Retirement Seniors

Retirement for Seniors

Retirement for Seniors

Seniors groups are everywhere. They are in most major towns and cities, almost in every country. They are mostly non-religious, non-political but may have ethnic, language or cultural base.

Their Purpose

They serve the purpose of providing company, friendship, entertainment, guidance etc. to the retired seniors who at times feel isolated by the family, have no family or may be lonely or just want to enrich their retirement life.

Reason To Join

Whatever may be the reason, one thing is certain that being a part of such a group lightens up the outlook towards the rest of the retired life and injects a spirit of liveliness. It helps also to improve the health and a person feels enthusiastic to live long enjoyable life.

Their Activities

Depending upon the proximity of the majority members, they may be meeting once every month or every week or as often as the members may wish. They may have lunch together, have entertainment, do Yoga or Zumba or chair exercises, have a discourse, have a sing along, jokes, magic show, see videos, play games and much more. Ocasionally may have outing, visiting places, beach, park, museum, picnic and so on. Their lives are filled with pleasure and excitement.

Your Personal Problem

But it is not limited to just that. There are many more advantages of belonging to a group like this. Our life is very complex. Problems of finance and family relations crop up in almost everybody’s life unexpectedly and at times at the most inconvenient time. These come in varieties of forms, shapes, sizes, natures and colours. Remember, just like a coin has two sides, every problem comes with its own solution on the other side.

The solution? Who Do You Turn To?

Only thing is that there appear to be many alternatives and seeing the right solution and recognising it is not as easy as flipping the coin and seeing the other side. Suppose you chose the wrong solution which instead of solving the problem may even worsen it ? In this dilemma you tend not to do anything and the problem worsens like spreading of untreated cancer. You can’t even sleep properly because of the lingering question “who do I turn to? In whom do I confide?”

Who Are The Members of the Seniors Group?

Now remember this being a 55+ Seniors Group, there are members from 55 years of age to may be 95 to 100 years age and over. They have worked or are working in the various fields of expertise like scientists, mathematicians, legal aids, family counselling, women’s rights, senior’s rights, parent’s rights, centrelink, dementia, financial planning, accountants, solicitors, loan brokers, in various banks in share trading departments, stock market consultants, bank managers, real estate agents, and so on. These may be still working in influential executive positions in government or private multinational company, banks, semi-retired or have established their own business. Here is a large pool of knowledge, experience and wisdom

They Are Your Friends

However, they are now an integral part of your seniors Group. They are your very close friends. You meet them informally every month, every week or every so often, have lunch with them or have an outing or a picnic with them or do Yoga or chair exercise or may have become a part of the drama or singing group.

Join the Group, Make New Friends

Isn’t that a great relief? Instead of having to go outside in the wide world and talk to a total stranger, you have now “one of your own” whom you can trust with your problem? Many problems are cultural based, and who other than a person from the same culture will understand it better? Believe me you will not find that kind of comfort and peace of mind anywhere outside of seniors group. So why not join your kind of Seniors Group?

Don’t Hide Your Problem

Indian mentality is such that we tend not to trust anybody, hide our problem and in the end suffer depression with dire consequences to our problem. At times it was difficult to find a right person with the right type of wisdom that can help you solve your problem. This may have been true for the earlier days when society was small and there were not many people with right type of knowledge and information. The wisdom was limited to their own experience within their small circle of activities. But in the present day of information technology guidance can be sought by an expert in the field from across the universe. So a tailor made solution can be prepared which will just fit your problem.

You Can Trust

Depending upon the personal problem you are faced with, any one or more of the friends in your seniors group may be your first base of private and confidential consultation. You know the person so you know that you can trust him/her. So be bold, frank and open minded and plunge. One more thing to bear in mind, with the vast human population of 7 billion, you can’t be the only one with your kind of problem. You have a company of may be over a hundred, or even thousand people !

Seniors Groups

ISCA seniors celebrating Independence Day 15th August
ISCA seniors celebrating Independence Day 15th August | Source
Dancing at a Seniors Group
Dancing at a Seniors Group | Source
MP Anna Burke addressing ISCA Seniors Group
MP Anna Burke addressing ISCA Seniors Group | Source
Talented singer Shriram entertaining NRISA Seniors on Independence Day
Talented singer Shriram entertaining NRISA Seniors on Independence Day | Source
NRISA Seniors Group launching 'Chaupal' Programma.
NRISA Seniors Group launching 'Chaupal' Programma. | Source
Dr. and Mrs. Bedi guest singers at NARISA Seniors Group
Dr. and Mrs. Bedi guest singers at NARISA Seniors Group | Source
Chair Exercise class conducted by Subhash Chandra.
Chair Exercise class conducted by Subhash Chandra. | Source
Chair Exercise class conducted by Subhash Chandra.
Chair Exercise class conducted by Subhash Chandra. | Source
ISCA Seniors watching Video movie presented by Dr. Sood.
ISCA Seniors watching Video movie presented by Dr. Sood. | Source

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