Raise the Heat and Burn Off Fat

you want to burn fat without dieting? Believe it or not, eating hot foods like cayenne pepper, chilis, mustards, salsa and hot peppers will raise your body's metabolism and help you burn fat.

According to studies conducted "across the pond" in England, cayenne pepper can arouse the body's metabolism and increase fat burning by up to 20%. It also cuts through that plaque buildup in your arteries. Hot Peppers are similar to cayenne pepper in it's stimulation of the body's metabolism. The more you can stand the heat, the better the payout in fat burning power.

Don't forget salsa! Salsa has surpassed ketchup as the number one condiment in the United States. Again, the hotter the better. So go ahead, lay it on .. your salad, your legumes, your eggs, your vegetables and even your mashed or baked potatoes.

Why not add some cayenne pepper and some hot peppers to your salsa, and make yourself one mean fat burning machine.

Researchers are also testing chili sauce and hot mustards to raise the body's metabolism and burn more. Initial results are promising.

What is the moral of this story? Folklore and ancient remedies have hinted that "fiery" foods were beneficial to health. Now, modern scientific research has confirmed our suspicions.

Do yourself a favor and avoid drinking cold water when you're eating the "hot" stuff to avoid diluting digestive enzymes. Drink a small glass of warm water or green tea while you eat.

So get out there and eat hot! hot! hot! and burn off the fat.

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