Long Hours of Computer Use and Health Risk: Eye Massages to Reduce Eyestrain


The days are over when only blue collar jobs are considered as health risk. It is long known that occupational hazard is associated with mechanical jobs, construction jobs or any other job that requires hard labor. However, recent research suggests that white collar jobs are not free from health risks. Many people, all over the world, spend long hours in front of the computer. Computer screens emit light, focusing too long on that light is not without consequences.

A recent study carried out by a Japanese research group discovered that out of 10000 people spending long hours working on computers, 500 developed peripheral vision abnormalities and 165 had glaucoma. Glaucoma is an eye abnormality that ultimately leads to blindness, if not treated. The researchers say people with near sightedness and far sightedness are at high risk especially if they spend long hours in front of computers.

Similar studies conducted in Bangalore, India and New Zealand also point to some serious problems brewing for extended computer users. Both studies report vision abnormalities are associated with long hours of computer usage.

The researchers suggest taking breaks regularly, like leave your computer every hour for at least 5 to 10 minutes, or look away from the screen. Position your computer screen below eye level to prevent direct observation. Maintain distance: sit 2 feet away from the screen.

Most us would have noticed that when we sit for long hours in front of the computer our hands naturally lifts up to massage our eyes. Why are we doing this? Because as we focus our eyes on the computer, we reduce the rate of blinking, i.e., the number times we blink per minute. Less blinking means less moisture on the peripheries of our eyes. Another problem with less blinking is low circulation to the peripherals of our eye. This irritates our eye. That is why we lift our hands to massage eye. Most often we end up rubbing our eyes, than giving it a proper massage.

Massage your Eyes

By regularly practicing a simple eye massage we could reduce irritation and possibly vision abnormalities.

Take 5 minutes break once in every hour. Using your fingers, gently massage your eyebrows. Run your fingers above and below your eyebrows. Gently press. Do this 10 times. This will ensure blood circulation.


Next using your fingers gently massage your eyeballs. Gently roll your fingers over your eyeballs for 2 to 3 minutes. Use both hands to massage both eyes. Run your fingers over all over eyeballs: slowly and gently roll over your fingers. Let the blood circulate all over your eyeballs. Alternatively, if you have little more time you could warm your fingers by rubbing the fingers over your palm. Gentle warmth helps cure skin problems as well.


Repeat this procedure every hour. Spend just 2-4 minutes each hour. Plus keep your eyes 2 feet away from the computer, also position you computer screen below your eyes.

Consider this an investment. Any physical exercise must be considered as an investment for our long-term health. As far as physical activity is concerned, our eyes are perhaps the most ignored organ in our body. We do all kinds of exercises for our body, muscle, fat burning etc., why not our eyes? It is high time we spend a few minutes taking care of our eye health. 

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Esrom Art profile image

Esrom Art 5 years ago from Indonesia

I already practices to massage my eyes. Of course it relief pain. Close the eyes for while then looking green areas is good, if you have windows and green garden.

Lets Learn profile image

Lets Learn 5 years ago Author

Yes, regular gentle massage helps circulation in our eyes.

Thanks for stopping by Esrom Art

Binaya.Ghimire 5 years ago

I have tried massaging my eyes, and I know how relaxing it is after computer use, TV watching or long hours of reading. Thanks for this useful hub.

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