Safety Precautions during Typhoons

Safety Precautions during Typhoons

  1. Keep your radio on and listen to the latest weather bulletin and announcements.
  2. Don’t pay attention to rumors.
  3. Stay away from low-lying beaches or other locations which may be swept away by high tides or storm waves. If your only passage to high ground is over a road likely to be under water during a severe storm, then leave early.
  4. If your house can’t be affected by a high tide and is well-built or anchored, then it is probably the best place to be during a storm.
  5. Board up and securely fasten windows. Makeshift boarding may do more harm than good. Whenever applicable, anchor the house with strong wires.
  6. Get extra food, particularly those that don’t need to be cooked and are easy to prepare. Remember that electric power may be cut off.
  7. If emergency cooking facilities are necessary, be sure they work.
  8. Store water as water service may be cut off.
  9. Always keep a flashlight handy.
  10. Check everything that may be blown away or turn loose. Flying objects are dangerous during typhoons.
  11. If the eye of the typhoon has passed your house, there may be a lull lasting for a few minutes to half an hour. Stay in a safe place. Make emergency repairs during the lull if necessary. But remember that the wind will return suddenly from the opposite direction with even greater violence.
  12. Be calm. Your ability to handle an emergency will inspire others and help them.

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madelaine montinola 8 years ago

hello im madel plz add me friendster poh................actually those answers i got are a verygood answer in my reports ....

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trisha  6 years ago

hi im plz add me in facebook and pls. write the things to do AFTER typhoons coz' it is my ass. haha

angghe 6 years ago

..may i request you to write other tips about "before" and "after".. the typhoon strikes.. thankx.. by the way.. this answers are good..anyway.. can you add me up in again..

kathlyn 6 years ago

after typhoon

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Cindy 5 years ago

The answers I got from this websiten was very helpful and I got excellent answers in My Report, Thank you for this,

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hanwillingham 5 years ago

It is a very useful hub. Thanks for posting.

kemie saurez 5 years ago

as a soldier what to do in order to help civilan during typhoon?

charlaye maye fajardo 5 years ago

actualy nakakuha poh ako dito ng tamang sagot thanks poh dito ha...........'

aqkocxii012 kath valencia 4 years ago

yung short sentence nga poh tamad poh kasi ako magsulat pero OK na rin po iyan .nakahelp din po iyan sa ass. THANKS!=)

christine rabuga 4 years ago

thank u for posting this topic it helps us for making our science project thank you thank you 10x i just want to greet all of the GVS students and staff

-thank you 10x

dax 4 years ago

mga dugo

dax 4 years ago

rong comment

what is safety precautions

krystaljoybustillo 3 years ago

maraming salamat po ?

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yena da kanna saukiamma? ......

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