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What Is Reiki? ..Many ways that Reiki Energy Healing Helps You By Taylore Vance

Ever since men and women were thrown out of the Garden of Eden it has been necessary to heal the body. Life then became hard. Those people were taught how to heal -- to "run energy" through their natural vortexes located in the palm of the hands. Later this healing process became known as Reiki -- a Japanese word meaning healing the body.

Reiki is not new age or so called metaphysical. Jesus healed the body with energy healing. Jesus said , "Everything I can do, so can you do ...and more!" Reiki is not a religion, but it is a spiritual process connecting one with health, well-being and prosperity.

Down through the ages this health knowledge was put into the hands of the priest, shamans, and witch doctors that used this special knowledge for their personal power. Finally this energy healing process got lost until a Japanese monk rediscovered it about 100 years ago.

At one time it was common knowledge to use Reiki energy to raise the frequency and therefore heal the body of illnesses.

Reiki Has Been Traditionally Taught In Three Degrees Or Levels

There is a specific attunement (software for the mind) for each degree of training, which is passed down from Master to student.

  1. First Degree Reiki: --This is primarily for giving physical and etheric healings. It has a tremendous ability to balance and harmonize the chakras (energy centers in the body). Reiki I will remove negative energy from a person's auric field, relieve stress, and heal the physical body of dis-eases in general. (Many students take these workshops over and over because of the healings they receive while doing the workshops.)
  2. Second Degree Reiki: --This energy adds healing on the mental and emotional levels. The first-degree energy is enhanced and amplified greatly, and the student is taught how to send the healing energy over long distances and to other points in time. The student learns techniques for using the Reiki symbols to cleanse and protect the aura (an invisible etheric energy field around the physical body.) The symbols can be used to remove bad energy from your home or office. The second-degree techniques are used to facilitate deep emotional healing, which is often the true cause of dis-ease.
  3. Third Degree Reiki: --This is very spiritual in nature and deals with self-empowerment. The Master level (third degree) amplifies both the first and second-degree energy to its highest levels. It integrates one's being and initiates a more complete contact with your Higher Self. Reiki Masters can teach others and give Reiki I, II, and III attunements.

Everyone -- Young And Old -- Can Give Reiki Energy Healings

Children are a natural at flowing this energy. You can feel it flow out of their eyes and faces until about 3-4 years old when they begin to shut down. We are all hard-wired to flow this spiritual and healing energy.

The Reiki Attunement just opens the channels even more allowing an increase in energy flow. It is your God given ability to flow Reiki and everyone is special in this way.

An Internet search from various Reiki sites shows: The Average Reiki Certification Prices To Learn Reiki Vary From Teacher To Teacher (I teach a FREE Reiki I 8 hr. workshop!)

  • Reiki I Certification may cost $150-up to $350 per class.
  • The Reiki Ranch - Reiki I is free!
  • The cost of Reiki II is usually $250-450
  • Reiki III, the Master level, is still taught from $350 up to $10,000 and more.
  • At the Reiki Ranch you receive premium training for all three levels and become a Reiki Master for only $200!

At one time there was a 5-10 year internship to become a Reiki master. It took all those years of free service to their Reiki master before the student was certified. This is not a requirement these days, but it still pays to meet regularly with your teaching Reiki master to keep up to date.

Reiki is just the beginning point to energy healing and better health.

Whether you intend to go into business or just heal yourself, your family, friends, plants or animals, Reiki is a wonderful tool for everyone to have! is the spot to go for Reiki treatment, many times, result in instant release of pain, anxiety, stress and tension.They have workshops, courses, and also teach The One Command. 



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tvance 8 years ago from Chehalis, Washington Author

Reiki increases your connection to Source energy...

That connection brings me Joy!

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