Shilajit - Ayurveda Remedy For All Ailments

Shilajit - Ayurveda Remedy For All Ailments

Shilajit, or Shilajitu as it's sometimes called, is said to be extraordinarily useful for the treatment of almost any disease or ailment known to modern man, and, the organic substance has been used as such for literally thousands of years with millions of years in the making.

Besides being referred to as "the conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness," Shilajit is also called names such as Shilajita Mumiyo, Shilajeet, mineral pitch or mineral wax, Ozokerite in the English language, and either Asphaltum punjabianum or Black Asphaltum in Latin.

Shilajit Throughout History

In Ayurveda, there are eight separate branches that combine to create the entire makeup of the ancient science, including Rasayana, which is a Sanskrit word meaning rejuvenation. Shilajit is considered to be a Rasayana herb as well as an adaptogen, or a natural herb that increases the body's natural resistance to stress or trauma, by modern herbalists throughout the world. These concepts date back many centuries and have been noted in both Indian and Chinese medicine.

Yogis in ancient India and those who practiced Ayurvedic medicine heavily relied upon Shilajit and attributed its many divine powers to the complex makeup of the mysterious substance, which as we now know, is actually a natural concentration of plant life found within the rocks and soil of the Himalayan mountain ranges.

Found naturally only in parts of central Asia, China, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Tibet, Shilajit is formed through a process that takes thousands of years to complete. The many plants growing in the Himalayas are as varied as they are rich with much sought after nutrients thought to be the basis and sustainer of all forms of life. Throughout the centuries, bountiful flora grows, and then eventually dies out throughout the seasons as its nutrients are then absorbed into the soil in a process that is repeated over and over again, year after year.

The Shilajit found within the Himalayas is said to be fossilized forms of plant life that have undergone this process of growing, dying out, and being absorbed back into the earth. Every summer during the warmer months, people precariously travel up the mountain sides after the ice has melted to look for and collect lumps called Shilajeet that are gathered from between the nooks and crannies etched into the mountains.

This, coupled with the unique biosphere of the Himalayas is said to combine to cause the numerous and beneficial medicinal properties of Shilajit. Historically, the most beneficial Shilajit comes from a particular range of the Himalayan mountains in Nepal believed to be sacred that is located nearly 12,000 feet above sea level.

The Medicinal Properties of Shilajit

Thanks to more than sixty years of modern scientific research, we know that Shilajit causes a number of positive effects to occur in humans. The studies have unveiled that Shilajit is a humus-like compound, with humus being formed by microorganisms within soil that help to decompose both plant and animal materials and waste, transforming it into a substance that can then be used again by plant life, or in this case, humans as well.

While plants are the source of all life as they give us our food, either directly or by nourishing the animals we eat, humus is the same to plant life. However, in comparison to other soil humus, the pure organic mass of Shilajit humus is as much as an incredible eighty percent.

Considered to be the absolute best natural medicine for not only humans, but plants, animals, and even the entire planet itself, humic substances have the untapped potential to perform an amazing array of feats from everything to improving the environment to neutralizing radiation. Humic substances, like those in Shilajit, are also thought to neutralize deadly toxins and have the ability to destroy even the deadliest of viruses that modern medicine hasn't been able to come close to conquering.

Scientifically, the humic substances that have been detected consist of supercharged antioxidants, which, as we know, are needed for fighting diseases like cancer, as well as amino acids, antibiotics, antifungals and antivirals, enzymes, hormones, nutrients, and a rather powerful collection of biochemicals and phytochemicals.

But, although researchers may have already discovered these and other beneficial substances, the entire chemical and cellular makeup of humic matter is still remains largely a mystery, prompting ongoing studies and research.

Ayurveda, Shilajit and the Doshas

According to Ayurvedic alchemy, Shilajit has been "prescribed" and used as a powerful means of rejuvenating both the mind and body, enhancing memory and keeping all of the doshas, Kapha, Pitta, and Vata, in balance and in harmony with one another, regardless of which is the dominant one.

Ayurvedic wellness bases its theories around those three doshas, which are said to exist in everyone, but in different levels or balances, that combine to create a unique blueprint for each individual, also referred to as the prakriti. While viewed as a positive energy force, doshas have the potential to cause physical disturbances if allowed to become unbalanced. Using substances such as Shilajit, or other herbs and spices that have long been used in Ayurveda are said to pacify the doshas, returning them to their normal balance as intended by nature.

Shilajit is also used for treating painful conditions such as osteoporosis, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, and other diseases of the joints, as well as for relieving pain caused injury to the muscles. Intestinal disorders like gastritis, indigestion or constipation are also supposedly improved with Shilajit.

The nervous system also benefits from Shilajit as it is said to improve nervous disorders, including paralysis, and the substance is also thought to control blood pressure, replenish the body with much needed minerals and vitamins like calcium and magnesium. Shilajit has also been routinely recommended for those who have a weakened immune system, or a weak body overall due to prolonged illness or while after recovering from surgery.

The preparation of raw Shilajit is extremely important as it is needed to remove inactive ingredients, including free radicals and mycotoxins.

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Jason West 6 years ago

This sounds really interesting. It is always great to go for herbal medicines under right supervision and consultancy.

Massages Ayurvediques 6 years ago

Shilajit is truly a great medicine in ayurveda. Today it is quiet difficult to get a pure form of shilajit. Pure shilajit is a boon specially for people suffering from sexual disorders.

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