Reading Can Help You Lose Weight

Bookworms are losing more weight through reading according to studies than their non reading counterparts

Get healthy with reading. Countless people are unaware it does burn those calories just like working out at the gym. Not as many in the same amount of time, but it does.
Get healthy with reading. Countless people are unaware it does burn those calories just like working out at the gym. Not as many in the same amount of time, but it does. | Source

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Join a book club to connect with people who have the same interest

This is an activity which is usually conducted as a solitary pursuit. However, it is possible to make it more social. Some readers belong to book clubs making it easy to connect with other people similarly attracted to books. Though, if a book club is too much of a commitment right now or an alternative is needed, consider simply connecting with a partner instead of a group to read with.

Duke University documents losing pounds by turning pages

Duke University released the results of a study conducted with reading and weight gain and discovered teenage girls with obesity issues who happened to read lost more weight than their counterparts who didn’t. Researchers’ reason that these same benefits received from reading might convert to adults. These are even more reasons to curl up with a good book whenever possible.

Reading is fundamental to mental and physical health

Scores of people have recognized an enjoyable past time like reading is fundamentally healthy for the mind. However, did you know reading is also capable of being a health benefit to the body? Turning a page also turns back the numbers on the scale believe it or not. Reading helps anyone lose weight. Young and old alike benefit from this endeavor. The activity is possible year round in any climate by everyone regardless of their physical prowess. This makes it extremely attractive.

Reading for the fun of it has taken a back seat to countless hobbies and past times in this age of the internet. Simply picking up a book and investing in a story through an individual's imagination simply through words is not the norm. It is a stretch to see it happen and which is a shame. It is fundamentally healthy for mental status. Now studies have shown it also makes the body's health improve as well.

It sounds rather simple, but finding a way to see it happen takes some ingenuity for certain people. It certainly is not impossible. A little effort goes a long way for losing unwanted pounds. These are suggestions to aid in the goal of losing weight while reading and why it is a great idea.

1) Read and walk

Walking is one of the easiest ways to work out. It is of the least stressful pursuits to exercise. It is easy going against the entire body compared with other undertakings like jogging or bicycle riding. Take a leisurely walk and reading along the way makes it even better.

Different ways to do the deed

Walking on a treadmill makes reading rather simple. Simply put the book in a sitting position or lean it for easy access and take off. There is a little more difficulty when walking on a track or outdoors. There is still a way to conduct this piece of business as well.

Most people have found books on tape, CD or other electronic source such as an Ipod work extremely well. These are all ways to carry it conveniently with you. It is so light weight while transporting more than one is easy and long walks are not an obstacle.

Do it with someone

Sometimes it is more fun to do it with a partner. Countless folks connect with a fellow scholar in places like a book club. Books are read away from the walk and discussed during the walk. A partner is anyone willing to be a part of the adventure of walking and reading.

Set a task to read chapters or books then plan a walking session where discussions based on content or specific chapters take place. This is killing two birds with one stone. It is the action of getting in shape while burning more calories than couch potatoes.

2) Boosting the power of the brain

Cognitive studies are still rather thin on a lot of information on the subject, but they have confirmed the activity definitely boosts the power of the brain. The simple act of focusing on the words and absorbing the meaning behind them forces it to rearrange a lot of material it absorbs.

Why the brain works harder

Brains are programmed to see, speak and think. Surprisingly reading is not a fundamental brain activity. Therefore, it actually makes the brain do extra work to see, think and speak while attempting to understand information being transmitted to it from a book.

Other mental benefits

It also keeps memories sharper and increases the capability to adjust and think using unique methods the brain must develop while it works out. The additional altered thought process creates a healthier and more effective one. These particular outlooks and ideas are shared by Maryann Wolf, Tuft’s University Director of Reading and Language Research in a published study.

The motions the brain goes through to read actually requires more self-discipline than previously imagined which relates to other areas of life, such as weight loss. More disciplined people are more likely to stick with a weight reduction or exercise program for a longer period of time.

3) Readers are happier than non-readers

The connection between reading and happiness has long been acknowledged by those who enjoy the practice. Now there is measurable proof to substantiate this claim.

An enormous study was conducted by the UK government in 2010. The data discovered reading is great for a personal disposition on life in general. The analysis relayed nearly 86% of participants in the experiment reporting reading actually improved the sense of mood and happiness in overall.

This is another great reason for opening up a book and turning those pages. Of the people in the study, 66% indicated actually forgetting personal troubles and 82% of readers did it to unwind after a long day. They admitted it was a relaxing activity to do before bed each night.

A more positive outlook helps with weight reduction and mental weight loss support. Generally the more optimistic a person is the longer the tendency to stick with a project to determine if it works or doesn’t. Another reason why this works is the investment does not seem as great as other reduction avenues.

Countless people give up on diet and exercise regimes to improve personal health after a short period of time. Allowing it to work and judging the results over a longer period of time is a much better measurement of whether or not it was worth the sacrifice. Weight loss and health achieved over a longer period of time is more likely to stay than a short crash diet or exercise program.

4) Open up a new world

A recent survey of the National Endowment for the Arts in Washington DC discovered a very significant fact. More than a few people identifying themselves as book worms were very active contributors in the world around them. Reading fundamentally made the world around them a plan of action for getting the body moving.

They were found to be much more likely to visit museums, perform volunteer work and even attend concerts than non-reading counterparts. Add reading as a form of investing in this same world. The more physical activity, the more weight is lost. This doesnt always correlate one to one with exercise. Every time a body moves it burns calories. Much more are burned visiting a museum versus sitting on a couch.

When it comes to weight loss persons participating in more than one activity to get to the goal certainly got there faster. Moving more is burning more activities and including one more such as reading only helps and never hurts.

In conclusion

These are four different documented ways the act of reading plays a part in weight loss. A low key leisurely interest which is easier than running the track and cheaper than yoga is not all that bad. It helps burn calories and increase mental acuity.

The next time a bookworm looks like their interest is wasting time, remember how many calories are being burned up simply turning a page.

One of the most recognized writers in the world agrees with the statement. James Patterson shares his ideas on the subject.

For folks consistently trying to keep a healthy lifestyle and live life on the right track keep up the good work. Most discover eating healthier food, hitting the gym and walking are all great activities to achieve the goal. Though, there is one more great pursuit to add to the list, reading. More than a few documented reports by reputable companies and schools have put this pastime on the list of things to do for improved mental and physical health.

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Sneha Sunny profile image

Sneha Sunny 5 years ago from India

Wow... that's a great discovery. I didn't had a reading habit until I joined HubPages. Now, I do read books. Let's see if it works or not on me! :) And I agree that the ones who read books are involved in good things. They usually have a good nature. They are the "lovers" of almost everything like nature etc. Reading makes us feel what is written on the page. That's why we just forget about the rest. Great share!! :)

tamron profile image

tamron 5 years ago

Since I been learning and writing on the Internet. I feel happier and smarter just knowing I have learned yet another thing about life.

With that being said when you are depressed you don't feel like doing anything let alone exercise.

When your happier you feel more confident so you're more likely to join into fun activities.

tammyswallow profile image

tammyswallow 5 years ago from North Carolina

I never would have guessed that. Very good hub!

Carmen H profile image

Carmen H 5 years ago

Every reader-holic will be joyful to know this : )

DabbleYou profile image

DabbleYou 5 years ago

Interesting hub. I guess, even if it couldn't help lose weight, readers will always be readers.

Happymommy2520 profile image

Happymommy2520 2 months ago from East Coast

Interesting Hub. Reading has been known to relieve stress. Also, instead of opting for the late night snack, reading is a way to relax and get your mind off of it. Great hub!

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