Recognize The Symptoms Of Hereditary Hair Loss And Find Out The Solution

Major symptoms of the hair loss

In both the men and women, the pattern of hair loss and baldness are very different. In men, some areas of the head are totally got bald. These areas include the both sides of the front and at the top back side of the head.

This hair loss after affecting the above mentioned areas then lead to cause extended hair loss in whole head. However, the great area of neck remains unaffected by the hair loss and it continues to grow the rich thicker hairs. The front area of ear also remains unaffected by the hair loss and grows the hairs. Only, the head become completely bald.

In women, the hairs become thinner over the head and then it takes many years to gradually lead the hair loss in the complete head. Women get seldom bald areas over their heads. Mostly the hairs get too much thin and the scalp becomes obviously visible.

The causes of hair loss

There are three layers of skin. The outer layer is known as epidermis which contains the epithelial cells. Under this layer; the dermis lies and it contains the connective tissues. The third and the last layer is known as hypodermis. This layer consists of fat cells.

The skin is developed from the hair follicles (which are extended from the surface of sub-dermis from down to the top) and the pores. The hair extended from the growth zone and in the bottom of each hair follicle. It comes out from the skin surface.

Normal type of hair loss problem occurs, when the body substance; known as dihydroxy-testosterone (DHT), acts in the manner that it lessen down the metabolism of cell’s growth and make them to divide less. It dictates the less growth of the hairs and even stops the hair growth.

DHT is the male sex hormone and it is metabolic product that is obtained from the testosterone. Women have less amount of this hormone in their body, and that is why, only fewer amounts of women get affected by this type of hair loss problem.

The cells that suspected to get influenced by the DHT will slow down the growth process of hairs. This type of susceptibility in cells is attributed to hereditary. This is passed in the person, from their parents. Mostly, the follicle cells that are in the lower parts of the head remain resistant from the influence of DHT and that is the reason; these areas seldom got bald.

Although, DHT plays a vital role in causing the hair loss problem, but yet, there are many other substances that work equally with DHT for causing hair loss problem. The substances that are in tissues, vitamins, minerals and other essential fatty acids signal the cells to divide.

There are some substances present in tissues that block the DHT or remove the DHT from the cells. That is the reason; all the men who have higher level of DHT in their body may not have same extract of hair loss problem. It totally depends over the structure of tissues and mechanism of cells.

Treatment options for the hair loss problem

Hair loss problem can be treated by several ways. Some of these ways are highlighted below:

- A person who will have good diet that is enriched with minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants and will take them in right amount; will be able to slow down the process and speed of hair loss problem.

- Market has many pharmacological products that help in fighting against the hair loss problem.These products are although, not cent percent effective. Some medication that are used to treat the prostate hypotrophy have proofed to be very effective in stopping the hair loss problem and have shown that the susceptible person is likely to re-grow the hairs.

These drugs have ability to stop the production of DHT in the body that becomes reason for hair loss. Propecia is the name of the drug that is to be in-tale for the prostate issues.

- Another drug that is highly effective in blocking the DHT, thus stopping the hair loss problem is Rogaine. This medication is a topical drug that has be applied 2-3 times a day. It stimulates the hair follicles’ cells and proliferate them.

- Some natural products and remedies are also available in the market that helps in stopping the hair loss problems. These products are enriched with different type of substances that play different mechanism for stopping the hair loss problem.

Some of these products are enriched with vitamins and minerals that are very essential for the healthier growth of the hairs. The procyanidin B2 present in these products, give signal to the hair follicles to enhance the hair growth process.

The substance like L-arginine is also present in these products. This substance stops the attack of oxidant over the hair follicle cells and works as an anti oxidant agent.

- Saw palmetto extract is another product that contains the extracts that have power to eliminate the hair loss process by blocking the DHT. This works in same mechanism as that of prostate medications.

- Green tea also has those extracts that can eliminate the conversion of testosterone in to the DHT.

- Another treatment is surgery. It is very effective way of removing the bald areas with the hairs. In surgery; the bald areas are introduced with the hair follicles of the other parts of head that have the scull immune DHT. The hairs grow in the treated areas, but they are not as strong as the naturally grown hairs.

- It is also possible to implant the artificial hairs in to the affected areas of the scalp. This treatment is highly dangerous for the health and it can result in introducing several infections.


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