Demonstrate Secret Power Of Human Mind - Increase Subconscious Mind Power With Easy Technique

Cosmic Eye - Symbol for consciousness
Cosmic Eye - Symbol for consciousness | Source

Why Mind Power Is Well Kept Secret?

Human subconscious mind is an unexplored secret treasure trove. Secret power of the mind is beyond imagination. You must have heard that even most intelligent human beings could use only fraction of their mind power. Good news is anybody can improve their subconscious mind power by quantum leaps with easy techniques. I am saying quantum leaps because when you have not put any effort at all so far to improve your mind power then little bit of effort to improve your mind power would show you dramatic improvements.

Traditionally power of mind was well kept secret by few intelligent and powerful people. It was kept away from normal human beings because they had a fear that it could be misused. Today though that kind of secrecy is not in effect but it is still not known by most human beings because it is not taught in schools. For that matter there are many things which are not taught in schools including driving a car but we put an effort to learn it and enjoy the benefits. Similarly we can spend little time and effort to learn the secret power of our mind.

It is very funny that when we buy a simple gadget then we put all effort to read its user manual and learn it well. This is too for a simple gadget which you may be using for next couple of years only and going to change it later. But many people have never bothered to put an effort to learn the true potential of their super computer, their own mind which they are depending on for their whole life.

Mind Power Technique - Demonstrated

Allow me to demonstrate you the subliminal power of your subconscious mind. I am going to teach you and demonstrate one of the easy mind power techniques. This is very simple to learn, magically effective and powerful. This could be beginning of your journey towards development of your mind power to its true potential.

It happens many times that we want to do something on our way back to home and we forget to do it. For example while returning back to home we want to buy groceries from shop. But we forget to stop by the shop and come back to home without buying groceries. We realize our mistake when we reach to home. I am teaching you a simple mind power technique which can take care of this problem.

Try out this simple technique to see how it works like a charm. I am using below the example of buying the groceries on the way back to home but you can use this technique whenever you want to do something at particular location.

On the day when you want to buy groceries on the way back to home, perform the following exercise.

  • Sit comfortably and relax. Close your eyes if you like.
  • Now imagine you are left for your way back to home. Imagine it with as much details as possible. Imagine what you would see. Imagine what you would hear. Imagine what you would feel.
  • Imagine you are travelling and approaching to grocery store. Imagine it with as much details as possible. For example you may take a turn and see a gas station. There could be sounds of vehicles. It could be sun set or it could be late evening. Bring all these aspects in your metal movie based on your previous experience of that specific place.
  • When you reach near the grocery shop in your imagination then stop and imagine buying groceries.
  • Open your eyes if you have closed.

With this simple exercise, you don’t have to put any effort to remember that you want to buy groceries on your way back to home. It not matter what you may be thinking on your way back to home. When you reach near to grocery shop, thought of buying groceries will popup automatically in your mind.

Try this once and you would amaze by the results. This would give you an idea about how easily with simple mind power technique you can program your mind like programming a computer.

This is just one of the simple techniques. There are many powerful and advanced mind power techniques which you can learn and master the secrets of your mind. Fortunately there are many mind power books available today. One can read these books to increase subconscious mind power at their own pace.

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Sharif 4 years ago

Great share. Definitely interesting and easy to apply techniques. Thanks

Aryanna 4 years ago

Another thing is that people are used to just believing in things that they can see. I always believe that the mind has a lot of secrets and most importantly, it can offer wonder we can never imagined possible.


Know Your Mind Power 2 years ago

Great article. Everything starts from inside not outside. Imagination is the great tool to achieve your desires.

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