Week 2-No competition as to who's lost more weight

Preparation for a big Meal out

 I still can't bring myself to tell my friends that I've gone back to WW. The last time I was at WW I we went together, and it felt like a competition (we're a little competative) and I don't want the added stress.

We're going out on Wednesday for a Chinese meal (luckly just after weigh-in) so I'm going to be very careful with the points this week

Last weigh in - 11s 6lbs (160lbs) official loss to date 3.5lbs. Previous moring weigh-in 159.4
Day1 - 159.0. I managed to go for a short walk at dinnertime
Day2 - 158.8 Another walk at dinner time, although I ended up having a McD's Chicken Nuggets happy meal (6.5pts with diet coke). I went over my points today by 1 pt so not too bad as I was well under yesterday
Day3 - 158.8 had rather large breakfast, but still managed to stay within my daily 18pt allowance. Spent a couple of hours digging and sweeping the garden, so must have earned extra activity points.
Day4 - 159.0 Much careful with eating, filled up on raspberrys and strawberries
Day5 - 158.4 back to work - routine as normal
Day6 - 157.6 Managed to do a slightly longer walk at lunchtime today
Day7 - 157.4 Kept my eating to a minimum today, getting in the mood for blow-out chinese after weigh-in

Weighed in at WW 11s 4lb weeks loss 2lb. Total loss todate 5.5lb. With a bit of luck I should get my first Silver 7 next week, (if the chinese tonight doesn't blow it!!)


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