Side Effects Of Bulimia

Side Effects of Bulimia

Side effects of bulimia can be extremely harmful to a person’s health and well-being. Often times, a person with bulimia is less concerned with the disorder’s side effects due to the condition’s overpowering nature. Bulimia’s side effects can also cause a series of medical complications that exacerbate the person’s life now and in the future.

Many of the side effects are not obvious in the beginning stages of the illness. However, as time goes on, the side effects of bulimia get worse. After forced vomiting only a few times, the person may see blood and have increasing stomach pains. But this is only the beginning.

Other side effects of bulimia include menstrual problem in women, a larger risk of miscarriage and premature birth after conception. It can also damage a woman’s body which can physically inhibit her from having healthy children in the future.

One of the most common bulimia’s side effects is discoloration of teeth or tooth decay. Constant vomiting can cause many dental problems caused by teeth coming into contact with stomach acid. Further, stomach acid can also affect the esophagus, causing it to bleed. Those who vomit excessively may also tear their esophagus, and stomach contents also have the potential to enter the sinus cavities or lungs and cause infection. Immediate medical attention is needed in such cases.

There are many physical side effects of bulimia including organ problems, irregular heartbeat. It can also cause malnutrition due to continuous vomiting as well as weak bones and overall feeling of weakness.

A person with bulimia also can suffer from severe psychological damage such as out of control feelings, mood changes, avoidance of others, constantly thinking about food. It can also cause depression, anxiety, unable to eat with others, and poor body-image.

It may be difficult to see some of the side effects of a person suffering from the illness, but if these symptoms are left unattended, they will lead to death. Bulimia is a terrifying disease that has claimed the lives of tens of thousands of teens already. So it is important to notice the symptoms so there is no chance of these side effects occurring.


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