Reviews Of The ChaLean Extreme Workout Routine

Chalene Johnson just came out with her newest fitness workout called Chalean Extreme. Its a play on of words but who cares, if it works?! Not only is the Chalean extreme workout made for both men and women it also is a rival to the already popular p90x workout system.

The ChaLean Extreme is a 90 day workout system with each workout between 30 and 45 minutes long. Each day will have a new workout and a system to follow just like with the p90x.

So far many have enjoyed the shorter workouts as with the p90x you would have to make time for a 60 minute long workout. Finding one hour in an already busy day can be difficult and can lead to failure with any workout routine. Its proven that if a person can complete an entire workout in a shorter period of time, such as 30 minutes, they are more likely to succeed or complete the entire system. The longer the workout, the easier it is to get burnt out.

Your Review Of ChaLean Extreme

We want YOUR reviews of the ChaLean Extreme workout program to post on this page for other people to read. Not only will you help others make a choice but people will actually read what your thoughts, either good or bad about this workout program.

Did it work for you? Have you noticed any changes? Please post in the comment section below and we will eventually add your review of the chalean extreme on this page. 

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Tawana 7 years ago

I ordered the set from eBay. It was a few bucks cheaper but came in 2 days. I started with P90x earlier this year and thought the workouts were great. I was unemployed at the time and was able to devote the 1 hour per day to workout. Then I became employed and found it extremely difficult to maintain the workouts. I researched Chalean and read the reviews and thought this could be the workout for me. Today was Day 1 and I can honestly say I loved it. I loved the fact I did not need a pull up bar and also loved the fact the workout was 30-35 minutes. Something I can definitely fit into my daily routine. I am looking forward to seeing my 30,60 and 90 day result. For any women reading this post I would have to say that although P90x and Chalean are for men and women, I think P90x is more male oriented and Chalean is more female oriented.

ufgcom profile image

ufgcom 7 years ago from Florida Author


Its true that P90X is more oriented towards men and Chalean Extreme for women. I think more people know about p90x than chalean extreme only because its older and is advertised more on tv. I personally have done a few of the workouts and liked that everything was free weight oriented. I hate doing pull ups and you do a ton of those through p90x.

The point about the workouts only being 30-35 minutes is a great point because sometimes p90x just seems too long. In today's crazy and busy world people don't want to buy a product that takes 60 minutes or more to get a full workout. I believe that is why Chalean once more people find out about it will be more popular than p90x.

It is a great workout and does build muscle. I'm a guy and would rather do the Chalean Extreme workout than P90X.

Thanks for your review!

ChaLEAN Extreme Reviews 7 years ago

Nice writeup...

In my opinion, the ChaLEAN Extreme workout is every bit as good as P90X -- it just doesn't have the same exposure yet. It definitely works like gangbusters if you're willing to follow the program though.

tess 6 years ago

I did P90X about a year ago and it was extreme although I agree that it's more male oriented. I don't have much of a weight problem but I would like to tone my body and a little bit of muscles is what I foucs on. P90X did that. I got stronger.

Now, I'm on my 2nd month of Chalean Extreme and I love the work-out. Chalean is a good motivator and it's more female oriented. P90X made me stronger but Chalean gave me more endurance. I love both work-outs!

Alicia 5 years ago

I just ordered ChaLean Extreme and I am very excited to start this program. I did Insanity and lost a lot of weight but im looking for something that'll tone me up and have some cardio in it too cause Insanity was just CARDIO. Reading these reviews makes me really excited to start and see my results =)

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