Raspberry Ketone Supplements and Greek Yogurt Weight Loss Program

Antioxidants, raspberries and ketones
Antioxidants, raspberries and ketones

Like many people in the world (especially my fellow Americans), I’ve always had trouble losing weight; especially after slaving away on the elliptical, and cutting down to those final persistent pounds that just won’t burn away – no matter what I do.

After all; one can only work so hard, especially when you’re not blessed with the genetics of a competitive bodybuilder or yoga instructor.

Due to my difficulties with fat loss, I’m always on the lookout for a little help on the metabolism side; because speeding up the metabolism is a scientifically proven way to help your body lose calories – especially those bothersome fat calories.

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A Greek Yogurt Breakfast

One of my favorite breakfast meals (it’s helped me lose pounds consistently over the weeks and months) is Greek Fage yogurt.

This wonderful, protein-packed natural yogurt from the Mediterranean is a thick and creamy replacement for sour cream, and has fat-burning properties due to certain natural bacteria retained during the straining process.

When combined with – actually, even without – vitamin supplements, this Greek yogurt diet concoction helps you fight off ailments like the cold, while keeping your general overall health in tip-top shape. Of course, this can also hinge on things like getting the proper rest, making sure the supplements you use are actually good ones, etc.

Raspberry ketones supplements
Raspberry ketones supplements

Raspberry Ketones for Weight Control

There isn’t a supplement I haven’t tried. In fact, I’m probably the primary reason why it’s such a growth industry!

As you can probably guess, the only reason I kept trying supplement after supplement is because none of them delivered on the promises they made; even with vigorous exercise and diet.

The raspberry ketones suggested to me by a close friend made me think twice, because I'd ceased to believe that anything truly helpful weight-wise can come out of a bottle.

I would manage to lose a little weight; but it was never more than I was able to with just diet and exercise alone. Like many people, my metabolism just isn't very fast, so I tend to retain calories as fat more readily than others

That’s why I was so very excited when I heard about the science behind the amazing raspberry ketones.

By watching the Dr. Oz show and doing some online research myself, I was able to actually understand why they work, instead of merely being told that they work.

These are entirely natural compounds that speed up your metabolism; helping you burn fat even when you aren’t working out.

When you do combine raspberry ketones with a healthy diet and exercise, they work wonders on your body and overall health. And really, isn't that the most we can reasonably ask for?

Feeling great physically and bolstering your natural confidence up a few levels always leads to good things, like healthier relationships, more physical capability, etc. Raspberry ketones combined with lifestyle alterations won't give you these things, but they will certainly add to them.

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Dr Oz. Raspberry Ketones
Dr Oz. Raspberry Ketones | Source

Dr. Oz Recommends Raspberry Ketones

Can You Get Raspberry Ketones Just by Eating Raspberries?

The Good News: Absolutely! Raspberry ketones are a completely all-natural component of raspberries that burn the fat away. Plus, of course raspberries also provide a good source of free-radicals-fighting antioxidants.

The Bad News: You would have to eat 90 lbs. of raspberries to get the amount of fat-burning ketones that have been safely collected in supplements. Plus; it would be counter-productive because of all the excess sugar and calories you'd imbibe. Basically, you would gain more fat because of all those calories.

Although Raspberry Ketone Plus is just one of many brands of the famous fat-burner that's taking supplement stores by storm, it is one of the better ones. You have to watch out for a handful of other brands, because some Chinese companies are diluting their stocks and putting in additives.

Of course, there are also Chinese companies that make entirely legitimate raspberry ketone dietary supplements, so it's up to you to make sure you buy the right brands.Take care to note the ingredients of any brand you buy to make sure there's the expected amount of the antioxidant and fat-burner.

On the Dr. Oz show, Personal Trainer, Health Expert and Specialist in Metabolic Disorders Lisa Lynn has first-hand experience in using raspberry ketones - along with a balanced diet and moderate exercise - to help many of her patients reduce their weight and lose fat from all those stubborn places on the human body.

How Much Raspberry Ketones Do You Need?

You should take anywhere from 100-200 mg of raspberry ketones in supplement form at breakfast, and the same amount with your lunch. Avoid taking any at dinner, because some brands of raspberry ketones tend to make you stay awake and we all usually have work the next day :). You will likely start to see results in just a week - although this varies, of course.

Start out with 100 mg and up the dose accordingly in a few weeks if you so desire, but many people return positive results with the lower figure. It's time to show the fat that you can fight back!

The Importance of Antioxidants and Raspberry Ketones

Of course, you should know that merely eating raspberries – while certainly very good for you, as most fruits are – won’t get you the level of raspberry ketones that have been clinically shown to burn fat in test trials; because you’d have to eat so many of them. Raspberry ketone supplements, on the other hand, contain just what you need to start shedding the pounds, as I found out after I incorporated raspberry ketone supplements into my diet.

Day by day I took these supplements, and was simply amazed at the fantastic results I saw in the mirror, and the effect it had on my confidence. A quick rundown of the many great contained in popular brands makes it very clear why the results I received are so significant:

The Function of Antioxidants on Your Body

  • The raspberry ketone plus supplement mixture also has some of the much talked-about African mango fruit, which has been called a super fiber; not only does it provide its own array of beneficial vitamins and minerals, it also leaves you feeling fulfilled so that you eat less without feeling hungrier.
  • Green tea extract – everyone knows the benefits of green tea. The antioxidants it provides literally target and destroy known cancer-causing free radicals in your body.
  • Acai fruit has been in the news a lot in the past decade; and for good reason. This super fruit teams up with raspberry ketones to aid in weight-loss through fat-burning, as well as possessing unique anti-aging abilities.

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Raspberry ketone supplements and a committed Fage Greek yogurt diet not only helped my belly-size decrease week after week and month after month, I also noticed I was generally in better health, and feeling a lot more energetic as time wore on.

Greek yogurt is naturally amenable to being combined with many different dishes; often as a substitute for markedly unhealthy alternatives (or very fattening options).

I put Some Fage Greek Yogurt (this and Oikos are my two favorites, with delectable honey Chobani as my third option) on bagels instead of cream cheese, or just have a cup and some oatmeal for a quick breakfast. Since I lift weights, there are days when eggs, bacon, yogurt, a serving of raspberry ketones for the energy, and a bagel serve as a power-meal to fuel my gym workouts.

Today, you’ll not find me trying on many different supplements; I’ve found the one that actually works – and it works wonders.

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Sandyspider profile image

Sandyspider 19 months ago from Wisconsin, USA

I do add Raspberry Ketone in my diet. Hoping that it is working. Do love the raspberry aftertaste.

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