Weight loss top secret, fat loss secret

Why detoxification?

Detoxifying veges
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Weight loss top secret, fat loss secret

Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst is the proud owner and creator of "Top Secret Fat Loss Secret" weight loss program. The doctor is a renowned specialist on the digestive and colon system; she has over seven years experience in researching and advocating the importance of preventative and corrective dieting in order to sustain a healthy digestive and colon system. The good doctor created a top rated weight loss program to address the total functions and dysfunctions of the digestive system. The purpose of her program is to assist anyone, especially overweight people on how to revitalize and make the digestive system healthy again. However, Dr. Gudakunst did not stop with her weight loss program, she wrote a book with the same tittle that compliments her program exceedingly.

The "top secret fat loss secret" book is a complete study of the digestive system and the importance of incorporating a detoxing cleanse before, during, and after the program; the extermination of plague and parasites from the colon; how and why protecting the vital organs and systems of the body from destructive toxins are of paramount importance in addressing any form of obesity. Dr. Dudakunst book covers in detail the working process of the digestive system; how to effectively eliminate the digestive disorders that prevents us from losing weight and how to successfully shed the excess and unwanted pounds with a complete weight loss program suited to your specific lifestyle.

Top secret, fat loss secret book

Between the covers on the 49 page book "Top secret fat loss secret", there's an array of must-read informative weight loss topics that cover just about everything you will need to know on total body detoxification, shedding excess and unwanted pounds and restoring vitality to your body. Her book discusses these topics in detail but for this review we will summarize a few of the fundamental topics. 1) Fat loss - what happens to the toxins trapped in fat cells when fat is dissolved; 2) Proper dieting - how to prepare foods beneficial to losing weight, useful tips on the intake of proteins, carbohydrates, monounsaturated fatty acids, food absorption and metabolic states, etc, 3) Total body detoxification - the removal of harmful parasites, Candida Albicans and plagues, free radicals, poisoned mucus, unfriendly bacteria, etc. 4) Water - a guide on the adequate amount of water for maximizing system flushing. For complete details and benefits, grab a copy of "Top secrets fat loss secrets".

Advantages and disadvantages

In summarizing the advantages and disadvantages of Dr. Dudakunst weight loss program, an unbiased examination of the program's capability to achieve lasting results is good for all weight watchers. The advantage of "Top secret fat loss secret" is the fact that it deals with all aspects of comprehensive dieting. The program is basically the Bible on total body detoxification and colon cleansing; flushing the system of toxins and free radicals; the best ways to significantly improve body metabolism naturally by identifying and consuming proper foods and diet types best suited for you. Furthermore, Dr. Gudakunst designed a set of quizzes to help anyone discover their own micro-nutrient ratio, the ultimate aid to good dieting which is available on-line where you can find updates on current digestive patterns and tract your individual progress and improvement.

The disadvantages I found with this program, well, I found only one. It does not incorporate physical exercise. Then again, keeping fit is a personal issue and most people naturally have activities that keep them in shape. However, for a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise is encouraged for the well being of every one. Which makes "Top secret fat loss secret" an excellent weight loss program, it is very beneficial in restoring the total well being of the body. Therefore to maximize its effect some form of cardiovascular exercise should accompany the doctor's program, which could be accomplish effortlessly through walking or cycling to work, taking the dog on longer walks or you could come up with something that gets your circulation and respiratory systems going. In any case, Top secret fat loss secret is a great program for losing weight and restoring optimum health.

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