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What is the Difference?

In most peoples eyes, no one is ever completely "Recovered" from any hurt, habit or hang-up. People usually stereotype people in recovery as miserable, lost souls searching for a way out that they may never find or battling demons daily with every ounce of willpower that they could possibly find. Sadly, this is often true of many people. Typically, these people think that they have to do it all by themseleves or maybe with a group meeting of some sort each week or month. I have met many people in this situation who DO struggle for years and even the rest of their lives. However, that doesn't have to be the case. It is possible for people to make a complete recovery from their hurt, habit or hang-up if they ask for God's guidance. When it really hit home that I had a problem with alcohol, I got on my knees and asked God to take away any desire for alcohol that I ever had. I did not want to fight that urge every single day and I gave it all to him. He does still answer prayers on a regular basis contrary to popular belief. He took all of my desires for alcohol away, and the thought of drinking doesn't even enter my mind. I consider myself a "Recovered" alcoholic through Christ not a "Recovering" alcoholic. I have since met many people who have had the same experience. Most people don't understand how this can be, but it can happen to anyone if you just ask God for it and have faith.

Celebrate Recovery is a Christ centered, faith based recovery group that does just that. It is not limited to alcoholics and drug addicts as most people percieve it. It is for anyone with a hurt, habit or hang-up that needs help. There are all sorts of issues that we all struggle with every day and may not even realize it. Financial issues, depression. physical or mental abuse, stress, anxiety. These are all things that your C.R. group can help you with. If you walk around with a look of concern on your face each and every day instead of a smile, take a little deeper look into yourself and see if C.R. might be right for you. Don't get me wrong. I'm not shouting from the roof tops that everyone needs to be in a recovery group but I am saying that there are many people that could live a more joyous life if they just do a little self-evaluation and fine tuning. Celebrate Recovery is a great place to start. Check with your church of choice and if you don't have the program, it is likely that they can tell you who does. You can also go to the link at the bottom for more information.

Jesus Saves, God Bless.

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coffeesnob 6 years ago

Gearing up for this program in our ministry. Can I link you article from my website? good info and insight here.

JetterV7 profile image

JetterV7 6 years ago from Angola, IN Author

Thank you coffeesnob. Any material that I post dealing with recovery, feel free to use in any way that you see fit. Best of luck with your program. I know that it will be a success. God Bless.

UlrikeGrace profile image

UlrikeGrace 6 years ago from Canada

Thanks JetterV7, I do think this needs to be shouted from the some areas of my life I realize I am a "recovered" and other areas I am "recovering"...and the praise and glory go to God in all areas...thanks for you fan mail and hope to see more hubs from you...

Blessings UlrikeGrace

JetterV7 profile image

JetterV7 6 years ago from Angola, IN Author

Thank you UlrikeGrace. I too believe that in some areas we continue to recover more each and every day. Thank you for the read and I look forward to more of your hubs.

God Bless.

RevLady profile image

RevLady 6 years ago from Lantana, Florida

JetterV7, I agree with you that many people FULLY recover from whatever their malady. Many who are not yet, will. And as you said others may not.

I believe in the power of God and I know that He does not partially do anything. It is FULL and complete. Our salvation is not partial, our sins was fully and completely covered by Jesus and forgiven by the Father. When we FULLY feel remorse for our sins and repent, God FULLY and FREELY forgive, heals and restores.

All glory to His name,

Forever His,

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