Change Your Life Through Positive Thinking


Is The Glass Half Full Or Half Empty

A question asked countless times and the center of hours of pondering. Optimism comes naturally for some but others must practice. For other a positive attitude may seem virtually impossible.

Negative connotations are mingled within every situation even at the forefront of a positive event. Far too often and by habit the negative qualities gain extra attention and the positive are tossed to the waste side.

That in my opinion is called stealing your own glory.

Despite our disbelief, life is a continual opportunity of both negative and positive outcomes. Often a person with a negative life outlook cannot find the positive even if it bit off their nose.

Acceptance is a huge influence to the joy in life.

  • Glass half full – even in the midst of negativity one can find the rainbow. Though eyes like these are strengthened through practice and failures. Yet failures do not defeat this person, they use it as a learning experience. These moments are just a part of life. When taking a positive outlook to a negative situation one has the ability to lessen the sting related to the situation.
  • Glass half empty – despite positive aspects of a situation one dwells on the negative. All situations have the potential of being both positive and negative but when the glass is half empty the glory has been consumed – hence the half empty. This person no matter how hard they try can only find the negative.

How To Find Positivity In The Midst Of Trouble

Imagine that you have lost your job, one that you have worked for 10 years. Out of the blue it is gone. This loss has led you to a new low. You think what am I going to do. Yes that is a terrible situation and one that will not likely change.

It comes to the moment of realization – you have a choice.

Do I dwell on the lost job or look for the unknowing opportunity. That may be hard to do since paying bills does not whimsically occur and fails to have a lackadaisical approach. The financial stress has the potential of drowning out any possibility of finding new opportunities. However, if you can look beyond the distraught moment of walking away from security and opening your mind to other options. For instance, you now have the chance of finding a new position that you would have never seen before because you were not looking for a job. But as long as you hold onto the financial stress you have now stolen your own glory. So many people do this inadvertently and yet tend to blame others when things do not go their way.

Finding positivity is a choice.

Some situations are terrible and have crazy consequences but you can choose to feel like all is lost or have the optimism of finding something much better. No matter your approach the certainty of the situation is constant and real.


Evaluate How Your Body Reacts To Positivity

Humor my optimism by trying an exercise.

Take a situation where you can choose between optimism and pessimism.

For an example, using the above situation think in your mind that things will improve and that there are unknown job prospects out there and one is right for you. Jobs are available you just didn’t know because you haven’t been looking for a job. Think about a new company with new options. Or possibly this is the perfect time to start your own business, one you have dreamt about for years but couldn’t see leaving your job. Recognize how you feel. Did fear and anxiety dissipate?

That’s not all to the exercise. To prove that being positive has physiological implications lets try another scenario. Now, imagine the same situation but take on a pessimistic outlook. Things will not improve; you are now going to loose your house and destruction is lurking around the corner. No one is there to help, you do not have a savings and it sounds absurd to try to begin my own business in this economy. I am doomed. Now do the same. Evaluate how you feel. Recognize if that anxiety and fear are on the forefront of your mind. Examine the power of the anxiety and worry.

The mind is a powerful tool when used correctly.

The above exercises done properly can demonstrate the power of the mind and how taking on a positive or negative lens to life can also affect all parts of the self. Just writing those scenarios I could feel the anxiety in myself. Take a moment and reflect on those. The situation was exactly the same – the only difference was the thought processes. As a result there is no doubt that being positive is a choice and if you could feel that scenario as if it were happening to you then thinking positive is in your grasps as well.

You may ask how is that possible? Well you just tricked your mind to believe that you lost your job. That is how thinking positive works in the beginning. Even when the situation seems bleak find one flake of optimism and run with it. It doesn’t matter if you truly believe in it at the beginning your mind has the power to take care of that.


How positive are you?

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What Does Positivity Bring You

Being positive has its benefits for sure. It is proven that taking on an optimistic standpoint can change ones life. I have found in my own life that positivity has brought me the following:

  • Reduces anxiety and unnecessary worry– a self-explanatory concept. Anxiety comes from excessive worry. Worrying is a senseless use of energy. Fretting about events, people and situations can be a complete waste of time, especially if the situation is unchangeable.
  • Opportunities open – when thinking optimistically the mind opens since fear is reduced and one can imagine possibilities. Hence, increased opportunities.
  • You are a person others like to be around – ever had that friend who is completely negative and expects everything to consistently go a rye. Never think big around that person as they are sure to crush your best dreams. A person like that is no fun to be around. Certainly when things aren’t going particularly well. Optimism is outside their scope and try to make it outside of yours if you allow it.
  • Life is worth living – Imagining a positive life is in your grasp and in your mind. Life then becomes a bed of roses rather than rose bushes. Yes life will have thorns, but if you can accept their occasional poke then it is less painful each time it occurs.


Don’t Worry About Being Perfect

Unforeseen situations will arise, even in the optimistic person’s life. Remembering being positive takes work. Focus on being positive rather than being perfect. Treat each situation individually and set out to renew your positive nature any time you are struck with imperfections. As a human being things will go wrong, accept that and life will not be so hard to swallow.

Just One Mistake Away

Each situation is an opportunity to practice. Think of each time you set out to be positive. Hope becomes the driving force in change. Recall past victories and use those as motivation. When all else fails and the negative bugs bite, chalk up the experience as another opportunity to improve. Each day has the potential of serving up many mistakes and each of them can be acknowledged and equated as another chance to improve. Use each mistake as a blueprint for future events.

A Frame Of Mind

In the end, positivity is a state of mind and we all have the power of using it. But there is no power without practice.

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billybuc profile image

billybuc 2 years ago from Olympia, WA

I call it PIPO...positive in/positive out. If I think positive thoughts I will perform positive actions....and it has worked for me now for eight years. Great message my friend.

word55 profile image

word55 2 years ago from Chicago

This is wonderful info. Keep up the good work.

mdscoggins profile image

mdscoggins 2 years ago from Fresno, CA Author

Thank you Billybuc and Word55

manatita44 profile image

manatita44 2 years ago from london

Great Hub, and yes, not worrying about being perfect is a great one, mds coqqins. Nice helpful article. Salaam!

manatita44 profile image

manatita44 2 years ago from london

Great Hub, and yes, not worrying about being perfect is a great one, mds coqqins. Nice helpful article. Salaam!

mdscoggins profile image

mdscoggins 2 years ago from Fresno, CA Author

Thank you manatita44

shara63 profile image

shara63 2 years ago from Delhi

yes, be positive and be at peace. Great hub with wonderful facts!

Dr Bill Tollefson profile image

Dr Bill Tollefson 2 years ago from Southwest Florida


I found this HUB very interesting and useful. I like how you write about a topic. Your exercise is very good and I will use it and refer it to my coaching clients to experience it also.

This HUB article hit home for me because I lost my company and job of 20 years overnight and it was the positiveness of my wife that had me up the next morning having me create a new career and I have been doing it for 4 years. I never went through the worrying.

Appreciate your article.

mdscoggins profile image

mdscoggins 2 years ago from Fresno, CA Author

Thank you Shara63

mdscoggins profile image

mdscoggins 2 years ago from Fresno, CA Author

Thank you Dr. Bill. I have used this formula myself while going through my doctoral program, raising 3 children and 2 years ago when my husband injured himself at work. I have found strength in God, being positive, and the inspirational words of others. So I am glad that my own practices have worked for others. There is great power in the mind that we fail to use at times.

Dr Bill Tollefson profile image

Dr Bill Tollefson 2 years ago from Southwest Florida


I am in total agreement with your statement. The majority of us do not use the power of our minds enough. The mind is a wonderful healing tool.

Keep writing such good HUBs.

mdscoggins profile image

mdscoggins 2 years ago from Fresno, CA Author

Thanks Dr. Bill will do :)

ChitrangadaSharan profile image

ChitrangadaSharan 2 years ago from New Delhi, India

Nice, positive and motivating hub! I try to be as positive as I can.

Voted up and thanks!

mdscoggins profile image

mdscoggins 2 years ago from Fresno, CA Author

Thank you ChitrangadaSharan for the recognition. Being positive takes work but keep it up :)

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