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Reiki? What is Reiki?

What Is Reiki? ...And How Can Energy Healing Help You? Article by Taylore Vance, Reiki Master - Reiki Blog for Reiki energy healing. 

History: Did you know that ...Until around 2000 years ago most people practiced laying-on-of-hands as a healing method.

Energy healing, faith healing are not new... and certainly not new age.

Of course, there were the famous few who were really proficient at healing. Others practiced healing with varying degrees of success -- helping those in their areas around the world. Those great ones were thought to have a special gift because of their healing results. Some even raised the dead.

Very few realized that everyone is gifted similarly. The great ones such as Apollonius, The Buddha, and the most well known, Jesus, to name the three you may have heard the most about simply had learned the procedure more thoroughly.

You may not know this word -- "Reiki" (which is a Japanese word -- and is pronounced "ray-key"). Reiki is a spiritual healing technique, that involves, but is not limited to, the laying-on-of-hands.

Reiki is not new -- just the name may sound a little strange... It was rediscovered in the late 1800's by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan, and is thought to have originated as a health practice thousands of years ago.

Reiki is a very simple, yet powerful healing art, you can use on yourself as well as on others, and anyone can be easily taught how to do it. Even children are inclined toward Reiki. It helps them cope with the outside world.

"Reiki" is derived from two Japanese words -"rei," meaning "soul" or "spirit," and "ki," meaning "life force energy." It is Universal energy that seems to have its own consciousness (a mind of its own) and is able to provide exactly what is needed on all levels. The practitioner using Reiki should be neutral and simply flow the healing energy.

Healing with Reiki is a natural ability for the human body and it is a blessing to be able to flow this healing energy. Just like computers, the human mind is hard-wired to flow the Universal Life Force Energy. Reiki is not a religion, but it is spiritual in nature and connects you to the Source Energy that most people call God. Its practice brings inner peace and joy.

Easy To Learn Reiki And Usefor self and others 

In modern technology -- like your computer (if you have one) it is hard-wired to run Windows or do Word processing. All your computer needs is the program -- the software. You already have the ability to flow this healing energy for yourself and for others. The Reiki training--includes attunements and symbols, which are like installing software into the mind. It is a "program", which gives you permission to become a healer and flow Source energy. Reiki is software.

Why not take advantage of using all your natural abilities and choose a better life for yourself?

Connect with Life Force Energy and start manifesting the life you desire.

Reiki Training teaches you how to go about using the healing techniques and the attunements are the software that multiplies the amount of Reiki energy you can flow.

Reiki Treatments Work By Dissolving Or Eliminating Toxic Energy. It takes low energy area and changes them to higher energy. Higher energy means health, wealth and well-being.

Toxic energy and emotional energy blockages are found on many levels of being: the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Energy healing will ease the pain on all these levels.

Becoming Reiki helps people connect to Source Energy, which brings joy, happiness and a deep sense of well-being. The 911 attacks on WTC caused such terror in the hearts that the trauma disconnected people from Source Energy. That is the main reason everyone felt so bad.

Reiki reconnects you with Source Energy. In the center of chaos you will still feel safe and protected. You become Happy for no particular reason.




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tvance profile image

tvance 8 years ago from Chehalis, Washington Author

Take my word -- Reiki is life changing!

tvance profile image

tvance 8 years ago from Chehalis, Washington Author

Reiki works really well with animals.

Cyber Rainbow 7 years ago

090909 is a time for spiritual energy activation

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