Red Tea - 50 Times more anti oxidants than green tea!

Red Tea is made from the Rooibos plant found in South Africa. Dry leaves are harvested, oxidized, packaged then shipped to consumers.


Red Tea has an earthy flavorful taste without the bitter aftertaste found in most herbal teas. You can enjoy it on it's own or with milk/sugar. It is also a great choice of beverage before bed as it contains no caffeine.

Health Benefits

Red Tea contains anti aging oxidants, these help to destroy free radicals which atack and damage healthy cells. These effects comes from the Aspalathin found in Red Tea, a powerful flavanoid used to treat skin and circulatory disorders. Some people have even reported that allergy symptoms decreased when consuming Red Tea on a regular basis.

Red Tea also contains Potassium, Magnesium, Zinc, Fluoride. Iron and Calcium. Various research has shown that the compounds in Red Tea may contribute to a stronger immune system and relieve stress.

Where to find it

It can be purchased from some specialty coffee/tea shops for steeping. Even now it can be found at most grocery stores as it is rapidly gaining popularity.

Rooibos Bush

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Daniyyel profile image

Daniyyel 5 years ago

Yes, Rooibos is very good for you. The one thing I like about it, versus Green Tea, is that it doesn't slow down your iron intake

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