Scalar Energy Pendant

  • Improves blood Circulation
  • Improves stamina, endurance & strength
  • Alleviates soreness, aches & pains, and improves flexibility
  • Calms the mind & improves focus / concentration
  • Energises blook cells & reduces "stickiness"

Improves Circulation, Neutralises Harmful Energies

Strengthens Your Body's Bio-Energy field to protect from harmful electromagnetic waves

Restores balance & harmony to the body & Increases Your Energy Levels

Now, you can achieve better health and greater vitality, by neutralising negative energies, and re-charging your body's energy field with the right energy frequencies with Scalar Energy Pendant.

Made in Korea, using advanced nanotechnology know-how, with natural minerals structurally bonded together, Scalar Energy Pendant restores balance and harmony to the body.

Scalar Energy Pendant is tested to emit FIR, scalar energy and negative ion, and contain Germanium 99.999% . Certified by reputable bodies, including Korean Far Infrared Association (KFIA/KIFA), Ajou University, Korea and SGS.

Scalar Energy Pendant (SE Pendant)

About Scalar Energy Pendant


Improving Circulation & Balancing the Body's Bio-Energy Field

Our bodies are made of energy. To achieve and maintain vibrant health, we must protect our energy frequency and flow (or circulation) throughout the body

The principles of energy medicine originate from quantum physics. Everything in the universe is made of energy. Like all matter, the human body is not just made up of physical and chemical structures, it also has subtle energy fields known as bio-energy. We continuously radiate, absorb and conduct frequancy waves of energy. Bio-energy is crucial to life and is sometimes called "the biofield", "vital energy", "aura", "Qi" (Chinese), "Prana" (India), "Mana" (Polynesian), "Barraka" (Islamic), "Ki" (Japanese), etc. To attain and maintain vibrant health, we must protect the vital bio-energy flow throughout our body. It must be free-flowing, and in perfect vibration or frequency. Any disruption or imbalance to the bio-energy pathways or "vibrations" can lead to disharmony, ill health and diseases.

Unfortunately, many factors such as stress, pollution, increasing radiation from electromagnetic waves (mobile phone, radio, computer, television, microwave oven, wireless, etc), sedentary lifestyle, poor water quality and poor diet, can weaken body's bio-energy or disrupt its flow and circulation.

FIR : Improves Circulation & Energises Body Fluid

The total length of the blood vessels in the human body is 60,000km long! Imagine blood has to travel that distance every 1-2 minutes to deliver oxygen and nutrients to all the cells and to remove waste material from them. Numerous studies have shown that FIR dilates capillary vessels, thus facilitating blood circulation for better oxygen and nutrient delivery, and for more effective toxin removal.

Some toxic gases, including carbon dioxide, or heavy metals like mercury and chlorine are easily trapped in large water clusters in the body. FIR causes the water molecules to vibrate, resulting in the breakdown of their cluster size. Consequently, trapped toxic waste gases and other toxic materials are released, and ultimately flushed out of the body. Together with the improved circulation, reduced water cluster size in the body wil result in improve cellular function, better energy and vitality. For people who suffer from aches and pains, FIR offers the welcome relief of improved flexibility and mobility , and the disappearance of pain and stiffness.

Scalar Energy : Strengthens & Restores Balance to the Body's Bio-Energy

First discovered by James Clerk Maxwell in the 19th century, and proven by Nikola Tesla, Scalar energy existence is also acknowledged by Nobel Prize winner, Albert Einstein, Researchers at the Max Planck Institute, Germany, found that scalar energy unclumps and activates living cells. Scalar energy also increases cellular energy for trillions of cells and overall body energy levels, and nullifies the harmful effects of man made frequencies. Together, this helps to balance and strengthen the body's bio-energy.

Germanium : Facilitates The Conductivity & Flow of Bio-Energy

Since 1858, in Lourdes, a small town in south-western France, many purportedly found that their pain, aches and illnesses miraculously disappeared after dipping into a spring, now known as the famous "Holy Spring of Lourdes". Scientist later attributed the spring's healing properties to its high content of Germanium.

One of the most fundamental properties of Germanium is its semi-conductivity, i.e. its ability to donate and receive electrons easily. Many of Germanium's healing properties may be due to this intrinsic electronic quality. Coupled with its ability to neutralise the effects of positive ions that can impede the smooth flow of energy, Germanium is able to "correct" and facilitate the flow of the body's bio-energy, hence, increasing energy levels, and relieving pain and stiffness.

Negative Ions : Invigorate & Refresh The Mind & Body

Ever wondered why the air feels more invigorating and you feel fresher when you are at the waterfall or in the mountains? This is due to the abundance of "feel good" negative ions in the air. Research has confirmed the beneficial effects of negative ions on living things - plants grow faster and healthier, animals are calmer and perform tasks better, and humans become less stressed and more alert.

Negative ions have been found to facilitate the delivery of oxygen to cells, which stimulate bodily functions and rejuvenation. They also increase the flow of oxygen to the brain; resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness, and more mental energy. Studies have also shown that negative ions help to lift mood, alleviate depression and stimulate body's reticuloendothelial system: a group of defense cells in our bodies which marshal our resistance to disease.

Unfortunately, air-conditioning, exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke, fluorescent lighting, cellular phones, electrical and electronic equipment, TV and computer screens - all these adversely deplete negative ions from our surroundings and instead increase positive ions, which have been linked to muscle and joint aches, irritability, mood swings, headaches, insomnia, lethargy, lessened efficiency and general lack of health.

How To Use


Wear Scalar Energy Pendant over the neck, or place it directly on the affected body area (e.g. knee, back, shoulder, ankle, etc.) to relieve stiffness or soreness.


SE Pendant turns the water in your body into healthy, energized, small-clustered water!

SE Pendant does more than just break down the water molecules and energizing your drinking water. When you wear it, it keeps the water in your body grouped into small cell-penetrating clusters. These tiny clusters of water easily pass through cell membranes, carrying nutrients & oxygen into our cells, and waste & toxins out. This easy passage of water into and out of our cells is what keeps the cells clean, young and healthy.


Try the tests below and be amazed with how Scalar Energy Pendant can improve your flexibility, strength and balance.

Flexibility tests

  • Stand straight with both legs slightly apart. Extend your right arm in front of you, 90° perpendicular to the body, while making a fist with your thumb pointing away from you. Slowly turn your upper body in a clockwise position as far back as you can reach. Note the farthest position you can reach. Repeat the test wearing Scalar Energy Pendant. With Scalar Energy Pendant, you'll be more flexible, and able to turn your body farther.
  • Stand straight with both legs slightly aprt. Slowly bend over, reaching as far down as you can to touch your toes. Repeat the test wearing Scalar Energy Pendant. With Scalar Energy Pendant, you'll be more flexible, and are able to bend farther down.

Flexibility Test

Strength test

Stand straight with both legs slightly apart.

Place both hands straight behind your back with fingers in an interlocking position. Get a friend to press down on your interlocked fingers as you resist with all your strength.

Repeat the test with Scalar Energy Pendant. Scalar Energy Pendant will enable you to resist better, and be stronger while wearing the pendant.

Balance Test


Balance yourself on one leg, and lift both arms to the side until they are 90° perpendicular to the body. Get a friend to try tipping your balance by pressing down on either arm, while you attempt to keep your balance.

Repeat the test wearing Scalar Energy Pendant. You will notice that you are better able to keep your balance with the pendant.

More tests to prove the existence of the subtle energy in Scalar Energy Pendant

Lemon tastes less sour!

Slice a lemon. Place one slice on a thin plate with Scalar Energy Pendant underneath. Place another slice on a plate without the pendant at least 3 feet away from the other plate. Set them aside for 20-30 minutes. Taste and compare the lemon "treated" with Scalar Energy Pendant and then taste the "untreated" one. The "treated" lemon tastes significantly less sour. This proves that even without being in actual contact with the lemon, the energy in the pendant is able to change the molecules in the lemon.

Repeat with liquor, soy sauce, salt, and cigarettes! You'd be amazed that they taste or smell different.

Ice Melts Faster!

Place one ice cube on top of Scalar Energy Pendant and another on a plate. Note that the ice cube on top of Scalar Energy Pendant will melt faster than the one left on a plate. This shows that the energy in the pendant is able to activate the molecules in the ice causing the ice to melt faster even when the temperature of the pendant remains cold. We challenge you to repeat this test with other energy pendants!

Clinical Proofs


SE Pendant is tested to emit FIR, Scalar Energy and Negative Ion, and contain Germanium 99.999%. Certified by reputable bodies, including Korean Far Infrared Association (KFIA/KIFA), Ajou University, Korea and SGS.

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terry Valentine 7 years ago


I am terry Valentine from india would like to buy scaler pendant could u please send the detail on my e-mail add

thankz and regards

Terry Valentine(009322233295)

k.s.ravichandran 7 years ago

i want tariff details

Wiranto 7 years ago

I want to buy a FIR and negative ion Tester?

gilbert sagmit 7 years ago

fantastic!!! i have a friend who wears that and man... is she very strong!!!

ALWIN PINTO 7 years ago

i am staying in mumbai india , if u have any address of persons who sell scaler pendant kindly let me know, my telphone is : 0091-250-2300406 & email id is


alwin pinto

Lito Miranda 7 years ago

Hi. . . I'd like to order SE Pendant & the Quantum bracelet for me and my wife. I'm a 60 yr. old overweight retiree. I weigh 100 kg. and an insulin- dependent diabetic. Just 4 months ago I underwent "angioplasty" procedure (one stent). I'm mentioning this because it might affect my stent if I use the SE Pendant and Quantum bracelet. Thank you . . .

sanjay patil 7 years ago

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goodfaith 7 years ago

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H P Sokhi 7 years ago

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H P Sokhi 7 years ago

We are marketing the Scaler Energy pendants throughout world with a unique business opportunity. Visit for details.Call +919216991209 for details.

H P Sokhi 7 years ago

We are marketing the Scaler Energy pendants throughout world with a unique business opportunity. Visit for details.Call +919216991209 for details.

neriza 7 years ago

very effective....

nine 7 years ago

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Marco A. Maglana 7 years ago

amazing product. im selling it too here in the Philippines. 0919-2263200 or 0923-9381830

MENZI 7 years ago


MENZI 7 years ago


ian mpjo 6 years ago

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Kirt Menard 6 years ago

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rob roy 6 years ago

the terminator was made from this stuff - it is reaally cool - buy one NOW

emaxxvan 6 years ago

Hello to those who wants the Scalar Energy Pendant.. I'm Evan Miramon in Lahug, Cebu City. It really works for me, I have a friend who had a stroke just few days ago, she was in ICU for 2 days in Cebu Doctors Hosp. we let her to wear the SE pendant then recovery is amazing for 2 days out from very expensive room called I.C.U. for more details you can call/text me. 4131250 Cell. no. 09297449959 6 years ago

i want to know if this helps me have a baby too and how,what to do

captainspinner 6 years ago

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mar 6 years ago

hi im one of the user of scalar pendant, goodfaith scalar is really proven w/ iso certificate so beware of fake.

ravi kumar 6 years ago

please send me details of this product

Chacko George 6 years ago


I am using the Quantum Scalar pendant and I have seen the result on myself and on my family members too, its excellent.

I was very impressed when I saw the demo, and immediately bought the pendant to begin with.

Then I tried it on my father who is 90 years old and has Verito problem. Because of this he has a balancing problem so he use take the support of the wall or any other object when he moved about in the house.

I bought the FusionExcel Scalar bracelet (of course first I tried the pendant saw the positive result on him)and made him wear it. I saw an excellent result, he walk about without wobbling anymore.

My Mom (81 years) who could not sleep on left side for years, I tried it on her and she said the pain is almost gone and she can sleep on the left too.

I work on the computer for more than 12 hours and I use to always feel the fatigue, but now I don't feel the fatigue, in fact I am energetic even after being at the computer for more than 12 hours. More focused and alert too.

I have given to others too, testimonies are excellent.

If you would like to have any of these product, you can contact me at Email: I stay at I.C. Colony,Borivli (W, Mumbai 103.

Best Regards

Chacko George

mahmood shaikh 6 years ago

plz contact me for pendent and mini pendent.09321021421

Scalar Energy Pendant 6 years ago

These pendants are incredible. I've seen the results for myself and for my friends and family as well. It really does work!

I find the only way people can believe it is once they try it themselves. Especially after being muscle tested.

Nicole 6 years ago

This is very effective. It makes me concentrate well. I also do things well, thus makes me more active.

NAMAN DEEP 6 years ago

I am naman from india would like to buy scaler pendant could u please send the detail on my e-mail add

thankz and regards

jennifer biliran 6 years ago

hi!im jennifer biliran,im just asking about your pendant how much the price...can you send my e mail..thank you so much!!!


Nand Kaushik 6 years ago

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jhaina arce 6 years ago

effective im currently using it now...

grace 6 years ago

wow!!haven't read any negative reactions yet! this sounds good ima buy one for myself..:)

Prakash K 5 years ago


I need o know the price of this product and will i get it in mumbai, My email id --

awaiting your prompt reply on this ...


Scalar energy India 5 years ago

lifemantra is one of the best Scalar energy provider In mumbai India get in touch

BigMAK 5 years ago

I have a similar pendant and I find joy in finding skeptics as often as possible, especially to do the strength tests on them - I found that the flexibility tests don't work on everyone as some people are REALLY flexible already! :)

Quick Question:Can the Scalar Pendant ever lose its good/positive energy if it comes into contact with too much bad/negative energy, and if so - what can one do about it thereafter?


Asmodel 5 years ago

I Think there are no fake scalar pendant, products just vary with the intensity of energy that they project, what we need to stay away is from marketing firms that sell the product sky rocket!!!

vinod 5 years ago

It is an effective & beneficial for human being,

it gives more energy, good health & freshness whole day,

it proved authentically..........1

Ryan 5 years ago

Very informative content about the scalar energy pendant. I work from home and when I am in front of the computer I feel very tired that is until I tried the scalar pendant. I actually found a lot about it at before I cam across this HUB. Thanks again for the help!

Stephen Russell MBA 5 years ago

I have seen a few postings asking where the pendant can be purchased and just to advise if you are looking for more than one pendant or are interested in additional products it is worth signing up as a VIP shopper (£15) at and benefit from special pricing. When signing up please use sponsor ID: UK106108 or call Stephen on 07793 205824

Muhammad naveed 5 years ago

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Muhammad naveed 5 years ago

App ya Scala energy Ab bht Asani say Energitic Markiting walon say lay saktay hai or satg main apna business bhee start kar sakty hai

ahmed din  5 years ago

u r right naveed bhai i agri with u

Sherif Ezzat 5 years ago

will you please provide where to but the Chi pendant from the following countries: China, qatar and Egypt. 5 years ago

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ahuva 5 years ago

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Pritpal Singh 5 years ago

I am from Amritsar, Punjab, India.Is there any center in India? If yes, then please mail the detail of that. 4 years ago

I am in Saudi Arabia, how can I get good one?

If found effective I will convince my friends.

I need specifications,testimonials and evidence.

Mohamad Nabill Hijazi

prabakaran 4 years ago

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Abhijit 4 years ago

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