt to start taking it now. It will definitely help w energy. I found it at a holistic health food store. They usually don't sell it at regular drug stores. 5 hour energy drink also contains all the vitamin b's and the l- tyrosine. They have become very helpful to me but I'm finding I don't need them as much. I did notice I gained 10 lbs after withdrawal but I'm sure after my levels get back to normal ill lose it! I have no craving for trams, it feels so good. My memory is gradually coming back. My central nervous system is getting back to normal too. I'm not stumbling over my words as much. I can't believe the difference and how that drug Fudged me up so bad!

Been There 5 years ago

Angel, I will have to give those a try. I was taking vitamins but not as often as I should be. I have gained what seems like 40 pounds. It is probably not that much but sure does feel like it. Tram made me not hungry which was probably the only nice side effect. My biggest problem is pain. It is bad. I am no longer sure I can get by with nothing. I just don't know.

more than once 5 years ago

scared it was your postings that got me to the point where i just said no. i want to thank you for posting so much. i was a week and a half behind you in quitting and knowing what was coming made all the difference. how are things going or you now. after a six year habit it took two months before i would go without thinking about them anymore. my energy and the motivation to get up and do something is now a constant thing.it is good to be off those awful things.

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Seamus88 5 years ago from NYC

I first started taking tramadol when a friend I went to Mexico and asked a pharmacist what he had that was good for pain. He sold me a bottle and told me to take two. I spent the night feeling like I was going to pass out, having to drink lots of coffee to stay awake. I thought they were crap.. but gave them another try and found they gave my a big rush of energy. I found myself taking a pill every day at 4:00 pm when I was feeling tired. In a few months I noticed that If I didn't have them with me I would feel sick and exhausted.. like a case of extreme jet-lag.

Now it's 6 years later and up until recently taking about 150 mgs a day. I've been weaning myself down to 100 mgs a day for the past week and hope to get to 50 mgs a day next week.

In the beginning I felt like this was a gift from the gods. My ADD was gone, I was more social and took more risks, I lost weight, I was no longer depressed and tired, if a negative thought popped In my head I had a pill handy to chase it away.

Now 6 years later the exact opposite is true. I can't focus on anything, I'm unemployed because I can't focus on the job, I am always stressed out, I'm lethargic, my memory is shot, I can't communicate, and getting to sleep now requires alcohol.

This stuff no longer works for me and I want to go back to normal.

I've kept all of this a secret because I guess I am ashamed that something has such control of me. I'm glad that I found this forum and now I feel a little less crazy that others have found themselves trapped by this stuff.

I guess It was good that I never took a huge amount of tramadol per day compared to other people I have read about but 6 years is a long time and just getting down to 2 pills a day has kept me up at night sweating and cramping.

My question is if I am wasting time weaning or should I go cold turkey?

AngelAngel20 profile image

AngelAngel20 5 years ago from pennsylvania

Hi there, Hope everyone is doing well! Been there,how r the vitamins and pain management going? Sorry I havent answered u sooner! Ive been tweeking w/ vitamins since my withdrawal and now that I am out of the woods I keep guinea pigging myself to see what vitamins give u energy. So this week instead of taking all kinds of vitamin B's, I decided to go to the health store near me and find something where maybe some of the vitamins I was taking were combined so I didnt have to swallow all those pills. I found B-complex 50, which has the B's in it plus some other stuff that is helpful. I still take L-tyrosine and I've added Coral calcium which keeps ur body alkaline instead of acidic. We put all kinds of junk in our bodies and this helps to keep you at a good PH. This is alittle gross but I know I am among friends so I'll say it, ur pee will never be the same! Mine looks radioactive, its flourescent! I hope this helps anyone looking for the right vitamins for that energy we lose after withdrawals.

Seamus, I would keep tapering. I felt like it was getting my body adjusted to not having the medicine in it. I know right now it doesnt seem like its helping but in the longrun it will pan out. Its horrible tapering, its horrible withdrawaling and it horrible even after ur down for alittle but please dont give up! This shit is nasty!Just know u WILL feel better each day! I'm so happy I am off this crap! I still have post effects of this drug. My speech is not 100%, I want to say something and it comes out totally wrong. I read it messes with ur central nervous system. I just hope it is not permanant! I used to get dizzy spells all the time when I would stand up or bend over to pick something up. I took it just to have that energy and that euphoric feeling. I lost weight on it and would sleep like a baby when I was on it. I thought this drug was sent from the gods to me too! Then after awhile, had to take more and more to feel effects. My life started falling apart and there was not a moment where I said, I have to stop taking these things, I ran out and had to tell my husband bc I was a piece of shit that day. I could barely walk across the room. Fed ex never came that day so of course I went to the fedex building to go pick up and started my taper plan. How embarrassing to tell ur husband that had no clue that I could not function without these pills and now I need to keep taking them not to have a seizure! I almost was divorced! Thank God he talked to some people he knows who withdrawaled before. He would have divorced me and taken my kids away! Everything is ok now thank God but I did come very close to losing it all! And its all bc I choice to take this little white pill that I thought made me supermom! Seamus, Ive been reading that even people who havent taken it long at all are still going through withdrawals. Your body is used to having that drug in it for 6 years, thats why i think its good u r tapering slowly. Good luck and stay strong!

More then once, I agree, Scared got me through my withdrawal too. He's got a way w/ words that soothes ur soul! How r u Scared??? Would love to hear from u!

Seamus88 profile image

Seamus88 5 years ago from NYC

Thanks AngelAngel20. Yes, I can feel some adjusting going on already. This morning I woke up and felt a little tiny glimmer of my old self. Kind of strange that just dropping one pill a day would do that. I feel really achy with some occasional brain zaps. I basically feel like a deflated balloon.. I'm going to continue tapering, but instead doing two weeks with each dose drop. I will do as you suggested buying B vitamins and L-tyrosine and maybe start with the 5-HTP. I will let you know how it goes. What freaks me out is that in a few weeks I have a major freelancing job coming where I need to travel and help set up a huge event. I'm hoping I feel better by then.

on a side note..

When I have seen a doctor for a physical or something--they usually ask if I am taking any medication. I would go ahead and tell them I am taking tramadol.. I have always been struck by their non-reaction to it. I think there is a general ignorance in the medical community about it. I think in a way that confirmed in my head that this stuff was harmless if my doctor didn't care.. little did I know I would end up feeling so toxic and muddled after all this time.

I'm looking forward to being clean and healthy. Thanks for your words!

Laker 5 years ago

I asked for tramadol for my shoulder pain and the Doc wrote me a script for 2 refill 50 each @50 mg. I've only been on them for a month and I stopped taking them Sat night. It's now Tuesday and It's the worst WD ever. Everything posted above, I told my wife that I'm sick and left work today at lunch because I couldn't take it. I even read about some of the WD symptoms but I ignored them. Never take this drug, because of this WD I'm going to attempt to quit drinking, a problem I've had for years but never had a problem not drinking for a week or so. My wife is divorcing me from all the lie etc. Only now that she is Leaving do I fully understand.

Noisecore 5 years ago

i've been taking tramadol for about 2 years now. not for a medical reason, but for it's narcotic-like effects. When I would take this drug, my appetite would subside, I would get this warm fuzzy happy feeling in my brain, i was always so happy about everything, I could work harder at my job, because I couldn't feel any pain (lots and lots of extra energy), i would become more affectionate and romantic with my partner, nothing bothered me, etc..etc.. My mom would get 180 pill prescription, and I would have them gone in a week. For the first few months, I never noticed any withdrawal symptoms. It was weird. It wasn't until the second year of taking them, that I started to notice something different when I got off of them. It is one of the worst feeling I have ever felt. I recently just ran out and woke up this morning with the extreme urge to cry, for no reason. Body aches. Nausea. Diarrhea. Aggitation. Depression, Anxiety, the list goes on. I also notice that this last time, that the tramadol seems to be losing it's powerful "happy" effects, that I once felt with it a year ago. It's not getting my high anymore, and it seems I have only been taking it because I am addicted and want to avoid withdrawal at all costs. I believe that the "high" is no longer worth it. I've talked to alot of people who always say "oh tramadol doesn't do anything for me" or "oh tramadol is not addictive"... So for awhile I thought I was just crazy. I am glad to see everyone's posts here, so I do not feel alone. I am more than ever determined now to kick this habbit for good. Thank you everyone for sharing your stories, so that I know that tramadol IS ADDICTIVE, and DOES CAUSE WITHDRAWAL.. AND DOES GET YOU HIGH. I will never touch this shit again as long as I live. The way I feel right now is a feeling I never want to feel again.

Noisecore 5 years ago

I should also note, that the sedative effects of this pill, were another reason I was addicted. It seemed like when I would take it, after a few hours of feeling good, I would get extremely relaxed and sleepy. Almost in a hypnotic state. It was like I could pick a time I wanted to fall asleep, lay down, and be out. I've had some of the most cozy and deepest sleep on this drug. I should also mention that I would get extremely weird and vivid nightmares while asleep on this drug. Not everytime. It's a bit confusing, because it would cause these vivid dreams one time, but then a few months later, I would use it and the dreams weren't a problem. So it seems like to me, the tramadol was doing different things to me at different times. Who knows what other side effects will present themselves in the future if I continue to use this drug. I recommend everyone never to touch it.

Seamus88 profile image

Seamus88 5 years ago from NYC

I really suggest tapering off slowley if you have been taking it for years. I have been 2 weeks now at 2 pills a day and the night sweats have stopped. I feel a little bit more normal every day. You have to really want to quit... it's not easy.

Seamus88 profile image

Seamus88 5 years ago from NYC

But every day is better! It's worth it.. I can't wait to get totally off this shit..

syko man 5 years ago

Guys i woke up and i decided to quit ive tried quitting before and i did!! but i wasn't really addicted as much as i am now... my question is if lowered the does is that ok?

i used to take 2-3 pills (200)mg and now i take half a pill am i almost there or should i cut it off immeditaly am confused ??

zenmama 5 years ago

Hey there. First time post. I have been on Tramadol for almost 3 years. 300mg a day. Started it taking it for a bad back and continued taking it because of its affects (energy + sense of well being). I had a few instances where my pills were unavailable and was forced to experience the withdrawal. AWFUL!!! The restless legs were the worst and I felt like gravity was working extra hard on my body. I am proud to say I am down to 100 mg a day after 5 weeks of weaning. I am looking forward to being off the drug permanantly but have a question... Has anyone turned to anti depressants to help with the mental withdrawal for the drug? My doc said tramadol had an anti depressive quality to it which makes me think that what I really needed all along was an anti-depressant.

Also, has anyone used suboxone to get through the first few days of withdrawal from this?

Thanks for the advice about the vitamins, I am going to pick some up today!!

Philmore 5 years ago

To the author, thank you for your blog! I have one of my own for this very reason, started my wean last month! and I love seeing about others traveling this road. To Zen, You are exactly like myself as far as reasons for taking them. It started with lower back pains from work and I realized that my mood was 20 times better, I felt more empathy towards others (especially my wife) and I just felt like I thought I should be able to feel all the time. Once I read that the drug had antidepressant qualities, I felt that I was in the right for taking them daily even though my doses were anything but healthy. My journey was about a year shorter but I started going two weeks with 4 pills (200mg) and then cut it back by one pill. I am down to one pill a night as of last Friday. This was the WORST (hope I don't scare) of the cut-backs. My dose was cut in half and I could tell! The upside is that I have taught my body to be aware of the on coming symptoms so as much as they are unpleasant, they are only temporary. I will not put a link to my blog in here because I am not here to advertise but I encourage EVERYONE to continue researching. This is one of the best blogs I have stumbled upon and every word from everyone affected by this drug is in it's own way, therapeutic.

Any name 5 years ago

Wow I'm not the only one. I have been tapering off went from 200 mg p/d to 100 mg daily. I have went through these symptoms many times as I typically take a weekend every other month to just stop taking them, it reminds me that I need to stick to my script. I am good about only taking the prescribed dose and I choose to cut that in half a few months ago. It absolutely sucks, doesn't matter how tough you are you stop taking this stuff and all energy is gone. Cutting back another 25mg tomorrow at my Dr. Appt. Slowly I'll be done, unfortunately life still has to happen and that is impossible when withdrawing from Ultram. Muscle aches, RLS, and lack of energy sucks, most uncomfortable feeling ever, and I've been in some very uncomfortable situations!

a person 5 years ago

I've been

a peson 5 years ago

I've been using ultra for 2.5 weeks pretty steadily. I'm not having the same difficult time quitting that many here are having. I did have bad muscle twitches last night. However, I want to offer a good tip for those who can do this.

Use flexeril (cyclobenzaprine) to counter the muscle twitches. It made me tired and I slept like a log last night, but I don't feel any thing from ulram withdrawal.

Maybe I'll update in the next couple of days.

cant quit 5 years ago

I am on 100mg a day and cant get off it I start having trouble breathing, as if i just cant get enough air. Also get bad chills and body aches. I just dont know how to get off . Any suggestions. PLEASE I tried cutting the 50mg in morning in half and and only take 25in morning and 50 at night and it just was not working. Felt like I was coming out of my skin.

cats4 5 years ago

I have been taking Ultram and Hydrocodone together for over 10 years. I have chronic pain in my neck from a surgery that didn't work done by the top neurosurgeon at a major university. I have ALWAYS taken the medicine as prescribed. I have never had symptoms of addiction. I just need it for my constant pain. Actually, the medicines don't take it all away. I have bad days, especially when the weather is bad-damp, rain, etc. This story just happened...I called for a refill to my MD for my drugs. After 3 days of leaving messages, the clinic finally told me that he wouldn't be in for another 2 days. Well, that left me with 2.5 days without the medicines at all! My pain turned terrible, I felt like a 150 year old! The night after I finally received-and felt better-my medicine, I had chest pains on my left side. I had a heart attack the year before. It lasted about 3 hours, in which I took about 5 baby aspirin. I did not go to the ER-cannot afford it-it cost me $10,000 last year for my heart attack! The next day my heart felt like it worked thru a marathon-felt sore! I will go tomorrow to my doctor-of course it is a holiday weekend! My question is--was the chest pain from withdrawl of my medicines? My heart attack last year came up with no true cause. The only thing was my thyroid TSH was at 0, which was really low. This means that I was taking too much of this medicine. Is my heart that sensitive that my thyroid and my sudden stopping of my pain medicines caused me to have a heart attack?

Yoyoyoyo78 5 years ago

I started taking Trammadol after I had an injection in my back. The doctor hit the sciatic nerve I believe, but he never admitted it. But I was in horrible pain and fear afterward. He wanted to get rid of me and referred me to a doc that prescribed Tram and Lyrica. I've been taking them both for about 3 1/2 years. Recently I started taking 5-HTP for depression and my pain went down. I started weaning myself off of trammadol. I had been taking 50-100mg a day for a while (prescribed 150mg a day). Anyway I got down to 1/4 of a pill and stopped. My energy nose-dived. I wasn't sure what was causing it as I am going through menopause at the same time. but I took 1/4 pill (50mg pill) and my energy returned.

I am angry. I have a couple of repetitive motion injuries I'm dealing with because I think the Tram blocked me from the pain of those before they got bad. It's hard to type now because I messed up my hands typing the wrong way.

And I have continous feelings of wanting to die.

My doctor and therapist both said that Trammadol was fine and don't worry.

I HATE it that a doctor hurt me to begin with. I didn't need that spinal injection. Now I have nerve damage, pain and drug addition. I also have 2 repetitive motion injuries.

My 84 year old mother is healthier than me at this point.

I trully appreciate everyone's posting, especially AngelAngel and Scared to Death.

Thank you

Shygirl 5 years ago

Hi everyone, just wanted to say thank you as I would not have got through the last 4 days if I hadn't been able to read what to expect and to know I wasn't the only person going through this. I dont want to jinx it but I'm on 83 hour of wd (yes I've been counting hours rather than days!) and I feel great. Still dizzy with a tad upset tummy but I was able to get out of bed and clean my house walk my dog (bless him he has suffered bc of me and hasn't complained once) get some shopping. It's amazing!! I know I still have along way to go but just knowing the worst is over is a huge buzz to me. Enjoying a nice hot bath just now n can't wait to go back out and watch my dog enjoy running around like a looney!! The one thing I've not had as big a problem with is rls. I'm from Scotland so luckily I can go to bed with my electric blanket on up full and I think that's what's helping, just thought I would mention it incase it might help anyone. I survived on baroca which is a dissolvable tablet full of all your daily vitamins, ibuprofen and nytol for sleeping. I've had 2 days off work and have to go back tomorow so I will check back in and let you know how that goes. I'm a little worried as I have a high energy job walking, training, grooming, rehoming dogs so I'm on the go from 6am till I get home at 6pm and then it's my own dogs turn (don't worry I don't leave my dog for 12hrs) but I know I need to get back to normality. Good luck to everyone who is going through this or about to and just know that it's do-able!! It's funny how easily I was given trams only for 4 weeks and yet Ive went through the same wd as people who have taken it for years. It's dangerous stuff and if I knew at all that I would become addicted I would have flushed them straight away. Phew it feels so good to share all this and thanks for all the good advice. Sorry for rambling bye :)

Yoyoyoyo78 5 years ago

I talked to a friend who recently stopped morphine after 10 years on it. He said I stopped the trammadol too quickly. I'm going to try to take 1/2 a 50mg pill for a month and then go down to 1/4 pill. I never intended to take them to get high. I took it to make the pain and discomfort go away. But I don't like it that I have to have a "maintanence dose" even when the pain is low.

I can try the physical therapy exercises again. But they didn't really seem to help with the nerve pain.

I can also increase the Lyrica. I'm only taking about 1/2 of what is prescribed. I don't like the side effects of that drug (sleepiness, forgetfulness, etc). But Lyrica is not addictive,

I even tried acupuncture right after the nerve got punctured, but I really didn't notice any difference.

The trammadol does make a big difference in my productivity, but I feel like I'm dancing with the devil. It would be wonderful if I could stop taking it. But I cant' go cold turkey now. I may see if my insurance pays for the same program my friend went through. He has chronic pain like me, but got off of morphine. He said he has bad days, but pain free days.

It's nice to be able to post here.

Cats4 did you go the doctor? I'm concerned.

Shygirl 5 years ago

Hi everyone, well it's been 106 hours (on day 5!) feel pretty normal thank god. Yesterday I was on quite a high becoz a new the worst was over. Today I'm just me I think, not tonnes of energy but I never was an energetic person. Basically I'm good, and there's hope people. Let me just say I'm not a sufferer, I freak out wen I get a paper cut!! But I got through it and if I can do it then so can anyone :)

ColdTurkeyChic 5 years ago


ColdTurkeyChic 5 years ago

Shygirl: You hang in there chick! We can do it.

I have been reading so much about this detox thing on here and I must say that everything that I have read has been very helpful; It has eased my fears to know I am not going through this alone. Right now, I am on day 3 after stopping ultram because I had ran out--had no choice but to stop. I was using it as I was supposed to due to nerve damage that happened about 2 years ago (However I was on ultram and vicodin alternating for the past year). I used Vicodin more than the ultram but when my prescription had run out for that, I just relied on the ultram. So before you know it, I was taking it as soon as I got up and throughout---maybe about 4-6 a day. It gave me a burst of energy (I'm in the military) so trust me, I needed that energy as well as the pain relief. Well let's just say it has been HELL.

The first day I was walking back and forth my room for ten min trying to figure out what to do. Very anxious. I was shaking and twitching like one of the crackheads that I see on tv. I was very very cold as well. Very hard to sleep because I kept twitching a lot.

Second day--restless....walking back and forth. Stomach upset. Massive headache. Went to ER and blacked out in lobby. They gave me an IV and gave me valium and morphine. I was reluctant about it because again I don't want any of this junk anymore. Regardless, I knew it would be better than what the heck I was already feeling though. I would say that it helped--because I couldn't feel any of the other w/d symptoms.

Day 3....much better but still antsy. I finally called my doc and talked with him and he said I should have never did it cold turkey. He put me on Ty 3 and said to taper off that but it would help with the ultram detox.

I would very much like to have people to talk with via email about how it is going for them. My husband doesn't really say anything about it but I can't blame him...he didn't know what the heck was going on the whole time. Any information on detoxing from this horrible drug would be great to know. People think ultram is better because it's "synthetic"---b.s. I've stopped vicodin to go to Afghanistan for 4 months and just had a lack of energy for the first 4-5 days. This ultram junk got me feeling like a drug addict.

Shygirl 5 years ago

Thanks cold turkey chic! I'm back at work and I'm gettin ther. I just seem to be quite lethargic now and then which is nothing so I'm really happy. I think I'm lucky as I'm so disgusted with this whole situation that I don't ever want to see pain killers ever again! So no cravings for me. I know what you mean cold turkey chic I was so ashamed and felt like a junkie or something but I've got a few close friends that I decided to talk to about it and it's made this so much easier to deal with. They helped me realise that it wasn't my fault am so grateful for that. I hope you can find someone too to help you out. Good luck everyone :)

Maine Girl 5 years ago

I have been taking Ultram/Tramadol for the last 10ish years. Started out taking like 4 a day for a quite a while. For the last 7 years I have been taking 30 pills a day. 10 3xd. Sometimes taking an extra 10 on top of the 30. I get it from 2 different docs and through the mail. I work 40ish hours a week and am raising 4 kids. In the last few weeks I have been trying to ween myself off these. Obviously I know I am very lucky to even be alive after taking that many pills daily. The last 4 days I have been trying to just take 4 a day. After today I will be totally out of the meds. It has been hell. I have slept 4 hours total in the last 3 nights. Hot and cold sweats, restless leg and arm syndrome, cramps and dirreah, spacey and weak, can't work, can't concentrate, zero patientce for the kids..... Hell! I would rather continue to take these then do this......

Yoyoyoyo78 5 years ago

I'm down to less than 50mg a day for the last few days. I still get an energy push at only 25 mg. My pain level has been pretty even except when I strained my back a little. Still taking lyrica and 5-HTP for pain. My goal is too get off lyrica too but not right now.

I would never go cold turkey on Ultram unless I had to. Good luck Maine Girl.

ColdTurkeyChic 5 years ago

Maine Girl I wish you the best with coming off of this thing. It has been hard but now I am feeling much better and more like myself and there is no way in hell I would ever be on ultram again. Never! I depise that drug and it has kinda shun me away from other pain killers as well. I was able to talk to some friends who made me feel a lot better. Most of us are just doing it to realize the pain and it sucks when it works so good though you know it's internally messing you up. For me it was a wake up call...I'm up dammit!

ColdTurkeyChic 5 years ago

Shygirl....try B12 vitamins in the morn. That seemed to help me along the way and I promise you, I am ALWAYS tired and that really helped. Wish I would have used this vitamin a long time ago.

on_my_way 5 years ago


Steve0 5 years ago

hey guys how's it going? I was prescribed tramadol by my pain management doctor. I was in a car accident when I was 19(23 now) and broke both femurs, and unfortunately had to have surgery in january removing the titanium rods inside my femurs that they put in when you first break them. I was on 7.5 vicodins for about 3 months after the surgery and id go though 50pills a week, those were HELL to come off of, I went CT off of them and man it was terrible. I guess from taking about 4-6 7.5 pills a day to none will have that effect. I went from may until august on nothing at that point, started having more and more pain in my hip area, so I went back to my orthopedic doctor which he then gave me 90 vicodin 5s.. I was more careful this time knowing I didn't want to get addicted. They lasted for a while and I didn't take everyday. I started going to pain management to start getting Injections in my legs due to the enormous amount of scar tissue inside my hips. He prescribed me tramadol and for about 2 months I've been on these 2pills morning (50mg) 2pills evening split about 12-15hrs apart. Ive gone through 240pills (I get 120 at a time) I do have another refill waiting at the pharmacy, but I want to get off this stuff. I can tell I have a somewhat addictive personality. The kicker on this is I fell at work on Monday and badly bruised my back so the doc I went to prescribed me 30 7.5 vics and flexeril. I have read some ppls posts saying they used vicodin to get off of tramadol. But aren't they both the same type of opiate? They screw with the receptors in your brain. So even if I took this vicodin for the next 5 days. The withdrawal symptoms will be waiting for me? I swear I've been on so many pills in my life to due being so accident prone, I've almost broken every bone in my legs over the last 10yrs and broken ribs, arms, wrists. And always being prescribes pain meds, my body has a huge tolerance to opiates. And each time I come off them it's worse and worse

laurarenee82472 5 years ago

I have been off of tramadol 3 days and been through the chills, tremors, sweats, and feeling like I was going out of my mind with depression real bad same as everyone else I had a surgery and nobody told me about the problems with tramadol. If I have made it this far is there any more major problems or how long is it going to take me to get back to being able to handle my job working as a cashier at a gas station? Showed up for work one day and was crying and feeling so depressed that I could not even work my shift and had to leave that day. At night time I get the restless leg problem along with the arms and the hot to cold and back to hot again with all bloodwork done at a hospital which they did not have a clue about the cause for some reason. Wonder how much longer the really hard emotions and depression and feeling like crap are going to be around adn thanks

Yoyoyoyo78 5 years ago

Hi laurarenee82472

I talked to my doctor about stopping Trammadol. He said withdrawl symptoms for 2 weeks. From what I read on this blog it gets better after 4 days.

My doctor says that this is not an opiate, but it is. He has no problem with me being on it the rest of my life for pain management. I said I wanted to get off of it and he was willing to put me on Tylenol with Codeine for pain. I said no.

I'm trying herbal supplements for pain and they seem to be helping.

My goal was to wean down to under 50 mg and I have. But don't know if I'm ready to quit. I have to keep working and with no tram I get that huge energy drain. Last 2 days I took 1/2 to 1/4 pill. Hard to tell exactly since I'm biting the pills in 1/2 and don't have a pill cutter.

I may just have to take a week or two off of work and stop. But I do have back issues and the Trammadol really helps push through those times

Rita 5 years ago

Tramadol ruined my marriage and is ruining my soon to be x husband's life! He won't listen to me about herbs but maybe someone else will. I know of a few that will help : passion flower will help you sleep alot, magnesium and potassium will help with the restless legs, b comped with the moods.I tried to call my natural doctor to get the list, but my husband wouldn't listen! You guys should really go to a health food store or find a naturapathic doctor who specializes in drug withdrawal and pain relief. A great natural chiropractor can help with all kinds of pain and other health problems, or try accupuncture. I have come back from almost dying from illness with this kind of stuff, hopefully you can too. Good luck!

Rita 5 years ago

I meant to type b complex for moods.

Rita 5 years ago


inic.com for pain.

MarloByDesign profile image

MarloByDesign 5 years ago from United States

OMG, I was searching "Tramadol - weaning dog off it" as found this Hub. As a long time Hubber, I do trust the opinions of my fellow Hubbers. My vet put my 9 yr old Chihuahua on tramadol for neck pain (for the past mth he has been on it). So he had 50 mg yesterday - 1/2 of 50 mg 12 hrs apart - help me please....how do I wean him off of it? I have not given him any today (this am yet). Can I skip today and do 1/2 tomorrow (25 mg). He is 5 pounds. Please advise. Should I wean him off of it since they also put him on a Chinese Medicine (corydalis) too.......

Yoyoyoyo78 5 years ago

Hi MarloByDesign

I tried weaning myself off of Trammadol a few months ago. I went too fast and couldn't do it. I'd been taking 50-150mg a day for 3 years for nerve pain.

He's only been on it a month but I would suggest weaning very slowly since he is so small. I can feel the effect of 50mg and I weigh 113. Why on earth would they put a 5 pound dog on it?

Is he terminally ill?

Maybe you could talk to your vet or a Holistic vet.

Good luck, let us know.

MarloByDesign profile image

MarloByDesign 5 years ago from United States

Yoyoyoyo78, my dog hurt his neck or shoulder - they are not sure what, or he may have a slipped disk. I skipped the Tramadol today, I am not sure how to wean him off - should I skip today and do 1/2 tomorrow (25 mg)? Or do 1/2 today?

boopybett 5 years ago

I'm so glad that I found a group to talk about tramadol. I've been taking it for five years and never thought I would be addicted to it. But realized that I panicked when I couldn't find my prescription bottle and some other scary mental problems. I am trying to wean myself off, but that is going very hard!

ScaredAsHell 5 years ago

MaineGirl, how are things with you? It seems to me that no matter how much you've taken, or for however long, the withdrawals are almost the same for everyone. Though your case is extreme and will ABSOLUTELY require that you slowly taper off.

I was tapering off at first but just knew that it would prolong the shitty feeling, so I quit cold-turkey. I was only taking about 3-4 pills per day at that time. If you can get down to 3-4 pill per day you should be able to stop completely at that point.

I get addicted to things very easily and find it very hard to stop even the simplest thing, like drinking Diet Coke. I still have that addiction :) But Tram is so extremely harmful in so many ways that I had to get off of it and did so through will-power and the support I got here.

Big, HUGE thanks to Craig for his words during that time.

I have been off it for a few months now and feel great. Not just good, but GREAT! There was a time when I KNEW FOR A FACT that I would never be happy again. That was while I was still taking Tram... I cried for days and days uncontrollably but I hated this stuff so much that nothing could make me take it again.

I won't take it again and will likely never take another narcotic again for the rest of my life as I become severly depressed again as soon as I stop taking it. I know because I took a single vicodin recently. I felt GREAT when I took it, but the sadness lasted for days afterward. Not worth it!

Good luck, MaineGirl. Stay mad as hell at this stuff and you'll get through. Give tram the big "FUCK YOU!" and you will win.

Go back and read my posts. They seem to have helped some people get through it, just knowing that what they're feeling during withdrawals is normal and that they're not crazy. Most importantly, they can see that it was terrible but got better fairly quickly for me.

Yoyoyoyo78 5 years ago

Hi MarloByDesign,

I would not stop cold turkey. If you skipped a day I would give him one (50 mg) split up today and then wean off slowly.

Try giving him 3/4 for a week and then 1/2 for a week and then even 1/4 for a week. That may be too cautious, but I really don't know for a dog.

If he really needs it maybe 1/2 a pill will do if for him long term. You and your vet have to be the judge

MarloByDesign profile image

MarloByDesign 5 years ago from United States

Yoyoyoyo78, my apologies, I checked the prescription bottle - 50mg - 1/4 2xs a day. I weaning him off to 1 - 1/4 tab a day (12.5mg).

Yoyoyoyo78 5 years ago


Sounds good. I hope he does well, little fella.

MarloByDesign profile image

MarloByDesign 5 years ago from United States

Thank you!

MDSClinic 5 years ago

Tramadol addiction can be hell, there are ways to overcome it without having to go through the withdrawal.. read more about Tramadol Detox

Dee 5 years ago

I have been taking ultram for 3 years EVERY DAY for a problem in my lower back called Spodylolisthesis. It was the worst thing I could have ever done! I hate so much that I have become addicted to it and I want to stop so badly. I have depression as well and as soon as I started taking it my depression symptoms went away.. I was like this is awesome! My back doesnt hurt and i have no sad feelings anymore.. If i knew then what I knew now I would have NEVER EVER taken it. I feel like Im going to die when I dont have any. Right now im trying to wean off of it and its ridiculously hard. I feel so good when i take it and I get so much done. but Im SICK of being dependent on a pill... i dont drink or do any other drugs. I want to be drug free SOOOO badly. WHats worse is I work in healthcare and now I have to try to wean myself off and still do well at work... Im scared

Yoyoyoyo78 5 years ago

I'm down to between 12.5 and 25mg a day after weeks of weaning down. I'm still having some issues with energy, but it seems to be getting a little better. But I'm having a big problem with depression. The trammadol really helped with my depression too. And I had tried a lot of the anti-depressants out there. A lot of them had side effects for me.

I heard that Tram really messes with your Seretonin and that your brain stops making it. Is this true?

I got some cymbalta samples from my Interist. I hate trying a new pill. But I'm so depressed I am finding no joy in anything. I am wondering if I should start the Cymbalta before quitting Trammadol, if it would help the transition.

tondra2913 5 years ago

I am on day 2 of no tramadol, I feel like death!! I would love to take some right now!! I have been taking this medicine for over 2 years at some times 20 pills a day for spinal stenosis. I thought I was doing the right thing to not be taking the narcotics. I have 3 kids and am the main bread winner in my home. I want so much to leave this crap alone but the way I feel now makes it so hard for me to believe that I can!!! These posts are so helpfull, its nice to not be alone.

tondra2913 5 years ago

Dee, I know where you are coming from. I am scared to death it is hard to get up and take care of the kids... Work seems nearly impossible. I have Spodylolisthesis as well as the stenosis. I want to be at that place where I say I never want to take this again. The restless legs and arms and the fuzzy feeling in my head are the worst. Toninght I will be taking a sleeping pill as I havent slept in days. Any advise is greatly welcome as I have never felt this way before. Thank you to all who post here.

Julia Aharonov 5 years ago

There are other ways to conquer a tramadol addiction. Read about Tramadol Detox . This procedure is extremely effective and all withdrawal happens while you're under anesthesia.

JULIUS-23 5 years ago


AngelAngel20 profile image

AngelAngel20 5 years ago from pennsylvania

Please know, it gets better! You just have to be ready to live off of this shit. Please go back and read peoples stories. That's what got me through. I remember feeling the worst in my life, the darkest saddest I've ever been. U just have to hang in there. I'm finally off this stuff about 4 months. I would never take another tramadol. I've researched natural energy herbs and I have my life back. I would definitely not recommend being put under to get through withdrawals. I've read a lot of bad things about that procedure. It's dangerous. Believe me, when u look back and realize u got through it, u will feel like u can accomplish anything. Ur going to feel like ur going through the worst flu ever but u will get through this!

Sadiq 5 years ago

My story is dis i start takin tramadol wen i was on patrol am an uniform man, i take 300mg of tramadol and 15mg of arten dat is 3pil en 3taps every day at first instand i was not enjoyin its come to mak me vomit gradualy i fel nice now am 2yrs into its, am marrit now i want 2 w/d its, i tink of goin 2 c a doctor on dis pls i ned advise en help.

JULIUS-23 5 years ago


JULIUS-23 profile image

JULIUS-23 5 years ago from gastonia north carolina


JULIUS-23 profile image

JULIUS-23 5 years ago from gastonia north carolina


JULIUS-23 profile image

JULIUS-23 5 years ago from gastonia north carolina


AngelAngel20 profile image

AngelAngel20 5 years ago from pennsylvania

I take 5-htp twice aday. Once in the am and before bed. I take it with b6, l-tyrosine. It definitely has helped me. It tends to make u alittle sleepy but it u take the b6 with it ,it helps. It helps with sleep too. So glad u stuck it out and got through the withdrawals! It can only get better from here. What helped me not take anymore was remembering how horrible it was to get off of those things. I never want to go through that again!

JULIUS-23 profile image

JULIUS-23 5 years ago from gastonia north carolina


Julia Aharonov 5 years ago

Read a very informative article about tramadol misuse and abuse. http://www.mdsdrugdetox.com/tramadol-misuse-abuse-...

JULIUS-23 profile image

JULIUS-23 5 years ago from gastonia north carolina


Chip 5 years ago

I have been on tramadol for 11 years. I have managed to keep it to three a day instead of 20 - 30 like some I have read about. I have a question though...if I only take three a day, how bad can the addiction be? Yes...I have restless leg syndrome when I try to get off of it. I also have terrible bouts with anxiety and extreme fear after just being off the pills for a day or so. My back problems are chronic though. I am in pain 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It never, ever stops, even when on the pills. I wish I knew what to do!!!

Yoyoyoyo78 5 years ago

Hi Chip,

I also take tramadol for back issues. Mine are probably not as severe as yours though. I recently started taking Tumeric and a herbal product called End Pain (mainly Boswellia). They seem to help the sciatic pain I was having. I tried to stop the Tramadol. I'm down to 1/2 to 1 pill a day. But when I try to stop completely I get extremely lethargic, foggy brain and depressed. The tramadol gives me a lift that I have gotten used to. I've only been taking it for 3 years and feel I'm dependent on it. I have read that your brain shuts down some seretonin receptors because of the SSRI and SNRI action of this drug. And it takes a while for your brain to kind of reset itself.

Lyrica is prescribed a lot for back pain. I also take that and have been cutting way back on it too. It has its own set of side effects, but it doesn't seem to be addicting.

Does 150mg a day make a dent in your pain Chip?

Yoyoyoyo78 5 years ago

I have a question about Tramadol and seretonin levels. I plan on stopping it when I have a break in work during Christmas. Should I start taking an SSRI now? I can only tolerate one of the older ones like Prozac. Lexapro and Cymbalta give me muscle twitches.

I'm only taking about 37.5mg of Tramadol a day. That is just enough to keep me from going into withdrawal. I am most concerned about the depression since I have suffered from that for 30+ years. I already have suicidal thoughts and don't want to go down any further.

The Tramadol really helped with depression. But it made me a bit manic. I went on shopping binges and overpromised things to clients and friends.

Chip 5 years ago

150 mg a day makes a little bit of difference but the pain is still there 24 hours a day. I can see that my fear of becoming heavily addicted keeps me from taking more because it wouldn't take much for me to have two or three in my system every minute of the day. Even taking what I do take, I still have a lot of difficulty when I realize that the rest of my life is going to be filled with this pain.

anonymous 5 years ago


JULIUS-23 profile image

JULIUS-23 5 years ago from gastonia north carolina


Yoyoyoyo78 5 years ago


I've heard that 5-HTP can really help with depression. Not sure about the brain zaps. I have not had that experience. You can get the 5-HTP at any health food store. It may help

Yoyoyoyo78 5 years ago


What else have you tried for your back pain? I'm just starting yoga and I think it's helping somewhat. Physical therapy didn't really do much for me.

I know people that have been on tramadol for years. I would like to get completely off of it, but it does help when you have legitimate pain. I'm trying everything else I can think of to help with my pain issue.

Gav 5 years ago

I am on day 4 of withdrawal and to be honest I feel a lot better, i took 4 x 200mg slow release on saturday as i like my buzzes to much and 1 x 2oomg on monday! The only thing that helps in a withdrawal that ive found is 5mg Diazpan at 6pm in the evening followed by some nice grass and then to put me to sleep i take 1 25mg Amytriplin!These are always easily available on the street. Valium really does work wonders with the RLS!!!! I've found that any opiate withdrawal peaks at day 3, ive been on oxy, subutex and trams. To be honest the subs probally the worst due to 36 1/2" shelf life!!!! But folks opiate withdrawal is easily enough conquered if you take the above and have a strong will power, good luck to u all!!!!!

JULIUS-23 profile image

JULIUS-23 5 years ago from gastonia north carolina


Yoyoyoyo78 5 years ago


Proac is an anti-depressant. It has been around a long time. It may help. Not sure about taking the 5-HTP with it though. They both affect the seretonin levels in your brain.

JULIUS-23 profile image

JULIUS-23 5 years ago from gastonia north carolina


tramastop 5 years ago

hi all i am from France , i live in USA now because i am maried , my wife is american , she and the daughter too , is adictive too the tramadole , in France this pills is not autorised because is too much dangerous ,i think everybody people have the probleme with tramadole need engaged one atorney for ask the gouvernement for stop this pills , is not logical the doctor and the hospital sent that shit for all , and after for stop is verry hard good luke for all

JULIUS-23 profile image

JULIUS-23 5 years ago from gastonia north carolina


Yoyoyoyo78 5 years ago

It's been about 24 hours since my last Tramadol. After about 12 hours I get really tired. Now I'm starting to feel anxious. I've been taking it for 3 years for pain. I got down to 50mg or less the last 2 months.

I'm gonna miss the lift it gave me, but I want to feel normal again. Not sure how the pain issues are going to work out. But right now I seem to be OK with the pain.

Yoyoyoyo78 5 years ago

Well now I'm on day 2. Last night was a little rough. I was having hot/cold flashes. I think it was more related to menopause. I don't have much appetite. But on tramadol I didn't either. Not wanting to do anything today but look for on-line support for this.

JULIUS-23 profile image

JULIUS-23 5 years ago from gastonia north carolina


Yoyoyoyo78 5 years ago

Day 3

Thanks for your support Julius-23. I took some meletonin last night and it helped with sleeping. I woke up this morning feeling pretty good emotionally. I still have a little physical pain the tram helped with. I hope to try to resolve that more naturally with exercise and supplements, etc.

Glad to see the Brain zaps have stopped for you. Thanks for your prayers

JULIUS-23 profile image

JULIUS-23 5 years ago from gastonia north carolina


Yoyoyoyo78 5 years ago

Its day 4 and I'm doing pretty darn good. Still feel a little nauseus, but not bad. I'm feeling less depressed than I did on the Tram. Maybe it's because I did such a long slow taper. I hope this keeps up and I don't hit the wall with depression.

I'm glad you are doing better Julius-23

JULIUS-23 profile image

JULIUS-23 5 years ago from gastonia north carolina


DeterminedLady17 5 years ago

Hello.. This is my first post and for sure not my last. Like many others here, I was prescribed tramadol for migraines and leg cramps two years ago. At first I was prescribed (2) 50 mg a day. When the doctor gave me the prescription, he told me that it was safe and to take it as soon as I feel pain as it takes time before you will feel its effects. I was so desperate for pain relief, I did not ask any questions and took the prescription and all the while thinking I had finally found the answer to my constant pain. The first time I took it, it made me feel horrible. I put it away and decided that I would live without it. Well, I started missing work alot and was written up for it. So, I did what I thought I had to do. I took the advice of an educated and trusted neurologist. I started taking tramadol. Within a day, I was used to it and very, very happy with the results. My pain was gone and the best part was that I had more energy!! Lots more. Eventually, 2 pills was not doing its job anymore and I went to 3. About 6 months after that, I found myself needing 4 a day.. Then the most awful thing happened.... I found myself taking 5 in one day (usually at night) just to avoid that "bad feeling" you get just 5 hours after taking the last pill. So, I ran out of my prescription and could not get my refill because it had not been 30 days. As I took my last pill that night, I knew the next day would be tough but I was NOT prepared for reality. I began to detox and tried going on with my life and went to work. BIG MISTAKE!! I ended up leaving at lunch that day in tears b/c I could not concentrate on anything and I was so emotional. The pain got so bad that I ended up in the emergency room the next day and reality hit me; I was going through withdrawals. I am addicted/dependent on this crap. So, here I am now, one month later and I am currently taking time off work to get off this horrible medicine. Before Tramadol, I had never ever had any addiction issues and never had to see a Physciatrist. I would NEVER have taken this crap if I would have known how it would take over me. It has chemically changed my brain and how I function as a person. 

Good news is that after 3 weeks of intensive outpatient treatment for pain and with doctor intervention, I am down to (1) 25mg in the morning and (1) 25 mg at bedtime. Overall, I have been able to cut from 200mg a day to 50mg which is where I am today. Tomorrow, I will start taking only (1) 25mg at bedtime for about 5 days and then NONE!! I am dealing with some anxiety, tightness in my chest, leg cramping but there is some real good positives..,the best one, sex!! I have been wanting more sex with my husband since I starting tapering off. He loves it and he says that I am changing for the better. I was emotionally numb and distant when I was taking the most tramadol. Since I started tapering, I have good days and bad ones but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The toughest days may come when I get to none but I will be ready with much determination. There is no turning back now. I have to do this. I have no choice. I like me and I want me back!! The withdrawals will be temporary and I have to remind myself of that everyday. It is my HOPE that keeps me going. I have a wonderful husband and 3 boys that me to be me again. That is the best Christmas present I can give everyone in my life. I will deal with my real pain as well but from now on, I will ask my doctor lots of questions and I will do all my research before popping any pills!  No more assuming that the doctor knows what is best for me. Nope. 

So, if you have read this insanely long post and you are struggling with Tramadol, there is hope. Take action now and don't look back until you have gotten off of this horrible pill. If you are blessed enough to have good insurance, get professional help and support. It has made a world of difference for me. 

Before I end my post, I want to share with readers an over the counter med that really helps me with the RLS at night. It is called Hyland's Leg Cramp with Quinine (PM). I take 2 when I get settled in for bed. It helps me alot!!

I think I have said enough for now.. I will return with an update in a few days. Goodnight all and good luck to you! Keep posting!! I enjoy reading all of your postings because i know i am not alone and most importantly, I am not crazy.. There is hope!! :) 

DeterminedLady17 5 years ago

Not sure if anyone is reading this but I will post anyway. For the last 4-5 days, I have been taking (1) 25mg in the morning and (1) 25mg in the evening. This morning I did not take the AM dose. I will only take (1) 25mg tonight before bed. Feeling like the flu but no diarhea. It sucks but luckily, I have football today to keep my mind off of it as much as possible. :)

Advil is my buddy right now and it is helping. Will post again tomorrow. Have a great Sunday!

DeterminedLady17 5 years ago

Hello. Today was a real hard day for me. Very nauseous, sneezing, and very exhausted. Still sticking with th(1) 25mg a day. The doc seems to think I am rushing it but I want to be free of this crap by Christmas. I don't have much time for comfort. I need to be done!! So, I will stay on my plan. :)

JULIUS-23 profile image

JULIUS-23 5 years ago from gastonia north carolina


DeterminedLady17 5 years ago

Hi everyone!! Things are going great for me!! No pain at all today and still still in my plan!! ;). It won't last long though. I am not real sure how my body will react but on Monday, I will be reducing my daily dose again to (1) 1/4 of a 50mg pill each day. The mornings seems to be the toughest time for my body so that is the only time I will get tramadol all day. Will reort back in a few days. I am

Real excited!! I will be done with this crap very soon!!

Julius-23: How are you doing??

Ultram year 10 5 years ago

After reading this blog, I feel compelled to post. I have been addicted to ultram for ten years. Like everyone I was told it was nonaddictive. I felt a pep in my step when it was prescribed for knee pain. I had never taken a pain pill before. I functioned well at school (college) and did not feel drugged. I took 50mg each morning. After a few weeks I started falling asleep during class at 1:00. I thought I caught some flu.

I happened to take an ultram during one of these episodes and shortly felt fine. I started taking another with lunch. Suddenly after dinner I couldn't stay awake and would sweat. I had no idea this was called withdrawal. This continued until I was taking 100 mg every 4 hours. I set my alarm to take it at 2:00 in the morning to avoid morning withdrawal.

I went to a detox clinic. It was torture. Withdrawal continued and I went right back on ultram. I've been able to continue with 50mg four times a day for 6 years. I'm accepting it, and maybe some day I can do better.

Yoyoyoyo78 5 years ago

Thanks Ultram Year 10 for sharing.

I'm on day 17 and still having problems with very low energy. I'm trying to work out as much as I can. but I'm really out of shape and dealing with a shoulder injury (not major, just really annoying and limiting).

I'm getting really tired in the afternoon. I have to take naps in my car .

Anyone have any suggestions for the lack of energy thing?

JULIUS-23 profile image

JULIUS-23 5 years ago from gastonia north carolina


more than once 5 years ago

it has been six months since i quit using the help of everyone on this page, thanks to all. it does get so much better getting of those damn things. i will say that i still dont have the energy i once had but maybe im comparing to being on the trams(i dont know). life is so much better sober, i cant even begin to describe the feeling of being able to do things for my family again without the need of an tramodol to get me going. to all who is going the the hell keep on fighting just like juius23 said it is war. dont let the pills control who you are it is hard to quit (i had 6 pill a day habit) but it can be done and it does get easier. stay tough stay strong my prayers are with you all. the postings from scared as hell are the ones that saved me. please go back and read them.

doesn't work 5 years ago

I was put on tramadol 7 days ago...I take 2 (50mg)a day. I dont have high energy...im always tired...also an insomniac. I have severe depression with manic tendencies and borderline personality disorder (have had both for many yrs). The tramadol works every now and then. when it does help...it takes the pain from a 10 to about a 6. I only take it every 6 hrs and refuse to take more than 2 a day. tonight the pain is bad...i did WAY too much stuff today and my body is screaming at me. pain scale is off the charts at about a 14. i have a huge pain tolerance but after 12 i get frustrated that i cant get relief. I'm not having any issues but will talk to my doc about something else for pain. I take ibuprofen at the 4 hr mark but with GERD and all my other medical issues...i was destroying the lining of my stomach by taking 6 tylenol, 6 ibuprofen, 4 aleve plus goody's headache powders (excedrin migraine in powder form) every day to regulate the pain issues. now i have to take medication to repair my stomach. hopefully i can get something that will actually work. Continue to do well fellow peeps :)

Yoyoyoyo78 5 years ago

I've been off of Tramadol now for about 16 days. The last 2 days the anxiety has been pretty high. I started taking Prozac for the depression.

Still dealing with my shoulder and pain from injuring it, but my chronic nerve pain (sciatica) has been not a big issue.

My main issue is the inability to enjoy anything. I have no appetite and don't want to do anything. I'm going through menopause too and having night sweats that prevent a good night's sleep.

DeterminedLady17 5 years ago

Hi all..It has been 7 days since my last post and I am feeling great today. Currently taking only (1) 13mg of tramadol a day. I take it in the middle of the night which is still the most painful part of the day for me. Tomorrow, I plan on not taking any tramadol at all for the first time since I have started to taper off about 5 weeks ago. I am a bit nervous about it because I know I will feel lIke crap for a few days, at least. But, it must be done.

DeterminedLady17 5 years ago

I am day 2 with no tramadol after tapering off from a 200mg a day habit. It took 4-5 weeks to taper off. I am up early (4:30) this morning which is nothing new since I started tapering off. It is a little harder to sleep through the night but I did sleep for 5 hours straight.

Physically, I feel fine except I think I am coming down with a virus infection. Sore throat and stuffy nose right now. I am hoping it doesn't get worse but I don't think it has anything to do with not taking tramadol.

I am on Nortryptiline, which is am


DeterminedLady17 5 years ago

Sorry, I hit the post comment button on accident. Anyway, the Nortryptiline is an antideppressant that has really helped with keeping my emotions upbeat while tapering off the tramadol. I am going to stick with it for a few months and see how I feel.

So, I am free of tramadol and I am so happy I am off of it!! I like the person I am now. It is great to feel again. I have also noticed that I look different. I have more color in my face now and my eyes are full of life. I have had recent compliments that I look different and great. Most people have no clue as to why, they just notice I am different.

To anyone out there who is struggling and they feel powerless against this medicine. There is hope. I strongly suggest tapering off it and not going cold turkey. I have tried both and the cold turkey was too much for me.

Well, I going to take a little nap now. God Bless you all.

JULIUS-23 profile image

JULIUS-23 5 years ago from gastonia north carolina

HOW IS EVERYBODY??? KEEP UP DA GOOD FIGHT TO ALL OF YILE WE CAN DO DIS BC I MADE IT THRU N I KNW YILE CAN..DAY 50!!!..one thing i can say is tramadol detox ***** on sooo many levels lol, im just thankful i made it to day 50 of no tramadol.. im happy bout the accomplishment but im still dealing with the boredom of this stuff... it seems like nunthing doesnt seem fun anymore and i hate dat bc i remember i use to be ready to climb to the top of a mountain years ago but i jus hope dat lil zap i had comes back soon bc dis is bulll shhhh.... i knw yile can relate to wat im sayin bc even with this sinus cold i still like to have sumthn to do... The depression is really not a big factor for me but i do feel it at times when im n da house with nunthn to do and im sitting here wishing their was disney land standing in front of me so it can take my mind off alot of things.... its been almost two weeks since i took a prozac and i still have no brain zaps and im truly luving dat.... One thing i do agree with is im still having these weird stomach and body cramps dat go from my stomach to my chest to my back lower and upper and they are not comfortable at all... did anybody develop irritable bowel syndrome bc of tramadol bc i heard n can mess up da nervous system n ur stomach area and i have heartburn now.. its funny bc i did not have any of dem issues while i was taking tramdol and no heartburn... well wut can i say i guess dis is all part of da get back to normal cycle we go through but as long as you can keep ur self from taking dat devil pill then its worth it!!! GOD BLESS YILE AND KEEP UP DA GOOD FIGHT... DNT GIVE IN FOR NUNTHNIN IF UR ON DAYS 1-12 BC IT WILL GET BETTER TRUST ME... DAY 50 N STILL GOING STRONG!! ITS WAR.....

more than once 5 years ago

hello everyone,

i am doing good on my quitting. hadnt taken one since may. i did have a irritable bowel issue after using the trams and it didnt start till after i quit but it does get better, you just have to let your body get used to it. for those starting to quit imodium can help with the withdraws. it is an opiate based pill and will help with the physical side. the imodium does not cross the body mind barrier and that is why it is over the counter.

DeterminedLady17 5 years ago

Julius-23: Congrats on day 50!!! That is AWESOME!!

I am ending day 2 off Tramadol and I had almost a two week supply of the pills that I just flushed down the toilet. They are GONE!!! :)

I feel like I am back in control of my life and it feels great!! No more stressing about making sure I have enough pills to get me through the month or if I will get a chance to take my pill discreetly in the next 4 hours..

Aaaahhh, it feels great. Like the shackles and chains have been removed. The smiles I now smile are not fake or forced. They are from real happiness. I am connecting with people which is something I felt I had lost while on the Tramadol.

If you are feeling like you lost yourself with this horrible medicine and that you would fall apart without it, make the decision to make a change and however it is right for you, take the control back and do the work to stop. You are in there and you may have to suffer while you are getting yourself back but you may find that you like the real you. Look for a Pain Management Group or doctor close to you to help deal with the withdrawals. I have and it is the best decision I ever made.

God Bless.

DeterminedLady17 5 years ago

Day 7 and minus the cold that wont leave, I am doing great!! I dont have as much energy as I would like but I am sure in time, that will come back Other then my low energy, I am not experiencing any other physical withdrawals. I am very thankful for this! I also have no desire to take tramadol again. Just not worth it.

shimla profile image

shimla 5 years ago

Drug companies pushing tramadol ought to be sued for failing to properly inform of its extremely addicitive qualities and the total mess it makes of you when you stop - even after a relatively short period of prescibed use. How is it that others selling addictive and potentially harmful drugs get busted and do time but the drug companies remain immune from responsibility while making big bucks? I thought corporations were now regarded as entities in the same vain as people - then arrest the corporations - oh that's right - they own the politicians.

JULIUS-23 profile image

JULIUS-23 5 years ago from gastonia north carolina


fustrated wife 5 years ago

i just want to thank everyone here for all of your personal and very helpful stories. My husband is on day 3 without his normal 300mg of tram. He has been unbearable to live with. He is cranky, irritable, short tempered, cruel, etc. you all know what I am saying. He has been taking this crap for 3 years and maybe someday I will see my real husband again. All the symptoms of withdrawals are so very true. I just want to thank everyone for the support (that non tram takers just dont get)....I am looking foward to seeing the continual change in him and the hope that he will become more social again. He has lost his taste for any alcohol (not saying that he ever had a problem) just a social drink NOT, doesnt even enjoy a glass of wine with me anymore. I know that it sounds like I am rambling but there is so much I have learned for this site, I cant help to share my feelings with all of you.

darlings2 5 years ago

Hi....I am new to this site and typically only READ rather then post. Today however...I felt like posting. My story is that I began taking tramadol 2 1/2 years ago for the euphoria, energy and appetite suppressant effects. I was able to lose 50 pounds over the course of about 5 months. Of course, over time, I needed more and more and more to get the same effects from the drug. I always had the seizure fear, but not enough to stop me from pushing the envelope more and more. So anyway, last month it happened. After ingesting around 14 pills at once, I had a seizure. Thankfully God orchestrated this in the best scenerio possible. I had been driving my kids only 10 minutes before my seizure. Thank God, I was at my friends house and my kids were in another room playing when I had the seizure. It was the weirdest thing ever! I was sitting and talking to my friend and the next thing I know I have 3 paramedics over me asking me common sense questions that I KNEW were common sense, yet I couldn't answer. So, after an overnight in the hospital, and a clear CT scan, they sent me home to withdrawal. I was given 30 lowest dose xanax they make and some clonodine. The weirdest part of the whole mess was that I remember my release day perfectly up until I was sent home. I STILL...after 5 weeks cannot remember how I got home, I barely remember eating dinner that first night home and I can't even remember taking a shower...which I did. I never clarified this, but I can only guess that the tramadol was still in my system heavily until the lack of memory hit...at that point, the REAL WD must have started. I took the meds they gave as directed along with immodium like clockwork. My longest lasting WD effects was vision problems. I saw double and felt like a bobble-head for 3 weeks literally! I have been pretty good now for the last 2 weeks. SO GOOD in fact, that since my appetite is back strong, I am tempted to take tramadol again to block my hunger. I don't ever want to get into this same situation again...and have been very strong since stopping. I am concerned though. I have gained 10 pounds in a month. I must say...this pill is very coniving and addicting. I hope I can be strong enough to start watching what I eat now that the holidays are over. I don't want to get back into this cycle of ordering the pills, hoping they come in time before I run out, spending a fortune on them, taking them to avoid WD...situation again. I am concerned about my willpower though. I just wish I knew of something that would work to take away my appetite other then these horrid pills. If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear. I do want to end this novel by saying that...my ER dr told me that weaning would have been best, but cold turkey would NOT cause more seizures. I was fine and didn't have any other problems going cold turkey...I hope you all get through this okay. I see many strong people on here and your strength is encouragement for others. Good luck to all of you!!

fustrated wife 5 years ago

This is the hubby of fusstrated wife. Im on day 7 off Tram cold turkey after 3 years taking 6 sometimes 8 50mg pills per day. Broke my back in 2004 motorcycle accident and getting older hence back pain. Doc gave me ultram and thats when it all began. I felt more energized and seemed to work better, even hitting the gym more often. But I noticed my lack of interests such as hanging with the boys and going out for a drink. My main focus was taking 2 trams and chillin at home when not working. The drug definitely interferes with your personal life. I started to feel like it was time to quit cold turkey after getting a wisdom tooth pulled and was sick of calling doctor for refills. As for the moodiness, its there still after 7 days, cold sweats, irratibility and depression are there still. Was tempted to call doc today but decided to fucking win this war. Will post when ready and hope this forum remains because its nice to know im not alone. Happy New Year to all.

nick 5 years ago

I was on tram for year anda half.6 to 8 50mg a day...i did it cold turkey two weeks ago...just hung in there for thr first three days and i started feeling better...took hot showers and was running andsweating that crap out the first three days...it sucked a little bit but i have support from my wife and she forced me to get up and do stuff with kids,go to grocery store,etc. My energy is coming back and i just sneeze like crazy...if there is one suggestion i can give is to let a love one or close friend know about your situation and to have that support help me tremendously..i feel much better

Vicky-BCFC 5 years ago

Hi I've been taking tramadol for about 18 months for a slipped disc in my lower back. Initially I was taking codeine 30/500mg but I was getting constipated and it made going to the toilet very uncomfortable with severe lower pain so a locus doctor at my Gp put me on tramadol. It was great for the pain and it helped me sleep through the worst. I did lose weight however. After 8 weeks of taking them ( 400-600mg per day) I thought it was time to see if I could manage the pain without them. 24hrs had passed and I thought I'd caught the flu. I felt awful. I spoke to the nurse at my Gp who told me I couldn't just stop taking it I had to reduce the dose slowly. I then booked an appointment with my Gp to discuss this with him. I was crying. I said I felt like a drug addict. He said to reduce the dose enough to starve off the withdrawal as I still needed to function. I managed over a couple of months to reduce the dose to 100mgs per day but after that I didn't seem to be able to reduce it further. With other outside stresses of life I found it really difficult to cope with even a slight reduction. This tablet had altered my mood my motivation and at times my will to live. I don't mean suicidal, I mean the ability to enjoy simple things. On top of that my mom passed away 7 months ago I was feeling really out of my depth. No energy, sleeping all of the time or agitated and unable to sleep. I have 2 kids under 14 and a full time responsible job I feared I would lose both. It had got to the point where I was catching one virus to the next so about a month ago when I got a chest infection and was signed off work for 3weeks I decided to reduce the dose to 50mg. My new bf would help with the kids so I could sleep and go through withdrawal without worrying about other things. The reduction wasn't too bad the main symptom was sleeping too much or not enough. Agitation headache and a general washed out feeling. After 3 weeks I renewed my doctors note, for a further 2 weeks I didn't want to stop now I'd come this far. 5 days ago I stopped taking tramadol altogether I felt sick. I had major diarrhoea, stomach cramp, muscle ache and cramp sore throat skin crawling it was awful. These symptoms are still with me but each day it's becoming less and less. I'm hoping that in a couple of weeks that my motivation and the real me comes back. I'm taking back my life. This tablet my be food for pain, but it needs stricter controls with proper withdrawal plans for anyone who needs to take it. Short term pain relief after operations and definitely regular checkups at Gps for people with chronic long term illnesses or conditons. My disc had slipped back into place and I get mild pain from time to time which I will control with paracetamol. I sympathise with all your experiences. For only a person who has suffered from tramadol withdrawal can really identify with the distress it causes in a persons life. Good luck to all of those trying to kick this drug, you are not on your own. Vicky from birmingham england

mike 5 years ago

i have been taking tramadol for almost two years now, and i recently has a seizure from it.. DO NOT TAKE THIS MEDICATION!! i was taking about 14 a day because my tolerance was so high, and the doctor said the reason for me having the seizure was from taking this medication. this medication should be a narcotic!! and i am pretty sure one day soon it will. my with drawl symptoms are of that of heroin and i am going crazy. when will this end... please listen to me and do not get started on this

craig 5 years ago

its been a while since i checked in here ,i cant believe its been 8 months since i last took any tramadol ! its good 2 c that the people who were struggling at the same time as me have done so well and 4 all u out there who are struggling with this appalling cold turkey try reading peoples posts from a while ago and follow them up 2 their last post , this helped me realise that people have got over this and that i could 2

craig 5 years ago

hi vicky , i enjoyed reading your post and could relate 2 it . i am also from birmingham but altho we have very similar experiences and views on tramadol , our taste in football teams could not be more different lol ...... up the villa ! hang in there

JULIUS-23 profile image

JULIUS-23 5 years ago from gastonia north carolina


Vicky-BCFC 5 years ago

This is day 12 of my tramadol withdrawal and think I'm over the worst. The only symptoms I have have now are excessive sneezing, headaches and complete exhaustion. Im so tired I've had to extend my docs note because I even struggle to do my housework. I'm so unmotivated. I get quite emotional too the slightest thing upsets me. I decided to sort out all my boxes of tramadol and get rid of them, it was a wierd feeling. I looked at the four

boxes and felt like I didn't want to let them go. I suppose it's like standing on your own two feet without support. But I did get rid of them, I haven't got one in the house. I'm very tired today. So lethargic I won't be going to see my beloved blues play wolves this weekend, but it will give me and my son something to talk about as he will be there. Craig, the tramadol must have effected you badly your choice of team is poor lol CTID

jensunshine 5 years ago

wow lol i didn't even know u could get addicted to Tramadol lol. I've taken them a few times just to help with my withdrawal a few days before my doc apt. i cant take more then 4 cause anymore then that and it does more harm then good. it causes the worst stomach pain. But yea i dont get it why anyone would take Tramadol like that lol it doesnt get u high and it doesn't really work all that well for pain so...yeah kinda silly but umm.. good luck with that and try taken some baby aspirin that should do the trick

needserenity 5 years ago

I started taking ultram three and a half years ago. I had no pain. I stated I had pain because I knew the side effects of the drug and wanted it for that reason. Not knowing the addictive qualities it possesed, I started to take the drug to get the high and the energy it provided. Weeks after taking it, I found that when I didn't take it, I suffered from withdrawal.

Well, as expected, the simple dose of 50mg did not work anymore, so, three years later, I am up to 10 to 15 tablets a day, 50 mg tabs. I do not get a high from the drug, but its my maintainence dose (how sad). I had a very brief 8 day period last August when I stopped using. I got through the physical withdrawal and felt great only to screw it all up again.

Everyday, I want to stop, hate myself when I take them, and am very angry all the time. I know I am addicted to these damn things as I am easily addicted to any narcotic (as these should indeed be catogorized as narcs)

I am certain that if I were only physically addicted to these things, it would be a battle, but less of a battle then if I were both phychologically and physically addicted. Unfortunately, I am both. I would like to thank everyone for all of your stories. Each and every post does make a difference in the battle of another.

Vicky-bcfc 5 years ago


I do understand the psychological dependency on this drug I know when I threw out the last of my boxes of pills I was reluctant to do it. Should you decide to come off tramadol I won't lie, the withdrawal physically is hell. I have read others have suffered psychologically too, you will need some good friends to help you through this part. It isn't uncommon to feel weepy or just like your going out of your mind I went through it too. If I'm honest I think the drug is still effecting me psychologically even though the worst of the withdrawal symptoms have eased, I'm on day 18. You sound like you should see a doctor. You may need support with psychological dependence as well as physical and that's a tall order to cope with by yourself.

Annoyed 5 years ago

Jensunshine this place is for people who are trying to get off this med not for you to come on here and make a joke about it just because it did not affect you that way. Get over yourself and go find something productive to do after reading this. Instead don't reply back- no one wants to hear what you have to say unless you are apologizing for poking at such a serious subject. Yup- I wrote it. Close ya mouth...you're done; buh bye

NeedSerenity 5 years ago


Thank you for your feedback and I commend you that you have made it to day 22. I pray for your continued strength and endurance.

I am in the process of cutting down my dose. There are days I do better than others. Today is not one of those days

Vicky-bcfc 5 years ago

I'm on day 22 and so pleased with myself. However, due to the excessive tiredness my doc sent me for an ECG yesterday as my heart was beating too fast. When I got there my blood pressure was also high, a first for me. After a chest X-ray and blood tests nothing substantiated the increase in my pulse rate doc figures it's to do with the tramadol withdrawal. In the meantime he has arranged other tests to rule out other medical conditions. Need serenity, if you are having a bad day, and you have energy do so, visit this site and read the success stories. People on here really do understand because they are experiencing the same things. Maybe it will comfort you through the really bad times, I know it has helped me.

Vicky-bcfc 5 years ago

Jensunshine- your post is rather vague, do you take them 4 at a time every day or 4 every six months? You do not say what frequency. Plus you said you were taking them for withdrawal before a docs appointment, withdrawal from what? I know people who get high from taking codeine based paracetamol because they have an intolerance to it. My brother takes trams for pain but it doesn't effect him the way it does me. So wrong of you belittle the suffering of others just because you didn't get the same effects, but from your post it appears it's something you took infrequently so you probably wouldn't have suffered withdrawal in the same way. Annoyed- just ignore her. She clearly doesnt understand

Jan 5 years ago

I have been off this drug about 3 months now. It is rough and the first 5 days are the hardest. I used ambien and slept alot and took fioricet for the headaches I was getting. Previously, I tried to detox without any other medications to help and after 3 days I went back to using it again. This time, with the help of other meds, I found it easier. So, try to get to get some sleep medication and take a few days off and sleep it off. Also, frequent long warm showers/baths are soothing because you might get chills and aches.

wtf 4 years ago

I did not know it would be this rough. coming off tramadol. this is day number two and i can hardly type my hands are shaking so much. spent last night throwing up and having hot and cold spells. that was more fun than i ever care to have again. so much for recreational use of tramadol. i did quite cold turkey. because i took a few day off work and ran out. it seemed like a good time to stop. i would suggest you give yourself two days off of work and a two day weekend to come down. 7:09am pst. just eating my first food in twelve hours. i might not keep it down, hard to say. family things i have the flue. thank god for that. wtf was i thinking using this stuff as a recreational drug? finished half the breakfast i made myself. now going to go lay down at 7:13.

wtf 4 years ago

8:33am - still shaking. body feels cold but my brain feels like it is on fire. or, at least very warm. SERIOUSLY dont ever try using the drug as a recreational drug. Spent part of last night crying like a baby. Things i have done wrong in the past and about things that might be to come in the future. this stuff really screws with your brain. i hope today is not as rough as yesterday and last night. but, i am getting what i deserve for playing with this drug. 8:39

NeedSerenity 4 years ago

Listen wtf, you hang in there. Take it from a long time addict who has taken ultram for recreational use only and did manage to get off of them all on my own. Yes, each day does get easier.

My story today is that I am not as successful as I have been in the past; however, I assure you, each day does get easier and once you can function without them, it's a whole new world!!

Stay strong. No, today will not be as bad as yesterday or last night. Tomorrow will be better than today. Hang in there.

wtf 4 years ago

23.5 hours. NeedSerenity. Thank you so much for the post. you are correct. i just woke up from a 1.5 hour sleep/nap. I actually feel a bit better. In hind-sight i would say ease off of them slowly. The problem with that is the pills through your brain keep telling you to take more. Hey, you feel good now, one or two more will make you feel better. I know this from 'been there done that.' for me cold turkey was the was to go. throw all those suckers in the toilet and say good by and push the handle down. anyway i feel 'somewhat' normal. will post again later this afternoon.

wtf 4 years ago

30 hours. starting to feel human again. tomorrow should be better. hopefully. a good nights sleep should help. again thanks Need Serenity for the words of encouragement.

The very best of luck to you going forward.

NeedSerenity 4 years ago

You are welcome wtf!. It's a great feeling isn't it? One way, you feel like crap from the withdrawal and in another, you feel strong because you are actually getting off the horrible drug.

I know all about the brain telling you to take more. My brain tells me this all the time. I never do anything in "small" amounts. If one works, 15 will be even better!

I never felt as good as I did when I was clean. Being clean is a better "high" than any drug can deliver any day. I will be there again soon...I know I will.

You keep going wtf...I am rooting all the way for you!! Best wishes and keep us posted on your success:)

Billyboy46 4 years ago

Ok fellas. Heres my sob story. Short version. Got started on this drug almost 20 yrs ago, given to me by my mother as she had studied and found ultram to be a safe and non addictive drug and I needed something for pain. At last count I was at 25-30 a day.(sometimes more). I'm done. Ran out Thursday and spoke to doctor Friday. Timed it that way intentionally so I couldnt have access to the drug until Monday. Doctor gave me some .1mg Clondine for the withdrawl symptoms, and doing nothing so far. I can barely type. I consider myself a tough guy, and I have never been so scared in my life. If this gets any worse, I will have to get rid of the 9mm in the drawer. Well, so much for short version, eh? I hope I can post again wish me luck please. P.S. I did manage to taper to about 12 a day before starting. Not for long though, and right now, I am in HELL.

Billyyboy46 4 years ago

OMG. I am gonna die. I cant last I am dying here. No way can anything elsse feel this damn bad

wtf 4 years ago

4:42 sunday morning. Billyboy, welcome to my world. Here is what I can tell you is coming up. day four is so much better. I will admit you dosage in MUCH higher than mine. The Hell you are going through is the drug leaching out of your system. if you are throwing up, drink plenty of water. the last thing you want is to become dehydrated. that will only make things worse. (and that is the last thing you need right now is to feel worse). the other posters are correct when they say every day it gets a little bit better. the horrible part is getting to that next day. right? try to focus on making it through until 5pm today 01/22/12. make that your goal. try to stay focused on the goal and not on how you are feeling. stay hydrated my friend. i have faith in you, you can beat this thing.

wtf 4 years ago

NeedSerenity, again you are correct. if one is good 15 are better. not sure why you started up again but (as you said)

"I never felt as good as I did when I was clean. Being clean is a better "high" than any drug can deliver any day."

Please post when you decide to quit. you have a supporter that will back you up 100%.

Billyyboy46 4 years ago


If I put 10 of my worst nights of my life together it wouldnt add up to last night. I finally got about 45 minutes of sleep but cant stop the shaking, resteless leg, etc. Dying here man. How am I gonna make work Monday? There is no way. I dont know what to do. I had no idea how bad this was gonna be. Absolutely none.

NeedSerenity 4 years ago

I know I should not be posting on here when still using as this is a site meant for people who have chosen to get off the drug. When I read your post wtf, I felt compelled to give you words of encouragement.

This being stated, posting while still using is inappropriate and disrespectful to all of you, so this will be my last post until I make the choice to stop being an idiot and stop using.

Just one more thing....Billyboy46, you are doing the right thing, staying in the world of using SUCKS!!!! It's not living. Get through the wd, get to the other side so you can live...it gets better and easier everyday! Hang in there and good luck!

Best wishes to all of you and I will be back soon!

wtf 4 years ago

Billyyboy46, call in and say you have the flu. prep them with the fact you do not want to make everyone else sick. also, let them know you will be out tuesday. this may give you some peace of mind and not put too much stress on you. you can relax and know you have a couple of days to get the drug out of your system. also, please see below. it may help. keep posting and stay in touch.

I found this on another site. I hope it helps. I wish i known some of these things before hand. I think i will go make a cup of coffee.

Having said that i cannot vouch for the suggestions below. if you use them. please report back and let us know if any of it helps.

Being in the medical profession and having a solid understanding of how this drug is metabolized and used in the body I realize that it is more complex to come off of than what some people might think. I strongly feel that it has to do with it's effect on the neurotransmitters in the brain (serotonin, epinephrine, and norepinephrine), that being said i will give you some examples of what has helped me greatly through the 3 or 4 times I have stopped in the past and will list them in order of ease/first step approaches:

1) Stay hydrated! I cannot tell you how overlooked this is. Typically i would say consume around 90-128 ozs of noncarbonated/caffeinated fluid. For me half was gatorade/powerade and half water. (Ignore this if you are on a fluid resticted diet or have been previously instructed by your dr) Dehydration can cause fatigue, headaches, weakness...etc making it that much harder to function because you will be tired by nature of the recovery

2)Caffeine- for me 100-150mgs first thing in the morning and again as needed every 4-6 hrs. but not within 5 hrs of bedtime since it will only make sleeping harder, also remember caffeine is a diuretic and will affect your fluid voulme making step 1 more important. A bottle of Caffeine can be picked up at any drug store for $4 or so...but you can obviously get it other ways, but try to avoid high sugar energy drinks with other stimulants....and again this does not take into account YOUR current health status..not recommended for cardiac/renal impairments.

3)Pseudoephedrine- A common nasal decongestant now mostly sold behind counters. Avoid 24 hr doses as this will also hinder sleep. I had the luxury of access to 60mg tablets which I took 2 hrs after the caffeine and every 5-6 hours (2-3 times max) The reason this is helpful is it also boosts norepinephrine (and without being too complex) it affects some of the same receptors in the body tramadol does...Again this might not be for everyone as it can raise blood pressure cause anxiety etc..for me no problems

4)Stretching/physical activity, sunlight and hot showers/baths at night. All beneficial for overall well being and relaxation...Do not trivialize! Also headphones and my Ipod as often as I could..whatever music gets you in the mood for activity.

Billyyboy46 4 years ago


Have thrown away the Clondine and used the coffee, fluids and your other suggestions instead. Drug did nothing maybe made things worse? Listen to this, and see if u have ever heard this before. I am going to search the posts for it also. After about 10 hrs of literally wanting to kill myself (I mean it) I slept for two hrs. When I woke up, it was over. I mean, I am cured. No, I dont feel 100%, I feel like I have a minor cold, basically. I done. I beat it. I can feel it in my heart. The worst is behind me. I talked to my doctor, and he said it sounded like a rapid detox that they usually put u under for. I dont know if it was the drug or a bad reaction to it or what, but I went through 10 hrs of suicide watch and then it broke. I feel good! Dont know what happened, the doc said I had 4-5days of lying around not doing much. I am up and feeling decent right now! I dont want to jynx it, so thats all for now. But thanks for helping out man I needed somebody who has been there and knew what I was going through. I will keep u posted on the rest of the day.

wtf 4 years ago

Billyyboy46, good job my friend. good job.

keep us posted and stay clean!

Billyyboy46 4 years ago

wtf and needserenity,

Thanks for helping. So far so good. I mean, I actually feel like living:) Family getting together today to watch football, and I almost thought of going. Hell, I aint been to a social gathering in I dont know how long. And the thought of it actually didnt make me want to throw up. I am on the downhill side of this thing, i know. It was a very intense two days. Not really that long for as long as I have been on it. I was thinking more like 7-10 days. Maybe its just catching its breath though. The Tramadevil. We will see. That was a life changing experience. Going cold turkey basically will keep u from going back. At least me instead. I dont want hurt like that again ever. What I got now I can handle. I might even make work tomorrow. Dont want to waste space, I just feel really, really good right now. I feel like i am living again:) And I still feel like ive kicked its ass. Major accomplishment. Feeling good people!

wtf 4 years ago

NeedSerenity, post away my friend. I it is 5:12 pacific time. I will check later tonight and tomorrow morning before work. (that should be interesting).

it is my understanding that this site is for encouragement with thoughts and ideas on how to beat tramadol. I would think your posting is not "nappropriate and disrespectful" but the perfectly correct thing to do.

I have faith in you!!

BIllyboy46 4 years ago

Exactly. You have not offended anyone and if so they are thin skinned. I appreciated the moral support greatly. Wtf, still having blurred vision and major restless leg action going on which is keeping me awake. Not painful like last night but keeping me awake. Sleeping has been near impossible. Any suggestions?

wtf 4 years ago

Not at this time of night. sorry. I went for a long walk about 1pm today and that seems to have helped with my restless leg. I would try some hot tea and/or music. I have just taken two Advil PM's. (do you have anything similar to that?) hopefully that will help me get to sleep as I to am having issues with restless leg also. I think we both are going to have a rough night. But, we have made it this far, we can make it through this. we will be dog tired tomorrow.

JULIUS-23 profile image

JULIUS-23 4 years ago from gastonia north carolina


BIllyboy46 4 years ago

Julius, I have been reading your posts...wish I was on day 80 bout now. Day 4. But thats 4 days without. My longest streak in years. Im gonna make it but damn its hard sometimes. Especially cuz this stuff is so easy to gain access to. I could have it by end of day if I wanted. Gonna try a light workout program tonight that seems to help and I could use it. I will keep in touch. Thanks again.

BIllyboy46 4 years ago

Hey everyone. Not such a great day. Cant sleep. Getting less than 2 hrs a night for sure. Not really that tired, though, but have to catch up eventually. After I broke through a few nights ago knowing I had won, I actually had a high level of energy. Ate like a moose. I ate everything not moving. Things have slowed down, appetite back to normal, but energy level getting lower every day. Not as upbeat. Restless leg driving me crazy at night. Taking vitamins, fluids...but this not sleeping thing is really starting to bother me. Doc gave me a script to help me sleep at night. No luck. Only made me feel worse. Clouded up my head but absolutely no sleep. Oh well. I know I am sleeping in the bed I made, (well, I wish anyway,) but not giving up. Just a bit depressed boys and girls. Hopefully things will turn. I am on day 6 and going a little backwards but still making work and would of never thought I could of done that Sat. night. Take care all and tell me how things are going for you. (WTF) Julius-23, I always like reading your posts brother. Keep em coming.

wtf 4 years ago

here is a quick catch up. yesterday, Monday, was an interesting day at work. took 1/2 of a 50mg about 9am. I needed to type on the computer correctly. hands were really shaky. I'm still arguing with myself whether I failed in my detox or the 1/2 was really necessary to keep up my side of the design work. I design piping systems for robotic semi conductor equipment. Took the second half at about noon. I'll see how things are going today at about 9am. If things are under control and i am able to function, i will do another self check at 12 noon. the typing i am doing now is back to normal speed. I was thinking about getting some melatonin to help me sleep. Not needed. Sleep 8 hours straight last night. I feel almost, and that is the key word 'almost' back to normal. The odd thing is, I'm not quite sure what normal is for me. After using Vicodin and Tramadol together for so long i don't quite know who i am. 5:55am and i am off to work. i will report out on how today went.

Billyboy46, taking a walk for me was a game changer. after my walk on Sunday my Restless Leg problem was much diminished.

NeedSerenity 4 years ago

Well, I typed in a search about wd symptoms, and it brought me right back here. Guess I was meant to ask everyone here this one. I took hopefully my last batch 36.5 hours ago. Now, don't get me wrong, I am not complaining here, but I have no signs of wd yet. The last time I tried to beat this, I had wd right away...this time, nothing so far. I am not taking anything else, so it's not that. So, it's one of three things. A) a miracle by the grace of God B) my kidney function is shot and I have not cleared off the poison, or C) I have taken so much, I still have a drug level.

Not sure what the reason, but I am nervous as hell. I don't go back to work until next week, so I have time there, but I have three kids here who are young yet. Kinda liking not feeling like crap yet but I know there is NO WAY I am not paying the price some way here. Just scared. I know something has gotta be coming..just thought it would have started by now. Was hoping to be on day two of wd by now so I could be over day one...I know you all know what I mean...ugh

WrappedInKulchur profile image

WrappedInKulchur 4 years ago

okay.... here I go. I have been searching and searching the internet for a place that could help me with getting off of Tramadol. I have been reading this page for a couple hours today.

I have been taking Tramadol 4-50mg a day for 4 years for 3 damaged discs in my low back and nerve damage in my right leg. There were a few times I took 6 a day, but always found it okay on me when I went back to 4 a day. This was Before I knew I was addicted. When my doctor recommended it - he told me it was a safe drug and he was happy to know that I didn't want to take a Narc's... (whatever!) Within the 6 months I realized that I am addicted to this drug...and I am sooooo disappointed in myself. I tried cold turkey and that absolutely was Horrible. I thought - "is this what drug addicts go through".... oh my gosh. The heart racing, hot and cold sweats, anxiety, "the runs", terrible sleeplessnes, flu like symtoms,,,, the list goes on.

So I have been reading this and I came upon one a couple of people here on this Hub that have given me encouragement ScaredAsHell & Craig. Just reading what "ScaredAsHell" went through and Craig being there for him was very touching. Plus reading all the posts from ScaredAsHell just makes me feel like I can do this (but I am not going cold-turkey)

So far as of yesterday I am down to 75mg a day. I am having dizziness, runs, sleeplessness and other symptoms. But they are (so far) manageable. I plan to taper off this awful drug slowly. Just a couple of months ago I was taking 200mg a day. So being down to 75mg is an accomplishment for me. There was another Hub user that I am patterning my taper from - the name was "A.A." I copied and pasted their withdrawal plan and I am sure it will work for me.

Gosh, as I am writing this I am dizzy and I'm sitting down... not a good feeling.

The thing for me to keep in mind is to do this slowly - I really don't want to do through those really bad WD symptoms again.

IF anyone wants to share info/encouraging words with me that would be great.

Thanks to all that is reading this and I am hopeful that I can do this! Get off this crazy very addictive drug

Railblaster 4 years ago

I was prescribed Ultram ultamately because it had no known side effects and I was able to work while taking it, well at least that's what my Dr told me. I started taking one a few times a day to a dangerous 1500 mg/ day addiction. I tried stopping cold turkey but the restless arms and legs along with the inability to sit still was unbearing. Now here's the twist to my boring story.

I went to the Dr because of legitimate pain, and he prescribed me Vicoden. We,, The Vicoden was useless unless I take enough that would pretty much blow up my liver, so Vicoden was out. I told the Dr. Vicoden didn't work and he went right over to Ultram.

Does anyone else have success with tapering Ultram doseage? I'm so done with this horrible drug. I even tried a 30mg xycontin OP and while I wasn't having withdrawal symptoms, it didn't touch my pain and there's no way I'm taking more and getting addicted to OXY. I have a professional job, and I have to take my drugs in order to function. I order Ultram online and it's quite pricy at about $1 per pill.

I'm so very grateful for this site. I'm at my whitts end. The drug has now taken over my life and it comes first before anything. I'm a grown man and am embarassed and ashamed that I'm an addict.

Could I get some personal advice on how long w/d symptoms last. Is the depression a major symptom, and is wheening a viable alternative? Has anyone else tapered?

I can't afford professional treatment, and absolutely need to do this.


Sil (Railblaster)


BIllyboy46 4 years ago

Everyone seems to be a bit different Railblaster. Try to taper to whatever is your bare minimum and then get rid of the sh**. I tried suboxone which was quite expensive but until I went cold turkey basically nothing helped. But once I went thru the pain that I knew I had coming for what I had been doing....That kept me from trying more. Probably not a popular answer but on day 6 now and feeling ok. Not great yet but I will make it. I still have the restless legs and only sleep 2 hrs or so a night but it will pass. Everyone says so. Everyones tolerance is different, WrappedinKulchar had a 4 a day habit and is still going thru hell. This is some mean stuff but u know u have to get off of it. I will be thinking about u and WrappedinKulchar and hope u can tough it out. U will both be in my thoughts and I will be rooting for you. There are people here behind both of you. WTF, Julius-23, myself and a lot of others pulling for you. Read the posts man it can be done. I'm not exceptionally strong willed I just started my detox before the weekend where I knew I couldnt buy the stuff online in time to help. So I had no choice. I think that is actually the only way. Im not a very good motivator or public speaker I know but just remember u can and will freaking do it. U dont have any other choice my friend.

wtf 4 years ago

Sil (Railblaster), welcome aboard. First, please do not be embarassed or ashamed. I am a 58 year old engineering designer, father of four successful girls, and married 27 years. I NEVER thought I would have the tag line after my name as a drug addict and now recovering drug addict. (I'm running late so I will make this short). Wednesday of last week I ran out of Tramadol and Vicoden. I was taking Thursday and Friday off to go new car shopping. Well, that did not happen. by Friday morning I was in HELL. Rode the hell train until Saturday night. By then I was feeling slightly better. On Sunday I made the decision to go to work on Monday. What helped on Sunday was going for a walk (working it out of my system) and drinking plenty of water. Monday of this week I needed to take .25mg in the morning to stop the shaking in my hands. Took another .25mg at noon. Same yesterday. Today .25mg as soon as I got up this morning. Going to see what happens later today. Starting this coming Saturday .12mg (1/4 of a 50mg tablet) that through next week and off for good.

The bad part is you don't know (at least I did not) you are a addict until you try to stop taking these meds.

My previous post might be of some help. And again I say WTF as in What The Fck was I thinking?

Please post again and let us know how thing are going. I am rooting for you, NeedSerenity and wrappedinkulchur.

We can and will beat this drug!

WrappedInKulchur profile image

WrappedInKulchur 4 years ago

Billyboy46 & wtf - thank you both for your words!

It looks like we are all going through getting rid of Tramadol!! Each in our own different ways.... but good for us!

Last night was an uncomfortable night as this was day 2 of being on the 75mg. Had body aches(like the flu) and sleeplessness - lots of sneezing too. Boy I had no idea that the sneezing could be remotely a symptom until I started reading some of the posts. I thought I had "indoor allergies". Have not yet experienced the restless legs. I actually have more like "total restless body". I just cannot get comfortable... but when I do, I fall asleep for about 2-3 hours and then I am back awake. I can tell you that tapering off isn't easy either. But much easier then the WD I went through when I tried to cold turkey about 6 months ago.

I will stay on this dose until I come back from vacation. I figure that I don't want to be sick while on vacation. Is that selfish? I hope its not....

I am so glad I found this "hub" - I never really knew that I was addicted and in my mind I KNEW I wasn't. Until 6 months ago when I said "I am sick of taking this drug and I'm going to stop"!! Man after 2 full days of WD - which I didn't know I was going to have, I was shocked! And I did speak to my doctor about it - He said " oh you may have a little dependency. Just stop taking it less and less". Not knowing what he really meant by that I was astounded to find out he really didn't care about my "dependency". Enough said about him... just thought I would vent for a minute.

Railblaster - to answer your question about "tapering". That is exactly what I am doing and I hope to get off this. I am down to 75mg from a 400-600mg .... I figure if I can get down to 25mg then I will cold turkey the rest of the way. Anyways... that is my plan.

Its 8:36am where I live. Looking forward to today and soon a new life without this drug :)

Railblaster 4 years ago

Not to sound morbid but I'm pleased that we're all pretty much in the beginning phases of recovery from this devilish drug. I spent the last several hours going through posts, and following progress. The Restless legs and the feeling of crawling out of my skin are the two symptoms I fear most. I'm going to taper slowly as I don't have a choice but to work. I know I can function at 20 tabs per day. At 17 I start to get uncomfortable a little so I'll start at 16 and taper one a week. I'm using this site and all of you as my support structure. I hope that's ok, and of course , if anybody needs a shoulder I have two perfectly good ones right here.

Tomorrow starts my road to recovery. Thank you all.


WrappedInKulchur profile image

WrappedInKulchur 4 years ago

Railblaster - I do not think its morbid at all. The folks that have posted on here are all in a battle and we are here for encouragement and any help that we can give each other. Please don't think its morbid.

With that said, I would like to say that I am tapering off too. I am down to 75mg - but its hasn't been easy .... we are in for a battle with getting this out of our system. So here is a link that I found helpful and I did leave a comment there too.

Hope it helps


NeedSerenity 4 years ago

Well, I keep trying to stop, guess I don't try hard enough. Keep saying I don't have time to stop. Kids, grad school, work, who has time for the wd. Excuses, excuses, that's all they are. No one at home understands enough to support me through. Yet another excuse, although true, but excuse nonetheless. Last time I got caught using this stuff, my husband threatened to tell my docs I was an addict and that he would sue them if they ever treated me with pain meds again. You see how well that worked.

Needless to say, I vowed to stop and became an angel. Some angel I am now...just an addict in hiding..all alone and can't really ask for help. This site is where I come when I slip up. The stories of strength and hope help me. Truth be told though, my hardest time is the availability of this drug....it's always there. I will just keep reading. At the start of this week, I had two days, 48 hrs where I had not taken anything...the longest in a while. Blew it..for what? Who knows? Just self destruction at it's finest!

Everybody thinks people addicted will look the part...we have all learned we don't. WTF is an engineering designer, I am a professional with several credentials after my name. This disease hits anyone from all walks of life. Unfortunatley, it is a life long battle in that effective coping mechanisms are essential. Obviously, I have yet to learn them!

WrappedInKulchur profile image

WrappedInKulchur 4 years ago

@NeedSerenity... I Too am a professional in the "IT" field. Been doing this a long time. And you have to be sharp and clear thinking when you are dealing with "computer information", electronic files, users data, configuring PC's, laptops and printers, etc. That is what I do! Thank God I can still do my job. Yes I do feel in some respect that the devil drug enhanced my thinking, problem solving, etc. But in the long run I do not and did not want to rely on it anymore.... I tired of it and when I found out I had a dependency I KNEW I had to get off it. You can do it! I am doing it now!!

Tapering off is how I am going to succeed. :) I'm not saying tapering is for you - however I feel this is what I have to do. This is day 4 of 75mg. Believe me when I say that tapering has the same effects as cold turkey but not as intense. I know - I tried cold turkey. In some ways I feel like I am prolonging the pain of WD - but at this time in my life I do not have 4-5-6-7 days to go through cold turkey. So this is how I have chosen to get off this drug.

@NeedSerenity - please don't be hard on yourself. You know that you need to do it. And you will !!

NeedSerenity 4 years ago

@ WrappedinKulchur, Thank you for your kind words. You are right, I know I need to do it, and I will. Tapering is probably going to be the way I have to do it. I have too much to do on the home front to go through full blown wd.

I did want to clarify, when I wrote wtf is an engineering designer, I was speaking of one of the gentleman who writes in on this site.

That's great you are on day 4 of 75mg! I am rooting for you! You don't sound like an addict though. You just happened to be placed on a med that your body became accustomed to. At-least thats what it sounds like. If I am correct, it is still hard, but you will successfully get off this poison!

WrappedInKulchur profile image

WrappedInKulchur 4 years ago

@Need Serenity - yes I was not told by my doctor about the addictive nature of the drug. He assured me that as long as I stayed under the 8 per day max, that I should do just fine. Some days I did go up to 6 tabs but never not once did I do more then that. Still look where I ended up... :(

I knew you were talking about the Engineering Designer - wtf :)

So my plan of tapering down has come to almost a cold turkey within the past 24 hours. My last 50mg tab was 36 hours ago. The reason is because I had to go into Emergency Dental and found out I have an infected tooth. They gave me T3's which the Pharmacist told me that I cannot take both Tramadol and T3 at the same time - I will have to decide which one to take. So last night at 2 different times I took 1 T3 (total of 2 tabs). Took the edge off the tooth pain and so I decided to see how my night went.... I did get "some" sleep - actually more then I usually get. However I had pretty bad anxiety due to the excessive heart beat. Also had restless sleep... lots of tossing and turning.

Now I sit here wondering "should I wait for the WD's to kick in" or should I go ahead and take 1/2 Tramadol that I normally would be taking for my taper off plan???

I'm really scared and anxious right now... I will take 1/2 pill with me today before I go to work. I will see how the rest of this day goes before I take it. (not sure if I want to take the T3 because of the effects of it)

It looks like I may be tapering down faster then I planned... we'll see how it all goes today..

Vicky-bcfc 4 years ago

Needserenity, I have a professional job too. I work in a lab as an analyst testing contaminated water. This is day 32 since I took my last tramadol. I was fortunate enough to have an understanding boss who allowed me to have the time off to get over the worst of the wd. I returned to work 5 days ago and it's been really difficult. I couldn't concentrate properly and I find I'm forgetting things. Plus I'm totally exhausted. I've have children too and like you, there never seemed an appropriate time to get shot of these tabs. I managed to get myself from 600 mg to 100 mg in quite a short space of time, about 4 months but it's taken me about 15 months to get the will power to get rid of that final dose. You may think, 100mg isn't so bad, that's relatively small compared the dosages of others, but if I didn't take it that day, 2hrs into working I'd be feeling sick, falling asleep at my computer, and if I was doing analysis I couldn't concentrate or focus. Within hrs of taking a tram is be sort of back to normal. I'm going to America on holiday in march this yr, I didn't want to have to take trams just to feel normal, I want to enjoy my holiday so at Christmas I decided that I wasn't taking them no more. I was off work, so reduced my dose to 50ml. I did have some withdrawal symptoms but I slept through most of it. I did that for two weeks. My doc signed me off for another 3 weeks and then I dropped the final dose. I suffered cold turkey withdrawals, it's like the worst flu I'd ever had. But I have done it, I've beaten this awful drug and you can do it too. I was lucky enough to have supportive friends, partner and work colleagues, maybe somewhere in the sphere of your life there is someone willing to help you get off it. I won't lie and tell you it's easy because it isn't, and although the worst of my wd has gone, I'm totally exhausted and I feel, mentally effected by this drug. I'm not as motivated as I was and feel a bit low too. Has anyone else felt like that after coming off trams? It's just 12.10 midday in the UK and I'm just getting back into bed. Never felt so tired, I just fear that people around me will think I've become lazy, it isn't so, I really cant conjure any energy up.

WrappedInKulchur profile image

WrappedInKulchur 4 years ago

It has been 48 1/2 hours since my last Tramadol. I didn't expect to cold turkey, was doing the tapering.

Last night was uncomfortable. I think because the dentist has me on T3 for the pain of a bad tooth - could be why the WD have not kicked in full force yet (just not sure). I am suppose to take the T3 every 6 hours for the pain - but I have only taken it 4 times in the past 2 days.

The symptoms I am having are flu-like, heart pounding, hot and cold, restless sleep. If I can sleep 1.5 - 2 hours in a stretch I feel pretty good. But so far nothing longer then 2 hours. It sounds like alot - but not as bad so far as when I tried to cold turkey last summer. Maybe because I did get to "somewhat" taper down the dose.

Will see how the rest of today goes... Its currently 11:17AM where I live

wrappedinkulchur 4 years ago

at 10:45am on Thursday January 26th was the last time I took Tramadevil. That was 5 days ago - or approximately 120+ hours ago.

Feeling somewhat okay - although lots of dizziness. have other symptoms too.

Railblaster 4 years ago

Hello again all. It's been about 5 days since I've started wheening/ tapering my tramadol dose. I'm feeling shaky but I can tollerate it. Last night My arm was slightly restless, which i know is from tramadol withdrawal. The restless arms and legs put me beyond insane. I can't take that feeling. Does anyone have any suggestions what can help to relieve rerstless arms and legs?

a little back info on me. I've been addicted for years, and have taken up to 1500 mg/ day. I knew that somewhere around 16 or 17 tabs could releive withdrawal and I could start my taper there. Last night after lying in bed twitching because of that restless feeling I took 3 more tabs and the restlessness went away.

So, any suggestions what helps? I want to avoid any extra pills, plus Friday I drop down by 1 pill per day.

Thanks to everyone for being there for me, and I'm there for you.

Railblaster (Sil)

Billyboy46 4 years ago

Railblaster, I have been off for almost two weeks now. I felt better after my night of hell...next 4 or 5 days were really not bad. Not a heck of a lot of sleep, but felt upbeat. It has been downhill since. Restless legs more than arms, but I did find that if I wrapped them tight with ace wraps, the legs somehow calmed down. Not to tight of course but from ankle to butt they have a solid wrap on them. If you can get heated wraps it helps that much more. My problem is energy level is getting worse not better, and sleep still comes and goes in spurts. I actually stole adhd medication to get through the day today. A low point for me, but I am worried about my job. I have to produce and it seems I am now walking around with this haze in my head, no energy and getting really pissed. I was so high when I got through my night of hell. I went 4 days feeling better than I ever had. I should of known it wasnt over.....down down down since then. I am almost to the point of hitting up some old buddies than I know play with meth. I got to get my energy level up and clear my head! Can I do it with another drug? I know the answer, but desperate now. Good luck with those legs my friend I"ve been there and it is a bitch. I would trade that for how I feel right now. I cant keep working like I am without consequences. Gotta snap out of it.

Railblaster 4 years ago

Billyboy; I feel your pain my friend. I also feel low energy. If it wasn't for these legs withdrawal would be bearable. What a mess we got ourselves into right? As I stated my habit is up to 30 tabs per day. I know that I could get by fairly comfortably with 15 to 17 tabs per day. I opted for 15. Friday, I drop down by a pill so that makes it 14 per day now. Heck, 15's bad enough.

I'm going to try the ace bandages. Just picked up 4 from the pharmacy. I vaguely told the pharmacist what was going on. He said to try tonic water for the quinine. It's been known to help with restless legs and other neurological issues. I just hope it helps from restless leg due to Tramadol Withdrawal. He also mentioned to take a St Johns Wart and melatonin as they both help with sleep and possible mood enhancement.

I'll update in a day or so. Always check e mail if anyone wants to communicate.

Railblaster (Sil)

randomtryhard 4 years ago

i started taking Ultram to help with Norco withdrawals... bad idea. I have w'd from Norco and vicodin before and know exactly what its like, it SUCKS. unfortunately, I have relapsed to many times to count. after feeling 100%, I somehow manage to find myself wanting just a single norc, then I'm back on. one week ago today I realized I couldn't afford this growing addiction anymore and decided to quit. I had to do it cold turkey, but had the option of taking tramadol to help with the w'ds. it worked great, until I ran out of ultrams. now I feel worse than ever. I haven't taken any Ultram for almost 3 days, and I've been bed ridden. I'm reeling people I'm sick. work tomorrow is going to be hell. I hope this is over soon

Railblaster 4 years ago

I sympathize with you RANDOMTRYHARD. I am tapering from tramadol. This weekend was absolute hell for me. I went from a 30 pill per day adiction to 15. Yesterday I took 10 and I never felt so terrible, and of course I had to work. Today, I'm up to 14. I have to figure out a schedule to make myself more comfortable.

If I could offer any advice, stay active. Yesterday would have been unbearable if I didn't work. The restless legs started as soon as I sat down for lunch. I started walking around again and it was somewhat better. Quinine was a waste of time for me. I'm still quite shaky, but I must admit it's quite nice having a clear, and not cloudy head for once. We're all gonna do this. Let's stay together and we'll help eachother ok?

Railblaster (Sil)

Miss Sarah 4 years ago

I'm 26 years old and have been taking Ultram since I was 20!! I had bladder surgery when I was 19 and it took the docs here a freaking YEAR to find out what was wrong, so they started feeding me Tylenol #4's (Codeine) and Xanax because I was so frightened. A full script of each twice a month for a year. Finally, after the surgery, they kept filling my scripts because I worked for the town (politics, politics)...the DEA noticed that the doctor was giving that much medicine to someone so young that he pulled me off and gave me Ultram. I still do suffer from chronic pelvic pain and back pain, so I do need something stronger than Tylenol or Advil. I digress. I'm prescribed 120 tabs every two weeks (8 tabs every day). Well, sadly I don't abide by that rule. When I first get my script, I take five. I don't feel the two tabs anymore, I guess since I've been on them for so long. Thus, I run out early and it's pure hell. I don't live with my fiancée, per se (I go back and forth and stay), when I'm with him I take less...I'm unemployed currently and in my opinion it helps with depression as well. I'll admit, I'm addicted to them and they're highly addictive. My father was prescribed them along with his higher pain medications (he has no cartiledge and R arthritis) and I like the way he put it, "Come to me, come to me, you must come to me and take moreeee *says in a creepy voice*" LOL. Albeit, it's true. The first couple of days I experience excessive sweating, vomiting, and horrible body pains. My next script is due on the 20th?? Right now, my hands and legs are shaky and I'm nauseous. I've even taken Xanax. I feel embarrassed that I finished a script of that amount in five days, but I'm very used to them (six years) and they give me energy. :/

Miss Messed Up 4 years ago

I have been taking Tramadol for about 2 months now and stopped this past Friday. Sat was bad, but yesterday seemed ok. Then this morning I couldn't get out of bed and I had to go to work. My anxiety is thru the roof and I'm getting chills and can't get comfortable.. This is horrible. How long does this last? I'm going on day 4 and still feel miserable. I'm tempted to just go take one or two to make me feel better. This is ridiculous. I only took it b/c I was told it was a non-narcotic. I was taking Vicodin before and that was working fine and I had no problem going without that. I've never been addicted to anything other than smoking in my life. This is awful and I just want it to go away.. Someone please tell me how to make this stop!

Billyboy46 4 years ago

For any of the guys who are suffering withdrawals, or the aftereffect as I am (low, low energy) I have talked to 2 other guys who have come off of tramadal and have had bloodwork done by their doctors to find out their testosterone level was practically nill. I found out the same last week and had an injection friday. I feel like I am on top of the world compared to before. I have been off of tramadol for about 1 month, was past the worst of it except for the low energy. Got that problem figured out now, I think. Low testosterone symptoms much like depression, and felt like major depression from what ive heard. You would have a hard time convincing me that the tramadol didnt cause it. Just FYI for any men that are having trouble getting back into the groove. Do a little bloodwork. Railblaster, still rooting for you man. Keep going the way u r going.

Justin 4 years ago

I've taken this drug also for maybe a month at around 800 mgs, ultimately. Even in that short time frame I became physically dependent enough to make withdrawal (cold turkey) very tough for a few days. One thought: when a person withdraws from an antidepressant they often feel electric shocks or "zaps" of the sort I've seen a lot on this forum. When I took tramadol, I was also on an SSRI, and I didn't get any zaps. Now, I shouldn't have been combining these drugs in the first place, as both affect seratonin in similar ways and the combo can lead to "seratonin syndrome"--sometimes deadly. However, I believe that part of the difficulty of getting off of tramadol is that you're not only getting off a synthetic opiod, but you're also, in effect, getting off of an antidepressant (or a drug that works very much like modern anti-depressants). To alleviate the zaps and maybe a constellation of other symptoms I would, with Doctor supervision, cross taper from tramadol to an SSRI. In other words, as you slowly scale back on the tramadol, slowly ramp up on an SSRI (paxil, effexor, etc. In fact, effexor is structurally very similar to tramadol [and is known as the hardest SSRI to get off of, btw. Coincidence?])

I'm not a doctor, but it's the best advice I can give as a layperson who has been through bad but not horrific tramadol withdrawal and has read up a bit on the way various drugs work. Hope this helps someone!!

WrappedInKulchur profile image

WrappedInKulchur 4 years ago

Thursday January 26th was the last time I took Tramadol. I was on a "tapering plan"..... but had a tooth infection and I had to cold turkey. Since I did the taper first and then forced into cold turkey - I "believe" that the withdrawal has been somewhat easier. I still have WD symptoms but not as severe as in the beginning. One of the things that is hard to cope with is the "lack of energy" - I feel like I have to totally PUSH myself to get though my day. About a week ago I started taking an "iron" supplement and drinking AMP's... I have noticed a small increase in energy levels.

When I was on vacation (I just got back last night) I had several days of absolutely no energy and just stayed in bed. That is why I started taking the iron and drinking AMP's

For anyone that is trying to get rid of this crap drug in their lives.... hang in there and DO NOT GIVE UP! If you can't cold turkey - then try to taper (but don't be in a rush while tapering)

If I can get rid of this after 5 years (400MG a day - sometimes 600) then I know you can.

After reading alot of posts on this hub - I feel that Tramadol has a crazy effect on our bodies. It doesn't matter really that you take 200mg or 1800mg a day. The bottom line is that your body becomes very addictive to this drug without you knowing it and the docs says its safe.. :: whatever ::

I am glad that I have 25 days OFF of that drug. :)

If anyone wants to share thoughts or information - you can inbox me.

Have a peaceful rest of your day everyone!

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JULIUS-23 4 years ago from gastonia north carolina


OnTRAM 4 years ago

I have been on Tram 50mg for about 2-weeks now and honestly don't feel any side effects except for a bit of dizziness. But I really think its due to the three Facet injections I had.

I have to say I am stunned at how many pills some of you are taking. Is there anyone here who to the prescribed amount and didn't have 'drug withdrawals?'

Ken 4 years ago

Hi folks, just wanted to say prozac started two weeks before you start to reduce dosage. This has made quitting easy for me compared to any other method. Any mental addiction will jabbed to dealt with thru groups or the like, but you won't get sick physically which was the big thing for me as I couldn't take a week off work to get over it. The only symptom I had left was sweating and it is manageable. Hope this helps and good luck to all that want to get off this nasty drug.

Dr. Phibes 4 years ago

I was recently diagnosed with CRPS. I was prescribed Tramadol for managemnet of it. I feel I have started to become dependent upon it. I am quitting it.

Its an evil drug to be sure. Nobody bothered telling me that various herbal remedies could treat nerve damage/inflammation just as good if not better. So here I am...weaned down to 1/2 of a 50 mg. tablet a day...and terrified to stop taking the 1/2 pill because the withdrawals up to this point have been a living hell to overcome....and all I ever took was the three 50 mg. tablets a day as prescribed. Interesting that St. John's wort isnt prescribed by Doctors. Its stopped my pain and the anxiousness about weaning. But little can be done other than stay the course with regards to finally dropping that 1/2 a pill a day. Still sweat like a hog in bed, and cannot sleep well. Dont let nayone fool you---this drug is a nightmare. Stick with aspirin, ibuprofen, and St. John's.

Dex 4 years ago

You that quitting ultram its hard to do it, but has a solution, according to this website http://tramadol-guide.com/ i have found the things and i believe this will help.


WrappedInKulchur profile image

WrappedInKulchur 4 years ago

@Dex - Buying more tramadevil is NOT the answer!! wow that is really messed up...

I have been off this drug since January 26th and it has not been easy. I still read the posts here and if anyone is trying to quit needs to talk send me an email. I am rooting for everyone that is trying to quit!

never ever take tramadol 4 years ago

My body and I are at war. My mind, now that it has stopped skipping, is on my side. I'm sorry body, but this beating your are taking is for your own good.

Had I only read up on this before ever taking this poison, ahh, to wish and dream. But we are all learning from this. We will all be stronger from this. And maybe, just maybe, we can save someone else so that they don't have to suffer this way.

Day 10 after tapering.... can't wait for this to be a distant memory....

WrappedInKulchur profile image

WrappedInKulchur 4 years ago

@never ever take tramadol

So happy for you! I did tapering too and then I had to cold turkey after tapering down to 75mg a day. It was and IS a hard thing to do. But I am behind you!

never ever take tramadol 4 years ago

I tried cold turkey after taking 8 per day for 2 years. The withdrawals were violent and brought me to tears. I was on fire, no sleep, body depleted of energy and barely able to function.

For me I've done a slow taper. The schedules out there weren't working for me so I took it slow and tried to step down gradually. Each step had a challenge, much smaller in scale to trying to go cold turkey. Now it's been 2 weeks without any, after getting down to 1/3 a day before that.

For anyone out there that's curious, for me the withdrawals did not go away with the taper, they lessened. That is to say instead of what felt like a violent shock to my body, it's more of an annoying gradual discomfort that I'm aware of and want gone. But MUCH better for me than trying to just stop after being on so many for so long.

Go at your own pace if you can, but don't expect no withdrawal symptoms at all even with tapering. They still lurk about as any evil does.

Full time student and single mommy. 4 years ago

Although it is hard reading all the post, it makes me feel better. I am going through HELL right now. This is my 6th day and I STILL want just one. I did not need the pills for pain. But, I was taking it for recreational purposes (more than 3 years ago) then the person I was getting them from ran out. From what I have read the worst happens in the first 3 days, well I am on day 6 and I am sooo depressed and have a lot of anxiety. restless legs, dizzy, heart beating hard, and trouble breathing.

HELP! What should I do??

Not to mention (he) just gave me 20 more. eeek. The temptation.

WrappedInKulchur profile image

WrappedInKulchur 4 years ago

Quitting Tramadol is very hard and our bodies do NOT like going through the withdrawals!!

I have been off since Jan 26th and it still is tempting to take them - just so I can feel like doing things! Have no energy most of the time and I have to push. push, push myself. Also I still have alot of sleep issues. So sometimes I take 3mg of Melatonin or Ibuprofen PM to try and get some much needed sleep.

So if you are tapering off or cold turkey - do whats best for YOU! :)

Lindsay 4 years ago

My husband is very addicted to ultram and lortab. He still wont even admit to me that he is taking anything. The lies are unbelievable. He is angry and doesn't care about me or our 3 children at all. He doesn't know I know, and reading this scares me more. I'm a nurse. I have an addict brother. Watched it all my life. Hoped my husband wouldn't do this... How do I get him to realize what he's doing? He doenst even know..: I can't do this to my kids, 3 and under, and I for micj longer knowing these drugs have completely changed him. I know he's there somewhere... Help me help him!

oneLeyenda profile image

oneLeyenda 4 years ago

i used to take higher dosage years ago, have been only taking 2 50mg tabs a day. i ran out on thursday as i had to go out of town for family emergency. i get back home friday morning and i feel extreme fatigue, heart feels like it wants to jump out of my chest. i thought due to stressful week. come sunday i go to urgent care. the think viral prescribe tamiflu. i didnt take it tho. i researched tramadol withdrawals and not until today i find this site. i saw my dr earlier n suggested i take 1 50mg tab for few days then half a tab for few days then stop. ohh i just want this uneasy feeling to go away. felt sad, cried n stuf on saturday. today im just aware its this damn drug. multilevel degenerative disc disease, bilateral carpal tunnel. car accident in 2012. i am a female, hoping to get thru this bullshit. ugh pressure in head, ringing in the ears yuck!!!

Joan 4 years ago

I have so many of syphoms listed.I still feel horrible tomorrow will be 2 weeks..Im crazy from lack of sleep..I use to take nap in afternoon cant even sleep then..

How long is the hazy crazy feeling gonna last??

WrappedInKulchur profile image

WrappedInKulchur 4 years ago

I have been off Tramadol for about 3 months now. And my worst systems have almost gone completely away. IF you don't give up - believe me the day will come when you will truely start feeling alot better! I know very well the symptoms of withdrawing from Tramadol - heart jumping outta your chest, hot and cold, body aches, fatigue, absolutely NO energy. Moody, very moody. Your thoughts are hazy at best... very difficult to think.

Its a struggle - I know it is!! Believe me I have been there... today I am feeling much better and I'm glad that I stuck it out!! Anyone that is reading my words and you are struggling with this - please know that you don't have to give up - it DOES get better and YOU WILL feel better!

I tapered off it very slowly and that did help - because just coming cold turkey off this is not easy. Tapering isn't easy either - but its a slower way to get that crap outta your body.

Do what you have to do, but get off this drug! Staying on it doesn't help you at all!

WrappedInKulchur profile image

WrappedInKulchur 4 years ago

Actually I just checked and the last day I had a dose of Tramdevil was January 26th - So I just had 3 months off that junk!!!!

If I can do it after being on it for over 5 years (oh wait, I think it was closer to 6 years).... then you can do it too!!!! Stay strong!~!~!~!~!~

ScaredAsHell 4 years ago

Me again.

It's been a year since I stopped taking this crap.

I feel as good as I've ever felt. I used to think about taking a Tram every day for a long time, but now I go for weeks at a time without having a single thought about Tram. As long as I take no narcotics of any kind I'm perfectly fine. If I do take any kind of med that binds to the same receptors in the brain I will have some mild depression afterwards and intense RLS, which sometimes even affects my arms.

I only thought of Tram today because I saw the last bottle of them, which I have kept all this time. When I got this last bottle it had 60 pills in it. It still does and always will until I throw it away. Why do I keep it? Who knows?

Congrats to all who've made it through the hardest part and best wishes for all who are fighting through it.

WrappedInKulchur profile image

WrappedInKulchur 4 years ago

Hi Scared...

I do the same thing. I have a bottle of Tram in my medicine cabinet. I think I use mine as a reminder of what I don't want to go through again!

Also I remember reading your posts... glad to see your off that awful drug.

And your encouraging words I'm sure will help someone out. :)

Rusty Cage 4 years ago

Just got thru reading ALL of the posts here and im going to add my horror story as well when i have the time. however i just wanted to quickly say how much i appreciate everyones story. They have all meant so much to me the last 6 days. Yoyoyo, ScaredasHell, Angeleyes, Julius-24, and so many others. im weeping now just thinking about it.....

ScaredAsHell 4 years ago

"But I'm gonna break

I'm gonna break my

I'm gonna break my rusty cage... and run"

Rusty Cage 4 years ago

@scared lol thats my theme song for the last week!!!

AngelAngel20 profile image

AngelAngel20 4 years ago from pennsylvania

Hi everyone! It's been since last June that I've touched tramadol. Just hang in there, it does get better! I look back and think about how that was the hardest thing I've ever done was quitting. I would never again touch the stuff again. We all know how Horrible the withdrawal is! I even had knee surgery and took the medication as prescribed and was alright after meds were not needed. Scared, glad to read u again! Glad ur doing well.

I feel for all of u going through it right now. It's not fun but know there r people on here who r so supportive. Glad I found this hub it really helped me through a terrible time.

Rusty Cage 4 years ago

I am a 38 year-old lab scientist and I have been addicted to Tramadol for at least 5 years. At my peak I was taking 20-25 tabs a day. I had no medical reason for using. 6 months ago I had an overdose seizure in front of my wife and two small children. I was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. This did not convince me to stop using. My days/weeks were spent in an endless dark circle of finding money and tracking down pills from various sources to feed my addiction. Over month ago my wife confronted me with my bank and credit card information indictating my continued addiction and told me if I did not stop she would divorce me and take the kids.

I went to see an addiction specialist who put me in the hands of a doctor who gave me a tapering plan. Over a period of about 3 weeks I tapered down to about 4 pills a day then quit "cold turkey". I suffered very much during the taper as I tended to save my alotted pills for night so I could sleep.

Its been 8 days since I took tramadol and I am over the worst of the physical stuff. Hours 24-48 were the worst for me. I had all the withdrawal symptoms such as hot/cold flashes, drenching night sweats, tremor, restless legs/body, and a horrible panic-like flutteryness in my chest that I still have to some degree. Not to forget the extreme fatigue and depression as the horror of what I have done to myself and my family sinks in.

The doctor put me on Elavil/Amiltryptiline (sp?) for sleep issues. This has NOT helped my sleep at all but if I could recommend one thing to anyone going thru this it is Elavil. It REALLY lessens my anxiety and calms me and takes away the panic feelings in my chest. I try to only take it at night but on bad days I take one before noon. Also I have tried to jog/run as much as i can. I usually can make it 5x per week for a mile and a half. I did this thru my taper as well. It really calms me down and makes me feel good about myself.

At this point whether I have a good day or not is entirely dependent on how much sleep I get. Some days I wake up rested and feel great then the next day I am sooo tired im not sure I can go on.

I only missed one day of work thru this whole process.

Thanks again to all for sharing their stories. They meant so much to me those first 3-4 days of withdrawal!

JULIUS-23 profile image

JULIUS-23 4 years ago from gastonia north carolina


AngelAngel20 profile image

AngelAngel20 4 years ago from pennsylvania

Awesome news Julius! It definitely feels great to be back to normal.

WrappedInKulchur profile image

WrappedInKulchur 4 years ago

@Rusty Cage - thank you for sharing your story and glad that you are off that awful drug! :)

The last time I took it was Jan 26th - we have been there with the withdrawals and know exactly what that is like.

Stay strong for yourself and your family

Rusty Cage 4 years ago

@ kulchur. thanks for the encouragement!

i really am determined to do this! i just hope my sleep improves soon.

Aorta 4 years ago

I've been taking between 2 to 3 50mg a day for 5 1/2 years. I'm trying to quit now. My husband is helping by holding the pills for me so I don't cheat. I'm trying to resist the urge to tear the house apart to find them. I'm very cold all the time. He's cut me back to 1/2 twice a day. I'm naturally very skinny so I'm worried a out losing weight. I can't afford to lose any. Its 80 degrees outside but I want to wear long jeans and sweaters but them 2 seconds later I'm sweating. I'm trying not to start smoking again just to make me fill better. What is helping me keep going is trying not to disappoint my husband who seems to have no prob with addiction( he quit smoking like it was nothing and doesn't drink or do any serious drugs) I just keep reading this site everyday and try not to kick the shot outa him while I'm trying to sleep. This is day 2 of weaning off and I'm sure I'll write back with more side effects and looking for support..... I hate feeling like a crack head at 27 :(

Arota 4 years ago

I feel like Johnny on venture bros.... Not a good feeling and not a good look either. Took a hot bath feel alittle better but not much. I'll grab a b6 shake on way to work and I'll take a ty pm tonight will see if that helps. Have a long day at work tnrw hope some of the shakes are gone tnrw or I won't make it.

momof3 4 years ago

Hi all have been slowly weaning off Ultram for about 2 months and am at the half way point. My max dose was only 150 mg a day but for 2 yrs. Funny thing I'm runnung my first half marathon of the year this weekend. I have fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis and neuropathy in my hands and feet. I hate feeling the restlessness,nausea,and foggy brain as this process continues but mostly hate the resp issues. Wish me luck!!

momof3 4 years ago

I did it... even shaved 5 min off my best time, but havent stopped sleeping since I got home and boy am I in pain. Now I will focuss on the with drawl in ernest. UGH!

yoyoyoyo78 4 years ago

It's been a long time since I posted. I stopped the Trammadol November 2011. Went to the doctor and he prescribed a blood pressure patch to help ease the withdrawal. I don't have high blood pressure, but he said a side effect is it helps opiate withdrawal. MISTAKE to take it. I had a horrible reaction to the medication patch and ended up in the emergency room with really strange and scary symptoms. My body is still somewhat screwed up by it. I started taking the trammadol again after about 2 months off of it. I only take about 25 mg a day. 1/4 pill at a time. It helps with pain and with anxiety I get. Wish I could stop completely, but I am nervous about taking any new medication after that last experience with clonidine (blood pressure medication). And I dont' seem to be able to control the pain with natural means.

anyway good to share on this forum again

craig 4 years ago

just thought i would check in and see how you were all doing , 2 be honest i have not read of 1 person giving up and not getting over it ! sure all of us had relapses or moments of madness but came out the other end relatively unscathed ! now that is a positive if i ever saw 1 . the thing is in my experience is we each think we are the only 1 who cant do it or our addiction is worse than everybody elses but that is not the case! addiction is addiction , you are no weaker than any of the rest of us for using in the 1st place and believe me just as strong for trying 2 give up which is what you are doing every time you flick this web page up and post your hardships and your victories and take support from everybody elses . well done every1 !!!

more than once 4 years ago

it has been a year and few months since last time i took anything. the only thing that still messes with me is allergies seem to go wild after i quit the trams. but every thing else is good. the best thing for all the symptoms is exercise. i know sometimes its hard but force yourself to do it. it does wonders and on the plus side you get in shape. i now run 5 and 10 k exercise 10 hours a week and run 15 miles a week and feel good. prolly the best i felt since trying any drug. oh yeah i had a 400-500 mg a day habit for six years. quiting is hard and you think about the good feeling you got from them every day but then one day it stops and you cant remember why you every took those things to begin with. reading other stories really helped me dya to day

Vicky-BCFC 4 years ago

Hi everyone, thought I'd see how you're all doing. I stopped taking trams late December 2011 and it was the best thing I ever did. No longer do I feel sick every morning because my body is suffering from withdrawal. However, I do tire very quickly and lack the motivation I once had, but that is easier to manage than being addicted to trams. I do seem to have an increasing problem with my left leg, severve cramp and a weird fluttering in my calf and thigh, it's so bad it causes involuntary movements in my leg and foot. I had the results from my MRI today the slipped disc I had has all but retracted, but the nerve is still swollen. Does anyone else get this symptom, I want to make sure it's not a symptom of tramadol withdrawal, the constant twitching is doing my head in, I can't sleep because it's so annoying. Well done to everyone who has quit trams, and the newbies trying to quit. Believe in yourselves, you can quit it- and the benefits of dropping this drug far out weighs any minor irritations of not taking it

GWDION 4 years ago

Have been taking tramadol for 2 years after back surgery, I've known for sometime I was addicted from the occasional day or so when it ran out I'd make sure I'd get some more, regardless of my pain getting better. Does horrendous things for you sex life and becomes a selfish obsession, popping more and more for a tiny serotonin release. I'm in my third day of cold turkey and it feels worse than ever, my wife and baby are away for a few weeks so thought I should try it now. I think the answer may be to wean the best you can (to a plan), maybe some time alone, hot showers and maybe get on a low dose of anti depressants. All drugs are beatable!

gonnabeokay 4 years ago

hi all. posts have helped get me through some bad times, but it seemed so bleak - nobody able to shake the evil things. i am living ultrum free now. its not super easy but its not horrible. after 3 months being completely off, i am finally feeling pretty normal. after being on the pills for seven years- I reduced dosage gradually ( I WAS UP TO 30 PILLS A DAY OF THE 50 MG ) i was able to get down to biting tiny slivers off of one pill a day. maybe ingesting 20 mgs daily. I would take one tylenol twice a day to "boost" the drug and help with aches, ect. when i ran out i didn't refill. been three months. going sloooowly helped so much. i would sometimes take a meletonin or tylenol pm at night. rotated. never too long or too much of any one thing. when i had bad bad days i would take b complex vitamins, and a dayquil med to get thru work day. give yourself lots of breaks. sleep as much as you can. exercise, and support from family is key. make them cook or clean when you just can't. be good to yourself in all other ways you can. eat chocolate, french fries, and drink a good scotch at night (ONE ). those are small things that u can worry about later compared to the beast of the withdrawal. oh- and find ways to release pleasure chemicals naturally. my partner has spent hours letting me lay in his lap and he gently stroke my legs and back, anything to release neurotransmitters. brushing my hair, massaging my temples, all of it helps get u thru the bad nights. sounds stupidly simple, but those little things would relax me and release me of those horrible moments. Allow yourself to have really shitty days. and seek help where u can fin d it in others around u . and baby yourself in any way u can think of in other ways. don't cook. buy paper plates and dont do dishes. eat chocolate cake! easy for me to say since i don't have young children, I know. but u have to work at finding ways to give yourself some slack during this horrible process, and NOT feel guilty for one minute. take them hundreds you were spending on the drug and have pay someone else to clean your house once a month as a treat and order good prepared foods for fam, ect.

also key- keep in your heart the knowledge that those unbearable moments WILL pass. just hang on and try to redirect yourself in some way ( be it a hot bath- even if u have had five that day already- a back rub from someone, or a slice of pie ). you won't live in that space forever and it will pass. those times become less severe and less often. just don't give in to your body's panic that its unbearable. it is bearable and u WILL ride it out. gooooood luck to all of us.

JULIUS-23 profile image

JULIUS-23 4 years ago from gastonia north carolina


Jess 4 years ago

Hey everyone . I think tramadol does need to be taken off the market because it is very addicting with hoorible withdrawals ! Ive been taking it for 3 and a half years after I had my son I had chronic back pain , so my DR prescribed me tramadol because he obviously didn't think it was addicting . At first I loved it ...took away all my pain and since it did that I started taking it everyday even helped with my bad menstraul cramps .. Well after about 6 months of using it did nothing anymore so I started taking 4 at the same time ...day and night for months... I knew I really needed to stop because of what it's doing to my body but I felt if I took the normal dose I never had any energy what so ever ! It wasn't even doing anything for my pain anymore just took it to feel normal . I'm a small girl only 105 pounds I shouldn't be so out of shape but because of this poison if stopped taking it I couldn't make it through the day . I went to the DR couple months ago and told him I want to taper off so he gave me one last refill ...well tapering off was not doing it , I still had withdrawals just going from 8 pills to 4 pills a day . I knew I had to stop for my son , it was prob killin my insides and he doesn't need to lose his mommy at a young age because of this crap . So 3 days ago I took my last two threw the bottle away .... The first 2 days were HELL ...so thankful my mom had some Ativan for her anxiety because that's the only way I could sleep . The second day I had cold sweats shaking all day ...felt like I had the worst flu and thank god it was the weekend I didn't have to go to work like that . This is what I recommend...hot baths, get B6 vitamins (really make you feel better) I've been drinking this juice called "wake me" taste like orange juice a little...has lots of healthy vitamins ... Eat lots beans or spinach even though it's gross to me ... Even if you think you can go run around the block for a little exersice. It will make your withdrawal symptoms so much better ... That's all I was doing yesterday and honestly today is day 3 and I really don't feel all that bad . Went to work fine just keep sneezing for some reason and feels like I have a cold . I was on this for almost 4 years abused the pills and if I can do this cold turkey anyone can . It's only day 3 but I feel like a fog has been lifted out of my head . I just see things more clear and the tramadol was giving me really bad mood swings I think because I feel so much more happier now ...I def recommended a benzo for sleeping for the first 4 days though (it helps so much !!) just don't get addicted to it !!! I'll never again take that crap ever!!!! It should be banned !!!

BooBooKtty 4 years ago

I have been on Ultram for 17 years, at 200 to 300 mgs per day. I didn't realize the addiction issues of it until this year. I have suspected it had stopped treating pain & fatigue that started 21 years ago. First DXed as fibromyalgia, testing 4 years ago finally tested positive for Lyme disease. I have been treated by a Dr for the Lyme and treating myself with a Rife machine. (The AMA says it's quackery, it's adherants say it kills specific microbes to death by vibrating them to death- I'm not a Dr )So after 17 years on this stuff I'm trying to get off it by slow reduction. 4-6 tabs a day reduced by one per week, discussed it w/my sleep dr. This stuff IS crafty; I don't think it works for pain anymore- I think it is causing pain and I won't have a point of reference on how bad (or if any) pain I have until I'm off this completely.

ET 3 years ago

I totally agree with Jess! This stuff is dangerous!

I experienced a back injury and had to have surgery, two level fusion. My doctor gave me Hydrocdone but I was afraid of everything I had heard about how addictive it was so i asked for something safer. I got Tramadol.

I took it for a little over a year, going through all the PT, Injections, etc... that my insurance company insisted on. Then I finally had the surgery.

All went well and nerve pain and issues were resolved, I THOUGHT!

When I stop the meds it was unbelievably difficult! I got right back on them because my mind was telling me some crazy things. I started going throught every WD symtom listed on here except the vomiting.

My solution was to continue taking them and reduce the dosages gradually. My Doctors didn't help much, just tended to agree with me on decisions I was making based on research. I thought that sucked big time. They are supposed to be the experts!

Anyway, I took some suggestions I found on the web and gradually tapered down from 200mg a day to a low of 18.75.

I started by reducing from four 50mg tabs a day to three. Did that for several weeks. At first I could feel the change, but it was managable. Next I got the Doc to drop the dosage to 37.5 tabs. went to three a day , and systematically down to half of a 37.5 right before bed.

Finally took a Friday off work and went CT. The first day was bad, second was better and by Tuesday I was OK.

I used Tylenol PM to help me sleep, and the Thomas Recipe to eat an suppliment my system.

I don't think it would have worked any other way.

carliemae 3 years ago


I just want to share my experience quitting 400-500mg of Tramadol a day, for about a year.

First off, I let the horror stories scare me into taking it far longer than I wanted to be on it. I thought I'd have to be off work for a week or more and have zero responsibilities for a while. As that time never came, I just kept putting it off.

I got really sick with pneumonia and other junk in December, and started taking less, as I felt like cr*p anyway. I plateaued down to a constant 400 mg per day, then decided to see how far I could push it. I had some hydrocodone 5/500s left over from something else and I feathered those in during a 5 day period in which I decreased to zero Tramadol. I maintained on 1.5-2.5 (avg. 2) hydros per day for two weeks, while I rode out the worst of the withdrawals. This dose just made it possible for me to work and think, not sleep. I was a sweaty, clammy, mess of an insomniac for this period.

Then I started feeling like things were evening out, and two weeks after stopping the Tramadol I just stopped the hydros. I had thought I'd had to taper down, but I didn't. Lucky, I think.

One thing I discovered from endless insomniac Googling about things that boost neurotransmitters such as the ones that Tramadol effects, is that Rhodiola rosea can really help with depression and low energy. I ordered some online and started taking it about the time I quit the hydros. Boy, what a difference. I actually felt...good.

It's been 27 days since I quit the hydros and (I think) 42 since I quit the Tramadol. I still take Rhodiola every day, but am past the worst of it. I do still have some nights that I feel I need to take Unisom to sleep, but the restless legs left about a week after stopping the hydros, and in general, like I said, I feel good.

I had really begun loathing the way I felt on Tramadol, and I feel so much more lucid and present now. If anything I've shared helps anyone, it's worth it to type this out. This can be an awful drug to get off of, as everyone here seems to know :(

Oh--I used some things from the Thomas Recipe, such as magnesium, potassium, Melatonin, Imodium, hot baths, etc. I also had some Clonidine, but I didn't take that in the beginning, it was given to me about 3 weeks in. I only took it a few nights after stopping the hydros, and probably could have done without it at that point.

ScaredAsHell 3 years ago

Hey, all....

It's been a long time since I posted. No tramadol since I went cold turkey, and that was about 2 years ago.

Now I have a question for all of you. I'm plagued with spasms in my neck from time to time and I was given a small amount of Soma to relax the muscles, and it works for that. But it also makes a person feel really good. I went through that small amount pretty quickly and had absolutely no withdrawal or craving to take them again.

My question is: is Soma extremely addictive and hard to get off of after extended use at or below prescribed levels?

I've taken a good amount of Vicodin in the last couple of months, stopped taking them and felt no withdrawal what-so-ever and no craving for them afterwards. It seems that Tramadol is the absolute devil and that I will have no issue with other meds as I did with Tram.

Anyone else have that same experience?

Tina 3 years ago

Hi I was put on tramadol 400mg a day and pregablin 75mg 3x a day in November 2012 for severe back pain, I had an operation in may this year ( 2013 ) on the 31st may my doctor took me off both these medications old turkey...since then I went through sickness, dioareah, aliens in head, crawling skin, no motivation, sweating, fear, anxiety, nervousness, depression all very severe, went back to doctors every day who denied it was withdrawal, they put me on beta blockers which did nothing for me. Now it's been nearly 3 months off these pills and I still have severe depression and severe nervousness, my system seems out of control. The doctors have put me on 100mg sertraline a day and 2mg diazipam 3x a day but can increase to 4 times a day if needed but these are doing nothing for my nervousness, I am 36 years old female with hubby and kids i just want my life back and this seems never ending.

ET 3 years ago

I have been addicted to Ultram for 10 years now. I do not have a perscription, I have been getting it off a friend. I have quit before for 6 months, completely clean and sober. A month and a half ago I talked myself into getting a few pills. This immediately began a habit of daily use. My use over the year has varied in severity. At one point I was taking only 4/day, but the last month my us has been 15 - 20 pills/day. I am getting clean tomorrow, and tell my sponsor and everyone else that I have been lying. This is what I want to do, and it is why I plan to go cold turkey tomorrow. I've done it before. Only this time, with my us being so high, I fear seizures. I've never had one. I'm eager to get back in the program. I was clean for that 5 month period, and life seemed real good. I felt great compared to the dark state I am in at this point... yet again. Anybody have informtation on detox seizures?

Jason 3 years ago

About a year ago I was in a bad wreck, I broke both ankles, right knee, right hip, left shoulder, and left knee. I was in the hospital for a month and had over the past year 13 surgeries. Today, I am able to walk again and do a lot of the things I was able to do before the wreck. The largest issue I have had is getting off the pain meds. I have taken vicodin for about 10 years off and on, It would only take one or 2 and I would be high all day. Until 3 days ago I was taking 10 tramadoles and 4 vicodins (10/325) for the past year. At first I was taking them for the pain, then I found myself calling the doc asking for more. I figured well I will take something stronger like oxy and have to take less. Never thinking, wow thats really stupid! When I took the oxy all it did was knock me out and I didn't like it. So when I called to get more vicodin they gave it to me, thinking ok hes winging himself off. Every time I got off the crap I would have a new surgery and have to take more. Then about 5 months ago I woke up and seen that I had a bad problem. I figured I would take the tramadole to wing off. Then, every time I would stop the tramadole I didn't last 3 days before I would give in and take them. Every time I would talk to my Docs they would say, oh there is no withdraw on tramadole. BULL CRAP, I would crap my pants, I would pass out in the day and wake up feeling depressed, my whole body hurt, I could not stand to do ANYTHING I couldn't stand to lay in bed, move around.. I mean it was just total hell. Then, I couldn't take it anymore so... I would take more. So this last time, Today makes 3 days(the longest I have lasted) The first 24 hours was really really bad, so I got drunk and it helped a little. The 2nd night It was all I could do to move, I couldn't eat or drink I kept vomiting. The RD day so far I feel alittle....out of it but its 10000000000 times better than the first and 2nd days. I will not take the crap again. EVER I don't care how bad of pain I am in. It got to a point it was hard for me to remember myself without being high. Its just nuts that for the past year just about everyday of it, I was high at all times. It was fun at first, then it just got out of hand and now its something I have to deal with everyday for the rest of my life. Now, I have been told by many people that the only true way to get off the crap is cold turkey, then others have said never do that. Some day not to drink or smoke pot then others say it was the only way to deal with the withdraw. Everyone is different. With me, this past time and it seems to be working for me. I got drunk the first night and smoked a lot of pot the 2nd and 3rd day. It took so many of the bad feelings away. The only way to see what works for u is trial and error. The one thing that is the case for everyone, is that tramadole is a dangerous drug. Prescribes are not aware of what it does to people. They claim it has no addictive properties and no withdraw. That its a safer drug than vicodin. Its not true. If u haven't taken this Don't start. 10.....15 years from now this is going to be one of those drugs they find caused all kinds of problems. Good luck everyone getting off it. Just keep saying to yourself. "I need to remember a time that I was happy, before the drugs took over." It helped me a lot.

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