What is Salmonellosis?

Salmonellosis is an infection caused by Salmonella bacteria.


People who get infected by the Salmonella bacteria develop dirrhea, vomiting, fever, typhoid and abdominal cramps. This normally happens within 12 to 72 hours after infection.


Salmonellosis normally lasts 3 to 7 days, most affected persons recover without treatment. However, in some persons the diarrhea may be so severe that the patient becomes dangerously dehydrated, and must be taken to a hospital. Typhoidal Salmonella which can lead to typhoid fever is a very rare and should be treated with due care.


One of the common causes of Salmonellosis is interaction with reptiles such as turtles, snakes and lizards as they can carry the Salmonella bacteria on their skin.
It can also be contracted from poultry, pork, cattle, infected eggs, milk and egg products. Pet rodents can also carry the disease. Tainted fruits and vegetables can also carry the Salmonella bacteria.
Typhoidal Salmonella is only carried by humans, and is usually contracted through direct contact with the fecal matter of an infected person. It therefore mainly occurs in countries that do not have advanced systems for handling human waste.



Turtles are commonly kept as pets. Make sure you don't handle them unless very necessary. One should also avoid touching their tank or aquarium. Always wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap after you touch your turtle or its tank. Same is with snakes and other reptiles.
Always be very careful while buying edibles especially meet, poultry, fruits and vegetables and purchase it from places that follow the standards of food. Keep them refrigerated in your home.
Throw away cracked or dirty eggs, and cook eggs thoroughly
Also wash your hands after you use the bathroom, also before eating any food and cooking something.
Wash hands immediately after handling raw poultry or raw eggs.


Both Salmonellosis and the Salmonella genus of microorganisms derive their names from a modern Latin coining after Daniel E. Salmon (1850–1914), an American veterinary surgeon. He had help from Theobald Smith, and together they found the bacterium in pigs.

How common is Salmonellosis

Every year, approximately 40,000 cases of this disease are reported in the United States only. The actual number might be about thirty or more times greater as many mild cases are not even reported. It is more common in summer than winter. About 400 people die of this disease each year.
According to another source about 142,000 Americans are infected each year with Salmonella enteritidis from chicken eggs only and about 30 die. Please note that this is an estimate and not the number of reported cases as in the above paragraph the figure 40,000 was of the cases reported.

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poetlorraine 7 years ago

that was interesting, so many affected wow, and was surprised to read how people get infected...

Ultimate Hubber profile image

Ultimate Hubber 7 years ago Author

When I read this info first, I was also surprised to see the number of infected people. Never knew Salmonellosis is this common.

fastfreta profile image

fastfreta 7 years ago from Southern California

Very good article, I never realized how serious this ailment is. When my children were young they had turtles as pets, I guess I can be thankful that they were never infected. This is very important information that parents should keep close. Very good hub, thanks for the research.

Ultimate Hubber profile image

Ultimate Hubber 7 years ago Author

Children and old people are more prone to this disease and according to statistics of the United States, most cases of Salmonellosis were that of children under five years of age.

It is also recommended that you should remove turtles from your place in case there are infants in the same house.

I am so glad you liked my article. :)

dohn121 profile image

dohn121 7 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

Hry, UH. Thanks for the tips on Salmpnella. Funny how the "S" word in the restaurant business isnmt shit but Salmonella!

Ultimate Hubber profile image

Ultimate Hubber 7 years ago Author


Cool new avatar.

LOL, I didn't know this before but does make sense. :)

emievil profile image

emievil 7 years ago from Philippines

This is a very common illness here. Sometimes, a group of people get salmonella because they eat food prepared with tainted egg or something! Thanks for the hub, especially the prevention part. Will keep that in mind. :)

Ultimate Hubber profile image

Ultimate Hubber 7 years ago Author

Thanx for commenting Emievil. It can easily be prevented and should not be common, wish people will care like you do.

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