Real healing process

Nature Man and health

The world we live is mysterious but we undermine the mystical nature of the universe. If we can be able to recall how often we have fallen sick or ill and how we were cured or got well we should be able to reason out some aspects of the healing processes that under went while we were getting well. Oftentimes we think the medicine we take does much but actually it was a mere temporary measure. Man is healed out of natural process.

I am going to highlight some important physical properties of man in relation to nature. Man was breathed into nostrils the breath of life and man becomes a living soul...Genesis of the Bible ... the creation of man. One thing that needs to be clarified here is that I am not here to teach the Bible because I am not an authority in Christianity. Bible being a book written by men inspired by God I believes everything therein is authentic and I can use them for reference at any point in time.

For man has fallen short of the glory of God is how death was invoked into our being. If not we would have been living without dying and without dilapidated tissues and worn-out body. At the time of birth the vital life force was available; we grow and keep getting exposed to earthly dirt which are man-made and which are the contaminants of nature thus our well being on earth.

When we fall sick something actually has gone wrong inside our being and to be well again it must be corrected by any known means. The work of a doctor is to examine patient and prescribe medicines. If we pause a little and meditate the work of the medicine we will arrive at the fact that most medicines act on our neurological system or the system that takes signal across the body thus making it insensitive to the pains we receive. The actual healing process goes on naturally and gradually.

Now to clarify this point I will site an example with a person who has injury and who is on analgesic medication. As long as the medicine remains active in his system the pains subsides and the moment the effect of the medicine reduces or goes away the pains come up in full force. Have we pondered to ask why so is? Now the issue here is that medication is a way of getting temporary relieve of pains while allowing the nature to heal. Nature uses natural ingredients for healing process. The most vital elements are the least of worldly products which in fact were given to us free by nature. These two vital elements are the air and water.

About 30% of our illnesses can be cured with theses two components while about 80% of our sicknesses can be prevented with proper use of these two substances. While some people know about this there are some others who will argue the points. I give you a simple proof about my points... Every living organism has life and can be sick and can be healed. How many of the wild animals have gone to the doctor to be cure? How many plants have met the doctors on earth yet they are living? If someone come up with the question that plants are not human what about other mammals that have blood and could have similar genes like the human beings. What about the monkeys, gorillas, the apes and so on. These have close characteristic as man.

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