Reduce Belly Fat

Unless you are already a swimsuit model, chances are you would love to reduce belly fat and look fantastic the next time you go to the beach or relax in a hot tub. In reality, when you reduce belly fat you will look good and feel great all the time. Stick with me for a few tips to get started then some recommendations to take your fat burning efforts to the next level.

Reduce Belly Fat and Look Great

The firststep in your journey to reduce belly fat is to reduce the number of calories you consume in a day. You may say "easier said than done", but it really can be very easy if you just commit to drinking a lot of water. Not only is water calorie free, but if you drink a big glass right before you eat, it also makes you feel full so you will eat less and still feel satisfied.

Let's see how trading other beverages to water can add up and what that means as you try to lose weight. Let's say you have a large coffee from Starbucks to get you started in the morning. A 16 ounce Caffe Mocha with whole milk at Starbucks is 305 calories. This is by no means their highest calorie beverage. At lunch, you have sweetened iced tea. A 16 ounce sweetened iced tea will have around 200 calories in it. If you need an afternoon pick me up and drink a can of Coke or Pepsi, you are looking at about 150 calories. For dinner, you have a healthy glass of milk. A 16 ounce glass of whole milk has just under 295 calories. This little example gives you 900 calories a day just in the beverages you drink. If you could eliminate that, you could lose about 2 pounds a week. If you lose 2 pounds a week, you will definitely reduce belly fat.

Water is also very healthy in addition to being calorie free. Water is essential to the proper functioning of your body and also helps you body get rid of toxins. Try to drink a gallon of water a day and you will definitely start cleaning up your system and feeling better.

The other key to lose weight and reduce belly fat is to increase the number of calories you burn every day. The first way to do this is to exercise. 20 minutes a day of light exercise will help you get started. This can be as simple as a walk through your neighborhood. If you do this first thing in the morning it will give you a sense of accomplishment and really start your day out right. Work your way up to more strenuous exercise to burn more calories. Another great way to burn more calories is to build muscle. Muscle burns more calories than fat 24 hours a day. This means a little bit of strength training will help you burn more calories around the clock.

Weight Loss Supplements

One last option you may want to consider is to look into fat burning or weight loss supplements. There are a lot of different supplements out there to help you lose weight. I recommend looking for all natural supplements like Acai Berry and Hoodia products. You can usually get a free trial of many of these supplements so you can try them out for the price of shipping and handling which is usually less than $5.

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Flatten Stomach 6 years ago

The Acai Berry powder is a great supplement. I would stay away from the gimmicks of it though. Get the natural all powder one

twogroce profile image

twogroce 6 years ago

Good hub! To bad we can't take a rolling pin and roll it where we want it huh? I think I would put my gut to my butt.

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