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Resistance Band Exercises

Resistance Bands: A Popular Fitness Choice

Resistance bands, also called tubes, are a significant addition to the exercise programs of athletes and trainees and have recently also become a popular choice of many fitness enthusiasts.

Why Choose A Resistance Band?

What is great about a resistance band is its undemanding nature. It does not require you to go to a gym or have unlimited space at home. It does not require any other device to function well, although there are several accessories to increase difficulty or add variety to your program. It also does not necessitate too much money, as the bands are not only very affordable, but also flexible and efficient. The flexibility that resistance bands can offer allows you to exercise not only the major muscles but also the supporting muscles. Slight differences in movements produce different results.

Don't Like Resistance Bands?

There are many different workouts that require some kind of resistance band or weight. But some workouts don't even require equipment because your entire body can be used as a resistance weight. Check out this video of an insane workout called Insanity With Shaun T to see how you can use resistance from your body.

Exercise bands are manufactured in a wide range of intensity levels to cater to different training needs and target specific muscle groups. Some exercise bands even use a combination of bands to fit their high resistance requirement while others combine the bands with other tools such as the exercise ball, to target a wider range of muscle areas.

In addition, a resistance band frees yourself from the hassle of having to tote along heavy fitness equipment when you need to travel. These bands can fit perfectly in a medium-sized bag and are light enough to be carried around anywhere and everywhere.

Its design is rather simple to understand, and most bands come with an instruction manual or video to guide the buyer.

Tips To Ensure Proper Use

  1. For beginners, it is best to stick with the basic band with handles first so your body can adjust to this new tool. As you progress, you will realize that the band may now be too easy to handle. By this time, you can adjust the length of your band. The shorter it is the greater is the resistance.
  2. Maintain proper posture and correct breathing while doing band exercises. One of the advantages of using a resistance band is that it forces you to assume proper posture since this will be the easiest way to balance. Also, it provides a guide for your breathing -- inhale when the band relaxes and exhale when the band tightens.
  3. Follow a rhythm. Do not do this in haste. Like in any fitness program, quick changes can cause muscle strains.

There are several exercise programs that you can follow to get the most of what the resistance band can offer. Of course, this fitness device has not been a popular choice for no reason.

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