Reiki Practitioners

If you are looking for Reiki Practitioners in your area then you'll probably want some information on how to choose a good Reiki healer that would be right for you and your condition.

Reiki is an alternative health practice which originated from Japan and works by 'moving' the energy or life force around the body to heal and promote well-being. The practitioner will use ancient symbols to draw and transfer the energy around the body. You can learn more about the four main Reiki symbols and meanings yourself.

In recent decades, more holistic forms of therapy such as yoga, Chinese medicine and acupuncture are becoming much more mainstream and Reiki is fast following suit as well.

Reiki Practitioners Directory

Often times it can be hard to find a good Reiki Practitioner because many do not advertise in the traditional ways such as telephone directories.  Many of them usually work out of health spas and alternative clinics so you will often find them that way. 

Keep an eye out on bulletin boards in your local area, especially in places that have natural food markets and metaphysical stores.

Although by far the best way to find a Reiki healer is by word of mouth.  And since there is no regulation for Reiki (even though there are many reputable associations) you will need to do your due diligence when searching for the right person for you.

Reiki Practitioners NYC

Probably the best centre in New York for finding a good practitioner is the New York International Reiki Centre which has both classes to learn about it yourself or you can have a healing session by students and teachers at great prices.

Having a healing session by a qualified Reiki Master has been shown to help:

• Natural healing of all unknown and known ailments and illnesses
• Promotion of relaxation
• Increased energy and vitality
• Promotion of inner harmony
• Rejuvenation of physical appearance

It can help with the following conditions:

• Anxiety
• Nervousness
• Blocked Creativity
• Insomnia
• Back, neck, shoulder and body pain
• Fatigue
• Allergies
• Emotions of guilt, grief and anger
• Emotional traumas
• Pregnancy
• Menopause
• Pre-operative surgery and post-operative recovery stress

Reiki Practitioners Wanted

If you are interested in becoming a Reiki Master yourself then you'll need to look at courses in your area or find one online.

Check your local colleges for experienced teachers or courses to help you on the way to your new career.

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