Say Yes to Failure and then turn it into success

Many of you would have read or listened that “ Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm (Winston Churchill)”. But to get understanding of this you have to read the story of a child. He tasted the Failure first time at the age of six, and this was the start of his practical life. His father was a wood dealer, and this six year old child burnt the one stock of stored woods. He actually wanted to know that “what happened when we fire a piece of wood?” and “how one piece of wood caches the fire from a burning nearby piece?” . A large quantity of stockpiled wood turned into burnt coal as a result of this experiment. His father rewarded this great “success” by bashing and beating him in front whole village. The child bore the punishment but this did not stop him from experimenting. So he continued the process of learning.

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm (Winston Churchill).
Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm (Winston Churchill).
What happen if a man sits on eggs instead of birds
What happen if a man sits on eggs instead of birds

Second Experiment

His second experiment was about giving birth of a human child from a chicken egg. His logic was that when a bird sits upon eggs and give them warmth in order to hatch them, young bird come out from eggs. So in the same way if some human sits upon eggs in order to hatch them “What could possibly be the result?” . To solve this mystery one day he sits on some eggs of egret. But the eggs got broken immediately, and his pent got dirty. He got punished for this failure, once again. His third experiment was to fly like birds. He observed that the birds eat insects and bugs. This observation leads him to think that there must me some kind of power in these insects and bugs which enable birds to fly. So he gathered some of commonly found bugs and insects which he many times observed being eaten by birds. He meshed them up, make a kind of juice and somehow managed to get this juice drunk by their family maid. The maid got pain in her stomach and she suffered from a really bad condition. Once again the punishment was the result of all this. But he could not forbid himself to take things in a way which other do not, which we today say “thinking out of box”. He made “failure” his power, and in the days to come he became biggest inventor of the worlds by his powers. He simply changed the world.

Thomas Edison when he was a boy
Thomas Edison when he was a boy

Who was this child?

This was Thomas Edison, the biggest inventor of the world. Today if we go to any corner of the world and just sit anywhere, we can witness dozens of his inventions by just looking around. Today we do not have the words to really say thanks to him. I believe that if our children are being taught the story of Edison, the ratio of success will increase among them. They will learn from childhood that if someone want to bring change he can do it alone. They will also get lesson that “failure” is actually not the failure. It is just a step toward “success”. If you never fail you will probably never be successful.

The railway adventure of Edison

Edison was an outlandish character of recent past. He was considered a dumb and naughty child who has no interest in syllabus. And he was unregistered from school due to his excessive questions. But her mother understood his case and she herself started teaching him. At the age of 15, he started selling things by walking in trains. This was not allowed in trains at that time, but he used to go daily on train station and asked for the permission from railway officials. He did the practice for many months till the time train officials surrendered against his demand and gave him permission to sell thing by hodding . Total time of journey was more than four hours. He started his own newspaper during this profession. He gathered different news from different stations on the way, wrote by himself by hand, made the printing plates for them. He made a small printing press in the train. He used to print the gathered news and sell them in train. He made a small laboratory in an empty carriage of train. He spent his spare time there doing experiments. One day his laboratory was destroyed by an explosion in it and that railway carriage caught fire. This time also, he was being beaten due to what he did. He even lost about 50% of his hearing ability during his railway adventures in an accident.

Further Failures

The journey of his failure continues … but now he is so used to it. After he was expelled by railway officials and was forbidden for being selling anything on train, he managed to get a job in telegraph office. At that time telegraph office can receive or transmit one message at a time. And people have to wait a lot for their messages being sent. Edison invented a method by which office can send or receive multiple messages at the same time. This was a revolution in the history of telegraph. Due to his restless nature he was also fired from telegraph office on the account that during some of his experiments he spilled Sulphuric Acid which reached the table of his boss. Now he joined another big company in New York who was responsible for gold prices ups and downs considering many market factors. Here he invented a latest calculation machine for them. And then from here a journey begins which ends on turning of a uneducated man to be the biggest inventor of the world.

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"Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration." Thomas EdisonThomas Edison with his phonograph Thomas Edison in a public demonstration of his incandescent light bulb in the United States
"Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration." Thomas Edison
"Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration." Thomas Edison
Thomas Edison with his phonograph
Thomas Edison with his phonograph
Thomas Edison in a public demonstration of his incandescent light bulb in the United States
Thomas Edison in a public demonstration of his incandescent light bulb in the United States

Biggest inventor of world from an unsuccessful man

He later set up his own factory cum laboratory, and here he brought the concept of teamwork in invention, which makes the foundation for today’s industrial research labs. He invented an automatic Telegraph, and here he was able to made a special paper (Paraffin Paper)for it, which can get more than three and half thousand words in a minute. He corrected system of type writer. Telephone was invented by Graham Bell but its receiver was invented by Edison. He also worked to improve the quality of voice on telephone. Today we all listen iPod, CD Player, Tape Recorder etc. all of which are the evolution of Gramophone. And Gramophone was invented by him. Today we all see LCDs with computes, TV or Cinema which are actually the evolution of motion pictures and projectors. Both projectors and technique of moving pictures were developed by Edison. And most famously electric bulb was developed by him, and that is why we can see light all around in world. Tram, the train which runs on roads, which even today can be found at some places in Europe and US, was also developed by Edison. Electric street lights were first installed by Edison in New Yark and then this trend spread all over the world. We all use cement in buildings, the cement in its current form which is called OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement) was also invented by him. And he also invented a method to commercially produce the cement at bulk which then turned into a cement factory.

The first machine to count the notes was also invented by him. He also discovered the methods to get pure metals from ores. He invented a machine which made process of mining easier than those which were used at his time. He successfully made the carbonic acid and battery for automobile. These are just some of big examples of his inventions where are there are hundreds of other smaller one as well. And these inventions have changed the world culture.

Real Skill of Thomas Edison

But these all inventions are not what his real skill is. If his work was just limited to these all inventions, that may not be something so great that compelled me to write this hub. His real skill and talent was hopefulness. Failure is not a failure to him. For inventing a light bulb he did twenty thousand unsuccessful experiments. To make device which can store commercially usable amount of electricity (acid battery), he did ten thousand failed experiments but he never lost hope to be successful. From gramophone to making a cement factory he encountered failure many thousands of times. Also he was not so lucky enough to get enough ancestral wealth to just do research as leisure time activity. He always had to learn earn and experiment all together. His biggest wish was to be born on Mars as he came to know that on Mars the day is 40 minute longer than compared to the day of earth. Although Edison is an inventor many usable modern things, his real achievement was to change the concept failure and success. If we compare his failure and success, the failures may be many times more than success. But still he is a successful man. He has proved that a poor, uneducated and deaf person can change the fate of whole world just by continues efforts and untiring work. And any one change ones failure into ones success, and we are sure of it because Edison did it.

And at last salute to mother of Edison, his teacher and source of inspiration for Edison throughout his life.

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Scribenet profile image

Scribenet 4 years ago from Ontario, Canada

Good to remember for all online writers!

ahmed.b profile image

ahmed.b 4 years ago from Sweden Author

Thank you Scribenet for appreciation.

irfan kamyaby profile image

irfan kamyaby 4 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan

I often tell the the inspirational story of Edison, and this article provided me more knowledge. Shukran!

kathryn1000 profile image

kathryn1000 3 years ago from London

This is really wonderful..I didn't know about his background.Maybe he will encourage us all.Thank you,Ahmed,Kathryn

ahmed.b profile image

ahmed.b 3 years ago from Sweden Author

@Irfan and Kathryn1000. Thank you for stopping by and being inspired. And yes it is right that most appreciative and successful persons were those that had had a great deal of failure. Once we got it right, there was no turning back for them.

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