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If you are an avid watcher of the National Geographic channels, you probably already know that :

  • Just before going into hibernation bears chew certain plants and rub the juice over their faces, to protect themselves from insects and mold while they are asleep for six months.
  • Certain lizards and frogs have the ability to grow back their lost limbs or tails

Now the big question is how does each individual bear or Lizard have access to such vital information about how to protect themselves against insects or about how to grow back a lost limb....

Scientists believe that there are two factors for such survival instincts: first is the limbic part of the brain which records survival instincts that have been encoded in animal and human memory over the millions of years of survival against all kinds of odds. Then there is the DNA in the cells, which encodes all information about how a thing will develop or grow.

Then there is the case of the little bird that tucks away into its nest at night without any cares or worries about how it will get it's next days meal, or who will protect it from predators during the night... yet it sleeps peacefully knowing fully well that it will wake up safe in the morning and still get the juiciest worms to eat. And it does. All because it has unwavering faith and trust in the universal source of supply - Universal abundance.

Now for humans,

The limbic part of your brain - the part associated with carrying over all the memories from generation to generation... tells you that you are a survivor. The fact that you've been born in this world should give you an inkling of the idea that you are born a winner and hence successful... because you've just won a race against millions of sperm to fertilize that much coveted prize... the egg inside your mom!

Then of course there is the natural law of universal abundance shown by the little birdie as described earlier.


In addition, humans have an added interface... that of the thinking brain, free will... power to choose, so of course they are much better equipped than the bear or the lizard or the bird to survive successfully. Here's a little re-cap: By virtue of heredity:

  • You are already a Survivor.
  • You already have a successful winning experience to draw upon.
  • You already have access to universal abundance
  • You have a mind - brain connection
  • You have free will and power of choice
  • In fact you are powerful beyond your wildest dreams.

Yet, Since everything happens for a reason, you are reading this self help article for a reason.


You need this information to help you understand... understand what you are missing. Because you have lingering:

  • Uncertainities about your life and living.
  • You have fears gripping you rendering you incapable of perfect action.
  • You have indecisiveness.
  • You probably have hopelessness.
  • You probably don't know what to do or how to get out of your debilitating circumstances.

You are looking for a shift in your conciousness, trying to move some negative energies out of your life and trying to change or improve some aspects. Yet even the self help, you are approaching with some cynicism... because probably, it may never have worked for you before. I know, a few days back a lady wrote to me: telling me that she had watched the movie 'the Secret' several times over and over again, yet was no closer to her goals than ever. Then there are others who say, that they attend self help seminars, yet the motivation only lasts for a few hours.

Well let me tell you my friend...

You already have some of the best survival instincts programmed into you by nature. In fact the only two fears you are born with are the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises as per the scientific point of view. The rest are all acquired - disabilitating fears, attitudes and behaviors learned through our interaction with society, humanity, educational or religious beliefs and our upbringing and life circumstances.

Just like you can use the 'delete' and 'undo' keys on your computer keyboard, you can do the same for acquired fears, beliefs and attitudes. Of course this is not like a time machine that will be able to eliminate unwanted experiences from your lilfe by taking you back in time and changing your circumstances at that point. However it will change your life from this moment onwards. If you really want it to. Let me give you a very small example.

Four Simple Steps to amazing self Help to Breakthrough Your Limiting Beliefs:


One of my goals this year is to make big improvements in my financial prosperity,

because of this I was paying special attention to the financial news...

Yet every where I turned there was news of stocks dropping, real estate plunging, cut backs in companies, impending recession, doom and gloom - the news was full of it, it was glaring at me online, people I called started talking about recession. In just the first few days of the year, I was in total grip of this fear of recession - all my hopes were starting to crumble in my mind even before I had put them into action. it went to the point that I found all kinds of excuses to cancel a meeting that I had been looking forward to for the past few weeks - all because my beliefs were being eroded by fears acquired from focusing on negative news and views. However, I was fortunate to realize what was happening and put a stop to it immediately.

  • First I made a decision to focus on prosperity and prosperity alone.
  • Second, I decided to eliminate negative influences from my life - so I stopped listening to the evening news, or reading any stories about the recession, or even talking to people about it.
  • Next, I went to work on my beliefs - I had to eliminate fear and doubt from my mind and program it with reinforcing beliefs. Personally I have found that affirmations work very well for me. So I adapted Catherine Ponder's affirmations: "God is the source of my instant, constant and abundant supply . God is opening up his own amazing channels of supply to me right now" - I repeated it often enough - it helped to eliminate fears of scarcity from my mind and reinforced my belief in the universal supply.
  • Of course it did not stop there. I had to take action. So I ended up scheduling more business meetings for myself.

Now, how do I know that I will succeed... simple, because this time I am approaching it with the absolute conviction that I am fully supported in my success and I have already succeeded in my mind.

I know - because I have used this process before - to move from bottom of the class to a straight A student; then later to ace job interviews. And I was successful every time I applied it correctly.

That is what self help is all about...

Eliminating doubts and fears from your mind, installing the right beliefs - and then taking the perfect actions with absolute conviction of success. In fact the right action simply comes to you automatically once all the doubts and fears have been set to rest, and the right beliefs have been instilled. But You have to take action. Do something. Just sitting on your butt, hoping, dreaming, wishing or endlessly reading self help articles will not help. You have to take action.

But what if you don't know what action to take. My advice is to first start working on your beliefs and keep working at it until you are able to breakthrough.

Self Help For the Emotionally Challenged:

I know... I know, not everyone is looking to achieve goals or attain certain physical outcomes, there are those who have emotional problems.

  • People with relationship issues.
  • People who have been or are being abused.
  • People who are highly stressed, depressed or worried sick with fear and anxiety.
  • People who are held captive by their mind.

Always remember that you're more powerful than you think you are. No person, thing or event can hold you back unless you allow it to. You are still a survivor if you so choose. But you have to make the decision. You have to make the decision to forgive. You have to make the decision to release. You have to make the decision to let go. Forgiveness, releasing and letting go are very potent tools for complete recovery and peace of mind. You are doing this for yourself not for anyone else. You don't want to spend the rest of your life in total agony... do you?

You have to really love and accept and care for yourself, before anyone can do that for you. You have to have a high self esteem.

If you are a victim, then you have to get out of that at once, turn around and show them what you are made of. Don't let anyone control you or dominate you. No one has the right to do so. Get help at once.

But what if you are the control freak, and this is what is causing your emotional problems - Well you have no right to do so either. You have no right to judge anyone or to make adult people change. What you can do at best is change yourself.

So what you basically need to do is:

  • Get a strong self esteem.
  • Release, forgive and let go.

(C) Copyright Shahnaz Rauf.

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Comments 19 comments

profile image

selfhelp 8 years ago

Once you understand what your perception of love is, you are conscious enough to make the changes that will allow you to change your beliefs. If you never become conscious of your perception of love, it is difficult to change your inner beliefs and thoughts.

brainmaster profile image

brainmaster 8 years ago Author

Thank you selfhelp, very insightful comment.

Carol-King profile image

Carol-King 8 years ago from Barbados

Excellent, insightful and informative Hub Brainmaster.

brainmaster profile image

brainmaster 8 years ago Author

Thank You Carol-King.

Frederick Pearce profile image

Frederick Pearce 8 years ago from Houston, Texas

Nice hub, BM. It complimented my Self-Improvement hub so well that I included you in a "More Self-improvement Basic" capsule, here -> You might want to do the same to get more exposure in the Search Engines and win more traffic for ourselves and for Hubpages.

brainmaster profile image

brainmaster 8 years ago Author

Thank You Frederick. I will definitely look into your idea of including a 'capsule with links' for seo. I have already checked out your hub. It's wondeful.

Denny Lyon profile image

Denny Lyon 8 years ago from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

Found this hub from Frederick Pearce's links and what a good one it is! Blogging this one too on over to 2 of my blogs for others to enjoy and find benefit (The Healing Waters and The Social Poets - you can find the links on my profile). Well done, thank you!

brainmaster profile image

brainmaster 8 years ago Author

Thank You Denny. Your comments and links are highly appreciated.

metaphysician profile image

metaphysician 7 years ago

Self help is the functions of the belief system particular of the unconscious mind. It is the storage of all memory regardless good or bad and the more negative references we have in there, the harder life will be.

There is two sides of the coin and it depends on which side we choose to look at. I have a friend where several years ago told me that once he is on the road, the only thing that he could see is opportunity and business. Being rejected is part of the game and we could not avoid that. Rejection only means that we are not really ready to close the sale and the more we havem, the more prepared we are.

I couldn't project how my friend looks at the world but one thing for sure he could see abundance in all areas of his life.

Nice info there and God bless!

brainmaster profile image

brainmaster 7 years ago Author

Thanks for your comments metaphysician, You have hit the nail right on the head. As a wise person has said, " It's your attitude that drives your intelligence..." So have a great attitude and you are sure to have a great life. Go for it!

delta28 7 years ago

Nice information about beliefs . you give not only information about our misleading belief but you also show that how we can remove those limiting beliefs . great guide .

brainmaster profile image

brainmaster 7 years ago Author

Thanks for your comment delta28. I am glad you find it useful. Yes, our beliefs are the filters through which life happens to us. So if we can have better beliefs, we will surely experience a greater life. Happy living.

dreamer32 profile image

dreamer32 7 years ago from Mississippi

Very good hub about blasting through your belief barriers! I like the one when you said moving all negative influences out of your life! When one moves negatives influences who don't want others to succeed nor bounce back again from life. It is important to stay away away from them.

profile image

coachnan 6 years ago

Great article. Thank you for reaffirming the principle of belief barriers/so much that many of us struggle with. Thanks again

brainmaster profile image

brainmaster 6 years ago Author

Thank you for your comments. If a person can learn to direct their thoughts into proper channels, life can become so much more peaceful and productive. That's where self help comes in handy in helping you channel your energies and thoughts in the right direction.

As Napolean Hill Says: If you believe you can,you are right, and if you believe you can't, you are right or You can achieve what you believe.

So channel your thoughts into right purposeful thinking, and you will be able to achieve what you believe. Don't forget to take purposeful action as well. Thanks.

mazzastick 6 years ago

Personal development is a process like anything else. We must be disciplined in order to achieve our goals. There is some lag time for goals to manifest in reality.

rocksandal profile image

rocksandal 5 years ago from victoria bc

Self Help is the very difficult task of this universe. Because its not easy job . If you want to change your self . In that case you can take self help . But question is that , How we do this . we should read something about self help topic .

Dear writer , You have mentioned very good lines in your article . These lines are very helpful those people in this world who really want to change their life.


Steph Harris profile image

Steph Harris 5 years ago from Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

Brilliant Hub brainmaster, really useful information. Thank you for sharing.

LucidWarrior profile image

LucidWarrior 5 years ago from Suburban Philadelphia

Very nice hub on the law of attraction. I too have a long list of successes in using this law. Even before I knew of such a law I found great success in intentionally writing down what I wanted, how I would feel when I had it, and the mantra's to keep me focused. I also take regular media breaks. Thanks for sharing.

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